Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Super Secret Fake Insider "CHUCK Versus the Anniversary" Spoiler Free Review

Here's a totally super and secret and fake but somehow accurate spoiler free ninja review of the first episode of season 4.  Each category is scored from 0 to 100.  Two categories are scored on levels of negativity where the higher score means lower levels of negativity.

Story: 91 - It functions as an introduction to the season and so suffers slightly in not being able to do more with it.  Otherwise, it works.  We are introduced to the general theme of the season; a new badass character; a recurring character; a new and improved base of operations; an incoming new character; and the general atmosphere of the season.  Two different missions that are not resolved, and Chuck's penchant for lying and loving.  Some might argue that this is the best premier episode of the series.
Drama: 91 - There is good stuff here and a great moment at the end that will get people talking.
Action: 90 - Hey, it is CHUCK.  They give these cats Emmys for this category.
Romance: 93 - Thousands of fans will be deleting their hate letters to Schwedak after this one.
Comedy: 94 - Anyone who thought season 3 lacked the fun of previous seasons will be dancing in the streets.  Those who think the comedy on this show is too silly... too bad.  If you be laughing, then you be happy.
Stunt-casting: 94 - This show rarely screws that up.  Though, anyone expecting a ton of screen time from a certain hottie nerd herder might be disappointed.
Villains: 90 - They work.  They are villainous.  Not comedy relief.
Angst level: 85 (the higher the number, the less annoying it is) - Hey, it is CHUCK.  They could get Emmys for this stuff!
Number of lies by Chuck:85 (higher number means less lies) - He lies to everyone.  He even lies to a 411 operator who is just asking him for city and business name.  He lies to a lamppost and the ghost of Christmas past!  He lies and lies and lies and lies!  He lies to everyone,  except Morgan, because they are soul-mates.  I may be exaggerating the lies.  I don't think a 411 operator makes an appearance.  But the ghost thing is totally true.  Santa scratches him off the "Nice" list (it is possible that I am exaggerating).

Overall Rating
90.3 out of 100

CHUCK returns with a very good episode.  Morgan continues his scene stealing ways.  Sarah gets to do some cool stuff.  Casey is Casey.  Chuck is Chuck.  Several great scenes.  Chuck and Sarah cuteness.  And best of all, it begins a storyline that is actually going somewhere.