Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why CHUCK Sucks...

... up all of my free time.

Chuck Bartowski is just such a lovable dude, even when he is breaking up with his girlfriend in front of her parents (miss you, Hannah), you can't help but like the guy.  He is very brave, loyal, and he is willing to sacrifice himself for those he loves.  He is the character saddled with the most burden on the show and he carries it well, never losing the true essence of who he was prior to becoming the Intersect.

Sarah Walker is a trained government killer with a massive heart.  But she doesn't know it until she meets Chuck and then her whole world is turned upside down as she slowly loses touch with the trained killer and pines for the life she never had... as a normal girl.  And yet, once she is able to define who she is within a loving relationship, she is able to find an identity within the spy world, where she maybe thought she didn't have one.  That makes Sarah/Sam the deepest, most complex character on the show.  Plus, when she does her southern accent... an angel gets its wings.

John Casey is dangerous to people whose middle name is Danger.  He is not just a trained killer but someone who enjoys his job.  Unlike Agent Walker, Colonel Casey chose the life and lives to serve, never questioning whether he should.  And yet, the longer he remains on the mission to protect Chuck, he slowly gains a heart and finds himself not only caring about Chuck but also his friends and family.

Morgan Grimes is the best best-friend a friend can have.  He is loyal, honest, protective, and dedicated.  But what truly defines his character is what he does when danger comes his way.  He doesn't run away, LIKE HE SHOULD.  Instead, he runs into danger due to a sense of duty to his friends and/or country.  Morgan may not be the most capable person, but he is a born Marine.  Always faithful.

Devon Woodcomb aka Captain Awesome has earned his nickname at every turn.  Not only is he an excellent doctor, athlete, friend, brother-in-law, spy, and husband, but he is someone who excels at everything while still seeing the best in people.  If everyone else sees you as a loser, Devon sees you as untapped potential.  Probably the kindest character on the show.

Ellie Woodcomb was forced to become both mother and father to Chuck and though still just a kid herself, raised a great human being.  Also, she has always been the most logical element of the show, usually doing the most rational thing, centering the show's perspective when necessary.

Jeff and Lester aka Jeffster are dreamer losers who find something they aren't quite good at and yet do it with a passion.  They are lovable because they are so genuinely messed up.  It is difficult to not appreciate the joy these nutjobs receive from feeling like rock stars, even if they are just loud karaoke players.

Big Mike isn't just the Buy More manager, he is the godfather.  He yells big, eats big, and loves big.  For a guy who seems so angry, he has a lot of love to give.  Plus, he is just really funny.  Who doesn't look forward to a Big Mike scene?  WHO?  Whoever you are, DEMON!

I could go on... and on... and on... and seriously on about why CHUCK sucks up so much of my time and has continued to do so for far too long now.  But for me, it is about the characters first, humor and action second, and story is somewhere in there.

So, tell me what it is about CHUCK that sucks up so much of your time.  And perhaps, if enough people hear about it, CHUCK can "suck" for 4 more years!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CHUCK Season 4 Promo (kind of)

Want to Save Chuck? Rename It!

"CHUCK" Sucks!

Our friend until the end on Twitter, HeatherG71 launched a little game based on the idea that CHUCK would improve its ratings by changing its name (I instigated this so send me the hate mail if you are somehow offended by the notion that CHUCK is a terrible name for a show).

So, jump on Twitter and participate or post your ideas here in the comment section.  The hashtag for this happy little Twitter game is #RenameChuck.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Killing Mama B

"Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children." -- William Makepeace Thackeray

 The search for Chuck's mom is the apparent end-game of season 4 and that demands one ponder some questions about the next 13 episodes.  Will she be good?  Will she be bad?  Will she be an alien?  Does she club cute baby seals in their brainzies?  The witch!

In the past couple of weeks we have jumped the Shaw-arc, split up Chuck and Sarah, and now it is time we kill Mama B!

I like to think of this scenario... what if Mama B is so bad that the US government wants her dead?  That the Ring, or some other nefarious organization, is protecting her from Chuck's former bosses?  And what if Sarah, still a CIA agent, is tasked with finding and killing the mother of the man she loves, without knowing that the target is his mom?  What would Sarah do if she found out?  What would Casey do?  WHAT WOULD THEY DO?!?!?!  What if Chuck and Morgan's search for mom, and Sarah and Casey's hunt to kill mom, intersect?!  OMFGBBQ!

What if the Lochness Monster and Jack the Ripper were one and the same?!  Bullcrabcakes, or not?!