Thursday, August 11, 2011

Most beautiful girl in the world talks about KILLER ELITE

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CHUCK Season 5: You Write It, I Make it Happen!

With my many, many, super secret ninja sources within WB and NBC, I have the power to influence the writing of the season in ways the show runners can't even begin to imagine.

I am that good.

Don't believe me? Sucks to be your cynicism.

Now, for those who are believers, who have faith in the all mighty Me, I am taking requests now for what you want to happen in season 5. I will then take the best ideas and have one of my smoke-bomb-throwing ninjas sneak into the writers room late at night and drop the idea(s) on their white board.

Those guys and gals are often so full from stuffing their faces with the awesome catering they get, and "happy" from whatever else that goes on when the doors are closed, that they won't notice that they didn't put the idea(s) on the board.

Hurry, though, there isn't much time before they start to break the second half of the season! Once that happens, my ninjas can only change so much. So, put your ideas in the comment section (anonymous posting, as always, is available), and I will make it happen!

Don't delay, dammit!

Monday, August 8, 2011

CHUCK SUPER SPOILER based on what my cousin's 3-year old thinks

The other day I asked my cousin's kid, Ethan, what he thought would happen on CHUCK this season and this is what he said... WARNING!!!!!!!!! SUPER SPOILERS!!!!!!

"Who Shuck?"


"Camin a'sum?"


There you have it! Chuck, Sarah, and Captain Awesome are going to find that Papa B is alive.

Thank you, Ethan.