Friday, October 29, 2010

CHUCK Season 4 SPOILERS: End of October 2010 Edition

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Here are some spoilers related to upcoming episodes of CHUCK.
  • Mama B shows Chuck something that his father did not want him to see.
  • Chuck and Sarah cannot satisfy each other... in bed.
  • Ellie goes on a mission.
  • Morgan cannot resist Sarah's womanly ways.
  • Chuck loses something very valuable to him.
  • Sarah Walker is the rock.
Let the speculations begin!


  1. These were my eyes: O_O FOR ALL OF THOSE! In bed you say? ;)

  2. Diane says...

    I'll jump in and make a fool of myself as usual:

    "Mama B shows Chuck something that his father did not want him to see."

    The family history.

    "Chuck and Sarah cannot satisfy each other... in bed."

    I am just not going there, though, I'm sure it's not what it sounds like.

    "Ellie goes on a mission."

    Isn't this in the synopsis of "First Fight"?

    "Morgan cannot resist Sarah's womanly ways."

    He gives up information about Chuck's whereabouts.

    "Chuck loses something very valuable to him."

    It could either be his ability to use the intersect or some property of Orion's.

    "Sarah Walker is the rock."

    That's a spoiler? I thought that was a statement of fact.

  3. Diane, I don't read synopsis for the most part since... well, I don't need to. As for "the rock" one... please return here after the episode that defines that meaning so you can tell me how that is not a spoiler. ;)

  4. "Chuck loses something very valuable to him."
    followed by:
    "Chuck and Sarah cannot satisfy each other... in bed."
    his manparts?
    which leads to:
    "Morgan cannot resist Sarah's womanly ways."


  5. Not an average JoeOctober 29, 2010 at 6:45 PM

    Chuck and Sarah do not satisfy each other in bed! How does a guy who can go 42 minutes and 15 seconds not satisfy any girl. I read an article where they said that scientists have proven that the average for men is between 12-20 minutes and very few get past 30 minutes, so Chuck is ok. Also when he told her that in sandworm she gave a suprised and somewhat impressed look. Plus after that honeymooners montage at the beginning she looked pretty satisfied. Now I am not saying chuck is like the greatest in the world, I can go longer, but still man not bad bro not bad at all. So I assume that the bed thing is something else entirely, a play on words by magnus, I guess that it maybe due to an arguement they have while in bed, or they are away from each other for some reason, or something else. Oh and magnus if you think I have been too crass, I apologise and you can delete the parts that are potentially offensive.

  6. I have only one idea, and it is making a stab at what Anonymous didn't touch above me.

    I think that Sarah and Chuck can't satisfy each other in bed because they are going to be physically apart for a couple/few episodes.

    I think Magnus wants to see exactly how little crazy shippers will react to when referring to Chuck soon going off by himself, first calling it "Chuck and Sarah splitting up" and now "they can't satisfy each other in bed."
    By making this latest statement I think he is testing whether crazy shippers will react to absolutely ANYTHING, and are, in fact, irrational people projecting themselves onto these characters.

    especially cause this show would never give us that kind of detail about their sex life, makes me think it must be a fact of another development.

  7. 1. Family History
    2. They have a fight, and sleep in separate rooms
    3. The Bartowski family secret
    4. Morgan tells where Chuck is
    5. the proof that will clear his mother's name
    6. Sarah gets or is in trouble

  8. "Chuck loses something very valuable to him."

    Chuck loses the Governor? Considering that was a major plot point in the Season 3 Finale, it's a surprise it hasn't gotten more than a cursory reference (Chuck's wall of watches in the season premier).

  9. The bed thing could be chucks wants to cuddle but sarah wants 30 minutes silence............... hillarity ensues........

  10. Diane says...

    I'm sure it is a spoiler. I was just avoiding taking a guess by being snarky.

    I didn't know you didn't read synopses. Sorry for bringing it up. I guess I have to recuse myself from that one because I did read it.

  11. "Mama B shows Chuck something that his father did not want him to see."

    Agree with Diane probably something to do with family history.

    "Chuck and Sarah cannot satisfy each other... in bed."

    My mind went to a dirty place and assumed they have sex somewhere other than bed. Although if literal I would guess they keep getting interrupted or one/both are distracted.

    "Ellie goes on a mission."

    To learn about her family?

    "Morgan cannot resist Sarah's womanly ways."

    Also agree with Diane that she uses him to learn Chuck's whereabouts

    "Chuck loses something very valuable to him."

    His credibility as a spy?

    "Sarah Walker is the rock."

    She could be the rock in the saying "Stuck between a rock and a hard place"
    Or maybe acts as someones emotional rock

  12. not an average joeOctober 29, 2010 at 7:11 PM

    OH! I just finished the article and it said that some girls are a minute girl and some are an hour girl, so if sarah is an hour girl then...... sucks to be you chuck! start doing meditation and learn the ways of certain asian cultures that help improve performance.

  13. Not an average joe:
    Sarah is not a minute girl, because Charles Carmichael always comes quickly.

    -Sarah's libido

  14. not an average joeOctober 29, 2010 at 7:30 PM

    charles carmichael may always come quickly but chuck bartowski does not! Yeah I went there ! Plus Hanaah really was happy the day after she was with mr bartowski! so only time will tell!

  15. Are these for the whole last half of the first 13 or the next 2 or 3 episodes?

  16. I enjoy the sexual nature of these comments... Darth, when are they gon' get to makeup lovin'?

  17. Ok im trying again... One serious and one not so serious on each one!

    1. Chuck's father and Mama B's handler had a love affair which was the reason Mama B went rogue / Some kind of betrayal against Mama B.

