Friday, October 8, 2010

The Crazy Shipper

Here is the mentality that thinks itself the "good guy" in the crazy shipper universe.  An email was sent to me and every single head of a CHUCK website in the fandom.  Why would someone do this?  Perhaps because they think it will somehow humble me.  Or because they think the rest of the fandom doesn't know me... oh no!  I am mean to crazy shippers!  And they are just sweet and innocent types who deserve to be heard over and over and over and over ABOUT THE SAME THING.

But more importantly, this is brought on by me posting a spoiler that made these unstable nutjobs upset.  Not because the spoiler is upsetting but because they DECIDED it is upsetting.  So, here you go... the greatest e-mail of all time.  I am now going to cry because I am going to be alone... and that scares me. *frowny face*

(seriously, where is the place in this world where this is effective? DO YOU LIVE IN A MOVIE?)

Dear Mr. LeKay [ed. note: you spelled my name incorrectly, dippy... I am not French]:
I will be unhappy on the day that the last episode of Chuck airs. But I will be happy, too, because it will mean that your 15 minutes of "fame" have passed.

What a small man you must be. You take your bits of "inside" information and use them to taunt people whose only crime is that they care too much about fictional characters who have touched their lives. Using the specious claim that you are trying to promote the show, you invent pejoratives for dedicated fans who have done nothing to you except hang on your pronouncements.

Come the day of the final episode of Chuck, your persona will cease to exist. No one will care what you say. No one will go to your blog. No one will care about your Twitter rantings.

No one is perfect. Certainly not I. And certainly not the fans, who care too much about Chuck and Sarah and perhaps have something missing in their lives. Fans do obsess a bit too much. But you, who taunt them and ridicule them and treat them like fools, apparently have no life at all.

You will be alone on the day that Chuck ends. And you deserve it. You cause pain for your own pleasure and that is quite sad.

Cynthia Rawlinson

PS: I have taken the liberty of sending this Email to the publishers of some other Chuck-related websites. I hope they take notice of your nasty and abusive actions and taunts.


  1. Have you lost your mind cynthia????

  2. you werent kidding magnus. they are unstable


  3. Hmm. What spoiler could have been so upsetting that this person should send you such an acerbic hate mail? o_O

  4. What the hell did you say that warranted this email? OMFG! Cynthia needs help! JC

  5. The whole 4.08 spoiler I guess... and the subsequent reaction and my statement about crazy shippers being unstable... that is at least my guess.

  6. Ah. THAT spoiler. I may be a shipper, but I'm not crazy enough to send you something like that. Haha. XD

    Plus, I'm pretty sure that split-up is temporary anyway.

  7. Just wait until part 2 of this whole spoiler. Crazy shippers will be REALLY upset... I don't know about what just yet but I am sure it will be my fault. ;)

  8. I don´t get why people don´t just use their option to stay away from stuff, that upsets them.

    You can still easily watch and enjoy Chuck, without seeking out any spoilers, if they have the potential to upset you that much.

    If the series itselfs then upsets people, they can just send the creators their hatemail, which they probably do, but it will safe them the unecessary freak out over stuff, that won´t even upset them once it does play out on screen.

    Granted, I do have a hard time staying away from spoilers myself, and they might lessen my enjoyment of actually watching the episodes, but they never actually "cause me pain".

  9. I'm sure they'll find a creative reason to lay the blame on you. XD

    When will you be posting them, by the way? =O

  10. Unsend. Unsend! UNSEND!! Dammit!!
    Change User Name. Change User Name.
    My name is not Cynthia. My name is NOT CYNTHIA.
    There. That should do it.
    Hi Magnus.
    Signed, Cynbad Rawlinsford

  11. awelle, you are too reasonable to understand the mindset of the crazy shipper. The world MUST feel what they feel for them to feel validated. So, when I post something that seems to disagree with their world, then it is MY FAULT for attacking them, even though they were only a minor thought of mine while posting the spoiler. Since their unstable mentality "suffers" so tremendously over a PERCEIVED context of a spoiler, then I MUST have intended to harm them.

