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Merry Christmas!

I hope you all get exactly what you want this year.

If you are not celebrating Christmas, then happy holidays!

If you are not having a happy holidays, then I hope things get better soon.  And they will.  Things always get better.  I promise.




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Friday, December 17, 2010

Dear DR: Life is Beautiful (and remember how that movie ended?)


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OK... so CHUCK season 4 is just one gigantic love letter to the fans!  There is nothing that will actually get the shippers or crazy shippers going nuts because the Chuck and Sarah universe is perfect and baby bunnies are bouncing around in a field of paradise!  Everything is lovely! LALALALALA!


Let's get to the questions!

Magnus! Love your blog and podcast! I thank you for the teaser spoilers too. My question is this... will Chuck and Sarah get engaged and/or married this season?! Thanks! -- Cuddles

Dear Cuddles, I am glad you enjoy all things me.  I am your hero.  As for your question, you will find out by watching the episodes.  I will say this, the whether Chuck and Sarah are going to be engaged and/or married story line of this season was decelerated when they got the extra 14 episodes.  So, that will not be resolved (for good or bad) as soon as originally intended.  Oh and please call me DR or Dear DR around here.  Never use my name!  Thanks.

What are the chances of a CHUCK movie? If you were going to raise funds as a fan base, what would be your strategy.  -- Larry

Larry, Larry, Larry... my friend until the end... great podcaster of Every1Talks... my risk management partner in crime... you should know my answer to this (I feel like you set me up on this one).  I will never, ever, nevereverevernever support a fan attempt to raise funds to make more episodes or a movie for the show.  Though, I will happily put together such an effort and control the PayPal fund to which everyone donates... and then give it all to charity!  Sure, it is shifty but if we are going to raise millions of dollars to make 1 or 2 extra hours of CHUCK, wouldn't it make more sense to save hundreds or thousands of lives instead?  That's just me.  I am weird.  AND EVIL!

Can we get the guy who legally changed his name to "Captain Awesome" on the show?! -- Anonymous Dippy

Well, he can be on my podcast any time he wants!  Open invitation!  Ohhhh, you meant on CHUCK.  Sure.  I will tell Josh Schwartz to make it happen... because he listens to me.  I mean, if you legally change your name to a character on the show, then you should really get a set visit and AT LEAST be an extra in a scene.  Anyone else want on the show?  I can make these things happen.

Is Chuck going to move beyond the Buy More? I really liked the possibility of the bat cave / Batman type scenario at the beginning of the season. Will we see him venture off to be an independent crime fighter? Thanks. Really enjoy your blog. -- Jedi

Independent crime fighter?  When was he ever on a path to be that?  You mean like the dude on BURN NOTICE?  Please, no.  Chuck is a spy for the United States of America.  He is the great American hero!

Dear DR, Linda Hamilton and Timothy Dalton are tremendous new assets for the show. Any idea if they will make appearances beyond the first 13 episodes? -- Diane

Yes, I do have an idea.

Will we be getting even a small game changing scenario at the end of episode 13, that will move the show into new direction? -- Harku

I think it has already been leaked by Ryan that Baby Awesome arrives in that episode, so that is an easy question to answer.  Yes.

Will we be getting some more Sarah and/or Casey centric episodes in the back 14 or maybe Sarah/Casey centric storyline?  I kind of miss their partnership.  -- Harku asking too many questions

Sarah will be getting some focus.  Casey?  Ummm... well, it is difficult to focus on someone who is ... never mind.

During Comic-Con Mark Christopher Lawrence spoiled that there would be a baby and a wedding in season four. We already know baby Awesome is coming in 4.13, but any info on the wedding? I guess if it happes in the next three, it's the Big Mike/Bolonia wedding that was set up in Cubic Z. -- vm

I have seen this discussed elsewhere by fans who have somehow convinced themselves that MCL was talking about a Chuck and Sarah wedding in season 4.  I am pretty sure that he was speaking strictly about Big Mike and Bolonia.  Unfortunately for them (sorry, Patricia, you know I have lots of love for you), the writers seem to have forgotten all about that setup, or moved it into much later back end of the story.

As we have seen this season Sarah opens up more and more of her emotional side. She is different without Chuck. She wants to spend her life with Chuck and eventually marry him. So with this huge and rather fast progression, is there any chance this will affect her life as a spy in a negative way? -- Oliver

Sarah is going to come to a realization very soon... one that some fans will not like.  Correction!  One that some fans will RAGE against.  Bring on Chuckpocalypse 4!  Or... 5.  What are we up to now?

WAIT! STOP! Are you saying that Sarah decides something that will affect her and Chuck in a negative way? But the writers said they would not break them up this season! You are just messing with us! -- Crazy Shipper Sock Puppet

I guess if someone ignores your phone calls, then you can't break up.  I think I am still dating this girl from six years ago because we never said we were broken up.

You are a liar! Sure, your spoilers have all panned out in the past but this time you are LYING! -- Mo Ron.

Yeah, you figured me out.  I decided that after 100% accuracy rate on these things that I would torpedo my reputation with this one lie.  That makes sense.  Now, am I giving you all the information you may need?  Nope.  But is this an issue that will not actually upset anyone?  Nope.  I DO think now that I have mentioned it, that some people will not react as badly to it.  But the Blame-Sarah-First segment of this fandom will certainly have massive amounts of ammunition.  Even I was like "Wait, she does what?!"  Then I laughed because the writers are evil... and I like evil because good is dumb.

Can you tell us if there is more to the intersect suppression-reacquisition storyline than was showed?  Mama B seemed to know a lot more than she should have.  That can't be it for that storyline, can it? -- Mamemimomu

It CAN certainly be it for that story line.  But is it?  Despite what fan fic writers like to think, the show writers are not idiots.

