Friday, December 17, 2010

Dear DR: Life is Beautiful (and remember how that movie ended?)


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OK... so CHUCK season 4 is just one gigantic love letter to the fans!  There is nothing that will actually get the shippers or crazy shippers going nuts because the Chuck and Sarah universe is perfect and baby bunnies are bouncing around in a field of paradise!  Everything is lovely! LALALALALA!


Let's get to the questions!

Magnus! Love your blog and podcast! I thank you for the teaser spoilers too. My question is this... will Chuck and Sarah get engaged and/or married this season?! Thanks! -- Cuddles

Dear Cuddles, I am glad you enjoy all things me.  I am your hero.  As for your question, you will find out by watching the episodes.  I will say this, the whether Chuck and Sarah are going to be engaged and/or married story line of this season was decelerated when they got the extra 14 episodes.  So, that will not be resolved (for good or bad) as soon as originally intended.  Oh and please call me DR or Dear DR around here.  Never use my name!  Thanks.

What are the chances of a CHUCK movie? If you were going to raise funds as a fan base, what would be your strategy.  -- Larry

Larry, Larry, Larry... my friend until the end... great podcaster of Every1Talks... my risk management partner in crime... you should know my answer to this (I feel like you set me up on this one).  I will never, ever, nevereverevernever support a fan attempt to raise funds to make more episodes or a movie for the show.  Though, I will happily put together such an effort and control the PayPal fund to which everyone donates... and then give it all to charity!  Sure, it is shifty but if we are going to raise millions of dollars to make 1 or 2 extra hours of CHUCK, wouldn't it make more sense to save hundreds or thousands of lives instead?  That's just me.  I am weird.  AND EVIL!

Can we get the guy who legally changed his name to "Captain Awesome" on the show?! -- Anonymous Dippy

Well, he can be on my podcast any time he wants!  Open invitation!  Ohhhh, you meant on CHUCK.  Sure.  I will tell Josh Schwartz to make it happen... because he listens to me.  I mean, if you legally change your name to a character on the show, then you should really get a set visit and AT LEAST be an extra in a scene.  Anyone else want on the show?  I can make these things happen.

Is Chuck going to move beyond the Buy More? I really liked the possibility of the bat cave / Batman type scenario at the beginning of the season. Will we see him venture off to be an independent crime fighter? Thanks. Really enjoy your blog. -- Jedi

Independent crime fighter?  When was he ever on a path to be that?  You mean like the dude on BURN NOTICE?  Please, no.  Chuck is a spy for the United States of America.  He is the great American hero!

Dear DR, Linda Hamilton and Timothy Dalton are tremendous new assets for the show. Any idea if they will make appearances beyond the first 13 episodes? -- Diane

Yes, I do have an idea.

Will we be getting even a small game changing scenario at the end of episode 13, that will move the show into new direction? -- Harku

I think it has already been leaked by Ryan that Baby Awesome arrives in that episode, so that is an easy question to answer.  Yes.

Will we be getting some more Sarah and/or Casey centric episodes in the back 14 or maybe Sarah/Casey centric storyline?  I kind of miss their partnership.  -- Harku asking too many questions

Sarah will be getting some focus.  Casey?  Ummm... well, it is difficult to focus on someone who is ... never mind.

During Comic-Con Mark Christopher Lawrence spoiled that there would be a baby and a wedding in season four. We already know baby Awesome is coming in 4.13, but any info on the wedding? I guess if it happes in the next three, it's the Big Mike/Bolonia wedding that was set up in Cubic Z. -- vm

I have seen this discussed elsewhere by fans who have somehow convinced themselves that MCL was talking about a Chuck and Sarah wedding in season 4.  I am pretty sure that he was speaking strictly about Big Mike and Bolonia.  Unfortunately for them (sorry, Patricia, you know I have lots of love for you), the writers seem to have forgotten all about that setup, or moved it into much later back end of the story.

As we have seen this season Sarah opens up more and more of her emotional side. She is different without Chuck. She wants to spend her life with Chuck and eventually marry him. So with this huge and rather fast progression, is there any chance this will affect her life as a spy in a negative way? -- Oliver

Sarah is going to come to a realization very soon... one that some fans will not like.  Correction!  One that some fans will RAGE against.  Bring on Chuckpocalypse 4!  Or... 5.  What are we up to now?

WAIT! STOP! Are you saying that Sarah decides something that will affect her and Chuck in a negative way? But the writers said they would not break them up this season! You are just messing with us! -- Crazy Shipper Sock Puppet

I guess if someone ignores your phone calls, then you can't break up.  I think I am still dating this girl from six years ago because we never said we were broken up.

You are a liar! Sure, your spoilers have all panned out in the past but this time you are LYING! -- Mo Ron.

