Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays Strategy for September 28th

First and most important... the 29th is Zachary Levi's birthday!  So, I hope you have already gone to and given and sent him your extra special birthday message.

Second, our term/tag will change next week.  I hope we can make this baby trend so get every single person on the planet involved.  Starting Monday and continuing until whenever, we will be using:


We are also watching TWO AMAZING episodes (yeah, we have to because of how NBC has done this):

9PM ET / 8PM CT / 7PM MT / 6PM PT:

Episode 203: Chuck Versus the Break-Up

10PM ET / 9PM CT / 8PM MT / 7PM PT:

Episode 204: Chuck Versus The Cougars

Even if you can't watch the episodes with us, please tweet the hashtag.  We want our guy Zac to have the best birthday ever. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

NBC Must Love Chuck Me Mondays!

Well, we finally got the right episodes online!  Thank you, NBC!

So, tonight we use the same term as last week in our tweets: We Heart Chuck

9PM ET we watch Chuck Versus The Seduction. (click on link to go to the episode)

Most importantly, Zachary Levi's birthday is next Tuesday!  Get your donations in to soon!  Do it right now so he gets your birthday wishes by the 29th.