Will there be a chance of a musical episode? -- dsa


Is there any bigger crazy shipper TV critic then Alan Sepinwall?  -- Big Jake

Sepinwall is not now, nor has he ever been, a crazy shipper. He IS crazy... about TV.  But his love for Chuck and Sarah has not always been focused on putting them together or keeping them together.  He has actually complimented the writers for keeping them apart in previous seasons.  So, that automatically disqualifies him as a crazy shipper.

Dear DR, let me say once again that the latest podcast is great! I enjoyed it immensely and anyone who hasn't listened, should! My question is regarding the continued 'wussification' of Chuck Bartowski. Will we continue to see this trend or will Chuck the hero re-emerge? -- PeterOinNJ

Well, because you listened to the podcast and said it was "great," I will answer your question: Chuck will get one of those epic hero moments somewhere in the next 4 or 5 episodes.  Maybe even more than once... in the same episode.

Many speculate a Chuck/Sarah engagement by 4.14, and marriage by the end of the season. IF this scenario were to play out and IF the show was to get a season 5 (big if’s, I know), are you optimistic that with the backdrop of a married Chuck and Sarah, and Ellie /Devon with a kid, the writers could still conjure up compelling plot lines for 13 or more additional episodes? Great podcast by the way.  -- bg

I was going to mock this one but then you said the podcast is great so now I am conflicted.  Hmmm... well, IF all those things happen, and Chuck learns to fly, and Sarah gets invisibility powers, then I am sure the writers could come up with something for a 5th season.  Actually, I think having Chuck and Sarah engaged/married would create more story-lines for the show.  However, from a milestone point of view, I think a 5th season would be a nice finishing point.  Granted, I still think the show runners should announce they are doing that in season 4 and writing all their best ideas in the final 14 episodes.  Why chance it?  So what if season 5 suffers?  CHUCK would still have more awesome seasons than most shows.

DR, can you tell us something awesome about the coming episodes?  And I mean without hinting or teasing like you love to do?  An actual spoiler?  I do love your teasers but something like your Roan spoiler where there is no interpretation necessary?  I love you! I really do. -- SexyKitten

Well, since you love me... I will give you one.  But not right now.  Later.  When you least expect it.  And it will make everyone very happy.  And NO... it has nothing to do with proposals, engagements, or marriages!

I really hope for a Tron poster type moment this season. I think it was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen on any show. What is the chance of there being something like that? Oh and I donated via PayPal. I hope it helps. -- Dani

Thanks, Dani!  And thank you to all those who have donated.  You all rock!  For your kindness I will give you this one: I am told there will be a "WOAH!" Chuck moment coming soon.  I am very excited about it.  Very, very excited about it.

Illustrious Magnus, people should change their names to honor you! Any thoughts on the rumor that Phil Klemmer is returning to Chuck? -- Erica 

NO NAMES!  But I like the sentiment.  As for Phil Klemmer coming back... first off, it is not a rumor.  It is true.  Second, he did write some great episodes so I imagine it is a good thing for the show.  Now I just want Matt Miller and Ali Adler back so we can put Team ER together again.  I tweeted that I wouldn't mind a one episode trade between NOF and CHUCK to get Ali.  She seemed to like the idea.

Your spoilers say Sarah leaves Chuck for another man. But the show runners said Chuck and Sarah will not break up. I know your spoilers are true so I am not saying that won't happen, but can you please elaborate? Thank you and I am a huge fan of your podcast, blog and tweets. -- Ragerin

Since you said such nice and obviously true things about me, I will elaborate... to the smallest degree (you didn't say I was handsome or hawt or the smartest man on the planet... that kind of flattery would have gotten you more).  Sarah leaves Chuck to do very naughty things.  Chuck is not happy about it.  Sarah is kind of a b-word about it.  Minus the "kind of."  Though, she is also really hawt in her b-wordiness so it all evens out.  It is probably going to be the greatest episode ever.  Though, not for shippers or crazy shippers or blame-Sarah-firsters.

Sarah Walker rediscovers her old self.  Obstacles!

Watch this site for more teaser spoilers related to things in this Dear DR.  I may reveal more.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Zachary Levi Surprise Appearance on CONAN

Update: Video removed by YouTube.... so, enjoy the transcript.

I fell asleep early last night and woke up this morning to watch my DVR.  I tuned into CONAN and suddenly he started talking about how his favorite show on NBC was CHUCK and that he never missed an episode until his problems with the network started.  Since he disabled his TV, he hasn't seen the show so he had someone come around to tell him what has been happening.

Out comes Zachary Levi!  Conan stands next to him and Zac begins to whisper in his ear.  Here is a transcript of the exhange (until a video appears online):

[ZAC whispering in his ear]

What was that?
She brought Volkoff to dinner?  Why??
What about... what about Agent Carmichael?
[laughing] Sounds like Lester's writing checks his butt can't cash!
[laughs harder] That is soooo Morgan! [laughs more]
Thank you!  Thank you so much, Zac.  You're probably eager to hear what's been happening on my show.

No thanks.  Have a good night everybody!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chuckfest 2 - Fan Interviews with Bailey and KJ

Here is the first video related to the November, 2010 charity event in Los Angeles that raised over $15,000 for Operation Smile.  These interviews were conducted by our favorites @LittleChuckFan and @TheKellieJane for the WeHeartChuck organized event.  View the video below or click the Chuckfest2 banner above to watch in HD.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 51 (ADULTS ONLY)

We talk episode 4.10, CHUCK Vs. the Leftovers.

This episode is EXPLICIT!  Lots of adult language.  We also discuss spoilers BUT they are censored so you will not be spoiled.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CHUCK Season 4 Teaser Spoilers: DECEMBER Edition!

