Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Michael Ausiello Reports: Olivia Munn guest stars on CHUCK

The Ausiello Files has a report about Attack of the Show's Olivia Munn joining CHUCK in the season 4 premier, titled Chuck Versus The Anniversary.

Check out the link for more, including the name of episode 2 of the new season.

CHUCK Comic Con Poster Contest!


Show runner, Josh Schwartz, has now tweeted the rules for this SDCC poster contest.  You have until 2am ET, 11pm PT to submit your poster.

RULES are here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/designchuck

Show creator Josh Schwartz wants YOU (the fan) to design Chuck's 2010 Comic- Con signing poster for this year's event! Your poster will be chosen by a select group of highly skilled individuals (CIA, NSA, etc.), printed, then handed out at this year's Comic Con in San Diego!

Make sure to email us your contact information with your submitted artwork at thewbadvisoryboard@warnerbros.com after you post to the Flickr group.

Please remember: All artwork must be ORIGINAL and must be submitted by 11 pm (PST) on July 20th, 2010 to be considered!

Earlier on ChuckGasmic.com

Show runner, Josh Schwartz, tweeted that there will be a 12-hour long contest for fans to make the SDCC 2010 poster for CHUCK.  The contest will begin TODAY (Tuesday) at 11am PST (2PM ET) and end at 11pm PST (2am ET).  The rules for the contest will be released before the contest begins.  The winner(s) will receive credit and glory.

Stay tuned to Josh's Twitter account or here for updates to the contest rules.  Start brainstorming now and warm up your Photoshop!

As a reminder, here was last year's SDCC poster for CHUCK:

Oh and for some inspiration... here is Yvonne at an award show yesterday:

If that doesn't motivate you to make something awesome... or to exercise for 12 hours a day, then nothing will.

Monday, July 19, 2010

CHUCK Season 4 Begins Filming TODAY, July 19th, 2010!

Our favorites are back on set today and creating another season of action, adventure, comedy and romance.  So, what are your expectations?  What are you hoping for in the next season?  What will make you angry if you see it?  What is your deal breaker?  Discuss in the comments section (anonymous posting enabled but please sign your comments, or initial them).