Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chuck Season 5 - Geek Pr0n!

Since this site has always maintained a mostly PG status, I decided to toss this article over to the Geek Furious site instead. It isn't too naughty or any such things (I don't think I use any expletives in the article), but it is definitely too graphic and sexual in description for this site (otherwise I would have posted it here).

So, enjoy the article... IF YOU DARE CLICK TO READ IT!

San Diego Comic Con 2011 - The Final Round for CHUCK

Updates 22 July, 2011

Interview with Scott Krinsky (note, there is no chance that NBC will pick up the show for more episodes or more seasons, no matter what he says).

Updates 20 July, 2011:

Zachary Levi's live iPhone video casting (live as of 8:52pm ET).

Here's the Chris Fedak interview with TV Guide where he blows smoke up your butts. 

Linda Hamilton wants Marine to take her instead of Betty White. 

Zachary Levi, future game developer? 

Yvonne Strahovski is so much hotter than the other chicks at this photo shoot (video). 

CHUCK actor turns traitor and runs to FOX.

Prior to updates:

Alrighty, SDCC 2011 is upon us and there will likely be tons of info rolling in over the weekend so I will be posting it here.  I will most likely just update CHUCK stuff with links to whatever is going on for those who don't want to hunt it down.

If you have something I haven't posted, just post the link in the comments section and I will link it here.

Enjoy the next few days.