Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 53 (Family Friendly)

Holiday special episode!  Best episode ever!!!.

FAMILY FRIENDLY EPISODE. There should be no adult language.

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  1. it possible that Magnus hid some super secret something somehow in episode 27? I realize he can't really have changed what was in the podcast... maybe in a description or something? he has been referencing it a lot. I nominate you, whoever is reading this to try and figure that out. maybe somewhere in the discussion about the podcast?

    or maybe he wants us all to go back and understand his thoughts on Shaw, etc. (cause people seemed to be confused) but all I know is, there was SOME scrap of motivation for picking podcast 27 again for telling us to review.

    you! yes YOU! look into it.


  2. Or... there is some significance to the numbers I mentioned... and not specifically the CYT episode.

  3. the 27th episode was vs the best friend,
    today is december 27th,
    27th post here by magnus is:

    other than that sort of stuff... huh?

    you, fan! thinking cap. now.


  4. "the 27th episode was vs the best friend"

    Or was it?

  5. pretty sure it was... 13 in season 1, 14th of season two is vs best friend.
    51 is and 52 are vs tooth and vs living dead.

    BUT what I think you mean is that
    episode 27 is vs american hero,
    51 is vs leftovers
    52... about season 4 generally and other stuff with spoilers bleeped out.

    I will just guess that the spoiler is... Shaw is coming back. 27 is shaw, 51 is where we are now, and 52 has spoilers bleeped. they connect together to say: shaw is where we are now, and has a part in those spoilers.
    someone said something about a prison in episode 4.12. (i think)? anyway where is shaw now... on house arrest? on a tropical island? no. in a prison.


  6. "pretty sure it was... 13 in season 1, 14th of season two is vs best friend."

    Someone will help you soon enough.

  7. yeah... having a little trouble with that. I really don't think it is my addition, but maybe I am making a supersimple mistake cause its pretty late.

    how about 2.7: vs the fat lady. jill, and that's why sarah *thinks* she has a reason to flip at chuck in coming episodes.

    people, help! there have got to be some europeans or some american night owls that can figure out what 'episode 27' means.


  8. 25 was Third Dimension.
    26 was Best Friend.
    27 was Suburbs.

    But the president spoke during the original airing of Best Friend so it got moved back to 27 and Suburbs ran as 26. But the ORIGINAL INTENT was to run Best friend as 2.13, not 2.14. And that is how I watch them. :)

    Actually, before they decided to do Third Dimension as a 3D episode following the Super Bowl, Best Friend was supposed to be 2.12. And that is why the episodes make no sense as numbered on the DVD. Because Suburbs was a Valentine's Day episode, so they didn't want to bump it back a week. So, they ran it on the regularly intended date and pushed the episode that was supposed to come before it a week later.... and then never corrected it on the DVD.


  9. chuck should be proposing soon... who has chuck given a ring? where is chuck going to get a ring for sarah? what if sarah found out chuck gave jill a ring?

    THAT, would be awesome.


  10. I have been saying for over a year that we need an episode where Jill comes back and tells Sarah that Chuck gave her the ring. You have to do that before Chuck proposes... and thankfully, the proposal episode got pushed back due to the 11 extra episodes. So, bring on Jill!

    OK, so I don't know if Jill will come back but she should.

  11. the question is... what exactly was their original plan? were they trying to give us marriage by 4.13? if so, then the proposal would have had to have been somewhere in the later middle of 4, and pushing it back could put it in the net couple of episodes.

    the more likely option to me seems to be that the original plan was: proposal by or on 4.13, and making that all awesome. that means that making the season 24 episodes could put it anywhere in the back 11, or it could stay and a wedding could be added at the end of s4.

    if it is #1, then jill couldn't come back before the proposal, cause magnus would know about it. if it was option 2, then it would be possible, because magnus just barely knows about 4.15, and it is possible that it could happen after that.

    SO, the question to fans reading this sometime in the distant future, who knows what their original plan was? is getting the extra 11 compatible with proposing in 4.11, 4.12 or 4.13?


  12. big developments in chuck episodes 27, 51, 52:

    suburbs (27):
    casey gives chuck and sarah wedding rings
    marriage photos on the walls, and the happy breakfast scene
    at the end, Sarah keeps her wedding ring (according to the nbc recap) - wonder if this will tie into the proposal...

    tooth/living dead (51/52):
    sarah tells chuck she loves him,
    Shaw comes back from the dead
    we are introduced to Chuck's potential problems with the intersect and the need for a "governer" to mitigate them

    how could these go together to make a spoiler?

    I still don't know if one is supposed to look at "listen to episodes 27, 51, 52" as wanting us to review chuck episodes 27, 51 and 52 for clues, cause although magnus seemed to imply in an earlier comment that it refers to chuck episodes, he never said that. so, what does he mean?

    anyway, i'm gonna sleep now. ponder all this when you wake up.


  13. Are the numbers a prison identification number?

  14. Hi Magnus, ever since chuck and sarah have been together it seems that TPTB and the writers have been writing material for the fans (shippers/crazy shippers). Take this season as an example 7 of the 10 episodes have been heavily chuck and sarah loaded, do you know if TPTB and writers are a little frustrated that they have to keep going this line and if they will attempt to write more episodes like last seasons first 13 which were concentrated on the heroes journey...I am not complaining I have loved every episode chuck has produced, I was just wondering if the writers intended for the show to be like it is now....

  15. Kevin, you may be reading too much into it. But I am not going to reveal any more about it. Like the spoiler that someone else found, it is there for you to figure out. If you don't, then you don't. If you do, then you will know more than everyone else. But if you got it, I wouldn't allow it to be posted here. ;)

    Geoffrey, the writers don't HAVE TO do anything. Despite what fans think, they are not forcing themselves to stick to something out of fear of the fan response. They accepted that Chuck and Sarah were better together than apart, but that doesn't mean they won't write problems for them. But I don't have any source from within the writers room so I can't tell you if they argue about breaking them up or anything.

    Though, I DO know that season 3 was originally different from how they played it out. So, they are constantly changing things. But that is typical on a TV show.

    And finally, back to Kevin and "the original plan." Since they didn't get the pick-up until they had already written up to 11, you can be sure that there was no proposal earlier in the season, at any point. I am not sure exactly where they started making changes but we can talk about that in a few weeks when I am sure many will wonder if the writers had always planned what is coming.

  16. Is it wrong that I'm just as excited for the "attacking with passion scene" as I am for the inevitable proposal scene?

  17. Anonymous, if that even is your name, YOU SHOULD BE. Because at least you will see that soon. ;)

  18. Ah, you are my hero, Magnus :)

  19. I re-listened to the podcast - I was really surprised, I listened then, but with the context of today, pretty amazing how down the podcast was, let alone how down I remember feeling at the time.

    Funny, I remember feeling the exact sentiment - can't wait till 3x13 is over, and hopefully the show will get more fun again sort of feeling (we had the schwartz promo to imply things would be better) - I could not have wished for better that 3x14 to 4x10, so a couple of bad episodes I can take at this point, as I have liked 16 (17 really) straight eps.

    I wonder if that is going to be the case for me over the next couple of eps - i.e. me just wanting the eps to get over, or if I will continue to enjoy????

  20. I take that to mean... no, the proposal won't be in 4.11, 4.12 or 4.13, the answer to my earlier question


  21. J says .....

    Suburbs was a " fake " marriage mission , so .......

    Morgan is undercover as Lord Michael Carmichael ( in a top hat ) . John Casey is his loyal man servant , while Sarah is posing as Lord Carmichael's wife . Mean while Chuck is " in the car " .....

    I nailed it , right ?


  22. Kevin, I didn't say that. And don't go running to the NBC boards telling people I said that. ;)

    Jason, for me I was just so ready to move on past 3.13 so we could get into the fun stuff. I had seen most of the first 11 episodes early, so I had little to look forward to each week than the reaction from fans. So, it felt like it took FOREVER to get to that point. And I knew Chuck and Sarah would get together in 3.13 so I was ready for fans to get there so they could move on from Shaw. Though, they didn't know that Chuck and Sarah would stay together from that point on, so we still had the worry, which was annoying, even though I told them that Chuck and Sarah would stay together.

    No matter how many times I am right, people still like to ignore me. ;)

    Anonymous, I AM YOUR HERO!

  23. yes. as you know, I read too much into everything.

    my guess is that vs the balcony Chuck attempts a proposal, or plans to propose, but something goes awry. but that is contingent on having written "up to 11" meaning they wrote 1-10, unless vs the balcony is alluding to something much less significant.