    The thing is, even if my intent had been to hurt them, they make a choice to continue to be engaged by it. Not that I mind being attacked by them. I kind of enjoy it. I suppose that says something awful about me. ;)

  12. Rm, I will post it the second I know it will hurt crazy shippers the most, of course.

  13. Hahaha! Thanks for the info. XD

    On a wholly unrelated note, I'm still hoping for a fifth season, though it's more of a pipe dream at this point. Still, one can hope right? :P

    Here's to hoping we get a back six or nine, at the very least! :)

  14. "Not that I mind being attacked by them. I kind of enjoy it. I suppose that says something awful about me. ;)"

    Probably that you might miss it once Chuck does end. ;)

  15. I just dont understand. spoilers always lack context anyways so why get upset about some little tidbit that does not reflect the whole story. Magnus keep feeding them this stuff and maybe sooner or later they will start a riot that will get Chuck some press.

    P.S. Rm I with you for a fifth season!

  16. Haters gonna hate. I don't understand the way those crazy shippers think. If they don't like what you're posting, why do they bother to read it anyway?

    I'm a shipper (but not the crazy one) and I like your teasers. It makes me want to watch the show even more. Those crazy shippers are too blinded by the fictional relationship to be thankful of your contribution to this show in real life.

    About that ep. 8 spoiler, if they're going to split C/S apart then do it. It makes the show more dramatic and enjoyable (Season 3 is my favorite season because of the Shaw & Hannah drama). And splitting up doesn't mean that they're breaking up, right?

  17. "Spoilers always lack context anyways so why get upset about some little tidbit that does not reflect the whole story."

    I agree. Just like what awelle said, if they feel that there's a possibility that they will be "upset" and "hurt" by a spoiler, they can always opt not to look for them.

  18. awelle, the only thing I would miss is the purpose and effort a few dozen CHUCK fans have had during this entire time, focusing on delivering something more than just their self interest to this fandom.

    Specifically, I speak of those who have done charity work and put on events for the fans. So, WHC and Bailey and her parents. But I suspect I will keep in touch with those people once this is all over. So, I wouldn't really miss any of it... other than the show, of course.

    Though, whenever the crazy shippers attack, it makes me feel even more alive so... maybe I will miss them the most. Because hurting them is the best time I have ever had (mind you, they will not get the sarcasm... because to be a crazy shipper, you have to have a low IQ).

  19. See, Yasmin is a shipper... capable of loving the relationship without feeling attacked when I post a teaser/spoiler. One of the biggest requirements for entry into the crazy shipper universe is being unstable.

    And being stupid... but also unstable.

  20. I was just teasing. I will miss the show as well and I will also miss the spoilers on this blog and elsewhere and the live feeds from the set as well as footage from things like Chuckfest and Comic Con and other stuff like that.

    I also get, that participating in the online fandom of any show means you have to interact with people, who take it too seriously and personally. So if your take is to tease them, more power to you. It´s not as if they wouldn´t be there, if you stopped. And they really don´t have to let themselves be riled up.

  21. Magnus, I'll still be reading your totally true, yet fake news. I love Chuck and Sarah together, but still I wouldn't flip unless they brought Shaw back, just because that guy can't act! Well he was okay when he was the bad guy. Kind of..But anyway. I just want to say I'm thankful for what you've done for Chuck. I love reading all of your blogs and the little hints that you give us. You don't have to do it yet you do and I thank you for that.

    Your Awesome Magnus.
    I'm pretty sure on that fateful day that Chuck and Sarah do break up, you won't be alone. Hannah will be right there with you, holding your hand.


  22. I tried being nice to them... but they refused. They just played the victim more and more. The last straw for me was when they started sending hateful messages to Ali Adler. After that I decided to wage an all out war on crazy shippers. It calmed down for a bit but new blood pops in every now and then and thinks they got some new and innovative method of taking me down.

    Silly buggers.

  23. Dakota, I appreciate that. But know that there is a crazy shipper out there who is spitting at the screen right now, reading what you said, frantically typing some email or personal message to another crazy shipper about what an idiot you are for not seeing what an evil douche I am.

    The villain is the hero of his own story.

  24. That´s too bad. Ali Adler rocks! And she certainly didn´t have to make herself that accesible to the fans.

    It´s really sad, that people abused it.

  25. Anyone who makes themselves too available to crazy shippers gets attacked by them for not doing exactly what they want.

  26. I know that, but they are only setting themselves up for huge disappointment. Yes, I said that, you're wrong, Magnus is right. Get over it.

    I do wish I could see their face tho, when they realize that they were wrong and you were right. That would be priceless.

