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  1. This doesn't mean a thing. Waste, waste, waste!

  2. 1) I do not think that beckman and Roan will be together, but if they do it will be as dates to chuck and sarah's wedding.
    2) We will see big mike and morgans mom for sure.
    3) Jeffster will return from the lam and maybe play at the wedding.
    4) do not know about alex forrest and lester maybe it is a sign that there will be a bachelor party for chuck.
    5) do not know.
    6) wedding?
    7) dancing at the wedding for chuck and sarah.
    8) do not know.
    9) awesome and team bartowski will be invited to general allisimos costa gravis, I think a statue of awesome is there.
    10) Morgan and Alex are dating I think.
    11) do not know.
    12) maybe cole will be back to try and get sarah but chuck can say sorry mate I am buttering that muffin now.

    This may all point to a wedding in ep 13 but that would be hoping.

  3. Really, Anonymous? If that even is your name. Shrug. Put your name to it so we can see how nothing it was...

  4. I´d divide the picture in columns.
    1. column: Roan & Beckman, Casey & Kathleen, Awesome & the Costa Gravas guy; They all have a past connection, possibly related to one saving the other´s life?

    2. column: Big Mike & Bolognia, Chuck & Sarah, Morgan & Alex; Romantic relationships in different stages?

    3. column: Jeffster, Sarah & Bryce, Jeff & wild card; Former partners?

    4. column: Jeff & Forrest, wild card & wild card, Sarah & Cole; One crushing on the other or stripping? Don´t really have anything here.

    This is probably total crap, but that was my first thought. Also I guess that the picture works as a link to your latest vid might mean something.

    Thanks for the puzzle. I look forward to other people´s guesses. Provided they are more helpful than anonymous´try or at least entertaining.

  5. Surprisingly, awelle, you actually got one of the more obscure things. I will let people guess for a bit before I start giving more hints.

    All I will say for now is that all of it means something, but the relationships to each set of pictures is part of the riddle, not an answer.

    Woohoo! Can I get any more esoteric?

  6. I keep staring, but now all I can think about are awelle's comments. The wild card is definitely bugging me. I feel like I've seen this picture before. Jeff's mom? A picture from his locker? It looks 1950ish. We never did find out what the deal was with her...

    The biggest thing that doesn't fit for me is Bryce. He's the only character in the photos who is dead (unless the wild card is).

    Meanwhile, my husband is trying to solve this puzzle using binary...

    It couldn't possibly be as simple as being an update for the Intersect. You're far more clever than that.


  7. Beckman moves to California and hooks up with Roan, Big Mike and Balonia are still going at it like rabbits, Jeffster comes in from the lam and finds out they have been off the police radar for months, Casey is still afraid to hook up with Kathleen, Chuck asks Sarah to marry him but Sarah turns him down because of what happened to Bryce, Sarah is all woried because she turned Chuck down that she ended up with a big Zit and had to get one of those mud facials twice before she could go with Awesome to Costa Gravis, Awesome freaked out when the premier asked him to Coata Gravis, Alex and Morgan accompanied the group to Costa Gravis, Jeff was still twitterpated and lusting after seeing Sarah with her mud facial an wishes she could stay like that forever, but Sarah meets this guy who reminds her of Cole and is seriously thinking about cheating on Chuck.

  8. When I reveal the key to this puzzle, you will all go "OF COURSE!"

  9. Diane says...

    I'm lousy at puzzles. All I've figured out is the mystery woman is Greta Garbo. A "Greta" reference? But one "Greta w/ Greta" panel and a "Greta w/ Jeff" pairing means....I got nothing.

  10. Very good, Diane. That IS Greta Garbo. :)

    But what does she have to do with this?!?! Once someone gets close to what it all means, I will soon after reveal the key.

  11. So Magnus..i guess that it's not relevant Greta Garbo as itsel but Greta as a name...the CIA agent that will patrol the BuyMore this season every week...! The most difficult are the 3° and the last column...!
    The 3° we have Jeffster, Sarah&Bryce and Jeff with Greta. It's about Jeff will be the partner of Greta 4 a mission??!? Really? Ok i give up! =)

  12. S1monets, very good. You are getting there. But not exactly. :)

  13. Diane says...

    Random odd thoughts from morning commute.

    Something old, something new
    Something borrowed, something blue

    Maybe the 4 rows represent 4 different spoilers rather than all the pictures being part of one riddle.

