Saturday, December 3, 2011

GF Podcast #5

Finally recorded a podcast where I talked about CHUCK 5.04 and other stuff about the show.  But we talked about much more than that, so it isn't a CYP.  If you want to put in a marathon worth of listening, check it out.  WARNING, lots of filthy, dirty, nasty words.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dear DR: Goodbye, Dear Departed Friend

Fans asked questions and I have submitted them to my ninja deep inside the inner regions of the CHUCK universe.  He has responded and I have modified his response to fit this feature.  And away we go!

Q: DR, you are so awesome you should be running a major TV network or something. You watch nothing but the best shows on television. Is there something coming up with Chuck and Sarah that crazy shippers can freak out about? Or that you can word in a way that will freak them out even though it is innocuous? -- MediaSavant

A: Thank you for recognizing my genius and I should be running a TV network... or something. As for your question, the answer is....... YES! In fact, it is so big it will blow their freakin' minds. People will burn down their living rooms and throw their Subway sammiches in the garbage while pissing all over their cheese balls. It is going to be awesome! Honestly, I am shocked they are even doing it this late in the game. But as a great man once said, whenever a show runner tells you this season is for the fans, what it really means is "We are going to mess with you so bad that you will be super angry, but please stick with us because, in the end, we will turn it all around... we hope."

Q: Oh humble great and wonderful DR, please tell me a secret. Will the finale live up to our expectations? Last year you warned us of the awful cliffhanger (Morgan getting the Intersect) and you were 100% right. So what say you about this upcoming finale? Thank you for answering my question and for keeping up with the best, funniest, and most rebellious fan site in the history of mankind. I love you madly. -- Miss NBC Universe

A: Hi, Miss Universe. Thank you for acknowledging my humbleness and my greatness. All very true. Now, will the finale live up to expectations? I have no idea what "we" expect. I think fans WANT it to be great, emotional, heart warming, dramatic, funny, exciting, and pay off every single thing they ever wanted to see. If that is the case, then no. It can't possibly meet or exceed those expectations. But then what series finale can? People put too much pressure on final episodes. I am of the Ronald D. Moore mindset when it comes to series finale episodes: it's the characters, stupid. And if you go into the finale with that mindset, then it will probably pay off. If you go in thinking "They better answer everything, and what was the light at the bottom of the cave, and where did Starbuck go, and did Sam Beckett ever get home or did he continue to leap for eternity?!" then you are going to be disappointed. Temper your expectations and you will likely cry yourself to sleep that night, emotionally exhausted from not just the ending but the journey.

Q: Dear DR, your handsomeness knows no bounds and your eyes sparkle in the night like a shooting star piercing through an angel's wings. My question is will Morgan and Alex get back together or was their breakup a way to save money by letting go an actress? I hope not since I think Mekenna is awesome and beautiful! Thanks buddy! -- Not Mekenna's publicist I swear

A: Dear Mekenna's publicist, you say such sweet things, but you already know the answer to that question. That story isn't over.

Q: Dear DR you lite up my life and your podcast is the reason I wear adult diapers. Whats the baby in Chuck versus the baby? Speculation is that its Sarahs child from before she joined the CIA. I know it sounds rediculous but some believe it. Can you confirm or denie? -- Anonymous #1, if that even is their name

A: I appreciate your kind words but that spelling and punctuation is atrocious! But you were complimentary so I will answer your question. Yes, I can confirm or deny that ridiculous rumor.

Q: Once more unto the breach, dear DR all wise and powerful wizard of all things Chuck, and Yvonne's favorite fan. Will Papa B return? I'm almost afraid he will and that it will make no sense. I realize you have a no major spoilers rule but just hint or wink or nudge me or something. Appreciated. Love you. -- Shakes a Spear

A: To answer that would be a major spoiler. Take from that whatever you like.

Q: There will be a hospital scene like in season 4 finale??? -- esozcanesk

A: I would love to answer this question but... no compliment? Nothing about how wonderful I am? Pffft. Next! Which is too bad since the answer is a juicy one. Live and learn.

Q: DR, Can you give us a hint as to what will be going on with Sarah later in the season? You seemed to suggest - in the 5.4 episode discussion - that Sarah's ability to pass the lie detector test was connected to some kind of issue that will spring up between her and Chuck. I normally don't care all that much about relationship drama, but I'm curious as to what this big revelation will be concerning Mrs. Bartowski. -- X

A: Another great question with no love attached to it. No one pays me to do this... well, Daniel does. Oh, Daniel... how I love you. I really do. One of maybe a handful of people who ever donates to this site. But most people don't do it EVERY MONTH! I love you, Daniel. With all my heart. Anyway, so what is my reason for answering if you are not even going to tell me how beautiful I am? WHAT IS MY REASON? HUH?! And this, yet again, would result in a great answer and tie into another question but alas, no. I am so very disappointed in you, X. If that even is your name! Especially the part where you refer to her as "Mrs. Bartowski."