    It doesn't matter, in the end they will soon realize they are the dbag and not you.
    And if they don't, oh well. Their lost.

  27. Well then I'm pretty sure I just set myself up for some attacking. Bring it on crazies!

  28. Dakota, that realization will make no difference. It is human nature to think that an "enemy" is not worthy of fair treatment. I am the bad guy. There is no reasoning with crazy shippers. They are the terrorists of the CHUCK fandom.

    I am Delta Force. ;)

  29. Nah, they are too busy hating me. You should be fine... unless I die. Then you are scrrrreeeeewed!

  30. "Anyone who makes themselves too available to crazy shippers gets attacked by them for not doing exactly what they want."

    And that is really sad. Especially because the people doing that keep trying to play the victim, but think it is totally ok for them to hurt other people. I mean the person writing you that email must have realized, that what she is doing is hurtful.

    And they might stop people involved in the show from making themselves more accesible and thereby hurting everyone, who enjoys the chance to get all that extra information.

    It´s really annoying when people won´t stop playing victims while they themselves feel totally justified to insult others.

  31. Well Rock on MR. Delta Force.

    I'll be cheering for you.

    Besides you can't die, you're a god don't you remember someone did say that you were in the last blog.

    (◕_◕) ∩┐ Gave you a thumbs up, if you couldn't tell, well I'm hitting the hay now. Good luck with the Crazies, not that I think you'll need it.

  32. awelle, bingo.

    Dakota, I should have said when I transubstantiate from this miserable, lonely, pathetic, loser into the body of the holy entity that created everything.

  33. " you don't just drop the Rhone in a mans lap and say go seal clap for your fish "

    Crazy shippers will believe what they want to believe . They're always on the defensive , looking for something to complain about . Regardless of CONTEXT . When I read it last night , honestly my first reaction was like " that sucks " then it took me about 30 seconds to re-read it , then thought Oh I gotcha " split up " NOT " break up " .. your a sly one Mr Lekay :)

    Now prepare yourselves for a Free Form , No Holds Barred Poetry Slam ...

    " the flea ridden masses ( crazy shippers ) infest my house (the internet and chuck blogs ) do I cry ? ( C/S split up ) the chance to die . NO McFLY !

    ( sorry I went a little overboard with the Lester quotes :)

  34. Looks like you might be on to something, Kevin. :P

    Guess we'll see when the episode airs!

  35. As a shipper of the non-crazy variety (I don't have enough spare thought capacity to devote that much effort to a fictional relationship) I like the idea of Chuck and Sarah splitting up. It will be interesting to see how they get back together, because I always find TV relationships more interesting in the will they/won't they phase. (See also Moonlighting.)

  36. Magnus,

    Thank you for this. More importantly, thank you for making me spit up my coffee (the ever powerful elixir of life) when I saw that douchebag was the article's label.

    Vlad (aka ButchRules)

    P.S. Nice Yankee win last night.

  37. Ummm. Yasmin called Chuck and Sarah's relationship 'fictional.' How could anybody say that? Don't let Chuck or Sarah hear that! You just don't get it! This is real! I saw it on TV and now I'm gonna write my Congressman, or Al Gore, to complain about these lies on the internet.... Chuck said it best in S04E01: "This isn't ... some TV show, this is real life'

    Good Morning Chuckverse![How come DR's sarcasm is contagious?]

  38. Wow thats an interesting read, someone should probably step away from the internet for a few weeks.

  39. Magnus
    You should appologise (by posting her e-mail)
    (spelled wrong because I wasn't serious)
    Loose sleep (thinking of a response)
    torture yourself (by posting part 2)
    shave your head (instead of pulling it out over crazy comments)
    loose weight (going to the restroom)
    take a midol (for empathy)

  40. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!! This just keeps getting better-er and better-er! Tell me Magnus, when you opened up Pandora's Box did you also grab a can of worms, the Sword of Damocles', minions from hell and a few other sundries? If so, keep up the good work. Luv ya man!

  41. All sarcasm aside, I can appreciate people finding enjoyment in... well, anything. Some people's lives are stressful and depressing and even worse than most can imagine. And a television show can be the best thing in their lives.

    People often say "this isn't important, it is just entertainment!" Well, if entertainment isn't "important," then why does the USO exist? In times of war, troops need a way to decompress from all that they deal with every day, and the same goes for those who suffer daily due to their lives. Because one person cannot measure their pain with another... we all deal with our suffering differently.