    2. They're waiting for the all so great make-up sex to reach them / Well I really cant find a serious reason why they wouldn't be able to satisfy each other

    3. Ellie is trying to find some rest from awesome / think it's in the synopsis for next ep.

    4. Sarah cooks food food for Morgan to make him give up some secrets / I'm just hoping for another fun very convincing/threatening Sarah

    5. Well I'll still say he loses his manparts! / Maybe he loses his Mom, which would make both Beckman and Sarah a bit mad on him.

    6. Sarah goes undercover as a very natural shaped rock inside a cave in Afghanistan. / Sarah's covername as an fake agent for Volkoff


  18. Which way do the majority of the spoilers swing: comedy or drama?

  19. So i'm gonna throw a few guesses:
    -Mama B shows Chuck something that his father did not want him to see.
    Something hidden in Mama B's necklace.

    -Chuck and Sarah cannot satisfy each other... in bed.
    They go on so many mission that they don't have time to do it

    -Ellie goes on a mission.
    Ellie has to go on a streap tease mission but she can't do it so she ask Sarah.

    -Morgan cannot resist Sarah's womanly ways.
    He gives up some information about chuck.

    -Chuck loses something very valuable to him.
    He loses Sarah's trust

    -Sarah Walker is the rock.
    She goes on a streap tease mission ;D

  20. "-Sarah Walker is the rock.
    She goes on a streap tease mission"

    Don't take this the wrong way but I hope you're wrong about this one. I know they use her for fanservice alot on this show and I enjoy it but that might be a little too cheesecake. I would actually prefer the stripping to be played for laughs with one of the dudes.
    I can't believe I just wrote that.

  21. Diane says...

    Reading the other responses to #2 (Sarah & Chuck can't satisy each other in bed) has emboldened me to share my initial thoughts.

    The bad guys tie them a bed. Thus, they can't touch each other.

  22. Thanks for the spoilers but after reading the latest synopsis I just don't have it in me to care enough to spec anymore.

    I am not in love with Chuck and Sarah as I once was but I think that is more a reflection on how they are portraying Chuck lately. It is getting harder and harder to believe someone like Sarah would love a doofus like him.

    Start making Chuck into a man not a boy with his relationship with Sarah.


  23. Chuck and Sarah cannot satisfy each other... in bed?

    Magnus, why are you doing this to me?

    Morgan cannot resist Sarah's womanly ways? How can he betray his manlove for Casey?

  24. You should probably have a total meltdown right about now, CrazyShipper.

  25. Hahaha, this is SOOOO much fun. (At least for those of us not freaking out, hahahah).

    1. Family history of some sort.
    2. I believe it is possible that they can't satisfy each other in bed for a short period of time if they are in some kind of relationship dilemma. If they pretend everything is ok after a superficial talk (lack of communication skills), the unresolved matter will manifest itself in some other in bed. It is just the exteriorization of unresolved conflict, lack of trust, etc.
    3. To find out more about her family's past.
    4. Morgan can't resist Sarah's womanly manipulative ways and tells on Chuck.
    5. Chuck loses his spy credibility (hence the 3x08 synopsis).
    6. No idea whatsoever. Rock could be a codename like Frost...but that is too abstract to speculate. And it would be "Rock", not "rock"
    Way to go, Magnus! THIS is fun!

  26. I think the morgan one is where he puts his hand on sarah's heart and he actually is touching her breast. He was trying to be sincere by telling sarah that although she went behind chucks back, he thinks she has a heart of hold. I actually saw the scene and it was funny how sarah said morgan please don't put your hand on my breast, and he say's it was not sexually. Morgan loves chuck too much to ever do that to his soul mate/bro/best friend/sleeping partner if chuck and sarah ever have a huge fight/alfred.

  27. Alright... some hints:

    1. This has nothing to do with family history... at least not evidence of family history. This is something physical she shows him.

    2. This happens in bed... and is related to sex. And there is frustration!

    3. Apparently this was noted in a synopsis. Oh well. Like I said, I don't really read them.

    4. It isn't important what Morgan does... it is important what SARAH does.

    5. With people having an apocalypse about the 4.08 synopsis, this loss explains the synopsis (and will make people see, yet again, how this fandom overreacts to their OWN crappy specs).

    6. This is a very significant element of the coming episodes. It has nothing to do with her representing stability for Chuck. In fact...

  28. Hmm...Wonder if the bedroom frustration ties in to the talk we've heard about pole-dancing lessons...

  29. Well for number 2) Sarah did not have sex for 3 years and chuck had it only twice in 3 years, so it cannot be they are not having enough since they are like camels who can store it up, also in the premier they were apart for quite a bit so I do not see it being no enough. Chuck has quite big hands so I do not thin size is an issue. He can go for over 40 minutes so it cannot be endurance. Technique, well I do not know, maybe chuck or sarah like to experiment.......or they keep getting interupted by morgan and alex doing it next door and so cannot do it themselves....I do not know I am going for the last one on it being morgan and alex being too loud and upsetting chuck and sarah, could they move out, or kick morgan out......

  30. Maybe the bed thing is that sarah has been with loads of different guys on missions, you know her marks and is quite experienced. Whereas chuck is probably in single digits still and needs to learn how to up his game, I mean you would think that sarah walker being a spy and friends with carina has been around the block a lot and I mean a lot!

  31. No... sorry. It is an actual, in the moment, performance issue.

    Some of you dudes need help. ;)

  32. With all due respect, I have a bit of trouble buying the idea that a woman as attractive as Sarah who has formal training in seduction would have any difficulty tripping Chuck's trigger.