Q: Glory be praised to the lord of the Chuck fandom, dear DR can you tell us if anyone will die? There have been conflicting statements from Fedak about no one is safe but he doesn't want to kill off anyone. Your poll suggest someone will. I thought it would be General Beckman but she is not an option. Is that a sneaky hint? I could see you doing something like that. -- Matt

A: Your compliment is excellent but your question relates to a major spoiler and also discounts the possibility of two people dying. But since I can't answer such things, I will just thank you for your worship.

Q: Dr Razorback of the mighty Chuck universe please guide me in answering my question for I am eternity grateful. Will Chuck and Sarah ever have an episode in which they are romancing it up for a long period of time or that they have a bunch of sweet moments? Any hint on what those moments can be? I am eternity grateful for this last Dear Dr, I will forever remember you Dr Razorback and all of your amazing works -- Sandy Chax

A: I have no idea what will make the edit but... yes. There is a whole heap of sweetness. But if you want hot sex, then there is nothing (the ninja) can think of off-hand.

Q: DR, you are my god. Period. Will Sarah's true love Shaw return to take her away from that wimpy kisser Chuck? He was dreamy. But, not as dreamy as you. -- Tru Shipper

A: I am dreamy, aren't I? Always thought I was. Thanks for confirming it. Anyway, Shaw does return and will kiss Sarah in a way Chuck never has, will, or could. Though, nothing will ever be hotter than the way Cole kissed her. Poor girl, ruined for all time by a super spy from the UK. Is that what you wanted to hear? Otherwise, nice trolling.

Q: Dearest sweet DR, please tell me if we find out anything wild about Sarah's past like she was married before or pregnant. -- Anonymous #2, if that even is their name

A: We do find out a ton about her but married or preggers? Come on. At best we find out she had sex with men before Chuck. Ruhroh, what did I do?!

Q: All hail the mighty DR, whose wit and wisdom doth put all crazy shippers to shame. (Or it would if they had the brains to realize how stupid you make them look.) In the interest of not asking megaspoilers, I'll leave it general. Can I get a Casey-oriented spoiler of your choice? I've been (mostly) good this year. -- Cor

A: The clock is ticking on Casey's future. Twitch but a little and he could bring about the ruin of them all! (Someone is going to complain this isn't a spoiler, but in time, you will understand that...)

Q: Dear DR Thank you for these awesome 3 years wich I've known you!! You'll always have a special place in my heart! With your podcast every week made me laugh and watch chuck in a different special way... I already miss you... so my question is will chuck get the Intersect back? I love him intersectless btw -- Nena a fan from Greece

A: Awwww, so sweet. We should snuggle. Anyway, Chuck doesn't need to get the Intersect back. However, will the Intersect be back into play this season? You bet. But your question should have been, w...............

Q: I'm making a toast to you royalness with a glass of champagne also because it my birthday DR you've brightened my week for so long now and may I say a huge thank you and now I have my final question to you are the number votes for who will die in the finale going in the right direction?? And you know just give a wink or a nudge you know pleassee PS it would be an awesome 18th birthday present if you would answer. Much appreciated your greatness -- Much love from London :)

A: Happy Birthday! And you know I can't say anything about that. ;)

Q: I have this theory that DR is the most amazing, smart and artistic person out there... O WAIT he already is. Darth Razorback in your wisdom can you bestow upon me WHY CHUCK AND SARAH SEEM SO DISTANT? Are they ever going to have one of those amazing scene like at the end of 4.02 "Chuck versus the Suitcase" IF SO PLEASE SHARE YOU WISDOM -- Nerd OUT

A: Your theory is a fact! As for a moment like the end of Suitcase... if you mean a horrified Sarah, then I am not sure. But if you mean a nice in-bed moment like that, then yes.... provided they don't cut it.

Q: Beautiful DR, what do your ninjas on the inside say about the set this season? Are people sad or enjoying the final episodes? Is it upbeat? How about this last week? Thanks! -- Anonymous #3, if that even is their name

A: The set is like the end of senior year in high school. Everyone's happy, sad, looking forward and holding onto the final days as if something great is coming to an end. Final week is really emotional as people shoot their last scenes either together or at all. Kleenex required if you plan on being on set December 7th. I will miss this crew. They're like my family. I will miss Zach and all the things that make him who he is. It was an honor. -- Ninja #1

Q: Dear DR just wondering if morgan is going to have anymore effects from the intersect. I know they have shown him not remembering things like star wars and indiana jones movies and casey have fun with him but will he have like an effect like every once in a while Morgan has little darkside from when he had the intersect? Which I think could help with the fans you don't like how they just finished it up in the last episode. PS love your podcast I hope you do more when you have the time because they were and are great to listen. Thanks for all your hard work and comedy. -- Canadian Greg

A: Morgan has been de-Intersected so... his dark side powers are gone as is the effect on his mind. The ninja has nothing to add to that. However.........