    Having said that, you cannot blame other people for not recognizing how important something is to you. We all suffer differently and we receive enjoyment differently. The only thing we can do is expect to be treated in the same way we treat others. So, I expect the kind of response I got from this person (I don't believe for a second that they used their real name). But if they expect a different treatment from me, why write such a mean spirited e-mail AND send it to every fandom leader?

    The only reason to do that is to attempt to cause pain. Unfortunately, for this person, I am not afraid of being seen in a negative light. Hell, I wouldn't feel comfortable being seen in any other light. But then that is because I already lived through actual hell... and I sometimes miss it. Your idiocy is a light breeze in a spring sun. :0)

    Hugs and kisses!

  42. Hi Magnus,

    It looks like that NBC will be releasing some EPK's soon for chuck. Do you have any idea from your insider knowledge of when that will be and also if it is for the next episode or one futher down the road?

  43. This letter seems right on the money to me.

  44. Crazy shippers seriously need to go find their fave soft core porn, digitally paste Chuck & Sarah's faces over the actor's faces, and put this video on loop,continuously!

    THAT is the only show the CRAZY SHIPPERS seem to want to watch! And I'm being very serious!

    I'm, frankly, a bit bored with all the Chuck/Sarah happy moments. We need more Casey, please. More Sarah being silly jealous. More stupid relationship misunderstandings. MORE MORGAN!! Bring on Mama B! I need General Beckman! Team Bartowski all the way! What crazy baby gear is Awesome buying next? What does Ellie's baby bump look like? Alex, where are you??

    C'MON people, plenty of interesting story to tell without worrying about what the freaking word SPLIT means in relationship to the Chuck/Sarah, well, relationship! GRRR!!

    AND, just to point out, if spying is in the Bartowski blood people, Papa B & Mama B were split up for MANY freaking years and you didn't hear them complaining!

    I do believe that SPLIT is listed as a kind of hazard of the spy business! But apparently, Chuck and Sarah can circumvent this. Every mission they are sent on will only be accepted if they can be assigned together. Chuck and Sarah, together, only! Because, you know, that fits every spy situation. BIG FREAKING SIGH!!

    Get your freaking panties out of a bunch CRAZY SHIPPERS...

    Magnus, YOU ROCK!! Don't ever quit being who you are (like that would ever happen)!!

  45. "This letter seems right on the money to me." -- signed Anonymous.

    You have a weird name.

  46. ZLP, the least important thing in the universe to me is what EPK NBC is going to be releasing. In fact, in the entire time I have been a super secret fake insider in this fandom, I have only had a discussion about an EPK twice. And I don't even remember the content of second conversation.

    So... no.

  47. You can tell a crazy shipper from a regular shipper within a minute of talking to them. A shipper is rational and even keeled. A crazy shipper is a drama queen and overracts. The person who agrees with this email is without a doubt a drama queen. Magnus has done more for this fandom than anyone. What have you done but write an email and act like a baby?


  48. I don't know if I have done more than anyone... that is probably not accurate. But I appreciate the thought and agree with your assessment of crazy shippers.

  49. Christine, I don't rock... I metal. ;)

    Anyway, preach it, girl!

  50. Why are people so upset? DR gives us great clues as to what is happening. After a great meal of Pancakes, Chuck and Sarah are loving each other after bringing sexy sex back, when men wearing sheepish trucker style mustaches physically split them up. My question is how did they get so sexy after eating pancakes.

  51. yeah these crazy shippers also go on regular news sites and youtube videos regarding the actors and jst insult their personal lives in the comment sections. No wonder actors and sports celebrities say that they do not read newspapers or surf the internet a lot, all they get is personal attacks by some crazy fans. I mean how can fans critisize someones personal life if they know nothing about them? that is way out of line!

  52. oops, my bad are right, you are METAL!! And that's probably why the Crazy Shippers don't 'get you' have Metal Sensibility (is there such a thing) all over your comments & personality!

    I have many friends who are "metal" just like you...maybe that's why I 'get it' and 'get you' ;)

    That's why I come here to your blog and enjoy what you have to say and it ticks me off when Crazy Shippers get in the way of my enjoyment :D

  53. I love you Magnus, you are my favourite guy. I always wait for your podcasts after the Chuck episodes and I think that you are the most loyal and honest fan of our favourite show.
    Don't worry! Keep up your great work Sir!!!