Teaser spoilers for the next few episodes.  Please do not copy and paste this material on your site.  Unless you are translating it to another language, please just link your readers to this site.  Links to this blog should be at the top of your article.  Thank you.

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Update 12/31/2010: Thank you show runner Chris Fedak for validating my spoilers: EW Spoiler Talk.

And ALL these spoilers are exclusive to this site, even if you read them on other sites that don't do the decent thing and link back to their source.
  • 4.14, Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible: Roan returns to demonstrate his skill-set again.
  • 4.15, Chuck Versus the Cat Squad: Zondra, Amy, Sarah and Carina.
  • Sarah takes a new job.
  • 4.11, THREE WORDS: Sarah, Morgan, sub-mission.  
  • Sarah leaves Chuck for another man. 
  • Sarah gets her surprise revenge on the bearded one. 
  • THREE MORE WORDS: Flirty, drunk, Sarah. 
  • 4.11, Morgan looks adorable in a top hat.
  • John Casey, man servant. 
  • Chuck is horrified by how easily Sarah seduces her mark.  
  • A former member of Team B tries to kill a current member of Team B. 
  • Sarah attacks Chuck with passion.
CYT52! Chuckfest2 and season 4.
Family safe link.

... or the bunny dies.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 49 (Adults Only)

We talk CHUCK 4.08, CHUCK Vs. the Fear of Death.

This is a mostly UNEDITED podcast.

ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING! DO NOT let your kids hear this. This PODCAST has offensive language and subject matter!

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CHUCK 4.11 Returns January 17th, 2011

CHUCK will go on hiatus following episode 4.10, Chuck Versus the Left Overs, which airs November 29th, 2010.

NBC has announced that it will return on Monday, January 17th, 2011 with Chuck Versus the Balcony.  That means CHUCK will not have a new episode for SEVEN WEEKS.

What will you be doing during that time?  Comment below.

Why You are NOT ALLOWED to Watch CHUCK on NBC!

This little show called CHUCK has had trouble in the ratings from the begining and yet it hangs on every year and somehow soldiers on.  You can find articles all over the Internet praising the show and encouraging people to watch.  Well, on this blog, we don't sugar coat things.  Here is the truth!

YOU SHOULD NOT WATCH CHUCK!  Hell, you are not ALLOWED to watch CHUCK!  And here are the reasons why.

  1. It objectifies women in really sexy ways
  2. It is too right wing in its support for guns and things that go BOOM!
  3. It is a liberal haven for freaks
  4. It is bigoted toward nerds and their nerdy ways
  5. It is racist like OUTSOURCED (even if we can't figure out how yet, IT JUST IS!)
  6. It objectifies men... somehow, I am sure
  7. There is too much awesome violence
  8. There are too many good looking people
  9. Hot ladies undress too much
  10. Hot guys have their shirts off and that is reverse sexism!
  11. The show is just too sexy for weak hearts
  12. The whole family will enjoy the humor... and that just isn't cool
  13. It objectifies nerds even more than BIG BANG THEORY
  14. They put the two romantic leads together and kept them together. INSANITY!
  15. It is both a comedy and a drama and everyone knows those suck.. like THE PRINCESS BRIDE, and no one likes that
  16. If it was any good, you would have been watching it from day one, just like SEINFELD or BIG BANG THEORY or GLEE... since those programs started out with MASSIVE ratings and... oh wait, this is probably wrong, scratch this point out
  17. Because HOUSE and DANCING WITH THE STARS and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER are on at the same time and your DVR is incapable of recording those, or your link doesn't work anymore and so there is no way you could possibly tune into watch CHUCK even if it would probably make you happier to do so... especially since happiness is lame
  18. If you make the mistake of falling for the show, it will consume more of your time than you are willing to invest in a show
  19. It is addicting, like heroin
  20. It is free to tune in... and as Apple has taught us, free stuff makes you lame... you should pay for everything you enjoy because that makes you cool

... or the bunny dies.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chuck Season 4 SPOILERS: November 2010 Edition

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  • Sarah's attempt to pleasure Chuck with oils... is suddenly interrupted by a fat ninja.
  • Ellie is the key.
  • Sarah + wind machine - normal speed ^ (thigh high boots) = Buy More uber hotness!!!
  • Chuck takes up gemology. 
  • ***** *** ***** *** ******* ***** **** ***** *****.
  • Sarah tries to ignore the Geneva Convention. 
  • In Thailand, Chuck is with Sarah but Sarah is not with Chuck. 
  • Sarah hate new boyfriend! Sarah SMASH beer bottle! (addendum: I considered making this spoiler "After Chuck and Sarah are split up, Sarah asks for a new boyfriend.")
  • Casey has an itchy trigger finger, for realzies. 
  • Sarah Walker is the herald of the Chuckpocalypse, the harbinger of pain.  Team B should not follow her.
  • Criminal Sarah kicks Casey into a cell. 
  • Sarah finds Chuck's mapping... so romantic. 
  • Chuck takes a strip class.
  • ***** *****?!

... or the bunny dies.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 48 (Family Friendly)

We talk episode 4.07, CHUCK Vs. the FIRST FIGHT.

FAMILY FRIENDLY EPISODE. There should be no adult language.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

CHUCK Season 4 SPOILERS: End of October 2010 Edition

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Here are some spoilers related to upcoming episodes of CHUCK.
  • Mama B shows Chuck something that his father did not want him to see.
  • Chuck and Sarah cannot satisfy each other... in bed.
  • Ellie goes on a mission.
  • Morgan cannot resist Sarah's womanly ways.
  • Chuck loses something very valuable to him.
  • Sarah Walker is the rock.
Let the speculations begin!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 46 (ADULTS ONLY)

We talk CHUCK 4.05, CHUCK Vs. the COUCH LOCK, and I answer fan questions (so, potential spoilers at the end).