  33. Matt, sometimes the most beautiful women have the least amount of technique. ;)

  34. With the trust issue and problem in bed... I can see that they would try some dominant sex, and the problem is that chuck bring a pair of handcuffs while Sarah brings a knife... Common spy problem:)
    (Spy-sex must be awesome!)

    I bet and certainly hope this is not even close to how this will play out...


  35. Attempt more tact in your sex responses, peeps.

  36. You know at times I really feel for chuck, because he has 4 women in his life that he forever has to appease! General Beckman, Momma B, Ellie and Sarah. Maybe because he is alway's being pulled in different directions by all these women it is always on his mind and therefore in bed he finds it tough to concentrate on sarah and only sarah. He needs to have a bro's night out, he needs to grab awesome, morgan and casey and go on the town and drink loads and smoke some cigars and just talk about bro stuff like the NFL, or world series or basketball or anicdotes that can let him relax or a massage to release the tension he must feel at this very moment.....let it go buddy let it go........

  37. Wait a minute, is this sex thing actually seen or is it just another converstation where they talk about it, if it is the latter then snooze, lame and bore! But if we see kissing and heavy petting and then he the boom chuka ya ya..... then that would be cool.....

  38. Man it only chuck was on fx or hbo or cinemax then this chuck and sarah stuff would be awesome! but being at 8pm on a regulated network they have to do all this holding hands and talking......lame, give us colonel and fat lady and how sad only two hot bed scenes in 60 episodes...come js and cf pull your head out of you a****.

  39. I don't think Chuck knows what the NFL is. ;)

  40. its phone sex. they are apart for whatever reason and they try phone sex.

    Its probably not it but it would be funny to watch.

  41. Like I said... they are in bed, together.

  42. Lone Ranger and TontoOctober 30, 2010 at 10:21 AM

    Hey for you people saying that sarah has been around stop it! she graduated high school in 98 and the way she look she left a virgin, 4 years at harvard that takes us to 2002, then a year secret service, that takes us to 2003, then she would have had to go to the farm in langley that is another year and then her first role would have been learning the ropes for a year. In 2005 she was with bryce until she met with chuck and then she has only been with chuck. So if you look at her timeline she has not really had a lot of time in the field on her own having to do all what you people say she does so her number could be just slighly north of chucks, but not by much! So they are both kinda pure, well more pure then me, my number us higher then 20 and I am only 28 so I cannot judge.

  43. Sarah Walker has only slept with three men in her entire life.

  44. Lone Ranger and TontoOctober 30, 2010 at 10:37 AM

    Magnus where do you get three, what bryce, shaw and chuck! come on! I think it would be more then 3 but less then 10, do not forget she was working a mark before season 3 unless she told him that she was saving herself for marriage, doubt it, but I think less then 10 is about right. Chuck is probably less then 10 too.

  45. Magnus, did not know if I should ask in that topic, but you could tell me if we better understand why Chuck is so special as your father said when he died?

  46. Sarah Walker only sleeps with her partners. :)

    Joanna, if I understand your question... yes.

  47. And having something to do with what Mary wants to show Chuck?

  48. Does number 4 come about because of number 2. Is she trying to figure out what might be going wrong so she trys a few seduction moves on Morgan

  49. Supernatural is back in the lead for the TV Guide cover....we need to step up our game!

  50. Does the "rock" have anything to do with the Sean Connery movie from the mid-'90s?

  51. Kevin L says...

    I'm gonna move on from the sex part that everyone is so obsessed about...

    and talk about 4.08. I think Chuck isn't in danger of losing his relationship/career due to either of Chuck or Sarah's choice, there will come a point soon where Chuck and or Sarah will lose control of future events.

    -Magnus said earlier that Sarah will flip out due to something threatening their relationship.
    -Why would Chuck attempt a dangerous mission to get Sarah back? She hates it when he puts himself in danger like that without her. I am almost certain this dangerous mission has nothing to do with any type of winning sarah back, but is out of necessity due to this "loss" and this "wedge"
    -So "the wedge between them" is not them not wanting to be with each other. They will really want to be with each other, and are both sorry they let themselves separate, because now they will both have to separately work through whatever it is that is keeping them apart.

    A little more speculation: somehow the way sarah reacts is her becoming... the rock. There was a couple of podcasts where Magnus was pretty excited about this, I would be pretty excited too if I knew Sarah would go on a all-out, no-holds-barred mission to deliver Chuck from evil.

    This is all purely speculation based on what I have seen/heard from Magnus. (and a couple of episode synopses)

  52. I'm thinking that... the frustration isn't due to 'sexual needs', but more along the lines of Chuck and Sarah were going to have sex, but... I don't know, maybe it's at a time when Chuck is still mad at Sarah so she get shot down (?)

    OR they actually CANNOT satisfy each other because they CAN'T have sex because MORGAN needs Chuck/Chuck&Sarah for some reason or another, or something SPY RELATED gets in the way, hence their FRUSTRATION.

    P.s. Like my capitals?

  53. Pssst... while my podcast can use very colorful language, the blog is PG. So, do not use expletives... and when discussing sex, keep it tactful.

    Thanks. :)

  54. Kevin L says...

    oh. ok. reformed post:

    Also, there is no way the writers are writing episode 4.08 as 'Sarah no longer wants to be with Chuck due to Chuck driving a wedge between them, so Chuck feels that he has to prove himself to Sarah by going on some dangerous mission.'
    like Magnus would say, "cause that just makes NO *bleep*ing sense"

    remember the 4.02 summary?
    "Chuck realizes the “Achilles’ Heel” in their relationship, but must set personal issues aside for the mission"
    episode summaries can be very misleading, especially to crazy shippers.