  54. twitter - @greg2081

    I think most people would agree that you are a great guy and we choose to listen. like you say in your podcasts when you tell us when spoiler is going to come up if you don't want to hear the spoiler go passed it. Keep on doing what you are doing.

  55. It's sad that a Chuck fan has the arrogance to ridicule other Chuck fans like this on the internet. I read the "spoiler" article, and I was upset. Not livid, just a bummed out. I posted my opinions in the comments section, got called out and called a "nutjob shipper." Really? You're saying that anyone who roots for the two main characters to be in a relationship is a 'nutjob shipper'? What happened to simply wanting the two to be together? Since when does that qualify as crazy?
    I know that some people get very upset over stuff like this and love to cause drama over the internet, and I hate that. Therefore, I thought that Cynthia's email was uncalled for, until I read this post. You are no better than she is for posting this. She rudely called you out, yet you took it a step further to mock her out in public. That itself is uncalled for. You knew damn well that people would get upset over that spoiler. You were asking for an argument.
    The fact that people are getting so riled up over a TV SHOW is ridiculous. Yes, after 4 years we all are concerned and vested in the development of the show and characters, but to resort to name calling and mocking of our peers is just childish. Chuck has an extremely loyal fan base, and we shouldn't be squabbling over some petty little spoiler that is most likely false. Not to call you out, but nowhere else is this spoiler reported, and I find it hard to believe that you have more access than professionals at EW or newspapers. At this point, it is just a rumor, not a spoiler. You may very well be correct, but people shouldn't go hating on others over this just yet. Lengthy, but necessary. People need to grow up.

  56. Calmthewhatever, I mock those who overreact, not those who love Chuck and Sarah. I am a fan of Chuck and Sarah. I wanted them together and love seeing them together.

    As for having more or less access or knowledge than someone from EW, that, again, was sarcasm. The fact that you took it seriously means you deserve to be mocked. You are incapable of rational thought.

    And mocking "Cynthia" in public... had she just sent it to me I would have kept it between us. Simple. I mocked the attempt at embarrassing me. It wasn't effective. It would have been far more effective had she just sent it to me. I would have actually taken it seriously. But by sending it to every site admin in the fandom, I took it for what it was and responded in kind.

  57. How the heck would an average person like us know if you have more or less knowledge than someone from EW? You could be an executive at NBC and we wouldn't know. The chances are that you don't have as much knowledge as an EW writer, but thats just a guess. Just because we don't know who you are doesn't mean we deserve to be mocked, and we are certainly stupid because of that. You said yourself you mock those who overreact, but by calling strangers on the internet 'incapable of rational thought' just because they don't know who you are/how much access you have certainly qualifies as an overreaction. I hate to bicker over something as pointless as this, but really, some people really hang to everything you say and flat out obsess over this show and site, and you should treat them better. Without them, this site and the twitter feed would be nothing.

  58. Caseywhatever, I think you should start a movement to take me down. All crazy nutbag shippers should band together to turn everyone against me. It would be awesome. You can do it. Though, the planet might explode from all the melodrama. But hey, we can't live forever.

    Good luck. I must be stopped.

  59. I don't need to start a movement to take you down, the cancellation bear/NBC will do it for me in less than a year or so! Sad, but true :(

  60. Good. Then I have a few months left to really dig into crazy shippers. :)

  61. I know I am the last person you expect to hear from or want to hear from. But I saw firsthand what a certain someone is capable of.

    I agree 100% with your assessment, claiming that the NBC TAMi data is for certain people when the data is publicly available.

    Anyways just wanted to give you a heads up about this BS.

    I don't expect you to post it but you might want to write a blog post about it.

  62. I don't even know who you are so... and not sure what you are talking about with respect to the TAMi data.

  63. I think Magnus that this last person is talking about chucktv putting up an article on how NBC track their ratings. A certain someone maybe the person on chucktv who bad mouths you, and the data to be honest is very convoluted.

  64. They are at best disingenuous. I roll my eyes every time someone runs to them for an "honest" answer. It just goes to show how gullible people are. As long as you say what people want to hear, then they consider you an honest and reliable source. But tell them the truth, even if it isn't what they want to hear, and you are unreliable.