This is a mostly UNEDITED podcast.

ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING! DO NOT let your kids hear this. This PODCAST has offensive language and subject matter!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear DR: Suck It Charah!

So the last Dear DR resulted in another CHUCKpocalypse because of a mention of Chuck and Sarah being "split up" in episode 4.08.  Naturally, many of the questions for this segment are related to that.  What I find most interesting about the response is that a small portion of the fandom took it personally.  As if the spoiler existed to hurt them.  I have referred to these types of people as CRAZY SHIPPERS and they repeatedly reinforce the legitimacy of that term, as the e-mail at this link proves.

What follows is spoilerific, even if entire context is not given.  If you read it and find yourself upset by it, or excited by it, or somehow disappointed by KNOWING IT, it is your fault.  You decided to proceed.

Is the split up forced or do they both want it to happen? Like, will Chuck or Sarah sacrifice themselves so the other can escape? -- Snips

Hannah returns and Chuck feels bad so he mercy dates her.

I am of course kidding... Chuck and Sarah are not really given a choice.

Is the split-up part of a plan broken down into phases to take down an enemy culminating into episode 9 titled Phase Three? -- Sue

So like they plan a three phase split up to take down the enemy?  Wouldn't that be interesting?  Phase 1: we pretend to break up!  Phase 2: we hook up with new people but are just playing them!  Phase 3:  Fooled you, evil spies!  We were always in love with each other and just pretending to be into you to capture the evil dudes!

Sounds like what the first half of season 3 should have been like.

I am pretty sure that the split up is not a break up and that crazy shippers jumped to conclusions like they always do. Can you tell us something more about it without spoiling too much? -- Cardinal Sin

Imagine this: Here is this woman who has spent her life running from who she is and pretending to be someone else.  The only person who loved her, as a child, also abused that relationship by using her to take advantage of other people.  Then the CIA comes along and robs her of any chance to develop meaningful relationships with anyone.  So she survives by never allowing anyone, except her partners, to become meaningful to her.  And then she meets this guy who immediately shakes her foundation.  And over time he breaks her walls down until she can't resist him, even though everything she has learned demands she do just that.  Over time she not only loves him but begins to see a real possibility of spending the rest of her life with him and starting a family with him.  This is beyond a fantasy for her... it was once an impossibility and now it is the most real thing in her life.

And then one day someone decides that she can't have that anymore.

Ever since Chuck and Sarah became official and, well you know, the loving has started... the endorphins pumping, he has not had problems with flashing. When Chuck and Sarah split will this issue reappear? Will Chuck go back to being flash impotent? -- ZLP

Flash impotency?  Yes.  It is something of a nightmare, really.  Though, it doesn't happen because of the split.

I just saw a picture of Timothy Dalton and he didn't have a mustache. You said that he had a "sheepish trucker" mustache. What gives? -- Ignatius J. Reilly

SHEEP!  Baaaaahhhhhh!!!!!  You will understand what it means when you see the episode.

I love Timmy Dalton.  Best actor the show has ever had.  My eyes are watering right now thinking about it.  The show makes history once he arrives.  HISTORY!

We have seen a shot of Mama B and Sarah confronting each other and an insider said that Sarah was shot.  Any more info about that?  Thanks!  -- JK Toole

Sarah gets shot?  News to me.  And by news to me I mean... she doesn't.

You said this season is going to be epic and that it will "go down in history!" But so far it isn't blowing me away. Is there something coming down the line that made you say that or were you just hyping it to get people excited? -- Doucheaholic

Didn't you ask this question already?  The history is coming.  HISTORY!  

Does Shaw return this season? Please say no! Please say no!  -- Shawsux

No.  Mind you, I am probably saying that because you said please... twice.

You are so full of it. I don't believe any of your spoilers. You just say vague stuff so no one can call you on it when you are wrong. You say controversial stuff just to get hits because you [redacted]!  I asked real insiders on Twitter about your "split up spoiler" and no one knew anything about it. You are nothing but a fake!   -- Geniustard

You are absolutely right.  [redacted] I am a super secret fake insider, I admit it.  So, you are correct.  However, let's make a deal.  If my fake spoilers turn out to be true, then you will never listen to those other "insiders" ever again and only come to this site.  And if they turn out to be false, I will delete this site from the Internet and give you my ChuckMeMondays Twitter account.  Deal?

You avoided the engagement issue in the last Dear DR. I think that means they get engaged. I figured out your system.   -- Moreron

My system?  As if I have one of those.  Look, the question is an easy one to answer.  Chuck and Sarah will n...... hold on.  Someone is at the door..... be right back.

Is there going to be a scene that shows how much Sarah loves Chuck, something like you mentioned on your podcast? Thanks. -- Chapman

A scene?  A SCENE???

Think about what she did in Chuck Vs. The Broken Heart, when she risked her job and freedom to help Chuck find his dad.  That will seem like an ounce of fluffy low fat whipped cream... on top of this 10,000 calorie hot fudge sundae named "Sarah's Expression of Love for Chuck."

You said the show might be taking a two-week break after episode 4.06.  Is it a good time story-wise to take a break, or bad? -- Diane

I answered these next few on the podcast but figured I should answer them here too.  4.06 ends on a cliffhanger... one that should leave shippers in an uproar!   So, it is pretty good place to have a break.

After episode 4.04 do we see a little less focus on Chuck and Sarah's relationship issues or will they continue to be front and center? -- Eaglemoomoopeepee

4.05 moves away from it to focus on Mama B.  But then we return to their relationship issues.  And I know, that is now the thing to complain about... but what show have people been watching for FOUR SEASONS?  This has been about 40% Chuck and Sarah... 60% everything else.  So, once they got together, it shouldn't be a surprise it would be 60% Chuck and Sarah, 40% everything else.  Why not just enjoy it instead of allowing it to bother you?  We are the masters of our own minds.  Focus your negative energy on something else... like hating me.