    Also, Garbo's last film was called the Two-Faced Woman.

  14. Diane, man... that would have been a good idea. I should have done it like that. But it is ALL part of the same spoilery thing. So, it is not 12 different, or 3 or 4 different spoilers. Just one.

    And here is a hint... some of those pictures are just distractions. :)

  15. I'g guess and say the image is a steganographic file. Meaning that that there's a file encrypted within the image. Thus the intersect clue, but there's millions, if not more of algorithms to do that. So, these are my thought, but I'm definitely not going to snoop around it. If you're familiar with the structure of PNG files (which I'm not really) you could probably check if there's something more to it...

  16. Luna, it is very funny that you say that... because I ALMOST did just that. I came very, very close to hiding the spoiler in the picture. But then that would be the first thing I would think I would do if I were... me? Or something. So, I didn't.

  17. what is that on the forehead of Greta? is a brand of fire? then means that she will not be in this episode, perhaps, and spoilers revealed by the photo of the generalissimo + guess this refers to the episode 4?

  18. joana, it is definitely not about episode 4. It is more of like season spoiler(s). Greta's forehead is just an artifact from manipulating the photo.

  19. I have no idea, but AgentSamLisa wrote this :
    "Borrow Something, Something New, Something stolen, I kill you."
    and people tend to forget her :)

  20. Ok, I love all the new guesses, but I could do with some kind of new hint. ;)

    It all means something and everything is part of the riddle certainly does sound esoteric and kind of zen. Sounds like the solution could be something of the "The journey is the reward." type.

    But then you go and tell us some pics are just distractions, so it kind of doesn´t all mean something. Also I guess a distraction has some form of meaning as well.

    For now I´ll go with something like old connections threaten all the romances and lead to the revival of old partnerships as well as forging new ones. I kind of think the last column might refer to pairings that are not meant to be. Lester and Forrest are certainly missmatched and there is only supposed to be one Greta at a time, I think. So two Gretas shouldn´t meet. Cole & Sarah were definitely not meant to be either.

    I also entertained the idea of the lines having some meaning. But I only got some kind of chronological order with the first line having the oldest pairings and the one on the bottom having the newest connections. Cole and Sarah don´t fit that one at all, though. I guess the Cole/Sarah pic would be a great distraction as well. ;)

    Last idea is that the first two pics of each column somehow lead to the last ones. Meaning the connection between Roan and Beckmann and Casey´s relation to Kathleen somehow make Awesome face the Generalissimo again. Seeing his mother with Big Mike and Chuck living with Sarah makes Morgan want a relationship with Alex. Maybe another break up of Jeffster combined with something that went wrong in Bryce and Sarah´s partnership makes Jeff team up with one or each of the Gretas. The last one then just leaves pairings that were never meant to be won´t be happening? I can´t really combine all of that into one solution, though.

    I guess I am totally rambling, which means I am still completely in the dark. Will have to wait for others to submit some good guesses or for some more hints.

    ETA: Just read Snips comment. Guess I should have checked AgentSamLisa´s twitter. Leave it to her to be even more cryptic. Very fitting. ;)

    Need to ponder that more.

  21. Why in hale is Greta Garbo's picture doing there?

    Does this mean an old-hollywood musical episode? *Worst speculation ever!*

  22. Greta is a recurring character in season 4 but played by different actors every time. Kind of hard to represent that with one picture so...

  23. I know, my bad... just realized what I'd said after I sent the

  24. it seems to be about relationships:

    1) the first column represents relationships from the past where they keep their distances from one another.
    2) The second column represents relationships in the present that are or are going to go strong.
    3) The third column represents relationships that are either plotinic, old, dead or were never going to happen.
    4) The final column represents relationships that could not happen because one party is not as interested as the other. These relationships are about deception, lying and the other parties not knowing exactly where the other stands.

    In conclusion what does this mean, it could mean that our chuck charcters may have to face their past, present and future this season.

  25. Luke, that is an interesting analysis and I will admit that the second row was not randomly chosen to look like that. But... no. :)

  26. Not sure how to make this all one spoiler, but I've been working on it since last night so here we go...

    1. Morgan's mom moves to Burbank to be with Big Mike (I'm assuming she lives in Encino now).
    2. Since Jeffster is on the lam, somehow only Lester is blamed for the explosion and gets in trouble with the law.
    3. Chuck and Sarah get engaged.
    4. There are two Gretas at once, and they were former partners now being reunited.
    5. For Morgan and Alex, one saves the other's life.
    6. Jeff becomes very close to one Greta.