Yeah, you figured me out.  I decided that after 100% accuracy rate on these things that I would torpedo my reputation with this one lie.  That makes sense.  Now, am I giving you all the information you may need?  Nope.  But is this an issue that will not actually upset anyone?  Nope.  I DO think now that I have mentioned it, that some people will not react as badly to it.  But the Blame-Sarah-First segment of this fandom will certainly have massive amounts of ammunition.  Even I was like "Wait, she does what?!"  Then I laughed because the writers are evil... and I like evil because good is dumb.

Can you tell us if there is more to the intersect suppression-reacquisition storyline than was showed?  Mama B seemed to know a lot more than she should have.  That can't be it for that storyline, can it? -- Mamemimomu

It CAN certainly be it for that story line.  But is it?  Despite what fan fic writers like to think, the show writers are not idiots.

Will there be a chance of a musical episode? -- dsa


Is there any bigger crazy shipper TV critic then Alan Sepinwall?  -- Big Jake

Sepinwall is not now, nor has he ever been, a crazy shipper. He IS crazy... about TV.  But his love for Chuck and Sarah has not always been focused on putting them together or keeping them together.  He has actually complimented the writers for keeping them apart in previous seasons.  So, that automatically disqualifies him as a crazy shipper.

Dear DR, let me say once again that the latest podcast is great! I enjoyed it immensely and anyone who hasn't listened, should! My question is regarding the continued 'wussification' of Chuck Bartowski. Will we continue to see this trend or will Chuck the hero re-emerge? -- PeterOinNJ

Well, because you listened to the podcast and said it was "great," I will answer your question: Chuck will get one of those epic hero moments somewhere in the next 4 or 5 episodes.  Maybe even more than once... in the same episode.

Many speculate a Chuck/Sarah engagement by 4.14, and marriage by the end of the season. IF this scenario were to play out and IF the show was to get a season 5 (big if’s, I know), are you optimistic that with the backdrop of a married Chuck and Sarah, and Ellie /Devon with a kid, the writers could still conjure up compelling plot lines for 13 or more additional episodes? Great podcast by the way.  -- bg

I was going to mock this one but then you said the podcast is great so now I am conflicted.  Hmmm... well, IF all those things happen, and Chuck learns to fly, and Sarah gets invisibility powers, then I am sure the writers could come up with something for a 5th season.  Actually, I think having Chuck and Sarah engaged/married would create more story-lines for the show.  However, from a milestone point of view, I think a 5th season would be a nice finishing point.  Granted, I still think the show runners should announce they are doing that in season 4 and writing all their best ideas in the final 14 episodes.  Why chance it?  So what if season 5 suffers?  CHUCK would still have more awesome seasons than most shows.

DR, can you tell us something awesome about the coming episodes?  And I mean without hinting or teasing like you love to do?  An actual spoiler?  I do love your teasers but something like your Roan spoiler where there is no interpretation necessary?  I love you! I really do. -- SexyKitten

Well, since you love me... I will give you one.  But not right now.  Later.  When you least expect it.  And it will make everyone very happy.  And NO... it has nothing to do with proposals, engagements, or marriages!

I really hope for a Tron poster type moment this season. I think it was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen on any show. What is the chance of there being something like that? Oh and I donated via PayPal. I hope it helps. -- Dani

Thanks, Dani!  And thank you to all those who have donated.  You all rock!  For your kindness I will give you this one: I am told there will be a "WOAH!" Chuck moment coming soon.  I am very excited about it.  Very, very excited about it.

Illustrious Magnus, people should change their names to honor you! Any thoughts on the rumor that Phil Klemmer is returning to Chuck? -- Erica 

NO NAMES!  But I like the sentiment.  As for Phil Klemmer coming back... first off, it is not a rumor.  It is true.  Second, he did write some great episodes so I imagine it is a good thing for the show.  Now I just want Matt Miller and Ali Adler back so we can put Team ER together again.  I tweeted that I wouldn't mind a one episode trade between NOF and CHUCK to get Ali.  She seemed to like the idea.

Your spoilers say Sarah leaves Chuck for another man. But the show runners said Chuck and Sarah will not break up. I know your spoilers are true so I am not saying that won't happen, but can you please elaborate? Thank you and I am a huge fan of your podcast, blog and tweets. -- Ragerin

Since you said such nice and obviously true things about me, I will elaborate... to the smallest degree (you didn't say I was handsome or hawt or the smartest man on the planet... that kind of flattery would have gotten you more).  Sarah leaves Chuck to do very naughty things.  Chuck is not happy about it.  Sarah is kind of a b-word about it.  Minus the "kind of."  Though, she is also really hawt in her b-wordiness so it all evens out.  It is probably going to be the greatest episode ever.  Though, not for shippers or crazy shippers or blame-Sarah-firsters.

Sarah Walker rediscovers her old self.  Obstacles!

Watch this site for more teaser spoilers related to things in this Dear DR.  I may reveal more.