Regarding 4.04, I think a lot of people and critics missed that Sarah was practicing a technique from the book at the end, telling your lover stuff while they are asleep. It was good to see that she made an effort to try it because she loves Chuck. Anyway, do you think that the show runners missed a chance for Ellie to say to Chuck that he should go back to being a spy? -- ZLP

Great point.  It was a callback to the book discussion.  She may have said it was silly but that is her naturally tendency, to reject outward expressions.   But she wanted to say it to him.  She NEEDED to say it to him.  And now we know that Sarah wants to marry Chuck... and we know Chuck knows it too.  It was a deeply romantic moment.

As for Ellie... I think the show runners could have accelerated that storyline but I am not bothered by it since I like it when Chuck lies.  I don't even get why anyone is bothered by it.  This is a TV show, not real life.  And this is CHUCK not... some other show.  You know the formula.  Why is anyone still surprised by it?  They have moved more of the story forward on this show than most shows do in 10 seasons.  But give people an inch and they want a mile.  Lame.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 45 (ADULTS ONLY)

We talk CHUCK 4.04, CHUCK Vs. Coup D’Etat, CHUCKfest2 and I respond to Chuckpocalypse3, plus I answer fan questions (so, spoilers at the end).

This is a mostly UNEDITED podcast.

ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING! DO NOT let your kids hear this. This PODCAST has offensive language and subject matter!

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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Crazy Shipper

Here is the mentality that thinks itself the "good guy" in the crazy shipper universe.  An email was sent to me and every single head of a CHUCK website in the fandom.  Why would someone do this?  Perhaps because they think it will somehow humble me.  Or because they think the rest of the fandom doesn't know me... oh no!  I am mean to crazy shippers!  And they are just sweet and innocent types who deserve to be heard over and over and over and over ABOUT THE SAME THING.

But more importantly, this is brought on by me posting a spoiler that made these unstable nutjobs upset.  Not because the spoiler is upsetting but because they DECIDED it is upsetting.  So, here you go... the greatest e-mail of all time.  I am now going to cry because I am going to be alone... and that scares me. *frowny face*

(seriously, where is the place in this world where this is effective? DO YOU LIVE IN A MOVIE?)

Dear Mr. LeKay [ed. note: you spelled my name incorrectly, dippy... I am not French]:
I will be unhappy on the day that the last episode of Chuck airs. But I will be happy, too, because it will mean that your 15 minutes of "fame" have passed.

What a small man you must be. You take your bits of "inside" information and use them to taunt people whose only crime is that they care too much about fictional characters who have touched their lives. Using the specious claim that you are trying to promote the show, you invent pejoratives for dedicated fans who have done nothing to you except hang on your pronouncements.

Come the day of the final episode of Chuck, your persona will cease to exist. No one will care what you say. No one will go to your blog. No one will care about your Twitter rantings.

No one is perfect. Certainly not I. And certainly not the fans, who care too much about Chuck and Sarah and perhaps have something missing in their lives. Fans do obsess a bit too much. But you, who taunt them and ridicule them and treat them like fools, apparently have no life at all.

You will be alone on the day that Chuck ends. And you deserve it. You cause pain for your own pleasure and that is quite sad.

Cynthia Rawlinson

PS: I have taken the liberty of sending this Email to the publishers of some other Chuck-related websites. I hope they take notice of your nasty and abusive actions and taunts.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dear DR: Bringing Sexy Sex Back

Hey everyone!  Did you miss this blog segment???  I know you did!  That is why I am bringing it back.

I have been answering fan questions on the podcast but have also received questions from other adventurous places around the Internet and figured I would put them here.  Some of the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

HERE WE GO!  Oh wait... DR stands for DARTH RAZORBACK and not "doctor."  Some people were confused back in the day.  Oh and.... SPOILER WARNING!  Also, please do not copy and paste this on another site.  Just link to this blog.  Thanks.

FYI, for more spoiler stuff, click here:

DR, I love everything you do and want to have your babies [I may have also edited some of these to make it seem like people love me more than they do]! My question is this: what is the chance of a back-6 or back-9 for CHUCK season 4? Also, what do you or your insiders think is the chance of a 5th season? Thanks. Please bless me, lord DR. -- Obi-Wan Shenobi

My insiders have indicated that while a back six is more likely, that a back nine is still possible.  Personally, I think a back 33 should happen so the show can get to 100 episodes.  But that is just me.  As for a 5th season, I think that is unlikely.  But anything can change in the next few months.  May the dark Force be with you my apprentice.

Dear DR, I am digging season 4 and everything but I don't get why the show won't bring the sexy sex back. They could show Chuck and Jill having sex, or starting to, in season 2, but now Chuck and Sarah, who are full blown in lovezies, are hell bent on a snuggle fest. What gives? Are they afraid of showing people in love doing the nasty? Is puritanical idiocy infecting the show? Are the show runners asleep at the wheel? I think they are sucking up the chemistry between Chuck and Sarah by never having them do much more than bunny kiss and cuddle. What say you? -- Air Duct Ninja

I brought this up on the podcast before they put Chuck and Sarah together... people in love, who are in a relationship, are difficult to make/keep sexy hot on television.  This is one of the reasons why TV executives fear putting their romantic leads together.  You can't have them making hot love every week, but you can keep the hunger for hot love going forever if you keep them apart.  Granted, this show COULD do it.  But they seem to not want to... and this is not just conjecture on my part.  My SSFI ninjas tell me that some of the kissing and bed scenes have been shot hot and heavy but then edited down to safe and sweet.