  27. Some of these guesses are far more complicated than the actual spoiler(s). ;)

  28. My guesses so far.

    Cole/Sarah: Sarah will have to seduce someone again this year thus causing trauma.

    Roan/Beckman: More info about Beckman's personal life will be revealed.

    Kathleen/Casey: These two characters will have a confrontation about past events. This will probably the Casey focused episode of Season 4.

    Jeff/Greta Garbo: Jeff will mistakenly stumble onto a secret operation that one of the Gretas is running. Hilarity ensues.

    Awesome/Goya: Devon will be welcomed in Costa Gravas as a hero. He will probably have to save the day in that episdoe also.

    Forest/Lester: Jefferster's trouble with the law will be touched on and resolved allowing the two nutjobs back onto the show.

    Two Greta Garbos: One of the weekly Gretas will turn evil.

  29. I think the last picture has to do with 007 in my mind.

  30. Since you are the all knowing with internal Chuck spies, this is your way of telling us why NBC is not promoting Chuck.
    My guess is that the promo department likes olives on their vegetarian pizza. But some explanation for the lack of promo's would be appreciated.

  31. I can tell you what people tell me about the lack of promotion... though, everytime I am honest with you peeps, you attack the messenger on other sites. EVERY TIME. You all run off and badmouth me for telling you the truth and then sit on sites who lie to you and talk about what a jerk I am.

    So, this time I am going to just keep it to myself. :) Toodles!

  32. The lack of promotion is not too hard to figure out, this is the same thing Fox did last year with Dollhouse.

    What NBC is basically saying is this,

    We gave you another year, we are not going to spend any more money on advertising on you, it's all up to you and your fans or lack there of now.

    As fans we can cry and whine all we like, the truth is unless we bring in new fans, and get them to watch the show live, as well as maybe buying lots and lots of the season DVD'S, we are nearing the end.

    I don't agree with NBC, I still have this crazy thought that if they moved the show to a better night, and promoted it correctly the show could get many new fans, but nothing can be done about that now.

    The show with all of their creative choices in hiring actors to guest on the show has been killing it. Now if the writing is as good as the thought process behind these moves, then this will be the best season of Chuck in my opinion.

    In the next two and a half weeks before the show starts, the Chuck online community, has to pull some rabbits out of hats, and introduce this show we all love to new people. That is really the only chance it has to survive is to get more viewers.

    Thanks for the spoiler y imagery Magnus, you and some of the other online fans have done above and beyond for all of us other fans in the shadows. I hope you guys all know we quiet ones appreciate it greatly.



    How dare he tell you the... well, actually, you are way more positive than some people I talk to about it.

    They would say "Don't bother."

  34. The show is still on the air, so I have to be positive, if the ratings are up, and they stick, NBC will think twice about canceling it.

    I think there are people there who probably realize it is one of the best shows on their network, but until we fans and even the television critics are able to turn new viewers onto this show, those people who know the show is high quality, are not going to do anything to save it again.

    I mention the critics as a Hail Mary as well, although I don't think they have any power at all, but if the season is as good as I think it will be, at least they will do their small part in talking about it on their blogs, and maybe some fans can be gained on that end.

    I watched the first season again this week, I just finished the last episode before I came here, and will start the second season after I finish typing this. The pilot episode is still really strong, I wish people would just check it out, if they did a lot more fans would be born.

    One thing I really wish the powers that be would have done is put the first season on Netflix instant watch. I understand why they would not want to put them up as the show is on, as that killed Party Down, but that first season could have gotten some customers to sample the show and turned them into new viewers this month.

    Anyway I know it is really easy to be negative, as it is I don't have much hope but this is not a show that has to die, so maybe we can all take a leap of faith, and find fans to turn onto one of the most fun shows on the air.


  35. I am not taking any leaps of faith. But I will continue to think about a world where the show returns and does well enough to continue on.

    But I am a realist.

  36. I am also a realist and as someone who has seen Party Down and Better Off Ted be canceled when they were creativity so strong, I am prepared for the same fate with Chuck.

    There is nothing wrong though with hoping people will give the show a chance, and talking about it here and elsewhere like twitter to get more fans is not a bad thing.