  55. Kevin L, yep. But then some people are too easily confused by the obvious.

  56. Wow, I'm shocked we'll see them in bed. The show only uses sly references and quips about their sex life, I'm surprised this is so direct.

    The question is, what will they be wearing? And is the issue Chuck or Sarah's?

  57. SO spoiler 2 is sex related?

  58. C'mon Magnus... so how about spoiler no.2; CS actually CAN'T due to an interference of some sort?


    Sarah is the rock? Erm.. like the WWE fighter? *shrug*

  59. Kevin L

    I tried Magnus, I tried to get them to think about something other than the sex scene, apparently to no avail. oh well.

  60. Diane says...

    There has been talk/question before about Chuck possibly losing the ability to flash. If that WERE to happen, the question of whether he can be a spy without it would come up. Shaw benched him when he couldn't flash.

    That would certainly be a situation in which Chuck would feel the need to prove himself and not just to others, but to himself.

    It would also make sense for him to do it without Sarah and Casey's help. Casey helped Chuck pass his red test. Sarah would do what Sarah always does.

    I don't know if that is what is going to happen, but it is an example of a set-up where the 408 synopsis makes a lot of sense to me. There may be others.

  61. Hi Magnus,

    I'm not good at this spoilery game so I want to ask you (if it possible) to tell me how many episodes Chuck and Sarah will be appart?

  62. kevin L says

    just thinking off what Diane said, maybe Volkoff knows how to disable the intersect, after all Mary knew everything about Charles Charmicheal and the intersect.

  63. @Diane

    But Beckman was the one who practically forced him back into the team. She must see his skills, past those that are Intersect-based.

    As for Mama B showing Chuck something physical, perhaps they're divorce papers LOL

  64. More info, pretty please ;)?
    Cryptic spoilers are a kind of torture, but a legal one, like waterboarding, hahahahahaha. Ok, I know we read them willingly, but please give us a little more info....

  65. All your Dear DR's have made me think that Sarah is captured by Volkoff. I also think since her and "Carmichael" are now known to be coming after him, somehow some of Volkoff's agents are able to get her. #5 could work with this:
    What/who is the most important thing/person to Chuck? Sarah.
    He "loses" her, they're "split up". Now he has to look for her, like what others have said about the 4.08 synopsis.

    That's all I have for now, these are really hard.


  66. kevin L

    I am definitely looking forward to the Morgan-Sarah scene, partly because they are rare and hilarious, and partly because it sounds like whatever she will do will be unexpected and funny.
    I am wondering how resistant Morgan will be to whatever Sarah does. is he less willing to give up the information than the last time around? I hope so. last time they gave up the scene too quickly.

  67. Hmm might have found a bit of a path now, but will not get into details since it can be so far off from how this will play out.

    I just realized that kinda long ago we heard about this character Adelbert De Smet. His name is really interesting (and not russian?). So why this weird name, unless there is something behind naming this character this way. And more importantly does his character tie into some of these spoilers?

    Wiiie I could make a post without sex in it! (Lol I just realized I failed there)


  68. I cannot tell you how many episodes Chuck and Sarah will be apart... since that would pretty much defeat the point of splitting them up. :)

  69. @ Lone Ranger
    Sarah never went to Harvard. I know that used to be up on the NBC site, but she obviously joined the CIA after HS.

    -Sarah's Spy School Karate Trainer

  70. So sarah becomming the Rock, means maybe she shuts all her feelings down??

  71. 1. i have no clue
    2. Sex aint as it used to be after betrail, and they talk about since its a family show ;)
    3. Ellie has some baby mission.
    4. think we saw that one in a sneak peak involving a high heel.
    5. Sarah shuts down all her feelings.

  72. forgot to mention chucks loses something valuable...think that will mean sarah, cant think of anything else that means that much.
    And since magnus talked about the big huge thing he is exciting for involves sarah, a kidnapping would be interesting. also would explain the rock thing maybe, she trying to escape and pulling of some sarah conner tric hahaha, speculation becomes more idiotic by the minute

  73. I got to give it to you, you are an artist in the way you put your spoilers down haha, and i love the speculation of some people.

    Also wondering how long you think of how to put it down to get everyone's panties in a twist?

  74. Magnus ,

    Considering 4.10 will probably be the last ep before the Christmas break , will the ep end in a positive way ? Or will it be some major cliffhanger ? Or heaven forbid , a " mask " type ending ? Any clues would be appreciated :)


    And I voted about 250 times today :)

  75. Kevin L says...

    About the spoiler: "Chuck loses something very valuable to him"

    I just found on the Oct 12th Dear DR Magnus says something similar to
    'Chuck will not be able to flash due to something other than Chuck and Sarah being split up.'
    I am guessing this is in 4.08, as he worded it to make it sound like he loses his ability to flash when they are split up.

    Like Magnus suggested somewhere above, reading the 4.08 synopsis while assuming the loss/setback is the inability to flash makes the summary make a whole lot more sense, at least to me.

    I am really looking forward to these episodes.

  76. kevin:

    oh, AND the 4.08 synopsis says that what chuck loses makes him afraid that his spy career might end... hmmmmmm, what exactly could he lose that would make his career end? what is his career as a spy based on?