  65. Maybe the chuck and Sarah split is due to the fact that when she thinks chuck proposes he would only buy her a cubic z ring instead of diamonds and that chuck maybe funny, sweet, charming and the love of her life but that does not counter the fact that she may think he is a cheap skate. I mean the girl does know her jewellery since she has diamond earings from Tiffiny's! lol ;) I kid I am sure if he does propose he will buy her a proper diamond ring :)

  66. This person is so totally right. Getting all worked up over spoilers is totally normal and not unstable in the slightest. I'm actually a reformed convicted arsonist, and when I read rumors about Chuck and Sarah splitting up I had to turn back to old habits...

    You go Cynthia!

  67. I have seen the error of my ways. Insanity is the new sanity.

  68. Now that the wat has calmed down, let me ask a question on the intersect. A lot of critics and fans do not know how in one episode chuck can take out 6-10 guys out then in another he struggles to take out 1 guy (shaw and hugo). My theory is that the intersect can only work as much as the user allows it, now I believe if the intersect was put in a cold blooded spy then maybe they would have put a hammer (the sharp end) in hugos head, but chuck is not a killer so he did not do that or in the case of when shaw got the better of chuck a cold blooded spy would have allowed sarah to be stabbed at the cafe or would have kicked up a knife instead of a fork or would simply flased and put a bullit in his head when he was standing behind him. So my thought is that the intersect will may never make chuck a perfect spy in the physical sense because deep down he is not mentally cut throat and so cannot do what a standard spy would.

  69. Or the Intersect works different ways depending on how the writers want it to work. ;)

  70. Yeah i guess your right Magnus, it sometimes works for sarah (ring part 1 and 2, pink slip, anniversary) and sometimes does not for sarah (other guy). I think it is one of those things where you have to throw all logic out to enjoy chuck, because if a hardcore fan was to look at chuck carefully they could pick holes non stop. Examples are casey's past, in tic tac he was supposed to be turned john casey in 1989 but the guy in angel de la meurta he said that he had heard of casey all through the 80's. Mama B was supposed to have left in 1991 but was reading him a story in 1994, etc, etc. So in conclusion I am an idiot for asking my initial intersect question!

  71. As some writer once said, "I will stick to the canon of the story until it hinders my ability to tell a good story."

  72. Nice. Making fun of people. Real nice.

    You mocking slicknickshady is really sad. Calling him a crazy shipper, saying he has a low iq, calling him unstable. Just for liking a tv relationship?

    Overreacting is such a subjective term. Words can be weapons sometimes. Why hurt these people for liking a relationship. You calling them crazy and nutjobs doesnt solve anything.


  73. Dearest Laynie (or should I say, dearest same person posting as a number of people over and over),

    I don't mock anyone for liking a TV relationship. Perhaps if you pulled your head out of your arse you would be able to pay attention long enough to read words like a big girl. I mock the idiocy from a very specific element of this fandom that overreacts to any tiny bit of the story that might HINT at relationship hiccups for Chuck and Sarah. And I mock them because they used up any amount of slack they deserved a long time ago. So welcome to the fanbase. You have obviously not been paying attention long enough to understand it.

  74. I have read all of the articles and what was written and I have to ask the question" did this help Chuck or hurt Chuck. After pondering the question, I think it hurt and if ratings drop after tomarrow nights show could this article be the cause? Your spoiler did not need to be posted. This article in my opinion causes people to worry that Chuck and Sarah are breaking up not because of a third person but because the writers want them to be. Lets just say there are neilsen viewers who read your article and decide they do not want to go through this heartbreak again, (personally I can not watch the mask)and they stop watching. Therefore you just fed the bear Chuck. I know you are attempting to promote Chuck but this is just like the elections this year, I am not going to vote for anyone who ran a negitive campain. Your article is more positive than negative but the split up should have been omitted. I sincerely hope you consider what you write the next time. The other bloggers knew about the split up but they chose not to be the bearer of bad news.

  75. So now you are telling me what I should or should not say because hyper-reactive people might not tune in if they THINK something bad might happen?

    If fans have stuck around this long, through some of the worst of the worst, then they will stick around for anything. We hit the lowest ratings after Chuck and Sarah were together as a couple and in love.

    Fans always think that the Internet, forums, or whatever group they belong to, and their general like or dislike for something, is somehow reflected on a macro level. Our micro world has little effect on things. Whether you believe that or not, it is most likely a fact.