  24. Kevin.
    When you gonna learn and understand, that Even if Magnus know when or how , or even just , it will happen or not .
    He not gonna tell you, why you wanna know?
    I mean yeah I curious too, I want to happen , and I will share you my very very Shippery, and Cheesy super Cheesy XD Dream Scenario. after my dinner
    But Magnus are not gonna ruined the moment for you , may be he give some hints , but that is all. Yeah and he may be give you mostly the lets say hmm the negativ and Angsty things,
    but he not give you, those things , that makes you go Crazy in pozitive way , what is the fun of that if you know all the positiv stuff ?
    or alt least every positive things, because, let be honest HE actualy give as some positive stuff for Chuck and Sarah too :) But you know what I mean, or He know XD

    get ready for the negativ things , and hope for the best ;)

  25. Snips, exactly. Unless WB pisses me off some more, I will never tell. :)

  26. It feels pretty nice that there is so many episodes left now, I mean when you look back on the first "half" of this season it feels pretty natural that theres many more episodes to come.

    Theres so much left to tell on this season that It would have been too much for just a few episodes, now instead (hopefully) we can see things play out in more natural way.

    I don't know if I'm different from many other fans, but atm I'm more exited for the baby to come to life then Chuck giving a ring to Sarah.


  27. Oliver, whenever the proposal happens, I think it is going to be far more effective than originally intended BECAUSE of the extra episodes. Like you, I am excited for Baby Awesome. That should allow for some fun stories.

  28. I'm kinda wondering if they are using this season parts of Sarah story originally intended for season 3, as it was planned before they changed it.

    Like you said a while ago, the season 3 would end with Sarah declaring her love but Chuck saying that he doesn't know who Sarah is anymore.

    So i wonder if the whole scenario they have planned for her then now plays into the whole thing of Sarah rediscovering her old self, although this time not as a reason to keep them apart.

  29. Harku, it wouldn't be new for them to use a story meant for one season in another. The elders were written in season 2 but used in season 3. Same with Ellie finding out about the spy world. So, they can always go back to the well of ideas at any point. Did they do it this time? You will know in about a month.

  30. You used some of the marriage photos from Suburbs in the photo teaser, and then there was the True False Maybe teaser about the proposal...

  31. The True False thing was just silly fun with some minor true elements. That was before I decided to reveal more. As for the Suburbs photo teaser, that may not have been as literal as some want to believe.

  32. Ellie was supposed to find out in Season 2? Interesting. I like the way they ended up doing things, although I am a bit curious now as to how it would've played out if they went that way.

  33. There was a version of Chuck Versus the Ring where Ellie found out and General Beckman and others were assassinated. But as with many things, it was changed. Just like Casey getting blown up in 3.13.

  34. DR. since a little bored. If you have spirit and tiem , then I woudl be happy if you shar with as some, thing that they change and what is you like they change and what is you not like it :)
    This hiatus is killing me . and since right now a I'm in a depressing and worry Shipper status. I want forget this, so if you tell me some good stroy and bad story I would be happy.
    Thanks XD

  35. Snips, no reason to be depressed. You are getting an incredible Chuck and Sarah moment in 4.11. And a hot one in 4.12 (unless they cut it out). And a baby in 4.13! Aunty Sarah!

  36. Aunty Sarah!

    Please tell us we'll be getting some moments with Sarah and the baby.

  37. I don't know for certain that there will be Sarah and Baby Awesome stuff but I doubt the writers will miss out on a such a gem.

  38. Thanks DR. Now I feel better myself :)
    I won't forget this ;)
    I go to watch First Date.
    Aunty Sarah!
    I'm looking forward to it , any time when I see Sarah more like a girl or girly Sarah , that is may one of my favorit Sarah. Of course she probaly try to handle the situation like a Mission XD

  39. Yeah... Sarah would tactically apply diaper-wear to the baby unit.

  40. You know . Only one more thing I liked more than the Aunty Sarah!
    And I hope this stroy is some how lead us, to, Sarah finaly want a children :)
    That is why I hope , a wedding will happen in this season, because if they give an another Season, and BTW I'm with you about this, I think 5 season is enough for Chuck. Then in the 5th season we can have the Sarah pregnancy story.
    I know I know , lot of people don't want this, because, this may be eliminated Sarah from the fiedl word,
    But , well . I did not see all episode from the ALIAS , but I think they handled good the Sidney pregnancy story , and when the baby is born, even was not that the last episode.
    So I think the Chuck Writers can make it good.

    Or we find it out one or two episode before the wedding , Sarah is pregnant, but of course Chuck woudl be the last one who will find it out , I always imagined this way ;).
    May be she wants to suprise him, or whatever .
    So we give some Sarah stay in the Car some how, but in the next season the baby is already born :)

  41. I would do engagement at the end of season 4. Wedding at the end of season 5. In the final moment, Sarah tells Chuck she is pregnant.

    Series over.

  42. It Sounds familiar :)
    " Guys I know Kung-fu "
    Come one Buddy. Don't tell me , you don't wanna see the little Sam Lisa Bartowski. XD . She woudl be so cute ;)

  43. I am not that invested in seeing Chuck and Sarah have children. I believe in showing less, allowing the audience to imagine more.

  44. may be you right .
    But I would love to, but that just me :)
    I think that would be a natural progression, instead of one step forward two step back,
    OMG new PLI , will Sarah change her mind and .............. you know.
    I mean we have 24 episode now, and if we get another season, may be we have 22 epsides, then, and at some point could be boring the journey, amd I don't want to became boring, and depressing and you know I dont want to ended like you, no offends, , You know you are not realy invested that much in the romantic stroy. anymore , They was close in the Season 3 for me, but I'm not those crazyshipper who threaten they will quit.
    But you know ..........
    I enjoy this conversation ;)

  45. I still care about Chuck and Sarah as a couple but it just isn't my reason for watching. There was a time when the romance was one of the most important things about the show for me but now it is other stuff. Like Morgan as a spy... Chuck as whatever he is about to become... Sarah as a person... Casey as a corpse... you know, that kind of stuff.

    I kid about Casey as a corpse. Inside joke.

  46. I see.
    Well Yeah , that's good stuff too, of course the Chuck stroy for me you know Blind spot XD , I dont know what they want with him, of course I dont know what they want with Sarah too
    Sarah , well Yvonne is an Angel :) . and Hmm Sarah I don't know yet
    but, The Chuck and Sarah journey is strongly connected , and they always use this to make angst , every thing is effects thier relationship, so it's realy hard to ignore.
    and may be I just jealous at you , that you can move forward , probaly you not stress as much as I .
    Will I like it ? It's realy necessary? Why she doing this, why he doing this ?

  47. Magnus said...
    I would do engagement at the end of season 4. Wedding at the end of season 5. In the final moment, Sarah tells Chuck she is pregnant.

    I always said that my favourite ending (of season 5, of course...) would be like the finale of Alias: Chuck and Sarah on the beach, with a child, saying "Thank you for this fantastic five years together..."

  48. You realize you just ruined ALIAS for a few thousand people, right?

  49. I think Chuck and Sarah are very important to the show. But what i love and think is just as important is Team B. I like them a a unit and i like to think of them as kind of like a CIA family

  50. mmmmm.... intersect do crazy?

  51. Wow, a 30 second podcast that got me thinking & writing a lot – whoda’ thunk it.
    I had a quick listen of Podcast 27 & when I take all of your December teaser spoilers into account, my imagination takes off. Some of my aways from the podcast:
    “My teasers are misleading because I want them to be.” True dat!
    “We will never ever have to see the romance between Sarah & Shaw again. – ever.” Well, we haven’t seen it (yet) but we did hear more about it in Ep52 (Living Dead) didn’t we?
    You teased & shushed Prez when you were talking about why Evelyn Shaw was Sarah’s red test – and kind of alluded we would find but we never did – or did I miss it?
    You talked about Sarah’s vulnerability, how she needs a man “she needs Chuck, but she needs a man” and the term you used was ‘daddy issues”. A lot of the podcast centered around Sarah’s actions, and how they didn’t make sense, that they didn’t make the romance believable.