  77. chuck_a_holic, I put this one together in about 20 minutes (I think) while discussing it with a friend. We kind of bounced around how to word it and what to not include (or hold over). I never want to give away too much or make it too obvious. I will sometimes tell someone I trust about the spoilers I am thinking about putting up to see if they can figure them out. If too easy, I don't post them.

  78. Sarah being "the rock" has nothing to do with her turning off emotions. It is something... ummm... else.

    And you did not see in any preview why Morgan can't resist Sarah's womanly ways. You just saw Sarah nearly kill Morgan. How is that her womanly ways? Or do most women kill men with high heel shoes? ;)

  79. I think they meant after the high heel incident, where morgan tells sarah that they think she has a heart of gold and he rests his hand on her bossom. Yeah chuck needs to kung fu morgan intersect style for touching his lady like that! I am kidding, but sarah is a little touchy isn't she, I mean he totally did not mean that sexually.

  80. Like I said... you have not seen the scene.

  81. In a way I could see why sarah would try seduction moves on morgan. She does not have a friend who she can talk about these things with, she can't talk to casey, Ellie is chucks brother so gross, and awesome, you just can't have that conversation with someone who is awesome at everything. So that leaves morgan and they do live together and you would think in off screensville that morgan makes dinner and cleans the apartment and does all their laundry and she does talk to him and he is sensitive and very understanding of people and emotions. So I am going to say that morgans is sarah's new bff and she will talk about sex with him and how to seduce chuck!

  82. Tori says...

    I'm guessing that Sarah is the ROCK! as in "Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?"

    She breaks out some piledrivers to her foes and Morgan nicknames her "the Rock"

  83. @ Tori

    Sarah would have to break out the " Peoples Elbow " to be the "Rock" lol

    Better yet , Volkoff should get a visit from " TheRock Obama" from SNL :)

    Anyways , I can't wait for Mondays episode !!

    I'm gonna guess that Morgan holds out for a bit from telling Sarah where Chuck is . Sarah goes to Ellie and gets some Morgan intel . Than next scene Morgan smells turkey cooking in the kitchen . BAM . Sarah appears , Morgan caves and then Sarah Walker/Sarah Connor kick ass !

    ( one could hope anyways )


  84. Well if these spoilers are solely for 4.07 and 4.08 and they are in bed together, they're only apart for 4.07 and maybe half of 4.08...

  85. Do you know how may episodes Timothy Dalton is on? I think read something about 7, but that would end up being every episode of the original order.

  86. kevin says...

    have you seen the scene? (morgan/sarah)

    or have you just heard of the epicness?

    I presume it is epic.... is it epic-cakes?

  87. Shannon (coale on twitter) says....

    Mama B shows Chuck something that his father did not want him to see.
    Maybe files on her? There were no Frost files in their basement.

    Chuck and Sarah cannot satisfy each other... in bed.

    Ellie goes on a mission.
    To find out about her families spy history.

    Morgan cannot resist Sarah's womanly ways.
    I would guess she does something to make Morgan give up info on Chuck. Whatever it is I can't wait. I LOVE Morgan/Sarah moments!

    Chuck loses something very valuable to him.
    His ability to flash.

    Sarah Walker is the rock.
    Sarah is the rock... This is a long shot but maybe Sarah proposes to Chuck?

  88. Hi Magnus,

    I just saw a film called the protector which stars Tony Jaa and there is one sequence that is so awesome:

    that I was wondering if they could get chuck to this level of awesomeness. I mean the moves he does here I am pretty sure zach can do 90% of them! Do you know if they intend to do any awesome sequences in the future?

  89. I just read some crazy shipper live journal page where they discussed these spoilers. I love when idiots say I am not to be believed and that I just guess lucky.

    They always say I am never specific and that my spoilers are meaningless and vague. And yet, when my spoilers prove to be true, they never give me credit. It is just like how the same nutjobs speculate about episodes and are completely wrong, and yet never own up to it when they realize they are wrong.

    These are, without a doubt, the dumbest people on the planet.

  90. Hey Magnus,
    Thanks for the forum you've given us here - it's been fun reading through all of the comments.
    I'm more interested in your specs though - especially
    Mama B shows Chuck something that his father did not want him to see. & Chuck loses something very valuable to him.
    I was wondering if these two were linked. I think Chuck loses either the intersect or the ability to flash - very valuable to him as it is his ticket to being a spy. So I wonder if it is caused by what Mom shows him? Kind of like what Dad did in Colonel. Or it could be something so emotional for Chuck that he again loses it.
    By the way, losing that ability, being put on the ropes as a spy by Beckman as a result - well that would cause #2.
    Whatever it is, I don't have long to find out some these - but then a long two weeks to find out some of the others.

  91. PeterO.... a spec is a SPECULATION. This is not a speculation. I am not guessing. I am telling you a fact. :)

    And you will find out what it means either this week or in two weeks.

  92. Sorry Magnus - I used spec when I should have said tease. And thanks for clarifying that we will find out about these FACTS in the next two episodes.

  93. I really am enjoying reading all these comments. lol there all crazy. then again who is to say I am not crazy as well. ;)
    Anyways, as to the spoilers,
    1.) has something to do with his family
    2.) lol guessing this has something to with the fact that they have a huge fight so no more "sexy sex" for the two
    3.) Ellie is looking into her family history now which gets her caught up in a mission some how
    4.) Morgan tells Sarah where Chuck is when he goes on some type of mission (probably one to clear his mom's name)
    5.) I'm guessing whatever chuck loses has something to do with the intersect. hmmmmmm
    6.) Sarah magically turns into a rock......literally

  94. kevin says...

    I remember hearing something about a two week break at some point toward the end of the first 13. is that hapenning ever?