  76. Oh and for the purpose of illustration, the blog posting I made last season that caused the biggest uproar (the Dear DR prior to this one), was met with the highest ratings post-Olympics. Once I told people that things would get better, the ratings slowly tanked. And once Chuck and Sarah were together, they remained around their all-time low (which is around where they are now).

  77. Why are the writers making this relationship so excruciating? For me I love chuck and sarah but can we just have a couple of episodes where they just leave for work and smile at each other or chuck stands behind sarah and hugs her like that picture she has in her suitcase. Just make it simple and get back to team b that includes casey and morgan going on missions and blowing stuff up or if that is too expensive then just shooting people, breaking into buildings, anyting fun and adventurous. Just bring in Volkoffs people and let the fun and mythology ensue! They really do not need to do a problem of the week for chuck and sarah, I do not need them hot and heavy every week just something simple and effective like chuck giving her breakfast in bed, lets get back to the spy story and mix it in with the odd smile here and there to let the fans who are crazy about chuck and sarah and let them know they are happy and that is it, solution ! carry on !

  78. Or even they could play music at the end of an episode and show a montage of them after a mission having a meal, laying next to each other sleeping, going dancing, anything! I really enjoyed the dinner they had in first date, where chuck was charming on honest and he was so sweet to sarah and it was a nice moment, it does not all have to be angst every week, it just gets boring when you keep hitting that button, come on guys get it together, lets get back to the spy story!

  79. I think that is why I like episodes like first date and I think anniversary is the best episode of the season so far. In both episodes you could see the excitment when they see each other the anticipation of what could happen next, the moments between the two that are just glances and stares and verbal, but amidst that there was spy mythology that drove the episodes forward. Please writers do not make the same mistake of season 3 and keep hitting the angst button. Magnus I heard in one of your podcast where you said that they sucked the fun out of the show for you in the first 13 episodes and you said if not for the back 6 if it was cancelled you would have been ok, do you agree with me that they need to just move the story forward ?

  80. The writers are making the relationship excruciating?

    I don't even see that on any level.

  81. What a problem a week? first it is that the kept a secret, then it is the fact that he mentioned kids, and now the fake proposal! What is next? it is like the writers sometimes tread water and do not know what to do. I mean chuck is not dumb, he knows full well what can happen whan parents who are spies decide to have children, it could end in heartbreak, why do the writers make him appear clueless when he actually should be the one who knows better than sarah. I know they like to keep chuck a simpleton who is funny and always sees the bright side, but if they cannot smarten the angst or make it believable they should just leave it alone and continue with the spy story and get back to it when they have better dialogue from two people who are maturer in their relationship and can deal with issues that are now arising. I think if Ali had written this episode she would of had chuck say something profound, like "I did not mean have kids right now, besides I know it might be scary for you and the thought of it for me right now is scary since my parents were both spies and my dad is dead and my mom did not even care for me to stay until pubity, so lets take it slowly and calmy and we will know when the time is right whether or not to have children" there we go profound and simple and everything is dealt with ok.

  82. Oh Magnus,

    I just watched that dinner scene in first date, what happended to my sweet and charming chuck, the one sarah fell in love with? In that scene where sarah forces chuck to say someting nice about her was so sweet and tender and he was so charming, now he is lost for words lately and ..... I think you may be right and if the split does happen I hope to god that next when he tries to win her back we get those moments back!

  83. In the real world people don't just suddenly end up happy and then do all the things they need to do because they should do them. Life is a struggle. The same goes for TV characters. Except on TV, they struggle from episode to episode, as opposed to day to day. So, you make those struggles fit within each episode as opposed to kind of popping in and out of someone's life whenever you see them.

  84. But they have only been together for 8 months! they have been pining for each other for 3 and half years! I am not saying they should always be happy but even in real life it takes time for issues like the ones they are experiencing to come up. It just seems a little unrealistic at times, but hey whatever your right it is a tv series and they have to put that in to keep the tension up. Although since season 3 they have regressed chucks smartness since he downloaded intersect 2.0, maybe his brain really is not smart enough to handle both.

  85. And let there be no mistake, Chuck and
    Sarah will be in a relationship this season. All season.

    That was in entertainment weekly.

