Thursday, December 9, 2010

Zachary Levi Surprise Appearance on CONAN

Update: Video removed by YouTube.... so, enjoy the transcript.

I fell asleep early last night and woke up this morning to watch my DVR.  I tuned into CONAN and suddenly he started talking about how his favorite show on NBC was CHUCK and that he never missed an episode until his problems with the network started.  Since he disabled his TV, he hasn't seen the show so he had someone come around to tell him what has been happening.

Out comes Zachary Levi!  Conan stands next to him and Zac begins to whisper in his ear.  Here is a transcript of the exhange (until a video appears online):

[ZAC whispering in his ear]

What was that?
She brought Volkoff to dinner?  Why??
What about... what about Agent Carmichael?
[laughing] Sounds like Lester's writing checks his butt can't cash!
[laughs harder] That is soooo Morgan! [laughs more]
Thank you!  Thank you so much, Zac.  You're probably eager to hear what's been happening on my show.

No thanks.  Have a good night everybody!


  1. Haha, sweet! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. YES!! SO random ... now I love Conan even more.

  3. Just when I thought I couldn't love the show anymore!! :D

    Thanks for sharing Magnus!!

  4. Back so soon?

    I've always thought Zachary could put half the late night acts to shame if given the chance.

    Calling it right now....

    Conan put Zachary in his act because I think there may be some grooming on the WB's and TBS's part to have Zac fill in for Conan and maybe Lopez when they go on vacation. I think both of those guys honestly like him and feel he would do a good job in their sted.

    Besides being rediculously handsome, Zachary has the kind of whit and personality that could dominate the late night airwaves.

  5. link is broken! where can we find a new link?

  6. I totally agree with that, also josh gomez could be his number 2, his alfred, etc. If you look at the interviews josh did with attack of the show and some other ones he is so engaging and funny and him and zach would own late night tv!

  7. My boyfriend watches conan, I do sometimes, but he saved that snippet for me when he saw zac levi, b/c of course I have a love for all things chuck, and I loved that conan did that, now I wonder, is it really his favorite show? I have to agree w/ some others on here, Zac would be an amazing Tv host whether it be late night or not :) Thanks for posting!

  8. I don't know if Conan has ever seen an episode of CHUCK... it felt like a bit but you never know.

  9. Come on Magnus of course he watches the show and furthermore he is a shipper to bout. What do you think the arguement he had with NBC last year was about ...... chuck and sarah of course! lol!


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