Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear DR: Suck It Charah!

So the last Dear DR resulted in another CHUCKpocalypse because of a mention of Chuck and Sarah being "split up" in episode 4.08.  Naturally, many of the questions for this segment are related to that.  What I find most interesting about the response is that a small portion of the fandom took it personally.  As if the spoiler existed to hurt them.  I have referred to these types of people as CRAZY SHIPPERS and they repeatedly reinforce the legitimacy of that term, as the e-mail at this link proves.

What follows is spoilerific, even if entire context is not given.  If you read it and find yourself upset by it, or excited by it, or somehow disappointed by KNOWING IT, it is your fault.  You decided to proceed.

Is the split up forced or do they both want it to happen? Like, will Chuck or Sarah sacrifice themselves so the other can escape? -- Snips

Hannah returns and Chuck feels bad so he mercy dates her.

I am of course kidding... Chuck and Sarah are not really given a choice.

Is the split-up part of a plan broken down into phases to take down an enemy culminating into episode 9 titled Phase Three? -- Sue

So like they plan a three phase split up to take down the enemy?  Wouldn't that be interesting?  Phase 1: we pretend to break up!  Phase 2: we hook up with new people but are just playing them!  Phase 3:  Fooled you, evil spies!  We were always in love with each other and just pretending to be into you to capture the evil dudes!

Sounds like what the first half of season 3 should have been like.

I am pretty sure that the split up is not a break up and that crazy shippers jumped to conclusions like they always do. Can you tell us something more about it without spoiling too much? -- Cardinal Sin

Imagine this: Here is this woman who has spent her life running from who she is and pretending to be someone else.  The only person who loved her, as a child, also abused that relationship by using her to take advantage of other people.  Then the CIA comes along and robs her of any chance to develop meaningful relationships with anyone.  So she survives by never allowing anyone, except her partners, to become meaningful to her.  And then she meets this guy who immediately shakes her foundation.  And over time he breaks her walls down until she can't resist him, even though everything she has learned demands she do just that.  Over time she not only loves him but begins to see a real possibility of spending the rest of her life with him and starting a family with him.  This is beyond a fantasy for her... it was once an impossibility and now it is the most real thing in her life.

And then one day someone decides that she can't have that anymore.

Ever since Chuck and Sarah became official and, well you know, the loving has started... the endorphins pumping, he has not had problems with flashing. When Chuck and Sarah split will this issue reappear? Will Chuck go back to being flash impotent? -- ZLP

Flash impotency?  Yes.  It is something of a nightmare, really.  Though, it doesn't happen because of the split.

I just saw a picture of Timothy Dalton and he didn't have a mustache. You said that he had a "sheepish trucker" mustache. What gives? -- Ignatius J. Reilly

SHEEP!  Baaaaahhhhhh!!!!!  You will understand what it means when you see the episode.

I love Timmy Dalton.  Best actor the show has ever had.  My eyes are watering right now thinking about it.  The show makes history once he arrives.  HISTORY!

We have seen a shot of Mama B and Sarah confronting each other and an insider said that Sarah was shot.  Any more info about that?  Thanks!  -- JK Toole

Sarah gets shot?  News to me.  And by news to me I mean... she doesn't.

You said this season is going to be epic and that it will "go down in history!" But so far it isn't blowing me away. Is there something coming down the line that made you say that or were you just hyping it to get people excited? -- Doucheaholic

Didn't you ask this question already?  The history is coming.  HISTORY!  

Does Shaw return this season? Please say no! Please say no!  -- Shawsux

No.  Mind you, I am probably saying that because you said please... twice.

You are so full of it. I don't believe any of your spoilers. You just say vague stuff so no one can call you on it when you are wrong. You say controversial stuff just to get hits because you [redacted]!  I asked real insiders on Twitter about your "split up spoiler" and no one knew anything about it. You are nothing but a fake!   -- Geniustard

You are absolutely right.  [redacted] I am a super secret fake insider, I admit it.  So, you are correct.  However, let's make a deal.  If my fake spoilers turn out to be true, then you will never listen to those other "insiders" ever again and only come to this site.  And if they turn out to be false, I will delete this site from the Internet and give you my ChuckMeMondays Twitter account.  Deal?

You avoided the engagement issue in the last Dear DR. I think that means they get engaged. I figured out your system.   -- Moreron

My system?  As if I have one of those.  Look, the question is an easy one to answer.  Chuck and Sarah will n...... hold on.  Someone is at the door..... be right back.

Is there going to be a scene that shows how much Sarah loves Chuck, something like you mentioned on your podcast? Thanks. -- Chapman

A scene?  A SCENE???

Think about what she did in Chuck Vs. The Broken Heart, when she risked her job and freedom to help Chuck find his dad.  That will seem like an ounce of fluffy low fat whipped cream... on top of this 10,000 calorie hot fudge sundae named "Sarah's Expression of Love for Chuck."

You said the show might be taking a two-week break after episode 4.06.  Is it a good time story-wise to take a break, or bad? -- Diane

I answered these next few on the podcast but figured I should answer them here too.  4.06 ends on a cliffhanger... one that should leave shippers in an uproar!   So, it is pretty good place to have a break.

After episode 4.04 do we see a little less focus on Chuck and Sarah's relationship issues or will they continue to be front and center? -- Eaglemoomoopeepee

4.05 moves away from it to focus on Mama B.  But then we return to their relationship issues.  And I know, that is now the thing to complain about... but what show have people been watching for FOUR SEASONS?  This has been about 40% Chuck and Sarah... 60% everything else.  So, once they got together, it shouldn't be a surprise it would be 60% Chuck and Sarah, 40% everything else.  Why not just enjoy it instead of allowing it to bother you?  We are the masters of our own minds.  Focus your negative energy on something else... like hating me.

Regarding 4.04, I think a lot of people and critics missed that Sarah was practicing a technique from the book at the end, telling your lover stuff while they are asleep. It was good to see that she made an effort to try it because she loves Chuck. Anyway, do you think that the show runners missed a chance for Ellie to say to Chuck that he should go back to being a spy? -- ZLP

Great point.  It was a callback to the book discussion.  She may have said it was silly but that is her naturally tendency, to reject outward expressions.   But she wanted to say it to him.  She NEEDED to say it to him.  And now we know that Sarah wants to marry Chuck... and we know Chuck knows it too.  It was a deeply romantic moment.

As for Ellie... I think the show runners could have accelerated that storyline but I am not bothered by it since I like it when Chuck lies.  I don't even get why anyone is bothered by it.  This is a TV show, not real life.  And this is CHUCK not... some other show.  You know the formula.  Why is anyone still surprised by it?  They have moved more of the story forward on this show than most shows do in 10 seasons.  But give people an inch and they want a mile.  Lame.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 45 (ADULTS ONLY)

We talk CHUCK 4.04, CHUCK Vs. Coup D’Etat, CHUCKfest2 and I respond to Chuckpocalypse3, plus I answer fan questions (so, spoilers at the end).

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