Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Idea For You To Consider - CMM In Two Weeks

[Note, this blog is being updated on the fly and edits are included in these brackets]

So, someone at NBC or WB or in some dark corner of some room, acquired the rights to the last 11 episodes of season 2 as opposed to the first 11. This is of course a problem since we have been watching season 1 in order during the CMM event.

NBC has stated that it is currently working to correct the problem. However, this likely requires negotiation, renegotiation, and the sign-off from every single person involved in the show who stood to receive residuals once the promotional period (given to the network where they collect revenue without paying residuals) ended. Therefor, it might be some weeks before that happens (if it happens).

On a positive note, we have always had a 3-week buffer between number of episodes to watch and number of weeks until the show returns. That means we can take some time off or not jump into season 2 of CHUCK right away. And that means we have a decision to make, and since I like for the fans to be involved in these decisions and not just a handful of us pushing the fandom buttons, I have a few ideas to toss out to you all and you can vote for or against them (or inject your own).

Disclosure time: These ideas come from discussions Wendy Farrington and I have had over a few weeks. Therefor, any other suggestion that might work better may still be out there, so share and if people like it, I will add it and credit you (please leave your name if you are posting anonymously).

1) Take at least one week off, on August 31st [September 7th is also an option now], [redacted]. This gives us a quick breather between seasons and affords NBC/WB an extra week [or two] to get the right episodes up on the site.

2) Same as point 1, but we rewatch all of season 1 on August 31st [and/or September 7th], starting at 9AM EST and ending whenever we finish. This will give everyone around the world the chance to jump in at some point and give us the chance to trend for longer than an hour (depending, of course, on participation).

3) Same as point 2 except we choose a select number of episodes (perhaps the top 3 or 5) and watch them at specific times during the day. This would give us a chance to trend longer provided that we have many involved.

4) On August 31st [and potentially September 7th], we put together NBC Viewing Parties and watch episodes from the second half of season 2 in groups of ten with different people volunteering to host (you need to have a pretty solid computer system to host a room without having pausing issues).

5) Your recommended option. :)

Sarah's death interrupted by a wedding.

Please comment (anonymous posting is enabled, but please sign with a name) and share with your friends so we can get as many comments as possible. We have about a 5-days before we have to have all options on the table.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays succeeds again!

Well, last night was a lot of fun. We watched an episode of CHUCK and trended #chuckmeout on Twitter for over an hour. I am very happy to see that we had so many more tweets and participants than over the last month. Prior to last night, we were averaging around 1,500 tweets. But last night, we had over 2,500 tweets during the episode viewin and, more importantly, even more tweets following the episode (I stopped counting after 3,000).

While there is still not enough evidence to prove whether or not the #chuckmemondays tag was banned (since we trended to 10th after 37 minutes and 2,000 tweets, which was more than we were doing for at least 4 of the 5 weeks where we failed to trend), logic dictates that more people tweeting the correct tag helps. What helped us trend for over an hour was all the people still tweeting following the episode. We even dropped off the trending list a couple of times, only to return again (actually trending 8th to 9th to 10th and back). An analytical mind would deduce that this means we trended because of 1) more people participating and 2) more tweets containing the hashtag during that time-frame.

Therefor, for us to continue to succeed, we need more people and to tweet our hashtags or terms for longer than just the length of the episode. We need to maybe start a few minutes early and end some time later. This will help us in the long run and promote the show.

Speaking of which, last night a handful of us went to the search list of #chuckmeout and looked for anyone asking what the term was related to, and we sent them tweets telling them about the show. This is how we can affect people around the world and get them to check out the show. Please help that effort during future CMM/CMO events.

Anyway, great job everyone. Let's keep it going.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

#chuckmeout and the NBC forum issues

First of all, we are using #chuckmeout tomorrow as our hashtag and NOT using #chuckmemondays (please, don't use it).

Second, you can find out what this whole NBC forum issue stuff is about by listening here or reading about it here (worth reading that great blog even if you listen to the podcast).

Spread the word.