    Then I went back to podcast 51 and was struck by your choice of music. Arcade Fire? Prince? just doesn’t fit heavy metal you. And the songs – Rebelion (Lies) from the album Chuck calls an audio aphrodisiac with the great lines “Every time you close your eyes~Lies, lies! “ & “Come on, hide your lovers~Underneath the covers”. Then the great We Used To Wait with “So when the lights cut out, I was left standing in the wilderness downtown~Now our lives are changing fast~Hope that something pure can last”. BTW, this song is on the album “The Suburbs” (hmm, that was the title of episode 27) Both the album & the Ep deal with failed dreams, lost identity and, of course, plenty of heartache. (Don’t see the parallel - Need I remind anyone about how Suburbs ended?) And the lyrics you played from Purple Rain:
    “I never wanted to be your weekend lover
    I only wanted to be some kind of friend, hey
    Baby, I could never steal you from another
    It's such a shame our friendship had to end”

    Some take away lines:
    They are going back to the well on things that worked and changing things that didn’t work in S3.” Didn’t you say S2 angst with S4 growth?
    “It never gets too complex”

    Gotta tell you, all this leaves me thinking that we are going to be treated to some Sarah/Shaw flashbacks (retcon?). Do we get regret? Justification? Shame? Unworthiness? Mistrust (again)? It would satisfy the **ahem** misleading teaser spoilers about taking a new job, leaving with another man – even a comment you made in the blog about her believing she has a reason to leave. And it would drive the crazy shippers absolutely crazy!

    Sorry this is so long – and probably way over thought – but hey, got nothing better to do with all my clients on holiday! Thanks for keeping me entertained Magnus!

  52. WOW!

    PeterO... that... is.... impressive.

    But you made too many connections. It doesn't have to be Shaw... what if it is just something from Sarah's past that crazy shippers will not like? ;)

  53. Thanks Magnus. As you can tell, I think music tells a lot about a story.
    Shaw was the first that came to mind - maybe because it was so recent, maybe because it was never fully explored/explained, maybe because of your teaser spoiler about a former member trying to kill a current member, maybe because in podcast 52 you commented that you didn't think the writers would ever go there. Without the context, the natural tendency is to string things together to try and make it fit. And as you can see, I like games like cats cradle.

  54. I used to like doing more puzzle type things because I enjoyed them but people made such little effort and complained so much that I stopped doing them... or mostly stopped. So, it is fun to see someone make an effort.

    Or like the person who found my secret spoiler. I am not sure if he was looking for it but he found it. It was fun when he did... and frightening since I had much bigger spoilers hidden elsewhere. :) Maybe I will continue to do that, just for personal fun.

  55. The one thing they have never covered with Sarah is her "past" boyfriends. We know of Bryce for sure but Shaw was kept vague. It would be part of a normal trope to cover that with the heroine in any series. We have a good idea of Chuck's "history".

    What has me confused is the "They are going back to the well on things that worked and changing things that didn’t work in S3".

    That could mean that the only acceptable way they feel they can create angst now is through Sarah's past with flashbacks. Like in Living Dead. but I don't think that particular example "worked", it did not fit the story that was told in the first half of the season and it did not add to the plot.

    If that is so, what I would expect is some story of seduction from Sarah's past that would clarify what she has got up to before Chuck? Maybe even clarify what she got up to with Shaw. That could anger the CS if it makes Sarah less than pure, but originally they would have had to fit that trope in before the series final.

    Not sure if I am right, I really have not got a clue at this stage.. LOL


  56. Jill, that moment you say didn't work was AWESOME!

  57. It was? Why?

    More confused than ever LOL


  58. Oh maybe because it didn't work then that's not what they are going to do - oh dear...


  59. Yeah..... and much more important that, it didn't make any less powerfull, the Spy will scene :) . In my Book of course XD. And it was funny, because, Sarah feels herself uncomfortable or awkward too, not just Chuck XD

  60. It was hilarious. I loved it. I want more stuff like that. I want Sarah's ex-boyfriend from when she was a brand new CIA trainee, who was like the James Bond of super spies, to show up and be the most dashing guy ever. Imagine Cole times seven.

    And then he talks about Sarah like she was all sexy like a meow meow back in the day. It would drive Chuck crazy... and be so much fun. Sarah would just roll her eyes because of course she loves Chuck and finds those old days to be something that isn't all that fond of a memory.

  61. But let be honest, we need moments when something drive Sarah Crazy too. ;) I want to see her to be jealous or even freak out, like Chuck. Just sometimes

  62. Snips, why would Sarah ever feel jealous? She is Sarah. She knows Chuck isn't going to find any better! ;)

    Though, remember how she reacted to the model? That is probably the greatest level of jealousy you will see from her.

  63. So what angst works and what doesn't?


  64. Yeah, and this is leads up again, the Super hot Girl, who has a loser boyfirend stoy XD
    But what if Jill may be came back at some point ? HM ? :)

  65. Oh Magnus how wrong you are! Hannah was just as good as Sarah and what's more Hannah was classically beautiful with those deinty features and perfect in every aspect! And chuck should not freak out if sarahs ex is all James bond he has the intersect he can do anything and then some. Where chuck cand do better Sarah cannot. Lol .

  66. So chuck is planning another romantic gesture, why can't this guy just sit down and watch a game with his boys awesome, Casey and Morgan while his girl serves them snacks and beer, man up chuck and shape up het some cajones ! You tell you woman you expect dinner on the table everyday and breakfast in bed and other stuff

  67. Oh BTW.
    Dont you mentioned that you would love to see jealous Sarah too, when I ask something about this in the December Spoiler blog post ? :) .
    However, this was you post :)
    Magnus said...
    Snips, I would love to see a jealous Sarah. I am trying to think of a moment in the next few episodes where she would have a chance to be jealous... hmmm. I will get back to you on that.

    And I said a very specific bunch of people should quit the show.

    The rest should stick around forever and tell their friends and family about the show AND GET THEM TO WATCH.

    Merry Christmas!

    December 23, 2010 6:44 PM
    Well, I assuming we are not going to see, :)

    I woudl love to see a Cole Barker type person, just in female version XD .
    I'ts not my complaining this time, I love the freak out Chuck, just if you repeat and repeat over and over again the same old , the it lose the Magic :)

  68. I take it back.... Kristin Kreuk wins! I am sorry for what I said.

    Oh Hannah. I miss her.

    Jill, angst can work very well and be desirable. It just depends on how it is used. I hate angst that is used to delay the inevitable. Like adding a problem for Chuck and Sarah just so that they can't move forward (season 2 is full of it). But even that kind of angst can work if done right (Break-Up and Lethal Weapon for instance).

  69. Snips, I WOULD love to see Sarah jealous... but what does she have to be jealous about? Unless Jill comes back...

    Masogynistic, that is how I do it with my girlfriends. No romance. Just GET ME MY BEER, WOMAN!

    I may be fibbing a little bit.

    If you don't like Chuck doing romantic things for Sarah, then you are going to HATE 4.11. That is just one massive romantic gesture after another.

  70. I know I am a huge chuck fan and will always be biased but do fans forget that he has the intersect in his head that let's him do everything! Why would he ever get jealous of anyone? I know the writers have used Sarah so chuck will never use all these skills because he does not want to upset her but still he is awesome

  71. I want to have another guess at what happens in 4.11.

    I think Chuck thinks he is going to take Sarah on a romantic getaway to France, that's the setup to get everyone thinking things a proposal is in the air.

    but they see a villain, an ex-mark from Sarah's past. Someone from her early days when she did not know how to seduce people properly and something happened, like she got carried away because he was a good kisser, or whatever.

    My guess is Sarah has to seduce him again and Chuck is worried that the same will happen again - only this time it doesn't because she has Chuck.

    Am I close?


  72. Plus I never thought any of sarahs pli were better looking then him, plus at the time he may not have been an action hero but he was smart and saved lives with his brain

  73. I think people should keep in mind that Sarah thinks Chuck is the best thing that's happened to her and he feels the same. Both characters think they hit the jackpot. They aren't keeping score of each others worth.

  74. Well, maybe if Chuck need to seduces some women, I know they use this kind of angst to make Chuck freak out, and Honestly, who not would be upset a little ?
    But, becasue, of Sarah keep saying this is job and all of this thing, it would be funny, if she feels herself a little uncomfortable. I mean if this is true, She is in love with Chuck right?! :S
    and Why has to be always one way track ? :)
    and it would be great for Chuck as a MAN too, I mean, he is not just a nerd anymore, he is a handsome spy, right?

  75. Jill, nope.

    Anonymous, if that even is your name, no man is better looking than Matt Bomer.

    Snips, you have a warped view of this show.

