Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chuck Versus The American Hero/Other Guy - A SSFI teaser preview


No screener was made available for these episodes but my ninjas know all and have flipped out and killed lots of people so that I am able to bring you this little preview.  Though, since I have not seen the episodes, I can only hint at things.

Since a few fan sites and fans decided to copy the material of these teasers without properly crediting me, I am creating a new paradigm for posting this teasers.  I am going to try this one more time.  If I see people posting these elsewhere as opposed to linking to this site for them to be read, then this will be the last I post.  If people can't be respectful of the source, then the source is not going to bother again.  If everyone is cool, we can keep doing this for the rest of the season.

So, police other sites for me if you want to keep it going.

Teaser 1:
There are multiple missions going on at the same time.

Teaser 2:
A serious mistake is made by a character that will weigh heavily on them.

Teaser 3:
A terrible truth will be revealed.

Teaser 4:
A decision is arrived at that will change the entire shape of the show.

Teaser 5:
One character's burden is over while another character's is about to begin.

Teaser 6:
General Beckman will have trouble getting her point across during a busy moment.

Teaser 7:
Someone has a conversation with spirits.

Teaser 14:
What lies above the shadows of a name once known as "Shaw," rests upon the heart of true love.

NEXT UP... 15 and 16?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 26 (ADULTS ONLY)

We Discuss CHUCK Versus The FINAL EXAM.

ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING! DO NOT let your kids hear this. Also, UNEDITED PODCAST WARNING.  For the first time, I didn't edit... so all comments are unfiltered and insane.  If you are offended, it is your own darn fault.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nielsen Families - How You Can Save CHUCK

Here are easy ways a member of the Nielsen Family can keep CHUCK on for many years.  Before I even detail how Nielsen families can help, let me say that THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS:

WATCH CHUCK LIVE (IMPORTANT: do not change channels during commercials)

Don't DVR it* and wait to watch it tomorrow.  Don't DVR it* and watch it a week later.  Watch it LIVEYou can DVR every other show since none of the ones at that hour are in danger of being canceled.  ONLY CHUCK.  So, tune in 5 minutes before it comes on (to make sure you get to record your view as it starts) and stick around until the hour is up and the show is over.  Oh, and record your view (as detailed below).

Let me also say that the strategies we used last year to "save Chuck" are not going to help us this time.  You can watch the show online if you must but it won't bring the show back.  You can buy Subway sammiches but it won't save the show.  You can write letters but it won't save the show.  You can create polls, Facebook groups, and pray... but none of it will save the show.  We HAVE TO have people watching the show LIVE.  So, it is up to every fan who wants the show to survive to get people into the show and to spread the word about the show online as much as possible.

We have 2-months before NBC makes it decision.  NBC is going to renew CHUCK or cancel it based on TV ratings only.  So, we need as many people tuning in LIVE as possible.

Now for the Nielsen Families:

  • First, make sure you are a Nielsen Family member
  • Second, identify what type of meter (box) you have
  • Nielsen has different ways that their members record their viewings
    • Active/Passive Meters
    • Most members record their views via "Diaries" but these numbers are not counted in the overnights but do matter in the grand scheme of things.

Read these instructions for how you can maximize CHUCK's ratings via your specific Nielsen Family viewing habit recording scheme.


This is a box where you have to push a button to record your views.  You should have a button for each member in your house as well as buttons for guests.  Push EVERY BUTTON  when they flash.  Make sure to report ages of any guest watching between 18-49 years (18-34 is even better).  Have more TVs?  You can have Nielsen add boxes to those and push your buttons like crazy.  More ratings!  CHUCK returns for 12 more seasons!  Have a party every Monday if you must.  Get as many people into the room as you can... or get really good at pushing many buttons at the same time.


This is the most common Nielsen Family viewing habit recording tool.  You write down what you watched and send it in to Nielsen.  Make sure everyone in your household sends in that they watched CHUCK live and that you had lots of people there with you when you watched (full room... you hold parties every Monday).

If you know a Nielsen Family member, it is possible that they have NO CLUE how to save the show they love.  They may think they know but many are mislead by their power, or lack of power, to influence a show.  So, if you are part of Nielsen and are not watching CHUCK live, then please do so from now on.  Thank you.

*If you must DVR it, be sure to watch the episode prior to 3AM that day and DO NOT skip any commercials.  You must watch your DVR recording as if it were live.  You can actually watch the recording within 3-days and have it count but for it to be counted in overnight ratings, watch it prior to 3AM.