Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dear DR - September 17th, 2009

Since the last "Dear DR" was so popular, I am of course prepared for another!  So, here we go:

DR, if you know something about season 3 that would calm the shippers down, then why not share it? -- Your Mother

First, it is really weird when you call me DR.  Second, what makes you think I know something about season 3?  Third, even if I did know something about season 3, the stuff I might possibly know is not going to calm down the shippers at all.  If anything, it is going to drive them insane!  I mean, they are imagining Chuck and Sarah having love interests that likely don't go anywhere but still keep Chuck and Sarah apart.  They have NO CLUE just how inaccurate that belief... never mind.  I should stop now.

Not to mention that Sarah ends up not tru... agh! Sheesh.

Ok!  Ok!  Stop right there!  Wait!  WHAT?!  You are saying Chuck and Sarah end up with other people and not only that but Sarah ends up not trusting Chuck!  THIS IS THE WORST SEASON EVER! -- Crazy Shipper About To Lose His... Ship

Woah!  Woah!  I never said any of those things!!!

I implied them. 

I quit the show!  I frakin' quit the show!  That is frakin' it!  I can't believe we SAVED the show and our reward is the worst Chuck and Sarah news ever!  This sucks! -- New Supernatural Shipper

That is probably the best idea you ever had.


Dean and Sam ARE brothers and it is just wrong to ship them!

Please, DR!  Please tell me that something good happens between Chuck and Sarah!  Why would  the writers do this after all we have complained to them about?  Is this like an eff-yew to us for annoying them? -- Gilligan

Well, after Bryce is finally killed for real.... oh wait, that was the original plot.  Never mind.

I will just say this: if you stick it out and enjoy the show and get your friends into it and STOP BADMOUTHING THE SHOW, I promise you that season 4 will be like royalty and birds.

Royalty and birds?!  Why are you playing mind games, dammit?! -- Crazy Shipper #467

Maybe I just don't know anything and am messing with you.  Or, I am just not willing to publicly leak the whole season to the world.  I don't think the people on the show would appreciate that.

I knew you didn't know anything! -- Alex aka Mamma's Boy

We shall see in 6 months. ;)

Or, if reaches $25,000 by Zac's birthday (the 29th of this month), I promise to tell you all a lot more. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays Strategy for September 21st = No Change!

Everyone did a great job last night using We Heart Chuck as the new term.  We tweeted the term over 1,400 times even though some did not even have the episode (come on, NBC & WB).  We did not have much of a chance to trend last night as Parick Swayze's passing dominated the trending list (RIP & Red Dawn ruled!). 

It will be interesting to see what happens from here on in as shows come back next week and will likely dominate the trending list.  If, for whatever reason, we cannot continue to trend the topic (well, we certainly can if everyone joins in), then I have a backup plan ready to be sprung. ;)

As the title of this posting says, there will be no changes next week.  We will continue to use We Heart Chuck in our tweets.  However, the following week I am hoping we can get as many people as possible to join in to wish Zachary Levi a happy birthday.  His birthday is on the 29th so we may have to return to the scene of the crime the following day to try and get our favorite guy a nice birthday gift.

Speaking of birthday gifts, is rolling along strong in its reboot efforts to raise money for the American Heart Association in the name of Chuck Bartowski, closing in on $20,000 in total.  The current campaign will take your donation and allow you to send a birthday card to Zac!  You can give as little as $5 (the cost of the card) but more is always good as well.  His publicist has indicated that Zac will read every card he is sent, so get involved now so he gets your card on time.