  76. So chuck plans one romantic gesture after another - cue the interruptions !!

    So I take it the Sarah seducing the her mark will be in 4.11 then . They need something that some bad guy has , Sarah seduces him - makes Chuck uncomfortable because she does it with such ease while Chuck is trying so hard to make everything perfect for the two of them . Lol this is going to be hilarious !

  77. It's hurt me Magnus XD.
    Well you probably right :) please don't hate me :)
    But you should know , 'm not those st*pid fans who forced convince himself that something will happen, and if not they go B-word about it. :) .
    You need to go the forum, they already, see the proposal in the 4.11 well some of them let be fair :) , and if its not gonna happen, you know what will happen XD .
    I'm not like them ;) That is why actualy love your site , I never expecting things that is not gonna happen, and, as I said, I always expect the negativ things first :)
    I know may be I'm not better them, but I'm not say this

  78. er yes there is and that is zach levi, a foot taller, darker, more charming and charismatic and sweet to boot. Ok it is a matter of opinion, everyone has their preferences, lets say we are both right, but me more then you because I am a woman, lol, but still even if you are right chuck is not exactly wayyyyy worse looking then these guys so what gives? how do fans still see him as the major underdog? top 25 sexiest man in the world, holah!

  79. Matt Bomer is a super nice guy from what I hear. Zac is taller, that is true. Both can sing like angels. And I am more right because I am not hampered by sexual attraction to them. So, I can just judge their looks without lust. ;)

    Snips, I don't hate you. I just think you have a specific view of the show that you decided you wanted to have and nothing will change that view. And I will never go to ChuckTV for any reason. But I have heard about them talking about the proposal happening in 4.11 for some time. They can believe whatever they want.

    Anonymous, if that even is your name, Sarah may seduce a mark in every episode, but the one I was talking about does not happen in 4.11.

  80. Thanks magnus for the reply, but what about the underdog aspect? I mean am I not seeing something, am I a bad fan? to be honest when I first watched this series I did not know about shippers, forums, blogs, podcasts, fandom, etc. I just watched the show to watch it and the first time I saw chuck and sarah I thought ok this is a romance between two pretty people on tv, I did not know that sarah was supposed to be way out of his league, whoops my mea culpa....

  81. Oh, I thought she was way out of his league until I saw some episodes where it was clear that underneath that hair and sideburns was a handsome man. Then it was just funny how they tried to make Chuck seem like someone who didn't belong in her league. Obviously, Chuck is a very good looking guy. But they hid his looks well for a while. Tried to mussy him up.

  82. Does the something from Sarah's past that CS will not like have something to do with her "Graham's wild card enforcer days". I have been assuming it is someone and sex related but maybe its more personality and past behaviour??


    More confused than ever.....

  83. Jill, her past is going to be part of these future episodes in more ways than one.

  84. Oh.. Well I am not sure that its a person from her past because IMDB doesn't have anybody with an arc over the next few episodes.

    So maybe its something she did? like the Red Test, that has consequences for the future? But something the Crazy Shippers wont like, I really cant think of anything. Would it be connected to Mama B or would it make Chuck think twice about marrying her?


    Now really really confused!!!
    Its not getting any better.

  85. Maybe a new teaser would have cleared things up a bit... but alas.

  86. Umm, please don't take this the wrong way Magnus but we already have about 10 spoilers and I haven't a clue, why would one more make it better? LOL


  87. Maybe Sarah was married before? As part of a mission maybe? And her old husband turns up? That would upset people, but no, then there would be an arc with some guest star

  88. J says ....

    " Maybe a new teaser would have cleared things up a bit... but alas. "

    Not even for a generous " donation " ?

  89. Magnus, I saw what happened and understand why you don't want to share anymore teaser spoilers - and I would probably do the same thing - although I do wish you would reconsider. I think one more WOULD help me with my spec'ing.
    I finally got time to listen to podcast 52 and hear you used another song from Arcade Fire's The Suburbs - Modern Man.Makes me feel like~Something don't feel right. I'd be reaching to make one too many connections on this one so I'll pass - but your choice of music really strikes me as interesting.

  90. J says ...

    $50,000 Costa Graven pesos ? DONE and DONATED !


  91. J, how much is that in Canadian dollars?

  92. I'm curious the "WHOA " moment for Chuck too. And if this somehow connected with Sarah, hmmm :)
    Let say Sarah was married, before, or something, or she say no the proposal I can see thath, she change her mind .
    but, Magnus says something about, Santa Claus callback. And Sarah's ruthless can make upsset the crazyshippers too, It don't has to be, related to sex with someone else, or whatever.
    I dont know , Like I said, in my book it depend How Chuck will act, what he will do, . And who know may be Sarah put herself a situation, and Chuck will help her even if he not like it, becasue he love her.
    I think the writers already done with this things,
    I mean when they questionable their love, or whatever.

  93. PeterO, while I am a thrash metal god, my taste is varied. I like a lot of different things. You can't really pin me down to any kind of music. So, my podcast often reflects my mood at the time.

    The choice(s) of Arcade Fire and Prince were specific to a friend. Some other choices have also been specific to friends of mine. Many of those choices come from some kind of inspiration too.

    As for reconsidering the spoiler thing, right now I am not seeing anything to indicate changing my mind will change the culture of outright thievery within this fandom. And it has been going on for a while. I think part of it comes from so many different CHUCK sites existing, being put up by people who are either unethical by nature or don't think there is such a thing as etiquette on the Internet or within the fandom sites.

    I hate ChuckTV with a passion but I would never steal from them. I would never post something from their site without citing the source (hence, I try not to cite anything from their site). Now, if I can do that, why can't people who either have no problem with me or just kind of hate me not do the same? It is a simple request. Don't pretend my material came from you.

    But it has fallen on deaf ears.

  94. Or Sarah , in the past she was a job, that she not finished, and now she try to finish. And Chuck not like it, but She go herself , may be in the end of the day, she captured or whatever, and Chuck need to go and Save her.
    I ' mean, this crazyshipper thigns and Sarah is going to come to a realization make a little worry to me. Every time Magnus say "crazyshipper " I'm a little worry, but the crazyshipper always upset about everything XD.
    And I know that Sarah past probaly very very Dark, and Chuck need to deal with this somehow, but at the same times, I expected from him to help her and accept her
    Hmmmmm we will see .

    BTW I agreed with you Magnus, and I understood , but you know , you punished those people, who actualy like more your spoiler and your site , and not those B-WORD.

  95. J says ...

    Well $1000 Costa Gravan pesos converted into U.S. = $ .15 , so .... converting $ 50,000 CG pesos would net you around $7.50 U.S.

    Though I topped it up a bit :)

  96. Thank you, J. You are making it tough for me to not give out more spoilers. Must... stay... strong...

  97. J says ...


  98. Oh, I see now... interesting. So what I thought at first was IGNORANCE on the part of ChuckThisBlog seems to have been a more deliberate attempt at assigning the incorrect spoiler credit.

    See, they used to have this site linked on their site, in the sidebar. But I guess since selling their soul to ChuckTV they have removed it and now took it one step further and purposely tried to give credit to someone else, knowing full well it was my spoilers.

    Unethical. Immoral. Douchebags.

  99. That sucks. I'm really sorry to hear that. I always liked that blog. I always thought they were respectful although a little intense at times. It's such a pointless and petty thing to do. I've really enjoyed your spoilers since I found this blog, but I totally understand your not wanting to do it anymore.

  100. It does suck. I never expected that from them. I guess I should have seen it, though. You can't be supported by ChuckTV in any way and not have your mind filled with lies about me from the person who has done more lying and stealing than anyone.

    Oh well. I suppose I finally have to finish that blog posting and utilize all that information I have collected. Maybe for the new year. I have really no reason not to do it now.

  101. Let me ask, what is the story between you and this chucktv ? I mean, Apart from the obvious. I mean , in your first podcast you mention you and the others are from the chucktv forum, . So what hapened? what is the stroy, I intrested about this, . what the story with Mel, why NBC forum and Chucktv are ignores you ? And you know the realy things what is annoyed me the most is that. both came here for Spoilers , everyone, read your blog, every people from both site , funny XD
    so realy realy B-word .
    and the funy, that someone give the credit for them, but they just use Assuleio or who is that gu, spoiler, and they " Oh THX chucktv, best source " pff .
    but so what is the stroy ? :)

  102. Snips, your wish is my command. I am going to dedicate some time to putting something together that will explain it. But to sum it up quickly, I discovered the site admin was a liar, thief, and a totally immoral sociopath and couldn't be associated with her in any way.

