Tuesday, August 2, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: NBC to Order More CHUCK for Season 5?

I begrudgingly post this for the sake of accuracy and because someone I respect felt I should:

Following my posting of an article linking to Sepinwall's interview with the head of NBC, several reliable individuals contacted me about talks between NBC and WB for more episodes in season 5.

I had heard about this around SDCC (Michael Ausiello hinted at it in a cast interview) and checked with my source at NBC and was told not to take it seriously (since Ausiello seemed to be hinting at a sixth season). However, the response yesterday from others in-the-know made me press the NBC source for more information.

I was told today that while NBC hasn't 100% ruled out anything, that the likelihood of a back order, at least right now, is less than 10%. For NBC to order more episodes, the source said, WB would have to keep the licensing fee at the 13 episode order level. WB may be unwilling to do that since they don't need more than 88 episodes to sell the show into syndication.

WB COULD possibly lower the licensing fee again, perhaps if CHUCK Season 4 DVD/BD sales are very good. So, start ordering, people!

Order: CHUCK SEASON 4 Blu-Ray

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This individual went onto say that the CHUCK writers are writing the next 13 as the series finale but... and here is the kicker, since NBC hasn't fully committed to ending it at 13, the series finale will end up being open ended, instead of having full closure like many expect.

If NBC decides to pick the show up for more, they would have to do it before November, when production ends.  The problem there is that CHUCK doesn't return until 21 October. That doesn't give NBC much time to judge its need for more episodes.  The most likely scenario would have any back order occur BEFORE the show returns, or at the latest, within the first week or two of its return. 

Do you want the 13 episodes written as a series finale and then have 9 episodes tacked on after they have shot 11 of them? How do you feel about an open ended series finale? Comment below.

CHUCK Season 5: Jeffster issues? Casey in love? Morgan in trouble?

Mo Ryan reports on some interesting CHUCK universe news that may be spoilers.

EW.com has a chat with Josh Gomez about Morgan.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Head of NBC: CHUCK Is Definitely Over

Head of NBC Entertainment, Robert Greenblatt states definitively that it is 13 episodes and done.

Update: I have been contacted by a couple of people who want me to correct my projection. The head of NBC did not, in that interview, specify 13 episodes. He specified the season was its last.

My source at NBC still says it ends at 13, though.

Geek Furious Podcast #2 - Exclusive! (Adult Language)

This podcast is kind of a CYT/GF mix, which is why it is being posted here and via ChuckYouTuesday.  Enjoy.

In this episode of our epic podcast, Siskj and DR talk about Chuck, Fringe, Falling Skies, Alphas, Harry Potter, Captain America, X-Men, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and much, much more. Also, some super duper insider exclusives are discussed including some Chuck and Fringe spoilers. We also talk about things we probably shouldn't have talked about relating to dangerously insidery info we have on your favorite actors.

We also discuss NerdHQ's superiority over SDCC and some of the issues related to that.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the player here (ADULT LANGUAGE):

Music used:
Sepultura - Desperate Cry
Fear Factory - Descent