Friday, August 28, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays FINAL Strategy for August 31st

#FREECHUCK is the new hashtag for this coming Monday. Please let everyone you know who participates in Chuck Me Mondays know about it.

We are watching THREE Season 1 episodes on Monday as we wait for NBC to correct the Season 2 episode issue. We are attempting to trend for 3+ hours and this is also a good test for future efforts.

Based on your votes, the episodes we will be watching are:



Viewing starts at the NORMAL time of 9PM ET and ends at 11:43PM ET (we will start each episode at the top of each hour so everyone has a chance to tweet, eat, and whatever else comes to mind).

This will give a majority of people in the other time zones the ability to participate, though it does ask those on the east coast of the US and Canada to stay up later. Hopefully, what we lose in east coasters will be made up for by the amount of people we retain in the other time zones.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays Strategy for August 31st

Based on the current poll count on August 26 at 7:33PM ET, next Monday, August 31st, it looks like we will be watching:


We will start at 9PM ET (so, the normal time) and take 15 minute breaks between episodes to tweet, eat, and whatever else comes to mind. [this is up for debate in the comments section]

We will finish at roughly 11:43PM ET.

We will be changing hashtags (we are still testing to see if Twitter is blocking us once we succeed in trending).

Next week's hashtag will be #FreeChuck.

If we succeed in trending that, we will consider changing hashtags each week. They will need to be simple and we will give everyone more than a day or two to learn of the change.

By the way, great job last night. We had over 2,000 #chuckmeout tweets in 43 minutes.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays Strategy for August 31st and September 7th

Based on the comments here and others I have received, it would seem that the most popular idea for August 31st sounds something like Wendy Farrington's comment in the last blog post:

August 31st - We watch 3 episodes that fans vote on from [Season 1] (ed. note: see poll on the right side) ... This will help us trend longer on a standard Monday evening and give [NBC and WB] extra time to try to work out the early [Season 2] episode issue.

The choice we need to make for August 31st is what time we should start the viewings:

1) 6PM ET
2) 7PM ET
3) 8PM ET
4) 9PM ET

The earlier we start, the easier it will be for the east coast and Europeans to join in, but the later we start, the easier it is for the rest of the US and Canada to join in. Starting at the normal time and watching two more episodes would allow us to trend longer but would mean those who watched all three, on the east coast, would be up until 11:45 PM (since each episode is around 43 minutes long without commercials, and figuring for 15 minute breaks in between).

As for September 7th, I like the idea of organizing another Subway specific day. Make Labor Day a Subway Monday in honor of Chuck (Chuck Me Subway?). Toss in a catchy name for it and we can make it happen. Ideas? Remember to sign your comments if you are posting anonymously so we can credit you for any ideas we use.

As Bethany Actually and Agent Taylor said, we would use that day to push people to @chuckmeout on Twitter, as well as @subwayfreshbuzz.

But the other issue is what we will watch and when we will watch it. The choices are:

A) an all day viewing of Season 1 starting at some undetermined time

B) a 5-episode viewing of Season 1 starting at some undetermined time

C) take the next 3 most favorite episodes in the poll on the right and watch them as we do/did August 31st

D) Put together viewing parties using NBC's Viewing Party feature and watch select season 2 episodes (this is limited to US dwellers and anyone who is crafty)


So, other than voting in the poll on the right, please put in your comments what time you want the August 31st event to start (the 3-episode viewing) and what option you want for September 7th.

You can also toss in an idea for what we want to call our Subway effort.