    I was going to out her actions but Grey Jones stepped in and brokered a peace. The peace was held until Grey overreacted to the growing popularity of my podcast and his belief that I was out to hurt him by... being popular. We made peace again and then he lost his mind when my podcast got more votes on Podcast Alley than his and openly questioned the legitimacy of the votes. When things didn't go his way, he reached out to Wendy to broker another peace between us. This time I reminded him, through her, that I am a man of my word.

    Oh and no worries, I have everything documented in case he ever tries to say it didn't happen that way, including e-mails and recordings of our voice conversations.

    But what Mel did, and I have spoken about this in minor detail, was try to steal or take credit for various things she had little to nothing to do with... and then, once she realized I was no longer at "peace" with them, decided to poison the water so as to diminish my ability to hurt her with the information I had about her misdeeds.

    Other than badmouthing me to everyone possible, she recently, on a CHUCK set visit, decided to invent a new lie: that Wendy stole Chuckfest from her. This was the last straw for me. Since the truth is the total opposite. But you see, when you know someone has a terrible truth to tell about you, the best course of action is to a) admit it and ask for forgiveness or b) if you are a sociopath, is to turn the lie around so that people can say "it is your word versus their word."

    Problem for her is that the person who CREATED Chuckfest knows the truth... and he is a lawyer.

  103. So, every single person who chooses to work with her and does so even in the face of the truth, is guilty by association. But I will be sure to put this all into a nice blog... well, it is mostly written already, and a podcast. And then you can decide... which side are you on? Evil? Or the people who worked hard to raise over $50,000 for charity?

  104. J says ..

    I used to visit chucktv when I first started going online to find out about Chuck ( early S3 ) . Though got fed up pretty quickly with how " pro everything " they were . I used to listen to their podcasts with Grey Jones , but they felt like they were were geared to 5 year olds . Then with the " fan saving " S4 campaign " success " that was the CHUCK FLASH MOB . With all the 10 people that participated in it LMAO . I still can't believe she takes credit for WENDY'S idea . That is just plain RUDE ! If it wasn't for Wendy , it's probably safe to assume that S2 would have been the end of Chuck .

    I check out Lou's podcast once in awhile because I enjoy his take on things . But that guy Joe on there ( I think he runs the ChuckThisBlog ) just annoys the crap out of me . As his does his blog .

  105. J, when I finish up this write-up... and do the podcast, you will know the WHOLE story. I am going to see if I can get the WHOLE Chuckfest crew on it. I know Chucknut won't do it but the rest of them... or at least the ones who know the whole story.

    I don't know if Mark will do it but he created Chuckfest and he is the person who essentially paid money to make it happen... and if his word isn't enough for you, then you may be evil and should seek help.

  106. Thank you. I didn't know this. I was not part this fandom, before, I joined somewhere middle of february . I slowly discovered the Chuck sites.
    Well this is disgusting, I mean seriously, woa woa. Hmmm I dont know what i need to say , its very shame from them. I know i was rigth when I stopoed listen theirs podcast XD .
    But, the users ? :S , I mean, they go here and see yours spilers, and they talk about it, and not give the credit to you ?! I mean, you give them, and us more then anyone, and you do this with a funny way, I mean , even if we find out what is the stars, we just give a hint, like this " Sarah leaves Chuck .... " we not get closer, but you keep it us intresting about the show, what is the problem with this? :S. May be some people is scared about the spoilers, even a little I too XD , I can understood this. they to much invested on some elements of the show, like me XD but if you not like it, then no read it,
    but, when you posted the return of Carina, then everyone was happy, and still give the credit to someone else and BTW I think Mel , said, that She already hinted the Roan and Carina return, somewhere on the main site :S , and I was like WHAT????
    Well all I can say , I can understood if you are tired , but don't give up never give up. unfortunatly I can't give donation, but I'm with you with my spirit ;)

  107. Mel is trying to take credit that she HINTED that Roan and Carina might return? LOL! That is ADORABLE! Typical Mel. You will see when you read about her. You will start to see how she works. What she does and how she has to take credit for EVERYTHING, even if she had nothing to do with it.

  108. Well I dont want to say stupid things, I assuming she is the AgentMel user , and she say this :
    " Maybe I should be less subtle in my musings - the Roan and Carina returns were, shall we say, "foreshadowed" on the main site quite a while ago. Just sayin'
    But, I didn't see anything before you mentioned, about Carina or Raon, soo XD

  109. LOL! Oh, she is precious. Please, show me where she said any of those things. Someone copy and pasted that she said something about the cat squad being like Charlies Angels and who was the third person in the group? Sarah? Then someone mentioned they would like to see Carina.

    Her comment on Roan returning was the same kind of deal. She was just positing a question based on the name of the episode. She didn't know. Hell, get her to tell you how many seductions there are in the episode and who is involved.

  110. You know what... bring on January spoilers!

    Will Chuck and Sarah get engaged? Married? Will Sarah get preggers. FIND OUT! If Mel is going to try to suggest she scooped me, I dare her to scoop me now. ;)

  111. this is all very interesting, and I will certainly read this extravaganza and listen to the podcast, but i'm gonna go back to the stuff I was reading earlier in the responses...
    lots of talk about M bomer! even some that seemed to originate from you.

    first of all, I'm gonna go at this by saying: this is not what I think is going to happen, this is something that would make sense to me if it happened. I feel like I have been throwing ideas out too often that have unstable basis, that I phrase in such a way that I make it sound like I am sure they will happen, and that's not always what I mean.

    So, ideas and support

    4.12: everyone seems pretty stumped about what they think is going to happen to make Sarah go all crazy, possibly all 'grahams wild-card-y'. what I think we know is that it involves Sarah's past, and is likely to piss off Crazy Shippers and maybe some irrational shippers too. Now, Shaw immediately came to mind for a lot of people (at least for me). BUT, maybe that is too much of a knee jerk reaction, with the pain that was the shaw-arc too fresh in mind.
    and really, how much is Shaw a part "Sarah's past?" it only happenned last season, and we already got some past about that that easily qualifies as Crazy-Shipper angering. I think we need to dig deeper.

    Bryce. Magnus, I believe it was in ep 52 (maybe? I really can't remember, I just know it was his voice, not a post) said about this upcoming thing that would piss some people off SOMETHING like
    "I can't believe that they would do that, that is just evil! I didn't think they had the cajones, but that is going to be awesome" [please magnus, please correct anything about that paraphrase that is inaccurate, and I am really trying hard not to claim any accuracy on this]
    But, what if it is Bryce? At some point I BELIEVE he said that in an original layout for S3, Bryce was not dead. Now, I don't think there is enough evidence to say that Bryce is back from the dead to torment Chuck and Sarah's relationship in 4.12,

    but if we are getting information about Sarah's past,
    it will piss off Crazyshippers
    It might not be about Shaw
    Magnus thinks it is awesome they will do something that tormentful (digging up a twice dead relationship issue?)
    and Byrce came up a couple of times in this thread, namely " 'Plus I never thought any of sarahs pli were better looking then him' Magnus: 'no man is better looking than Matt Bomer'

    I guess all I am saying is, why not Bryce?

    I guess I owe it to all you who are reading this line, I am sorry this is so long.


  112. YEah Funny stuff XD.
    It happened exactly, , based on the episodes titles, fans starting make theorys about, what we would love to see, like Roan and Carina, and now looks like she think it was "foreshadowed" LOL.
    Intresting . BTW she has actualy an insider ?? becasue, I never see any spoler form the chucktv what is not related assuleio, or simple Synposis :S .
    yeah they make interviews with the cast but ........ that is all , nothing more .

  113. Snips, Mel operates like an extension of NBC doesn't want anyone to consider it that way but that is the truth. Mel even proposed being the central hub for all things CHUCK to NBC after season 2 ended, but they said no. Since then, it seems they have changed their mind. And that is why all you see are articles and some reports on episode titles and such. If she were to do what I do, NBC/WB would get very angry with her.

    Except of course when they give her spoilers to leak... are controlled by them and should be considered nothing more than promotional material.

  114. Kevin, I should release the un-bleeped version of that... because it is pretty funny what I said, when you compare it to what people think I said. :)

    In any event, Bryce is dead.

  115. It took me a while, but I'm definitely glad I finally found this site, as all I thought was out there were the incredibly annoying ChuckTV and NBC boards, where the latter is nothing but discussion about Chuck and Sarah. That Friday Five ChuckTV does seems to be their only bit of originality and it misses the mark every single time.

