Friday, December 16, 2011

CHUCK Versus the Curse: 5.06 Discussion

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So what did you think?

TV Line: CHUCK spoiler... about Morgan and Alex

Morgan may have lost his frosted tips (thank god), but during his rough patch with the Intersect he also lost the girl. So now, continuing through the terrific Christmas episode (airing Dec. 23), the rookie spy will... CLICK TO READ THE REST!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Magnus Begs for Money



Thank you everyone listed below! You guys rule!


Hardware failure fund!

Donations already rolling in. I don't know if you guys want me to use your full names, but I will post the donations here.

Thank you to:
Giuseppe $30.00!!
Andreas $7.00!
Robert H $50.00!!!
Diane $50.00!!!
Ben $10.00!
Sweet Jennifer S $100.00!!!!
Kind Suellen G $100.00!!!!
Jill T $25.00!!
Adrienne $10.00!
John H $15.00!
My friend until the end Mark S $100.00!!!!
My besties the Brownings $25.00!!
Partner in crime vlad $40.00!!!
Alastair $15.00!
Serge B $20.00!!
Joan P $15.00!
Semper Fidelis Daniel C $50.00!!!
Beautiful Queen Wendy $100.00!!!!

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Chuck You the Podcast , Episode 3 - Chuck Vs. the Hack Off

Nicely edited down to 30 minutes. We talk about CHUCK 5.05. Some outtakes at the end for those who listen to the whole thing.


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