  95. hmm sarah is the rock? is she gonna wrestle????

  96. Tori says...

    ok so I'm gonna take a crack at the "satisfy bed" one.

    They satisfied eachother in Honeymooners, so I'm gonna guess that it has become the same routine moves. Chuck probably wants to spice it up and Sarah isn't too keen on the idea.

  97. Hi Magnus,

    are you not putting up a post for questions this week? Also checked out that martial arts clip, awesome!

  98. I was hoping for timothy dalton to have a mustache because I think he looked cool with it in Hot Fuzz

  99. Thanks Magnus your posts get me laughing as well as keep me super intrigued and apparently alot of people upset!?!?!? Keep em coming.

    Much appreciated

  100. I think that it should be noted for any international viewers or US viewers the clocks have changed and so for a country like the UK it is 4 hours ahead and not 5. So it will be airing at 12 pm not 1 am. Awesome!

  101. Someone finally got close on "the rock" one. :)

  102. Charles, I am not taking fan questions this week. Since there is no episode next week, I will probably take questions for CYT49.

  103. does anybody know and this includes Magnus if the laptop under elle seat in the car at the end of the episode going to apart of getting chuck the intersect back?

  104. The episode was so incredibly fantastic. Timothy Dalton was amazing. I hadn´t really seen him in anything but the Bond movies and that was a long time ago, but he was incredibly perfect here.

    So I guess we saw the what 1 and 5 alluded to. And I think there was some foreshadowing to 2 in the promo.

    Did Chuck need the intersect in bed. :D (I doubt that´s the whole reason, it looked as if they kept getting interrupted.)

    I think we also might have seen what will send Ellie on a mission. And I love her being involved.

    I am intrigued about the Sarah as a rock scene as well as the Morgan/Sarah one. I loved the scene when she talked about fighting being exhausting and Chuck thought she was referring to fighting big guys while she actually meant their fight. It was so perfectly in character. :)

    Chuck asking Sarah to believe in him, even when she thinks he is wrong was certainly asking a lot. She needs to be allowed to make decisions based on her own judgements.

    And while I believe the fact that MamaB hadn´t told Volkoff about her kids and the fact that she asked Sarah to protect Chuck certainly points to her not being all bad, Chuck was so incredibly compromised (and understandably so), that letting him decide whether his mom was a threat to national security was an outlandish request.

    Anyway I don´t really have a guess for the teasers we haven´t seen yet, but I still love them.

    You were certainly right about Timothy Dalton being perfect in his role.

    Anyway back to voting for me!

  105. When will find out if Chuck wins the magazine cover?

  106. I cannot believe this, they have may have taken the intersect out of chucks head? I was of the opinion that chuck still has the intersect based on the promo, he just needs to be able to get access to it. Whatever his mom showed him I hope was more intel and information that had all of his dad's work on it, so it was not totally destroyed but is now like the intersect in chucks brain! So the reason the intersect does not work is because his brain first has to process his dads work first and then he has to learn how to bypass that data and get into the intersect part as well! Well a theory anyway, I just cannot believe that they would take the intersect from chuck, because then to be honest he would not be a spy, sadly.....

  107. His mom said that your dad never wanted you to see this! I am guessing that his dad never wanted his kids to be spies, ergo the device was a way to allow him to be a spy, but not only a spy but have all his dad's work in his brain. So they got rid of the physical files and all the information and technology that orion created, but part of me thinks that because chucks dad had an intersect and was also a man who always had a back up plan, he must have created a backup and that backup is what is in chucks brain, the intersect may not work now but I have a feeling that is just because his brain cannot compute at this moment all the extra information in his brain, so he will have to learn how to access it and the intersect simutaneously, and if he can do that he will be more dangerous then ever before! chuck is on his way to becoming the ultimate superhero! And his mom;s words of protect him to sarah, I think she saw how well they work together and how well sarah read her that she knows for chuck to be a superhero he will need sarah right by his side the whole time!

  108. I don´t really believe that Chuck was deintersected either. For once Orion wanted him to get rid of the intersect, so the way MamaB presented it wouldn´t make much sense.

    I think it was some kind of dangerous upgrade, that at first will take away Chuck´s ability to flash. Maybe he has to be really afraid to die for it to be activated or something like that.

    Anyway for now it looks as if clue five is referring to Chuck loosing the ability to flash, but maybe it´s something different. I guess we will either see in two weeks or we might get a hint. :)

  109. Based on the preview I am guessing that Chuck and Sarah are interrupted in bed by Rob Riggle's character. Am I warm Magnus?

  110. yeah fear of death could be that new agent trying to get chuck to flash again, to get access to the part of his brain that holds the intersect. I guess the only way for him to do that is to make chuck think he is going to die and then he will be able to force himself to flash. Also I think this guy will get in between chuck and sarah's intimate time because he is over eager to get chuck to work again so he is working around the clock and sarah needs her chuck loving and will say that this is crazy! General moma needs her sugar!

  111. For chuck to also force his flash sarah could be his rock, if he fears for her life he will flash again and be a super spy again. Sarah is his rock! sarah has always been his rock, he cannot work without her, very romantic I must admit. I have always loved how chuck can only be the best with sarah by his side, it is very adorable.

  112. Hmm, "technique" as in massage... "frustration" about his future as a spy a.k.a "performance issue"

  113. Yes, Chuck losing something valuable is his ability to flash.

  114. Yeah Magnus,

    This is another situation where you just wished that the promo people were smarter and more discrete! I mean come on showing him about to flash in the next episode. so now all the suspense and mystery of the possibility that chuck could actually lose the intersect is gone, because the promo shows whatever his mom showed him it only temporarily affects the intersect, tut tut promo people! So now we know that the new agent is there to make chuck flash again!