I have actually read where fans think Zac and Yvonne don't like each other and that is why their chemistry is not as explosive as it used to be... but the actors are still giving it their all and putting passion into their scenes when the script calls for it.  It is the show runners who have purposely edited some hotness out, starting with 3.12.  And the scripts for season 4 have been pretty tame, so the actors are not going to suddenly start making out like crazed love tigers when the script calls for a tender kiss.  So, ask Fedak or Schwartz why they are doing that.  Perhaps Josh is taking all the hot scenes and giving it to his other show.

First, will you marry me? Second, I know the show runners have said they learned their lesson and won't be putting anyone between Chuck and Sarah but they haven't said whether or not they will be splitting them up at any point.  So, can you tell us if they are planning a split-up this season? There is an episode called "First Fight" that has me worried. Thanks and I love you, dark lord of the Sith. -- Pining Woods

First, maybe... send pics.  Second, yes.  It is coming following "First Fight."  Though, it doesn't happen until the following episode "Fear of Death."  So, you get a lot of Chuck and Sarah together episodes until then.  Enjoy it while it lasts!

Will we see any of our favorite characters like Carina or Sarah's dad return this season?  -- Someone Who Doesn't Listen to the Podcast

If you listened to the podcast you would know the answer to this.  Why do I put in all that effort if you can't even make an effort to listen?!  WHY?!?!?!?!  Anyway, not that I know of... but I would love to see them return.  Maybe if there is a back six/nine.  May the Schwartz be with you.

I sometimes see you tweet "Pancakes!"  Does it have any secret meaning other than being a reference to "Dream Job"?  -- Clueless Poopsicle

It has several meanings, actually.  There is an insider meaning that I cannot share.  There is a pancake meaning... which is a love for pancakes.  And then there is the Metallica reference... and you should only click on that link if you like dirty, dirty words and metal.  May the Cliff Burton be with you.

You said this season is going to be epic and that it will "go down in history!" But so far it isn't blowing me away. Is there something coming down the line that made you say that or were you just hyping it to get people excited? -- Doucheaholic

I am digging this season.  Sure, it is not superduperawesome but that is mostly because the budget is TINY.  You have to appreciate what they are delivering on a budget that couldn't deliver 30 minutes for some cable shows!  On that level alone, this season should go down in history... HISTORY.  But there is stuff they are doing this season that I think is pretty daring.  Though, on paper a lot of this can sound better than is delivered.  Plus, things I heard about prior to the season starting, or episodes being shot, have been changed.  Sometimes that happens due to budget and sometimes because someone in a position of power decides to change things.  

Dear DR, will there be a Chuckfest 2? If so, when and how much will it cost? -- Chuckaholic12

Looks like it.  It will be awesome.  It should be announced very, very, very soon.  Donations will go to Zac's charity of choice.  It will happen next month.  Tickets will go for a few bills (remember, this is for CHARITY).  I think it will be better than the last one... and the first Chuckfest was great.

Dear DR, will I be showing up again in an episode this season? I know you liked my role in the premiere. -- Chuck's Hairy Chest

Yes.  You do appear.... in a scene where the new Greta shaves you off!  Hah!  Finally a Greta gets to do something important.  OK, that second part may not be true.

Dear DR, will Timothy Dalton have a mustache like in Hot Fuzz? -- Sarah's Hairy Chest

Great question!  It is kind of a sheepish... trucker style... thing.


DR, in a recent interview, Sarah and Ryan said that Ellie and Awesome will be showing Sarah what a normal life is like.  Can you tell us more about that?  Does that mean that Ellie and Sarah will have scenes where they develop a relationship and become friends?  Will Sarah be taking advice from Ellie?  Thanks!  -- D'ole Fart

That is a really interesting question, one that requires a pretty involved response.  No.

Kristin D Santos just posted another one of those "someone will get engaged" things on her site and Chuck and Sarah are not on it! I guess that rules them out this season. Why would the show runners not give us at least that, since the show might not even make it past these 13 episodes?  -- Pop Rocks

If I had a million dollars for all the things I know about CHUCK that Kristin doesn't... I probably wouldn't be wasting my time answering questions on this blog.  I would be watching my bunny sniff cocaine off a hooker's arse on my frakin' yacht!  I mean, come on!  I could sail the seven seas with a boatload of Perfect 10 models!  Woohoo!  I am the lizard king!  I can do ANYTHING!

Wait... what was the question?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 44 (ADULTS ONLY)

We talk CHUCK 4.03, CHUCK Vs. The Cubic Z and I answer fan questions (so, spoilers at the end).

This is an UNEDITED podcast.

ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING! DO NOT let your kids hear this. This PODCAST has offensive language and subject matter!

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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Is that a misleading headline?

You bet your bunny slippers it is!  And that is the kind of thing might be delivering for the next few weeks.

"But why?!" you ask.

Because it drives people to the site.  Just like this posting probably flooded my blog and likely crashed the host.  Misleading headlines are the cornerstone of news related hook-you-into-a-nothing-story marketing.

Just know this, week-two of a 13-week season schedule is WAY TOO EARLY to be calling anything.  I do love TVBTN and appreciate the great service they provide for those of us who are obsessed with ratings (and they do it better than anyone), so I am not attacking them for putting out articles that draw CHUCK viewers to their site (and you know how much I love to attack).  I just want CHUCK fans to chillax for a bit and wait.

We will have a better idea of where the show stands in about three weeks.  Granted, based on the history of this show, we will probably still be wondering all the way up to week-13.

And before you ask, no, none of my sources have indicated that CHUCK is going to be canceled.  I am sure TVBTN has their own sources and they are probably telling them the same thing.  So, remember this important lesson in headline reading:

READ THE CONTENT OF THE ARTICLE, not just the headline.