  116. So She is some slave or something like that ? XD LOL . Well that is explain a lot XD

    ( OMG you have an un-bleeped version ? wao . You know only thing I don't want Sarah propose to Chuck, please no please, I mean Chuck is already a woman XD. uhhh God , no forget forget blahhh . LOL. )

  117. Friday Five? What the heck is that?

    Snipes, not sure slave is the right word for it. More like an employee.

    As for Sarah proposing to Chuck... that is funny you mention that! I had that discussion with someone a few weeks ago. Wouldn't it be hilarious if Sarah had to propose to Chuck because he is incapable of getting it done? I loved it, even though it is something the writers would never do.

    Whenever it happens, I am confident it will be Chuck proposing to Sarah. Even though it is written by a bunch if hippy pinkos, the show still has traditional leanings when it comes to that kind of thing.

  118. Was she an escort or a hit-man?

  119. Sue, are you talking about Sarah or Mel? Because you mean Mel, then in my script she is a prostitute. If you mean Sarah, then I am pretty sure she has always been a spy of some kind.

  120. My only thoughts on the subject of and Agent Mel is that the site is lame and she is particularly nasty.
    I recall during the season 3 meltdown she got a friend of hers from NPR to do a report on the "crazy shipper reaction" which pretty much insulted all chuck fans and was very offensive (not to say this was the only publication or media outlet to do this). Now admittedly, I was as embarrassed by the outrageous behavior as anyone, but I really thought at the time what a mistake that was to insult the "fandom" as a whole.
    I think a certain amount of fervor would be sought after and is I think. But, as you have pointed out many times and rightfully so, there is a certain element that really should just leave the show because they are possibly unstable and really just scary.
    I must admit I was very disturbed by the comments about certain person's sending Ali Adler offensive messages or the insults to the actors about them or their mates. But I suppose that business attracts a good amount of the unhinged and they too use the same means to spread their disturbing antics as those who do so for good. The nice thing about you is you directly address it and them and call them on their nut job behavior.
    And with that being said, I would expect the same as I'm sure all who post here does if they go wonky even the least. That is what I think most of us like here is that you are honest with us either bad, good or indifferent.
    Thanks for that!

  121. ac, Mel did that? I don't remember it all that well. Not that I want to defend Mel but... how do you know she made that happen?

  122. Yeah ... and the next step is, Chuck gonna be pregnant, and he will stay at home with the baby, while Sarah on the job LOL LOL.
    and you know, we never thought Sarah will tetl her real name to someone else, and still happend so....
    and even in the bed Sarah the one who will F.F Flash to Chuck , I didn't use ugly word ;). But I think you understood XD.
    I can see that Sarah may be getting tired that never happening, and She say " Ok Chuck, enough is enough. proposal NOW!! "
    But that is all.
    I think it has to be a limit , It can easily turn into self-parody ;) I think deep inside you agreed with me about this :) or I hope,
    but I respect your idea and your taste ;)

    and I laugh a lot XD

  123. Snips! That was my next spoiler! Chuck has the baby! You ruined it! Sigh.

  124. Magnus, Friday Five is their weekly column where they make lists of the 5 best ___ scenes. eg. 5 favourite Chuck and Sarah scenes etc. I don't mind the concept, but I've always felt their choices are rubbish. For instance, the last one I read was "5 favourite Chuck endings" and they failed to include a single ending from season 2, which had a heap of awesome endings week in, week out.

  125. Rob, sounds interesting... which means there is no way Mel thought of it. Someone else had to have come up with it.

    Though, everything they do should come with the disclaimer "Our opinions sanitized for you by WB and NBC."

  126. Wow this stuff almost as entertaining as the show is. Actually it is right now. That how they can put angst on the show put you and Mel on Magnus. LOL

  127. You want me and Mel on top of me?


  128. I actually said, "sexy like a meow meow" OUT LOUD today...

    look what you've done!

  129. Magnus you are my hero

  130. Magnus,

    I'm pretty sure she actually said/wrote it on the site. I don't know if I could find it but, I think she also linked to it ( the article) as well. I just remember thinking thats was not a good idea and there might be others who frequent that site who can also remember it as well.

  131. ac, someone else refreshed my memory. You are correct.

    Anonymous... SHHH!!! Don't say it too loud or Mel will steal it.

  132. Boys and girls, brush your teeth and say your prayers and be nice to your mom and dad, or Mel from ChuckTV will come and take all your ideas while you sleep and put out a press release about how she spearheaded your dreams too.

  133. The one good thing about chucktv is lou's (old darth) podcast, but even he get's a little frustrated with his co-hosts because they are major crazy shippers. Did you hear his latest podcast on leftovers he asked if the lieing between chuck and ellie bothered them and they said no, and he said as long as chuck and sarah are together you do not really care about anything else which they responded why are you making this about chuck and sarah. I like lou a lot but it is clear that his co-hosts are biased by what happens between chuck and sarah, at least on your podcasts magnus you rip into anything that you do not like and have an unbiased view, I think lou should come back to your podcast if only to get a good debate out on the table....because as much as I am a chuck and sarah fan I am not entirely satisfied with how they left ellie in the dark and the lieing continues....don't get me wrong I have loved this season but sometimes you have to stand up and say if you do not like go lou!

  134. In follow up I did like his last podcast with Frea O'Scanlon, where she wrote her own fanfic when she openly admitted season 3.0 was her least favourite podcast and admitted that she did not like some of the same thing's lou talked about, the lieing and the way they handled some things in season 3.0 (name reveal!). That is the episode I liked the most from his podcasts because it is open and fair critism, people may not agree but at least she was not afraid to put it out there and she did compliment chuck on seasons 1 and 2 and 3.5.

  135. Mike, maybe you should go marry Lou's podcast. He and I are divorced. I don't even get an alimony check... which I should for all the abuse I took from his specs. ;)

  136. Hi Magnus,

    I know that someone has already asked if the fans have changed the way TPTB navigate the series and you have replied that they write what they want to write. But I have to ask if that is a little false? I ask this because after hearing Fedak in two comic cons say that this series is about chuck's journey to ultimately become a hero it seems lately that his competence and ability has stalled somewhat and the chuck and sarah relationship journey has taken priority.....going further back (and again I know you say that writers change things drastically from season to season from what they initially thought) do you feel that TPTB wanted the show as it is now at this point? (in regards to chuck's journey). I must emphasise that I love this series and do not have expectations that they cannot deliver, I just would like it more about chuck's journey and for him to whine season 3.0...I do like the batman kind of thinking, like in dark knight the joker belittles batman for being our chuck....a hero is that for the people as an example....the hero people need what they let chuck be the hero....just saying....

  137. First - a thought about the unbleeped podcast - there really is no reason to release it. Didn't you already tell us somewhere here on this blog (hard to remember with three active sections going) that you've already teased us with everything you bleeped out on there?

    Second - reading what's happened on here since the 28th, I am reminded of the John Travolta movie Michael ~ specifically the scene where Michael takes on a charging bull yelling "Battle!" It seems to me that you have the same battle cry.
    BTW, Michael won.

  138. PeterO... I am Icelandic... I have original viking blood pumping through my body. I live for a fight! As for the unbleeped thingy, I was just saying it would be funny to release that specific material so people could see what I said. Nothing more.

    Bea Arthur, if that even is your name, there is no doubt in my mind that TPTB changed their original intent for the series. However, the focus is still Chuck's journey, but Chuck and Sarah is part of that. Have they focused too much on it? Sure. But they have since season 1.

    Anyway, you will see more of what you want to see very soon.

  139. "Anyway, you will see more of what you want to see very soon."
    Great! The hero will return.

    But - and I really hesitate to ask this question - at what price? What will it cost Chuck to be that hero?

  140. PeterO, that is a good question. It will be interesting to talk about it after it happens. I just hope they execute it all well... because on paper it sounds pretty epic.

  141. Poor execution - as you have often said - is what really hurt (killed?) S3, so yes, I hope the execution is as epic as the script.
    You really haven't said much about Chuck in your teasers and that almost made it seem like he is an afterthought in the next few episodes. Of course, you've always said you would never reveal major plot lines or spoilers - we should see them for ourselves. These little tidbits make me think that there is a lot of Chuck - for lack of better words - growth, change,decisions, choices - and maybe one that changes everything, again.
    Hey, I'm just spitballing here - no hard evidence, just a feeling.

  142. Use the Force. Search your feelings.

    Chuck tends to be the focus of these episodes, so that is a given. Unfortunately, most of the things he is involved in are part of the major plot and it is difficult to hint at it without ruining the surprise. Though, we shall see what I decide to do... there were a couple of teasers I had planned on releasing that I think people would find interesting.

    Since a few people have been extra kind to me in the past 24 hours, I feel I should do something.

  143. "most of the things he is involved in are part of the major plot and it is difficult to hint at it without ruining the surprise."
    Thanks for that. It's one of the things I really like about you. I suspect it has to do with the return of the intersect and maybe the birth of a **ahem** super hero. It never really was a spy story, was it?
    Anyway, thanks again.

  144. I am not saying that Chuck turns into a super hero or any such thing. More like he just does what he has always been capable of doing.

  145. "..he just does what he has always been capable of doing." - but didn't realize he could do?

  146. Okay, so moving on..

    So I also noticed that aside from the baby, there really isn't anything in your teasers on Ellie either - (yeah I know, nothing on Volkov or Mary B either, but I figure they have to be integral to the main plot line.)
    So, is Ellie involved in the major plot? I'm left wondering if the cost of being a hero Chuck involves his relationship with Ellie.

  147. I relistened to podcast 52 over lunch, there is a point on that podcast that I don't think you could have described 4x11,12,13 more clearly, using vs 4x9 as the 'epicness' gauge ... you delivered when you described 4x9 as epic several months ago, if, ok when, 11,12,13 surpass 9 - wow

  148. PeterO, Ellie is involved, yes.

    Jason, I think 4.11 will be more loved by some than 4.09. Especially fans of Sarah and Morgan... and Chuck and Sarah of course. 4.12 is one of those episodes where it could go either way. 4.13 is big. 97% (give or take) of it is still a mystery to this fandom and I wonder if the promo monkeys can resist ruining the whole episode before it airs.

  149. Thanks for the answers Magnus
    And "4.13 is big. 97% (give or take) of it is still a mystery to this fandom" ~ Did you supply the 3%? ;-)

  150. Magnus, I'm wondering why the writers didn't turn Chuck into a mindless vegetable and then kill him off at the end of "Phase Three", if the bad guys were attempting to do that to him and his mind was almost completely wiped when Sarah rescued him. They could have renamed the show "Sarah" from then on if they did.
    Do the writers still deeply care about Chuck as the title character so much that they actually didn't want to do something that horrific to him?
    At least Chuck should have had some minor side effects like memory loss.

    Also, I hear from SpoilerTV that Lester is going to ask for love advice from Big Mike. Who do you think Lester is in love with? I hope it's NOT Jeff Barnes.
    And A lot of people want Jeffster to be killed off. Should Jeff and Lester be killed off?

  151. Oh, okay, baby. That's only 3% - wow. So you think you will continue to share episode numbers with your spoilers?

  152. Kill the main character on a show with low ratings... then change the name of the show and have a new lead character while also changing the entire premise of the show?

    That sounds like an idea that wouldn't work well.

    A lot of people don't want Jeff or Lester killed. The writers listen to them.

  153. 3% is probably too low. I have no idea how to qualify it accurately. 15%? 20? I just don't know how many minutes it takes up.

  154. Magnus, my mom strongly agrees with you on that. She says that that sort of "killing the main title character" idea has NEVER been done before because it wouldn't work and it would guarantee that the writers would never be trusted with a show again. That idea is not only a show-killer, it is also a JOB KILLER in the TV writing industry.

    For example, The only reason the Doctor Who show still works when the titular Doctor is killed off every so often is because he regenerates and becomes a New Doctor. And even when that first happened it was an iffy idea and only came about because of real life necessity. (The first actor William Hartnell, supposedly leaving the show because of poor health.)

    As to the Jeffster characters, I think that much of the fan base is split over whether they have worn out their welcome. Some people are getting real tired over the antics of Jeff and Lester.

  155. Some people want things they won't be getting.

    As a friend of mine used to say "It's good to want things."

  156. It is good to want things. And Gordon Gekko told us that greed is good!

    Speaking of greed, has anyone told you that you are the single reason that Chuck has not been forgotten in this very long hiatus? Really, who else has generated any interest? Conversation? Anything Chuck related? If not, well I just did and thanks!

    So back to greed - I confess I want more spoilers - I also know that on next Monday we still have two full weeks before we get something new on the air. And as much as I'd love to see some new teaser spoilers that center around Chuck himself, I would vote for a January edition. Now I understand I am not a voting member of the SSFI (hell, I'm not even a member) but I just thought I'd throw that out there.

    I'd still like to see what episodes the December teasers are all assigned to - think of it as closing out the old and ringing in the new.

    I hope your spirits have been lifted a little bit - even if your resolve has grown stronger.

  157. Funny you mention Gekko, since I just quoted him in a future blog posting.

    I don't know if I am the SINGLE reason but it was my mission to keep CHUCK in the hearts and minds of people for seven weeks. So, it has worked out well. Though, no more than one or two people at WB and NBC will ever appreciate it. They are too busy not liking me. ;)

    We will see about more spoilers. But I think they will be more like Dear DR than the spoiler blogs. But we shall see. I might also go back to just doing them on the podcast (which was sometimes fun). All I know is the spoilers I want to share... not how I want to share them. But I might update some of the current ones to tie them to a specific episode.

  158. "I don't know if I am the SINGLE reason" I can't name another
    "..but it was my mission to keep CHUCK in the hearts and minds of people for seven weeks." Mission accomplished.

  159. Hello, DR. :) .
    Let me ask a couple more things?
    In the future , at least a couple times, We are going to see some moments, where Chuck is the male in the relationship , and Sarah is the woman ? XD
    Sarah will ever gonna respect Chuck like as a Spy ?
    are we gonna ever respect Chuck ? XD
    LOL. Sorry :)

  160. Chuck is always the male and Sarah is always the woman. Sarah has always respected Chuck as a spy. Why wouldn't we respect Chuck?

    Snips, you are finally starting to annoy me.

  161. Dont worry, I stopped now, It's become boring to . me too .

  162. Ok, enough with the C/S interaction, now a different question: is there any chance that Roan will meet Volkoff or Mama B.? They have been spies in the last 20 years or more, maybe they have already met before. And you have to admit that seeing Roan trying to seduce mama B. would be an epic moment...

  163. Henry, without knowing too much about the episode, I think it is possible that Roan has met them both, or at least knew of them. I do think it would be hilarious if he had to seduce Mama B.

    I can tell you he has to seduce a couple of women in the episode but I can't tell you if Mama B is one of them (or Volkoff in drag). ;)

  164. Okay, Magnus, a question has been twisting in my head for the past few days and at the risk of being mocked, here goes ~ is Stephen Bartowski involved in the major plot line?
    Yes, I know he's 'dead' - but so was Bryce, and Shaw, and even Stephen once before. So....

  165. Diane interjects...

    On the discussion of killing main characters and renaming shows, it's not exactly the same, but The Practice got rid of most of their regulars, including its star, in its final season. They brought in James Spader as the new star of the show and William Shatner as a recurring guest star. After that season, they put both characters in a new show called Boston Legal with a new setting, which lasted many more seasons.

    The recasting was driven by cost cuts that were necessary to keep The Practice on air(sound familiar?), but eventually did lead to a longrunning "spin-off" series.

    Back to Chuck...

    Thanks for holding off on the main Chuck story, but also throwing in a few hints. I'm really looking forward to seeing the continuation of the hero's journey.

    "I wonder if the promo monkeys can resist ruining the whole episode before it airs. "

    Like showing the Buy More blow up in the promo?

  166. Diane, legal procedurals have a history of successful lead changes and spinoffs (LAW & ORDER, CSI). It is easier to do when the draw is the stories not the actors (save for SVU where replacing the actors would be disastrous).

    Showing the Buy More blow up was pretty stupid. Or showing the Chuck and Sarah kiss in Salami and Colonel. Sure, it drove people to the TV but totally spoiled big moments.

    PeterO, there is no way I can answer that without giving one thing or another away. And don't think that means Papa B is alive. After all, the guy is a lead actor on another show that is actively shooting episodes.

  167. Thanks Magnus, really didn't think you would IF you could. That said, I'm looking forward to HOW he is involved.

  168. Quick question for you Amigo: Do you have any explaination why this show always brings in objects of significance or importance... only to have them become irrelevant almost immediately?
    I'm thinking about things like the infamous bracelet, Governor watch, Orions super cool arm band computer, and now probably the '68 mustang and the new laptop... I know the show has always been about people and relationships over things... but still - things that make me go hmmmm...
    Cheers - the Gringo Chuck Fan

  169. Magnus, I know it's totally not the same thing. I just find the Practice thing one of the interesting TV stories and because David E. Kelly's shows are a little bit more character driven than the typical procedural.

    In regards to Papa B, I wouldn't be surprised if there is another "message from the dead" lurking somewhere for Chuck and/or Ellie to see and/or hear at a pivotal time.

    Doing that, or filming a brief flashback wouldn't require too much of Bakula's time.

  170. Gringo, that one is easy. Lots of great ideas in a room full of people with great ideas who feel like they always have to have a great idea. I have said this for a couple of years now... CHUCK takes things that other shows would run a whole season on and uses it up in one episode, sometimes one scene, and moves on.

    However, to say they don't ever return to it is not true. I mean, they reference that stuff but don't focus on it. Part of that is likely that they don't like to be tied down by these things. A friend of mine told me that his writer/director once said something like (and I am paraphrasing) "It is a good idea until it WAS a good idea, and then I don't want to use it anymore."

    Creative people like to move forward. It is why your favorite rock band from when you were 10 went off to make a jazz fusion album. ;)

  171. Anonymous, if that even is your name, Diane, I think that if it was just a voice-over that they could get him on an ISDN and record it in an hour. He wouldn't even need to drive in.

  172. Magnus,
    Thanks to you we know "Sarah leaves Chuck for another man."
    Is the "another man" a charactor we have seen in at least one episode or a new charactor?
    I'm not asking for the name just if it's someone brand new or not

    P.S. if you have answered this already then tell me where to look. (be kind)

  173. Magnus,

    Happy New Year !!!
    Thanks for the Chuck spoilers/teasers !!!


  174. TS, we have seen the character at least once before.

  175. And Happy New Year to you too!

  176. Hmmm. I wonder if Lazslo Manhovski gets loose and Sarah is used to capture him ...


  177. You should wonder about that for the next... 3 weeks or so.

  178. Hola Amigo - Thanks for the reply!
    Can I pick your brain for more thoughts on that same topic regarding the stuff in the show:
    The Orion Laptop... probably only important in the way it "Reloaded" Chuck - but will it show up again? or be important? my guess is - that even though it could fall into the wrong hands and create an army of lean mean intersect agents - it will set in the bottom of Chuck's closet, or Morgan will borrow it to play Call of Duty in an online tourney...

    Speaking of Chuck Reloaded...
    I'm guessing that with the Ellie enhancements- Chuck will now have the crown jewel of his father's work!
    Hopefully with some specific secrets that only Orion would have known... stuff that even the CIA was unaware of... or was so top secret - it wasn't loaded into the original intersect...
    - Cheers - the Gringo Chuck Fan

  179. I don't think I can answer anything there.

  180. The press relase for Chuck episode 11 is out and it doesn't sound as Sarah centric episode, more like Suitcase or Coup D'etat in other words Chuck/Sarah centric.

  181. I really hope Lester's potential new romantic interest is NOT Jeff Barnes, that would make the Jeffster duo even squickier and more disgusting than they ever were.

    Could Lester be trying to seduce a Greta?

  182. Harku, you should trust the synopsis over me.

    melwicker, I just love that they put that in the synopsis. Like anyone will remember that when the episode is over. ;)

  183. For all those fans who say that casey's character is useless and should be killed off, I have to say this.....I have been to three chuck comic con panels (08/09/10) and the screams of ecstasy that adam baldwin gets is unrivalled, you kill of adam baldwin you lose a big chunk of the fan base who loved firefly and serenty and would not be happy, it would be a smidgen below chuck versus the mask in terms of fans reaction but huge, I mean huge fan anger....So like casey or hate him, it would not be wise in any way for them to get rid of adam, but that is just my opinion.....

  184. Jake, OF COURSE Adam Baldwin gets a huge reaction at conventions... he was in FIREFLY. That fandom is like 90% of the convention going public.

    Kill Casey already!

  185. I was wondering if Sarah calls Morgan in for backup to maybe either keep Chuck away from something or keep the something away from Chuck.

  186. The only plus with killing casey is that it would free up between 40k and 60k per episode for them to do other things and use multiple characters, I assume whatever adam gets paid you could use awesome, morgan and ellie in an episode......So there would be a purpose I suppose as they could do more with the story with more characters, also the show has become reallyyyy chuck and sarah lately so there is that, no need for the casey. What I do not get magnus is why the casey hate? I love his character, there is something about those no nonsense alpha males like elliot from leverage, dr cox from scrubs and casey that is awesome and funny and just great how they persecute sensitive people like jd and chuck, lol.....

  187. Magnus,

    This is my first post and I wanted to introduce myself. I have been reading your blog for weeks now and would like to thank you for keeping us all entertained during this long break.

    I am Belgian but live in New York. I started to watch the show three months ago after bying the three first seasons on DVD. I was not a big fan of the first episodes but I continued and ended up falling in love with the show. I became immediately a "shipper". I always wanted Sarah and Chuck to end up together but the best part was the journey to get there: all these little moments they shared during the first three seasons before actually getting together. Like you, it is not for me anymore the most important part of the show. What makes this show special is the ensemble cast. All these wonderful characters. I am a big fan of any scene involving Joshua Gomez and find that his character has brought a lot to the show since he got involved in the spying world. But my favorite character is Sarah. Probably because she is the most complex character of all and because I understand her so well. And probably also because she is played by one of the best actress on TV. Yvonne Strahovski has been doing an amazing job since Day 1 to convey all the complexity of Sarah. Every single of her looks is revealing so much about what Sarah thinks. One of the best perfomance and one of the best character on TV ever.

    Anyway, sorry for the long intro. I just wanted to introduce myself properly.

    I have a simple question which I hope you will answer. Maybe you did already. In that case, I apologize.

    I thought that the losing/getting the intersect back was rushed in episodes 408-410. There must be something more to it... It is possible that Chuck did more than just recover the Intersect 2.0 thanks to his Dad's computer? Could there be another upgrade that we will discover in the coming episodes?

    Thank you again for all your work for this community and Happy New Year!


    ps: I will be happy to donate and support the site

  188. Jake, the only plus in killing Casey is that it would be a huge loss and change things up. Like how Lucas should have killed Han Solo in Empire. It makes everyone (but Chuck) a potential loss. That way the audience is constantly on its toes for its heroes.

  189. Nini, welcome to the addiction. I will be more than happy for you to donate. :)

    As for the Intersect... anything is possible, I suppose. We shall see. :o)

    And Happy New Year!

  190. Well if it is an intersect with more information that would certainly explain ellie's involvment in that papa b needed her to find a way to use her expertise in order to put a more powerful data storage unit back in chuck's brain. I do wonder though...Ellie knows that it is data that is stored in the brain, would it have been useful to know that the end user would have to access it via the eyes (flashing), because I am certain that there must be a difference between the part of the brain you use to think of the data stored and having it accessed via optical association? or is it me way over thinking a simple concept that the writers do not think that deeply about?

  191. Does that mean you don't know or you don't want to tell? :-)

    ps: donation done, thank you again!

  192. Thank you, Nini! You rock. And I don't want to tell anything big time story related with so many weeks still left to go before you see the episode(s).

    Amrit, I really don't know the extent of such a thing.

  193. Great Magnus supplemental teasers that need to be remembered after 4.13:
    "TS, we have seen the character at least once before."
    "I don't think I can answer anything there." (which may have answered the question)
    "Harku, you should trust the synopsis over me." (ha, fat chance!)
    "melwicker, I just love that they put that in the synopsis. Like anyone will remember that when the episode is over. ;)" (because this WILL be our new favorite Chuck/Sarah episode.)
    "As for the Intersect... anything is possible, I suppose. We shall see. :o)" (pay attention to the BIG smiley face at the end!)
    Man, this is so much more fun than slogging through comments from "the crazies"!

  194. Magnus, Do you really want Casey to die, or are you just playfully teasing the Adam Baldwin fans?

    And why wouldn't Lester getting a love interest be memorable? At least a love interest for Lester would put a nice wedge between Jeff and Lester, and God knows that the two are already practically joined at the hip.
    One does wonder what kind of person would be romantically interested in a sleazebag like Lester Patel.


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