Q: Have you heard anything that sounds like it can become a "fan favorite"? -- MediaSavant

A: The ninja says these are episodes that could be "fan favorites." 5.05 and 5.07. But since he didn't think much of 5.04, and some silly peeps did, take that for what it is worth. 5.03 is one of his favorites. He can't tell you whether 5.09 to 5.13 are good until he sees them edited but he thinks there could be three winners in that bunch.

Q: Does Sarah have a sister? (flashback to season 1 chuck vs the wookie, the barowski family, morgan, amd sarah are playin a game, sarah gets the ? Most dangerous situation ever..she says when her and her SISTER put baby oil instead of sunscreen and got burnt like a lobster) she really have a sister?? -- Anonymous #4, blahblahblah

A: No love, no answer. Next time, send cash. Actually, do I really need to answer this anyway?

Q: I fear that "DR" is an inappropriate term for you seeing as you, Sir, are a god among men and, thus, your knowledge is highly valued and sought after. You put Jedi to shame. You put, I dare say, Chuck Norris to shame.

Alas, I implore you to pray tell: Chuck and Sarah. Baby by the end? Sarah's face when Devon was instructing baby Pilates could either be an accidental thing by Yvonne's... Amazement, for lack of a better term, or epic foreshadowing. My feeble, human mind cannot take the suspense of not knowing the answer.

A: If ****** and I have any say in it, if there is a baby (or babies), the first born will be named Magnus (way inside joke only six people will ever get). But you will just have to watch... I doubt you will be disappointed by the ending.

Q: Just wanted to say thanks for all you've done! You and your site have been the best part of my Chuck experience, especially the podcasts! Always appreciate hearing your opinions on episodes, storylines or whatever, and all the info you've given to fans. Any good hints/tidbits about the Christmas episode? -- OldPandaDayz

A: Thank you! This one is going to be a classic CHUCK episode where the Buy More, spy team, and family issues are all under siege around the holiday. The ninja really likes it. He did send me a spoiler but it may be too big. It involves someone ****************. Oh yeah, some of those stars are spaces. ;)

Q: Dear DR - Magnus - One thing I am least looking forward to as the series ends is the anticipation of reading your insights, comments and other wordly snark! You have set the standard for fan site interaction - and the bar is very high! With that said, I have but one question - Fedak likes every ending to be a beginning - a prologue to what is to come. Will the finales (5.13) be a real finale, with maybe an epilogue, or will it again tease us a bit with what could be or have been? I look forward to keeping up with you on GeekFurious - but you'll always be DR to me! -- PeterOinNJ

A: Well, thank you, PeterO. I appreciate that. I can tell you that the ending was open ended when they were hammering out the season because, despite what you have heard from "official" sources, there wasn't a defined 13 and out before the episodes aired. However, and perhaps thanks to the crappy ratings, now it is less open ended. Granted, who knows what they will do in the final edit, but it looks, right now, like there will be real closure to the character arcs.

Q: In the end, will the show lean more towards "free will" or "determinism"? The whole hint of a conspiracy in which Chuck has been a pawn would seem to go towards the latter. -- MediaSavant

A: That is the best question so far. The easiest answer is: determinism with free will. Though, I can't qualify that because I would have to know more about what the ninja means and I don't want to know any more than I already do. I know it makes for sucky answers but... it is what it is. ;)

These are essentially all the questions asked. Either people don't want to ask more questions or they just don't want to know, or they really don't like me! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

If you don't like the answers I gave, too bad. Only Daniel gets to complain. :o)

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Final Dear DR EVER! Ask your questions.


So, even though I have sworn off doing spoiler blogs ever again, one of my ninjas deep inside the sewers of the brothers Warner, has hounded me for several days about doing one last Dear DR. And so I have finally given in, especially since there is so little going on.

So, ask your questions below and be sure to phrase them in the form of a glowing lovefest for me. The ones that get answered are the ones that are the most loving, worshiping, and all around gushing of me and my sites. If you ask a genius question but don't tell me how awesome I am, it is likely that you will have to find Ausiello's address and ask him.


DR does NOT stand for DOCTOR. It stands for Darth Razorback... which is the name I sometimes use on the Internet thingy.

Oh and if you don't know what Dear DR is all about, tough. You miss out! Alrighty, so it is essentially a Q&A between you and me. You ask me anything and I answer it. Usually it is CHUCK related, though. Since my ninjas all work on CHUCK!