And if you want to save CHUCK, read the posting at this link and tell everyone to memorize it and post it everywhere, every day, until CHUCK is renewed.

(To the people who messaged me that they had heart attacks just reading the headline, I have only this to say: you are now unlikely to forget it and hopefully don't overreact to future CHUCK headlines... and I hope you survived --Love, Me)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 43 (ADULTS ONLY)

We talk CHUCK 4.02, CHUCK Vs. The Suitcase and I answer fan questions (so, spoilers at the end).

This is an UNEDITED podcast and I got really sick halfway through it and have NO IDEA what I said... so listen with that in mind.

ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING! DO NOT let your kids hear this. This PODCAST has offensive language and subject matter!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Want to Save CHUCK? Help Nielsen Families Help You

CHUCK needs ratings to survive.  The only way to contribute to the ratings is to be a Nielsen Family member.  But that isn't enough.  See, a lot of Nielsen Family members don't know how the system works.  They think they are helping CHUCK but then do something to have their views either not counted or not fully counted.  So, here is the CHUCK FANDOM MISSION, get the message out to Nielsen Families who love CHUCK, read this blog posting:

WATCH CHUCK LIVE (IMPORTANT: do not change channels during commercials)

If you must DVR an episode, be sure to watch the episode prior to 3AM that day and DO NOT skip any commercials. You must watch your DVR recording as if it were live. You can actually watch the recording within 3-days and have it count but for it to be counted in overnight ratings, watch it prior to 3AM. 

Watching LIVE is most important, so let me detail for you how to get the maximum result from that while using your Nielsen meter.

You should have a button for each member in your house as well as buttons for guests.
  • Push EVERY BUTTON when they flash
  • Make sure to report ages of any guest watching between 18-49 years (18-34 is even better).
  • If you don't have a button but wear a passive meter then just adhere to the next point
  • DO NOT change channels during commercials!
    • I cannot stress this enough.  Your ratings will not count if you do.

Have more TVs? You can have Nielsen add boxes to those and push your buttons like crazy.  Some people don't like to add boxes to TVs because Nielsen physically opens your devices to apply these meters to them, but if you want CHUCK to live on, I highly recommend doing it.

By the way, the most common Nielsen Family viewing recording tool is a diary. You write down what you watched and send it in to Nielsen. Make sure everyone in your household sends in that they watched CHUCK live and that you had lots of people there with you when you watched (full room... you hold parties every Monday).  While this won't be counted in the overnights, it will help CHUCK in the long run.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 42 (ADULTS ONLY)

We talk the CHUCK season 4 PREMIERE, CHUCK Vs. The Anniversary.

ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING! DO NOT let your kids hear this. This PODCAST has offensive language and subject matter!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The ChuckGasmys: the Award Show by the Fans

Since the industry won't give us Emmys, we give the show ChuckGasmys!

The TOP 10 (from CHUCK seasons 1, 2, and 3) in each category as voted for by you, the fans.  I don't agree with every choice but your silly votes dictate these things so... if you don't like the results, blame the voters!

And the ChuckGasmy goes to....





Tuesday, September 14, 2010

EXCLUSIVE CHUCK Season 4 REPORT: Zachary Levi to Direct Again

Insiders tell me that the coolest most talented guy in the whole world, and director of last season's Chuck Versus the Beard, will be directing again in season 4.  The episode is said to be "huge" and should be "a lot of work for everyone." Zachary Levi is expected to "act, direct, edit, score, and do all the visual effects while baking a cake, winning a Grammy, and judging 3 beauty contests at the same time" the source said.

When asked if the rumors of Zac "juicing up" to act and direct are true, another said "Rumor is that he has one of those beer-cup hats loaded up with Red Bull."  So, he should be fine.

Are you excited about Zac directing again?  Discuss.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 41 (ADULTS ONLY)

We talk about CHUCK season 3 DVD release, ratings, rumors, and season 4 spoilers at the end of the podcast.

ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING! DO NOT let your kids hear this. This PODCAST has offensive language and subject matter!

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Super Secret Fake Insider "CHUCK Versus the Anniversary" Spoiler Free Review

Here's a totally super and secret and fake but somehow accurate spoiler free ninja review of the first episode of season 4.  Each category is scored from 0 to 100.  Two categories are scored on levels of negativity where the higher score means lower levels of negativity.

Story: 91 - It functions as an introduction to the season and so suffers slightly in not being able to do more with it.  Otherwise, it works.  We are introduced to the general theme of the season; a new badass character; a recurring character; a new and improved base of operations; an incoming new character; and the general atmosphere of the season.  Two different missions that are not resolved, and Chuck's penchant for lying and loving.  Some might argue that this is the best premier episode of the series.
Drama: 91 - There is good stuff here and a great moment at the end that will get people talking.
Action: 90 - Hey, it is CHUCK.  They give these cats Emmys for this category.
Romance: 93 - Thousands of fans will be deleting their hate letters to Schwedak after this one.
Comedy: 94 - Anyone who thought season 3 lacked the fun of previous seasons will be dancing in the streets.  Those who think the comedy on this show is too silly... too bad.  If you be laughing, then you be happy.
Stunt-casting: 94 - This show rarely screws that up.  Though, anyone expecting a ton of screen time from a certain hottie nerd herder might be disappointed.
Villains: 90 - They work.  They are villainous.  Not comedy relief.
Angst level: 85 (the higher the number, the less annoying it is) - Hey, it is CHUCK.  They could get Emmys for this stuff!
Number of lies by Chuck:85 (higher number means less lies) - He lies to everyone.  He even lies to a 411 operator who is just asking him for city and business name.  He lies to a lamppost and the ghost of Christmas past!  He lies and lies and lies and lies!  He lies to everyone,  except Morgan, because they are soul-mates.  I may be exaggerating the lies.  I don't think a 411 operator makes an appearance.  But the ghost thing is totally true.  Santa scratches him off the "Nice" list (it is possible that I am exaggerating).

