Monday, January 24, 2011

CHUCK SPOILER: Seduction Impossible (4.14)

Chuck and Sarah in "Seduction Impossible" -- Property of WB
You have just watched episode 4.12 and are anticipating 4.13 BUT next week's episode is so epic, so exciting, so big that I can't really tease it.  So, I have a little teaser spoiler for TWO episodes from now.  This one has to do with our favorite little romance:

Chuck's decision to wait puts him at odds with Sarah, who tries to convince him to see things her way.

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Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 55 (ADULT LANGUAGE)

We discuss CHUCK 4.12 and I answer spoilery questions around the 19 minute mark.

This episode has HARDCORE ADULT LANGUAGE.  Do not listen if you are sensitive to harsh language.

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