    Have a good weekend Magnus, and go Yankees.


  37. We spent a ton of effort doing that for two seasons. Still doing it now.

  38. So neither Åwesome/Premier, Sarah/Bryce or Sarah/Cole have anything to do with it.

    Not sure if that helps me any further though.


  39. why you put that specific photo of Chuck and Sarah? I can only look at her ... (Yes I like the two together ...) That the marriage portrayed to be false means something like ... commitment fake or forced? ... I do not know how to look at the pictures, I can only look at individually, the only thing they have in common are the various types of partnership ... still do not understand how these images only mean one thing ...

  40. joana, a part of what you said is right.

  41. Hey Magnus!!

    I don't have any ideas on the above picture clue but I did have a random thought in regards to the AgentSamLisa twitter clue...

    Might it have something to do with the charm bracelet being stolen? Might the bracelet be something more than just a trinket? Maybe some sort of secret is hidden in it?

    Just a thought, since the 'charm' is in the Intersect Inception video the picture clue links too.

    Looking forward to Season 4!!

  42. thanks for responding.
    one more thing ... the images speak about family?
    you're saying "Buy more famil" will be infested with agents and Gretas?
    Mother of Alex + Casey + Alex + Big M. + Morgan + mother of Morgan = family
    Chuck + Sarah = family
    just a thought.

  43. joana, it is within that realm, yes. At least from a certain point of view.

    Christine, lots of people are looking at what AgentSamLisa said... but no one checked to see what the another cute but dangerous creature had to say. It might not answer anything for you, but you never know what other clues will be discovered.

    Let me just add, some people have complained that my clues are too difficult and confusing. I actually think they aren't confusing enough. Last year I did some of this stuff and at least a handful of people figured them out right away (even if I said nothing). So, I made them harder this time. I still think they are too easy. There are clues all over the place. You just have to look for them all. :)

  44. Hi again Magnus...I saw the other 'clue' too...

    If I put that clue with what I just speculated and think to the flashback childhood scenes...

    Eh, I'm probably delusional...

    Do the twitter clues also reference the above picture or are they stand alone??

  45. The Twitter clues, the video, and these clues all reference each other in some way. But I don't know if anyone will put it all together until they see the episodes.

  46. Will we find out Ellie is pregnant with twins and twins don't run in the Awesome side of the family?

  47. Diane...

    Just read the latest tweet from the little animal. Could this have to do with the 6th episode which is said to be called "vs. the Aisle of Terror?"

    Chuck and Sarah's pic is the 6th one if you read from left to right and down.

    Anyway, my record of figuring these things out is 0%, but they are fun anyway. I have an idea in my head of the general theme, but I'm afraid to put it in writing.

    I just kinda hope the Cole picture means we'll see that character again because I liked the character and would love to see another appearance.

  48. Diane... in about 2 months, you will be shocked by how close you got. ;)

  49. Hmmm, and the 5th picture, as counted as Diane did, is of Casey/Kathleen, which is Chuck vs The Couch Look, which happens to have Casey's former Special Ops team story.

    Also, I think there is significance with the images that are blurred! I see a commonality with all the characters except one and might that lack of commonality on that one character reveal something?

  50. Chuck Versus the "Couch Look" always makes me laugh.

  51. Wasn't that just a typo, the real title being "Couch lock"?


  52. I'm kinda confused about the "other spoilers". It's the Intersect Inception video, right? And what twitter account is everyone referring to?


  53. I am starting to feel really stupid, because I still have absolutely no idea what this could be about. And I read Chuckzee´s tweet and Agent Sam Lisa´s.

    Both tweets remind me of the wedding saying someone already posted.

    So I will go with this: All the couples posted will in some way get married. Minus those that are blurred out. Obviously Awesome can´t marry the Generalissimo cause both are already married. Aside from Bryce being dead, Sarah can´t marry Cole or Bryce if she is already marrying Chuck.

    I kind of doubt that all those couples will genuinly get married, but maybe the Aisle of Terror refers to some horrible form of marrage for all those couples. And I do realize that this guess sounds pretty crazy. :)

  54. Your first set of teasers mentioned being forced to take vows. You never did confirm how accurate that was. Assuming the "Aisle of Terror" is correct, the two could be related.

  55. Or it was one of the fake ones based on my knowing that you would eventually hear that "Aisle of Terror" was an episode title.