Overall Rating
90.3 out of 100

CHUCK returns with a very good episode.  Morgan continues his scene stealing ways.  Sarah gets to do some cool stuff.  Casey is Casey.  Chuck is Chuck.  Several great scenes.  Chuck and Sarah cuteness.  And best of all, it begins a storyline that is actually going somewhere. 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Episode 1 - Season 4 SYNOPSIS

09/20/2010 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Monday) : CHUCK BEGINS A SEARCH FOR HIS MOTHER, WHICH HE MUST KEEP A SECRET FROM THE CIA AND HIS SISTER — LINDA HAMILTON GUEST STARS AS MARY BARTOWSKI — DOLPH LUNDGREN, HARRY DEAN STANTON AND OLIVIA MUNN ALSO GUEST STAR — Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Morgan (Joshua Gomez) go on a rogue globe-spanning mission to find Chuck’s mom. Meanwhile, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Casey (Adam Baldwin) follow a trail to Russia as they investigate the mysterious Volkoff Industries and its operative, Marco (guest star Dolph Lundgren). Back at home, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) delivers big news to her family. Bonita Friedericy also stars.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chuck It Live! September 20th, 2010

This season, we are not organizing any physical premier party in LA like we did last year.  We decided to make it more inclusive this time.  Bring everyone along for the ride.  Mega CHUCK fan rockchick4jc, had a suggestion to use TweetChat for the premier and get all the fans together for some fun and maybe some prizes.  We brought it up to our dearest friends at NBCStore and they were excited to do something related to an online fan premier party.

Our hashtag for the premier night is #ChuckItLive.  Use that in EVERY tweet and use it often.  That hashtag will be used to organize our discussions on Twitter and TweetChat as well as to enter to win prizes.

TweetChat works like any Twitter application.  Just give it access permission to your account and then type in the hastag in the search field.  You will then ONLY see tweets using that hashtag.  It will be like being in a chatroom on Twitter.  Awesomeness!  Plus, you don't need to type in the hashtag once you are there.  It automatically adds it to every tweet.  Examples below:

If you don't want to use this application, you can just do your normal Twitter thing while typing in the hashtag.  It is just an option.

So, spread the word and get ready to have some fun.  Follow NBCStore and do whatever they tell you to do.  Who knows what might happen on this premier evening!  You could have fun, we could trend, and fans might win some prizes.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

TOP 10 CHUCK MOMENTS Awards... selected by YOU!

My next video is going to be a top 10 of different sets of scenes from the series so far.  I want to hear your choices.  From the comments, I will build a top 10 list (I will also have input) and put it to video.  The winning choices will receive a special ChuckGasmic award of awesomepancakes.

So, here are the categories.  If you can't choose 10, choose however many you want.  RECOMMENDATION: pre-write your comments in a text file and save it.  That way, if you write 50 choices and try to post them and something goes wrong, you don't lose everything you typed.  You can also e-mail me your choices at DEADLINE is September 10th, 2010.

The Awards have been given a name!








*Romance and hotness are not the same thing.  If you can't figure out the difference, your choice will be eliminated in that category.  But here is a hint... romance is sweet.  Hotness is... hot.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Intersect Inception (Seasons 1-3 SPOILERS)

Here is a little thing I put together for fun.  I wanted to focus on something other than the usual stuff... so, I went with the Intersect storyline and the father, son, and mother storylines that will be part of season 4.  So, consider this a trailer for the series so far, minus the comedy, romance, angst, and pretty much everything else.

Friday, August 20, 2010

To NBC/WB: Please DO NOT Put CHUCK Online

My super secret fake insiders and ninjas are telling me that this season of CHUCK is amazingcakes!  That this could be the bestest yetest!  They expect the fans will go frakin' bananamuffins if the show is canceled after such a kickarse season!

So what can fans do to prevent that from happening???

How can we SAVE CHUCK yet again?!

Truth is, there isn't much we can do.  Sure, we can keep being who we are, trying to get new viewers and talking about CHUCK online and in the really realzies world, and putting on events and whatever else.  But the reality is that these things only give the appearance of dedication/strength, and do little to affect the ratings necessary to bring the show back for more episodes/seasons.  But there may be a solution.

In season 3, for the first few episodes, NBC/WB did not put the show online.  They held it back.  And what happened?  The Nielsen ratings INCREASED over the previous season.  Then, they put it online and what happened?  The Nielsen ratings DECREASED.  And within a few episodes, the ratings were in a free-fall.

Now, there is always the possibility that CHUCK lost viewers because of the Shaw/Sarah romance arc, or because Hannah left, or because the quality of the show declined, but another contributing factor could very well be that as time went on people decided to watch it online instead.  This has been shown to work at CBS, where they do not provide online viewing for their highest rated shows.  This model has increased ratings for some shows, season to season, at CBS. 

I know that many fans rely on CHUCK being available for both online viewing via and, but also for pay-per-view via iTunes, XBOX Live, Playstation Network, and such services.  These fans would not be happy having to either watch the show live or DVR it.  To those fans I ask this: do you want more CHUCK or do you want to get new episodes the following day and potentially lose the show after 13 episodes?

Will this strategy guarantee that the show will continue on past this season?  Nope.  But chances are that repeating the exact same strategy that resulted in a loss of viewers last season will result in another loss of viewers and cancellation this season.

What say you, CHUCK fans?

UPDATE: Funnily enough, Televisionary posted this article about the same subject today.