  115. I am wondering about Chuck and Sarah being physically apart starting in the next ep.

    According to the promo, they aren´t separated for the whole episode in 4.08.

    And the short synopsis for 4.09 starts with Chuck, Sarah, Casey and Morgan go to Thailand...

    So that leaves very little room for some significant time apart. I guess they could do a flash forward, so that the physical separation lasts longer in the shows timeline than in actual episodes. Or the synopsis could be misleading.

    Otherwise it looks as if the actual physical separation might be just for one mission. Also I guess there might be a more permanent professional separation.

    Or there could be a pause on the separation.

    Anyway if they end up being physically apart for one mission, you have been very sneaky with your spoiler-teaser regarding their split up. ;)

  116. All I will say is that the short synopsis for 4.09 is brilliant.

  117. Magnus please are we going to have at least one kiss between Chuck and Sarah?

  118. Yeah, I did realise that I misquoted that completely as it really reads: Sarah, Chuck, Morgan and Casey head to the jungles of Southeast Asia...

    And I guess that gives no indication if they all go together or at the same time, just that they are all heading there sometime in that ep.

    Also there was a Rafe Judkins interview in which he talked about Sarah emerging from a swamp in Thailand naked with a knife between her teeth being his dream scene and how that might actually happen.

    Do you know, if he writes that ep? Or do you have any information about who wrote or directed the upcoming eps, you might want to share? Pretty please? With Ali Adler not being on board, I find that information really hard to find. :(

  119. I am pretty sure Rafe did not write 4.09. But he and Lauren did write last night's excellent episode.

    As I have said before, just because a writer doesn't get credit for writing an episode, that doesn't mean their ideas aren't used.

    Zachovski, what do you mean at least one kiss? Chuck and Sarah kiss a lot.

  120. I mean kisses like at the end of episode 2:)

  121. I am going to hold off talking about any future kisses for now.

  122. They may have kissed a bit more in the first four eps, but since then, not so much.

    There was one small kiss on the cheek in 4.06 nothing in 4.07 and I think nothing in 4.05. So they don´t really kiss a lot any more, do they?

    And I do remember you explaining a little about how the plotting and writing for the eps works, but I thought Rafe Judkins was talking about how this was his dream scene to write. But I guess they could have put his idea in another ep.

    And I knew they wrote the last ep, which only hightened my love for them. I do get that the writers are not only responsible for their eps and that they aren´t solely responsible for the ones, that they are credited for, but there is something about every episode these two were credited for, that I really loved. And I think it is their writing, which does give those eps a similar tone and makes the dialogue really great.

  123. Dialogue, scene construction, and knowing your characters is probably the biggest thumbprint on any script for a writer. Story lines and scenes are worked out as a group... well, except for on shows where that is not how it works. :)

    But on CHUCK, I believe that is how they do it.

  124. just call me X

    I sincerely hope we never see that "Sarah rising from the swamp" scene. Don't they objectify that woman enough? I realize they wouldn't be able to get away with her being naked, but having her wear next to nothing isn't much better. Why can't they have Casey or Morgan in that scene? I don't recall either one of them undressing for the show.

  125. Well between the ep description and the promo seems to imply that Chuck is desperate to get the intersect 'back' and/or agrees to a very risky crash course training programme to see if his inate abilities are good enough (which Sarah seems to be very not happy about). He has been fighting without the Intersect a little in dribs and drabs actually. I wonder if the comments about Batman the TPTB made before the season will come into effect now.

  126. Ok i'm gonna give it a go.

    -The split up would happen in epi 8 magnus said
    -They cannot satisfy each other in bed
    -Morgan cannot resist Sarah's womanly way's

    Well since they try all emotions to get the intersect working again, they might wanna try frustration aswell, and that is where Sarah comes in.

    They get the order not to sleep together, so that would be a forced split up.
    And result in not satifying each other in bed.
    Also she needs to seduce him, and since morgan lives in the same house he is a witness to all her womanly ways to trigger the frustration button in chuck

    The rock i still dont get much...but maybe i dont get it what so ever ;)

  127. Yeah I think that the agent assigned to get the intersect back online is a little to eager and goes overboard! He might torutre chuck, give him multiple physical beat downs to try and get chuck to force flash and he might sneak into chucks bedroom to force the element of suprise and the last resort send him on a mission where he has to flash or he will die! Sarah in the mean time will not like that this guy is interrupting chuck and her alone time and also sending chuck on a mission without the intersect and say that this is crazy! But the twist my guess would be that it is the thought of sarah getting hurt that will make chuck flash! She will follow him on the mission because she is like that she will not let him go alone because she loves him and she will get captured and he will flash to save her life because the fear of death of sarah will all that he needs, very romantic and sticks with the formula that sarah is his better half! The other twist will be that when he does flash he will also flash on orions data and that will lead into 4.09, he will say of sarah I saw something weird something different when I flashed we need to find out what it was and how to access it again because my mom gave me this intel for some reason, and so on and so forth.

  128. Furthermore I think that this is where chuck does what his dad could not and that is take down the big bad bosses in one epic final showdown! His dad had an old intersect and he worked on his own, chuck has sarah, casey and morgan. Chuck has a better intersect and all of orions information in his head, he is basically the deadliest weapon the world has ever had and this is going to lead into such an epic showdown where chuck and team b use everything that they have to take down the baddest organisations ever to exist. This is what his destiny was all about this is what his mom probably wants him to do. I have a feeling that mama and papa b wanted to do the same but they just were not good enough, but chuck can do this! come on team b!