  86. As a follow up to my un posted post, it is not proper to shoot the messenger, however some thing should never be said without proper warning. What fans are feeling now was put into words in Ken Tucker.s TV article on http://bit.lylafnjvh "In hard ecomomic times, people want to feel ther's comfort on TV,..."
    Where is the comfort in the split between Chuck and Sarah??? I know you did not write the split but you reported it. I hope the showrunners see the impact caused and can find a way to soften the blow or turn it super positive.

  87. What un posted post?

    And as I have been saying, until you have context, why freak out about it? When I post the next Dear DR (could be as early as tomorrow), you will have a much clearer picture (though, I am still not spoiling the episode, I will leave that to others). And THEN we can talk about why the writers would do such and such.

  88. Ahahahaha, epic! That made my day.

    As for Chuck and Sarah, yes, they're great together. Yes, their relationship is a major part of the show.

    Couples break it off sometimes. Not indefinitely. They sometimes just need space. It doesn't mean Sarah's gonna find Shaw and bang his brains out. But it could! LOL

    I'm more interested in the cause, and who decides they need time apart. Not the action of them breaking up itself. For some reason, I have a hunch it'd be Chuck.

    Oh, and...before NBC pulls the plug on Chuck, I think they should make it epic. Better timeslot, and give them a better budget. More promo, but not like Undercovers'. Undercovers' truly failed.

  89. NBC doesn't decide the budget, WB does. However, NBC negotiates the licensing fee and that determines the budget, as WB sees it. And it is unlikely that NBC is going to negotiate UP. They keep the show around BECAUSE it is cheap and has a loyal fan base. It is THE ONLY show on Monday nights making them money.

  90. Magnus,
    I have a theory that 99% of these "crazy shippers" are really very young poeple who have an idealized vision of love. This is because they have never experineced love first hand...they are too young.

    When you read the letter that was sent to you, although it was well written from a technical POV, it smacked of immaturity. They all do.

    I have some personal expeience with these types as well. During the first season I wrote a number of fanfics. Some of these portrayed Sarah in a less than positive light.

    The comments I received from a small, but vocal minority was funny and somewhat disturbing...that is until I figured out I was dealing with 13 to 15 year olds... Then it was more understandable.

    If you think about the letter in question and then think about the author being a 14 year old girl, I think you'll agree with me that they aren't as crazy as they are emotionally underdeveloped. They will grow out of it.

    I enjoy you site.


  91. AKA, I actually thought that at first too... but no. It is mostly men in their 30s and 40s. It isn't about idealized vision of love. It is about a bunch of older men who never got THAT girl, who view Chuck's ability to be with Sarah as some validation for their wants and dreams.

    That is not to say that some of them aren't teenagers, but in my experience, those are few and far between. Teens are busy pining for vampires.

    And that letter wasn't written by any teen... and I doubt it was written by someone named Cynthia, or that it was a woman.

  92. God, if you're right, they are crazy. The problem they have is they have no idea that they are out of sinc with the rest of the world. That they are a small minority.

    They have to be single. lol

    In their mind, it is the rest of us that are crazy or mean spirited, just because we understand that in the best of relationships, shit happens. It is never smooth sailing all the time. They don't seem to get that.

    I can't help but wonder what they will do once Chuck is over. Guys like you and I will go on to the next thing.

    What will they do?

    Cynthia said that once the show is over that you wouldn't know what to do. The funny thing is with you and I, we will be sad that a show we enjoy is over, but we will go on with our lives.
    Do they even have lives?

    I wish Cynthia would write back in so you could have a running dialogue with her/him. That would be as much entertainment as the show itself.

    That will never happen. It would be too scary for her/him to actually face off in a mature way.

    Still, it's been interesting to consider the phenomenon that is the "Crazy Shipper".

    Someone should write a book.

    Keep up the good work.


  93. This has nothing to do with Crazy Shippers, but rather than tonight's episode. After watching it, and what Sarah did yet again. Chuck has every right to get pissed and just break up things with her. Once again she picked the spy life first than Chuck.

  94. Dakota, did she?

    Or did she choose Chuck first? As she said, she was being his "blind spot."

  95. Okay if she did, then she could have done it a lot better than how she did it. She knew that Ellie needed to meet her mother or how important it was. She could have had the team catch her after the get together.

    But I also get Sarah was trying to protect Chuck.
    But I don't think he's going to see it that way.
    Most likely why they get into a fight next episode or whenever. Because he goes on that rouge mission and doesn't tell her. They have that promise no lies no secrets.


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