  56. Touché.

    The only other thing I have, which I think others have mentioned, is that all of the couples may be perceived as something which they are not, but that they wanted to be true (so far as I know). Chuck and Sarah pretended to be married; they weren't together but wanted to be. Big Mike initially dated Morgan's mum under false pretenses, but he wanted to tell her the truth. Casey's death was faked, and when he returned he didn't tell her he was alive. Lester thought the agent was a real stripper (he certainly wanted her to be). We don't yet know enough about Gen Beckman and Roan, other than the assumption that they do have some history (being on a first name basis). I'm sure there will be something about those Gretas, too.

    Or maybe it's about accepting the limitations of these pretenses and moving forward?

    Thanks for all the fun!

  57. Twelve pictures, one representing each episode. (E13 being exempt due to not yet knowing whether it is series finale.)

    The grid needs to be read in reverse-S pattern starting at the lower right. That would jibe with what we know. E4 being the return of Goya, E5 being about Casey's pre-Chuck life. E6 being "Aisle of Terror." The pix for E7 is from "Break-Up" and we know the title is "First Fight." Do the math there. Jeffster's pix means they'll perform in E10.

    The duality in each pix is a deep symbol representing the twins Awesome and Ellie will have.

    And, yes, my real name is Anonymous.

  58. Alright. I have two ideas about these pictures, both of which are probably wrong, but it doesn't hurt to try.

    Idea Number One:
    The picture should be read as an analysis of the show's relationships through columns. Column one is compromised of old relationships that don't work out the second time around. Column two are strong relationships that, although they fall on rocky ground, stay together at the end of the season. Column three are relationships that no longer stand a chance. Bryce is dead and Jeffster is never going to make a hit record. As for Jeff and Greta, I can see this going one of two ways: there is a Greta that Jeff flirts hopelessly with in his creepy way, or there is a greta that Jeff knew in the past and can no longer get along with. Column four gives me some trouble. My best guess is that these are relationships that are only physical/sexual?

    Idea Number 2:
    So this idea is really very similar to the last one but it is just read in a very simple way. Which makes me think it may be faulty. It still reads the picture in columns except the blurry pictures mean disregard this column. Any relationships in the blurry columns will fail. Only the relationships in column 2 will work out.

    Other things I noticed but couldn't make sense of:
    1. there are no blurry pictures in the first row.
    2.there are two side by side pictures in each row but they change placement in row 3.
    3. The only people that show up more than once are Jeff, Lester, and Sarah, with Sarah showing up the most.

    Okay just got a third idea: The blurry pictures could represent relationships that are over, the clear pictures are relationships that will be discussed in this season?

  59. Chuck only gets one dedicated pane. I do, however, see three of Sarah's "love" interest, Bryce, Cole, and Chuck. Also, is that wildcard picture of Betty White from the fifties? Betty White as Mrs. Barnes could have some true comedic value, but highly unlikely for a show that doesn't even warrant promotion from its network.

    The only "stable" relationship up there belongs to Chuck and Sarah, although Big Mike and Morgan's Mom could be described thusly. It's really not talked about, though. Interesting and curious how agent Forrest and Lester are paired up. The only interaction that they had was when Lester proclaimed his "badness" to her in order to get "disciplined."
    My brain isn't working at full capacity, but blurs could be characterizing the relationship to be in the past or perhaps fake relationships.
    Is it weird that I was looking for Shaw in the mix somewhere?

  60. Two more weeks until the premier - are you going to give us more clues?

  61. Since this has little to do with the premier, not right now, no. :)

  62. Random idea after reading an earlier suggestion, but just thought I'd put it out there... each picture could represent the stages of chuck and sarah's relationship. Beckman/Roan- beginning crush, Big Mike/ Morgan's mom- dating and falling in love, jeff/lester- becoming partners in the spy realm, lester/ forest- lust? (finally being able to consummate now that chuck is no longer sarah's asset), casey/kathleen- engagement, sarah/chuck- getting married... or as per already suggested... aisle of terror and not so much. The Greta's could go two ways- could represent marriage cause they would take on the same name or separation, cause you can never really have two gretas together (I'm leaning towards the latter), morgan/alex- rebuilding the relationship, jeff/greta- haha, too good to be true happy ending. How'd I do?

  63. Could be that the photos are representative of the upcoming episodes.


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