  129. Oh and for those who say it is not possible for chuck to have all this information in his head, you have to remember a normal person will only ever use 10% of a their brains capacity, chuck is special he has a special brain and can most likely use 90% and so this doable in a series where reality does not really exist, but still I stick to my point!

  130. Lucy, the 10% is a myth. It is more like 35 to 40%.

  131. Well then still he has 60% - 65% free to have the intersect. Another thought occured to me in this episode, and that is did papa b ever say that mama b was kidnapped he said that he took down all these organisations because of her. So a part of me thinks that he worked with her to help her when she needed it and he led chuck to his base so that he could continue his work and help his mom and sort of take over that mantle. Also I think that the device at the end gave all the information that orion had and now he can help mom. I have a feeling that once chuck takes down volkoff his mom will disappear and take down the other organisations that chuck's dad faught, well that is my spec.

  132. I take it that Rob Riggle takes chuck on a mission without Sarah ( starts the split ) to go after Richard Chamberlain . Chamberlain kidnaps Chuck takes him to Thailand ( Roan Montgomery shout out ) Sarah goes off grid to locate Chuck ending 4.08 . Then Casey gets unleashed to Rescue them while taking Morgan along starting 4.09 .

    As for Sarah being " the Rock " , does she have a pet rock ? I guess she could , she thought friendster was still kicking around lol


  133. I am not gonna speculate about things I have no clue about (2,4,6), though I am very curious.
    I just think it is very funny that lots of people think that Chuck was de-intersected, when it is clear (at least for me)that if Orion did not want Chuck to see the "PSP", it was probably something that would improve or update the intersect. Papa B wanted Chuck to be de-intersected, he came out of hiding for it (season 2), so it does not make sense that he would have a portable "de-intersecter" and not use it on Chuck (at least on season 2).

    I believe the PSP did contain Orion's information (or at least some improvement to the intersect), and that Chuck can't flash because: a) of his feelings (season 3 shout out); b) the intersect still has to "process" the (huge [?] amount of) new data downloaded.

  134. Well Magnus at least i made you laugh ;)

    As you can see my imagination took a run with me, that's why i mostly dont speculate much, since i kinda loose the plot a lot cause of that ;P

    And just need to say i love your spoilers, it's like doing a puzzle...

  135. pooja says

    ok heres ma list of guesses,,,,,,,,,

    Mama B shows Chuck something that his father did not want him to see.

    Chuck and Sarah cannot satisfy each other... in bed.
    May b chuck is upset bout the whole not flashing and isnt feeling up for it,, sarah on the other hand tries nd makes chuck relax by giving him a back massage cause thats wht luks like frm the promo feeling its not working nd she goes out to get somthng that might work ,,, also chuck didnt realise that sarah isnt back nd keeps talking to d agent thinkging its sarah bt its actually d agent (that wud be very very funny) meanwhile sarah hears him talk nd comes back nd sees the agent almost bout to kill chuck so thats y may b she is holding knife,,, it cud also b last scene of 4.08,,, no idea bt i think both r nt able to satisfy each other in bed

    Ellie goes on a mission
    no idea

    Morgan cannot resist Sarah's womanly ways.
    sarah somhow compels him to spill out bout chuck's wherebouts as he left for thialand or wherever so that she cud follow him

    Chuck loses something very valuable to him
    not sure his passport to return hummmmmm....

    Sarah Walker is the rock.
    may b witness chuck get tortured or get tortured her self in front of chuck cause may b its planned or may b not,,,,

    anyways these r just wild guesses nd i love ur podcast nd love reading these comments its ma 2nd time post actually, keep up the gud work magnus,.................. enjoy cheers peace out

  136. Shannon said...

    New idea on Sarah being the Rock. I get the feeling that she disguises herself as a rock, maybe to help protect Chuck with out him knowing?

  137. Shannon... that is actually the best guess so far. It is not right but, as ridiculous as it may sound, the closest to the truth.

  138. Sarah is the rock because she doesn't "Bruce", hahahaha. She is a kick ass spy, after all.

    (This is a 4x01 joke, obviously!)

  139. So the whole "Morgan can't resist Sarah's womanly ways" will happen in future episode? (it wasn't cut or anything like that?) Because i thought we will get it in ep 7, but the only scene between those two was already showed in sneak-peaks.

  140. Hi,

    I just want to say something about the name Eurybia that was on the box.
    Eurybia was the goddess of the mastery of the seas. Hesiod writes about Eurybia that had "diamond status".

  141. Pairing #6 with a spoiler from elsewhere...

    Sarah strips. Her stripper name is "The Rock." And since 1 and 5 were closely related, I'm gonna guess 6 and 4 are too. In that situation, it'd be vvvveeeerrrryyyy easy to tell that Sarah is a woman.

    1, 3, and 5 down, 2, 4, and 6 remain.


  142. Chuck and Sarah cannot satisfy each other... in bed. mmMmm
    Is this about Sarah trying to pleasure Chuck with oil?! ;)

  143. On Sarah being the rock - My guess is that she will camouflage herself to look like a rock in the jungles of Thailand- thereby blending into the surroundings and being hard to detect by the bad guys.

  144. Am I right to assume, that we haven´t seen 3 and 4 yet?

    And I didn´t really see several scenes that could fit 2? What did you refer to?

    I am feeling a little bad about coming here, because I can´t help feed the bunny anymore, but I really can´t donate anything right now. Sorry about that.


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