Friday, February 26, 2010

Dear DR 3: The Wrath of the Crazy Shippers

Hello my friends!  It is everyone's favorite blog spot, Dear DR!  I have been away for some time, ever since the epic Dear DR that revealed the split between Chuck and Sarah and their running into the arms of other people.  Yeah, you thought I was kidding about that, didn't you?  That is the magic of Dear DR.  It sounds like sarcasm but is the absolute truth.  Mwuahahahaha.

But I am not writing this blog to gloat... well, maybe a little bit.  No, I am writing this blog to warn you.  Not you the regular fan who digs the show and doesn't worry about whether Chuck and Sarah will end up together in the next episode.  This one is going out to the crazy shippers.  I do like to mock your kind and it has been fun but it is time to prepare you for the fall.

Chuck Versus The Fake Name is THE episode I warned you all about for months.  It will crush your little shipper hearts into tiny little bits and make you scream and throw things at your TVs.  Hell, even those who are not hardcore fans of the Chuck and Sarah romance will likely cringe while watching this episode.  As a hardcore fan, even I am puzzled by some of the choices in it.  When I consider that Ali Adler wrote it, I am even more surprised.  3.08 is easily the MOST PAINFUL episode to watch... so far.  It makes the forum flame war lead-up to season 2's Chuck Versus The Beefcake seem like we were just making snow angels in preparation for 3.08's nuclear war.  I suspect that the reaction to 3.08 will be far more explosive than it was to 3.07.  Maybe by two or three thousand times.

Normally I would not write this kind of blog but I want to head off the nuclear apocalypse.  Yes, 3.08 is insanely offensive to anyone who likes Chuck and Sarah and adores the established Sarah character.  If I didn't warn people of this, I think TV's across the world would end up with holes in them from people tossing their remotes at them.

So, I beg you, shippers, crazy shippers, and other hardcore fan types... please close your eyes while watching 3.08 and plug up your ears and scream "LALALALALALALALA!" for an hour.  Though, if you are a Nielsen family viewer, make sure you push your buttons so we get the ratings counted.

Things get much better after 3.08.  Things get soooo much better down the line.  Stick with it.  Thankfully, because I posted this blog now people who would have flipped out will act like it wasn't that bad.  So, before I get panicked messages from people on the show, I am doing you a favor. ;)


Your hero, DR.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CHUCK returns March 1st - Promo for CHUCKday!

Executive Producer Josh Schwartz posted this via Twitter and it is already a hit!  There are some great scenes shown from upcoming episodes... including Chuck asking Sarah a question many fans have been waiting to hear. So, watch this video and enjoy it and join us all on Monday, March 1st with your Subway sandwiches and excitement for CHUCKDAY: