Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chuck Versus The Final Exam - A SSFI Preview

Enjoy this lovely preview of CHUCK Versus The FINAL EXAM..

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Acting: This is mostly Zac's episode but we do get some lovely moments from the other leads including Adam Baldwin getting to play up Casey's shift into civilian life and how a trained killer has to learn to adapt to a new battlefield.

Action: Chuck almost-naked fighting in a towel.  What more do the ladies need?

Directing/Editing: I loved most of the choices made during the episode other than one fight sequence edited using that Bourne style.  I am sure they had a reason for doing it but I am just not a huge fan.  I do think this is Robert Duncan McNeill's best directing yet.

Story: This is both a big shipper episode as well as a major change episode.  Intense and romantic.  It feels like a penultimate or finale episode.  Ends with a cliffhanger.

Drama: There is some serious drama toward the end of this episode.  One of my favorite acting moments in the show is in Final Exam and it involves Chuck's shock at being told some deadly news.  The way he deals with it is dark, intense, and still very Chuck-like.

Suspense: The darker themes of this season amp up a lot of the suspense due to Chuck's mission being more dangerous.  There is also a good deal of fauxmance suspense.

Comedy: Final Exam is essentially split in two.  The first half is very light.  It might remind some of Chuck Versus The First Date in tone.  Though, there is always this cloud hovering over everything as you feel things are not going to go as well as they seem.  One of my favorite funny lines is early on and involves Chuck's perception of Sarah's job and her need to travel.  The dialogue moves quickly but I had to pause and rewind.  Brilliant.

Romance: Lots and lots of fauxmance.  Including two people... and a bed... as well as Chuck and Sarah's most romantic moment since she asked him to run away with her in episode 1 of this season.  Chuck is sooooooo darn geeky smooth adorable that it is going to make girls and some boys all over the world squuuueeeeeeeeeeee.

Weirdness: I love Subway and appreciate their support but I hope they are paying NBC a TON OF MONEY for the scene they get in this episode because while it isn't terrible, it isn't seamless either... and my sources tell me that they are not paying enough so I am not sure it was worth it.

Funniest line: Either a line about nakedness or a choochoo.

Sexy like a meow meow: Chuck, of course.  Sarah looking gorgeous in one scene in particular.  Wowzies.

Budget cut awareness: Didn't notice any.

Writing: Some great stuff from Zev Borow.  Tons of memorable lines.  We get a good sense of what this show might be like down the line while also retaining humor and romance.

Weak spots: The only thing I would consider a weakness is the setup for what is to come.  It feels like the mashing of a familiar button but is just a setup for the next episode's storyline.  Otherwise, I thought the episode was pretty solid.

Rating: Out of a possible score of 100, where 0 is the worst piece of art in the history of humanity and 100 is the greatest creative thing the world has ever seen... I give CHUCK VERSUS THE FINAL EXAM:

93.34 out of 100
This episode continues the current streak of awesomeness, now at three in a row.
(yes, I updated my rating after watching it again... it rocks even more!)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 25 (ADULTS ONLY)

We Discuss CHUCK Versus The TIC TAC.

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