Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays - August 17 - Finalized Twitter Strategy

Based on your comments alone, the strategy for this Monday has been set. The people have spoken. :)

This Monday we will stop using #chuckmemondays in our tweets and instead begin using #chuckmeout.

At least for this week, we are not using any other hashtag in our tweets. Most importantly, DO NOT use #chuckmemondays in your tweets, at least until we can test whether or not that hashtag has been banned. Using it could result in your entire message being banned and not being counted in the trend.

So, your tweets on Monday during Chuck Me Mondays should look something like this:

Can Ellie get any prettier?! #chuckmeout

Please, spread the word about this blog and the use of the hashtag. Try to avoid even using #chuckmemondays at all in case it is a banned hashtag.

FYI: It is recommended that you create a brand new Twitter account for this week's Chuck Me Mondays in case your old has been banned from trending due to use of #chuckmemondays. You should certainly create a new account for tweeting during these events if you were ever put into "Twitter jail."

EDIT: If your Twitter account is set to "Private" then your tweets do not count in the trend. Your account must be public.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays - New Strategy - Final Selection

The CHUCK fans have spoken and we have a basic idea of where we want to go in the future with this event on Twitter. The fans have selected some form of Chuck Me Out as the new trending topic. So, here are the options (please comment on the one you like the most):

1. Chuck Me Out by itself with no hashtags anywhere in the tweet.

No hashtags means Twitter cannot ban the common words. Also, since Chuck has trended on its own for various reasons, we could see that word trend on its own as a worst case scenario. People would click on the trending word and discover we were talking about the TV show.

One extra character used than if it was a hashtag. Fans used to typing in hashtags might forget and limit trending potential. Not instantly recognizable as related to the show.

Sarah is so pretty in this scene! Chuck Me Out

2. #chuckmeout by itself and no other hashtags.

People already used to typing in hashtags should be comfortable with this new tag. It also makes searching for specific tweets easier and relates to the website and Twitter account of the same name. It also promotes NBC's campaign to get people to engage in the show on their site and watch the episodes on their site. It also uses less characters so you can tweet more letters.

Easier for Twitter to ban (if they are doing it) and prevent us from trending.

Captain Awesome has his shirt off again! #chuckmeout

3. #chuckmeout and Chuck Me Out together.

Potential of trending either the hashtag or the non-hashtag term, or both. The word Chuck could trend on its own due to other people using it for non show related purposes. Includes the name of the Twitter account, the web site, and NBC's campaign name.

If the hashtag gets banned, it could mean every tweet using it gets banned, which would include the phrase Chuck Me Out (though, not permanently). This method also uses up more characters and so your messages have less content.

Morgan should really be with Anna. #chuckmeout chuck me out

Please post your opinions below (anonymous posting is enabled, but that also means each message is moderated for content first). Choose an option and comment on your reasoning. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So what about August 17th and Chuck Me Mondays?

Last night it seemed most people got the message that we had changed our method of tweeting and that is a positive sign. It means we CAN change strategies as long as everyone is given the time to receive the word.

So, next week we want to change things up. A few ideas have been tossed around:

1. ChuckTV had suggested tweeting the episode name being watched in each tweet. I like this idea but I am not sure if it is the best idea since it will change each week. On the other hand, it is easy for everyone to figure out what we are tweeting each week as long as they know the names of the episodes.

2. Another idea is to just tweet the word Chuck or the phrase Chuck Me Mondays without any hashtag. I like this idea since it contains a common name that Twitter is not likely to ban. If we go with the former, then it is easy since it is the name of the show and very easy to type. If the latter, it includes the name of the campaign and also includes the name of the show.

3. An idea that materialized last night is to abandon any reference to Chuck Me Mondays and instead aim to promote NBC's fan friendly site We could tweet #chuckmeout or chuckmeout or chuck me out. This is beneficial to us all since their success will help the show and fan sites that is linking to and/or helping to promote.

Please comment here about these ideas and let us know which one you like, what part you like, or toss in another idea. We should try to have the strategy hammered out by the weekend. Thanks.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Welcome to Chuck Me Mondays HQ ;)

So, now that everything is straightened out. Again, we are using #chuckmemondays and chuck me mondays this week.

So, your tweets should look like:

I love Morgan! #chuckmemondays chuck me mondays

Thank you for your co-operation and enjoy the added value our promotional partners at ChuckTV.Net provide for this campaign.

ChuckTV.Net strategy issue

ChuckTV.Net has been a very helpful hub for Chuck Me Mondays and I have appreciated all they have done, but they should not be setting ANY strategy without first talking to the people who have been doing it for 2 months now. This is the strangest move by ChuckTV. No one from the site has said one word to me. Whereas I have been blogging about it since last week.

I even included a version of this idea in the blog. We are trying to figure things out and posting contradicting strategy is helpful to no one. Mel and I have never discussed strategy and I see no reason why she should begin to attempt to control it now without first contacting the campaign creator/manager first.

Edit: Apparently ChuckTV is removing their suggestion. Move along.

Chuck Me Mondays today and in the future

As I have said in the last two postings, our plan for today, August 10th, is to tweet both the hashtag #chuckmemondays and the non-hashtag chuck me mondays. So, your tweets should look like:

I love Sarah Walker! #chuckmemondays chuck me mondays

However, in the future, and perhaps NEXT WEEK, we will likely adopt a new strategy. tweeting the name of the episode we are watching. Therefor, in the future, we might be watching an episode and tweeting something like:

I love Chuck and Sarah in first date on chuck me mondays


I love Chuck and Sarah in First Date

Just know that this idea is out there and that it is in the pipeline for the future. This should suppress any belief that Twitter is banning our tweets and also be easy enough for people to remember to do as it is episode specific. Please comment on this idea. I have enabled anonymous comments for those who are too lazy to create accounts.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays reminder - August 9, 2009

Tomorrow, we will be using both #chuckmemondays and chuck me mondays (with spaces) in our Twitter tweets.

Your tweets should look something like:

I love Sarah Walker! #chuckmemondays chuck me mondays

Some have asked why we don't just drop the hashtag (the thing starting with the # symbol) all together. We probably will but first I want to be able to measure how well the word has spread by counting both #chuckmemondays and chuck me mondays tweets. I expect that some people will not get the message and so I want to know how easily we can change strategies (in case our best solution is to change our hashtags or terms each week).

So, let's spread the word to as many people as possible so everyone is on the same page. Thank you.