Monday, March 28, 2011


This should be the last Dear DR of season 4 unless something nutty happens.  Fans asked questions and I answer them.  If you don't like the questions, blame yourself for not asking them.  I have over 20 questions and some big spoilers.  I will start off with these and update this posting daily, sometimes more than once per day.  Return often.

Dear DR, will we see Mama B again? If so, in how many episodes? -- Mamemimomu

She returns in 4.20 and will be around for three of the final five (until I hear differently). -- DR

What are the odds of CHUCK getting another season? -- Shervaan

A source puts the odds at 50/50.  That is up from 30/70 a few weeks ago. Take that for what it is worth. -- DR

I 'm just wondering, will Chuck's life be in danger (being shot etc)? -- esozcanesk

Members of Team B will find themselves in life or death situations, some more than others. -- DR

I know that Sarah's dad is coming back, but other than that will Sarah have some interesting stories in upcoming episodes? -- Harku the Creeper

She gets an awesome NEW CAR!  Is that an interesting story? -- DR

Are they ever going to reveal Sarah's real name? -- nena

Her real name is Sam Lisa [something].  You should know that. -- DR

Oh Mighty DR, in 4.22, is Agent X someone close to Chuck (like Ellie or Devon)? Also, in which episode does Sarah have her bachelorette party? And does Chuck have a bachelor party too? -- TS

Answering your first question would likely reveal too much but your second is easy.  4.22 is the bachelor and bachelorette parties for Chuck and Sarah, respectively. -- DR

Dear DR:
1. The decline of CHUCK's viewers in the Male 18-34 group has been discussed in the ratings podcast. Is there anything ahead that may interest that group?
2. Is the stuff with Ellie and the laptop actually leading to an interesting story this time?
3. We have the bracelet. We have the ring. Is there any other jewelry for the crazy shipper to obsess over and is Zales getting any product placement in the show? -- dkd

1. Yep.  There will be hotness (though I can't promise it will make the final cut) 2. Yes. It will lead us to the finale. 3. I can't think of anything. -- DR

Dear DR, does Kathleen find out who Casey is and do they actually get to interact? -- Cor

Yes.  Though, don't expect it to go on for many episodes.  -- DR

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the finale cliffhanger? -- J

Zero. -- DR

Anything you can tell us about how Jack Burton finds out Sarah works for the CIA? -- uplink

He steals her wallet (edit: or purse, whatever, I'm a guy, what do I know?). -- DR

How much does the NFL lockout have to do with CHUCK getting renewed? I seem to recall reading that a long lockout would mean the show gets a fifth season. Is that true? And if so, how long would the lockout need to last? -- BC

However long NBC feels they need to wait to know.  -- DR

How do you get to be so handsome? Obligatory compliment over and now onto my question: Are they going to kill someone off CHUCK (as in at least a recurring guest star like Bryce or Papa B)? -- Michael

They are certainly going to try. -- DR

What's this relationship curveball (in the 4.20 synopsis) all about? Should I be worried? -- Anonymous

Not as worried as you should be that your parents named you Anonymous.  The curveball (a baseball term most of the world won't understand) is related to a prenuptial agreement and Sarah's conflict over Chuck's attitude. -- DR

Of all the great songs up to this point on the series of CHUCK, can you give me a list of your favorite songs that appeared in the show? -- Patrick

There are just too many to name them all but my favorite use of a song has to be Signs by Bloc Party (2.16).  I also loved Young Blood by The Naked and Famous (4.13) and Feeling Good by Nina Simone was pretty epic (3.14).  Not to mention all the uses of Bon Iver on the show.  But if I were to make a top 10 list of my favorite songs on this show, it would take me a week to pick the perfect songs.  No show has had a bigger affect on my love for music. -- DR

Will Alex have an opportunity to show off her fighting skills again? -- Lucia

I am sorry to say... no. -- DR

With CHUCK's ratings dropping to a 1.5 what is the chance that Fedak and company will change their mind to end the season finale on a cliffhanger? -- Poopmonster McGee

I don't see how they could avoid it at this point.  It feels like the ending is geared toward this cliffhanger.  So, as much as I wish they weren't doing it, I would be very surprised if they don't.  But please, show runners, surprise me by not doing it.  -- DR

Dear almighty DR, just wondering about a comment Chris Fedak made in an interview about Morgan and how he is now doing the Chuck journey all over. Does he just mean learning about how to be a spy or will it get more dark for him - ie shooting a gun or getting in way too over his head. Or will they keep him the happy-go-lucky character? -- Maddie

Morgan is definitely going to find new and exciting ways to get in way over his head.  But if there is going to be anything super dark in his future, it will not be this season.  -- DR

Dear DR, does Jill make an appearance in the final 5? -- Larry

Sadly, no. -- DR

Dear DR, is Agent X going to be a big thing and is Ellie going to be in some fighting scenes? -- Canadian Greg

I hope Agent X is a big thing.  As for Ellie doing fighting scenes... I guess she could be if she is an Intersect, if that is to what you are alluding.  So, no. -- DR

There was this sentence in CHUCK season 4 DVD review on Amazon - "In the second *finale*, Chuck and Sara [sic] must escape the revenge of the Volkov [sic] family long enough to bring off their own wedding. " Does this guy knows something we don't? -- Harku the Molester

Very generalized supposition.  So, nope.  -- DR

CHUCK gets the same Live+7 ratings as FRINGE (2.2). CHUCK is now getting a 1.5 on Mondays because of DWTS. Obviously Fridays is not such a wasteland with the FRINGE renewal. What are the odds that NBC looks at Fox's model and renews CHUCK to Friday's. It surely could do just as good as FRINGE right? -- UC15

Moving CHUCK has been discussed but whether they will do it or not is beyond my source's ability to know right now. -- DR

Question related to both original 13 and Agent X story: was Chuck to remain intersect-less until episode 13 and was the whole Agent X storyline supposed to be in the original 13? -- Siemon

Definitely not. -- DR

Could you say that Chuck and Sarah's wedding will be paid for by the CIA or will Chuck have to work at the Buy More forever? -- Sadie

Neither Chuck nor Sarah will be paying for any wedding.  By season's end, Chuck will pretty much solidify his desire to be a Buy Moron forever. -- DR

CHUCK fans are awesome and I know they like to give to charity, is there anything going on where I can donate? -- Awesome Chuck Fan

YES!  Our Princess Bailey is doing another fundraiser with her school and needs your help!  Click the link and donate as much as you can.  Thanks: -- DR

Dear DR, I really enjoy your spoilers and I am wondering will they EVER have a mission-free episode? Like for the season finale, because I really do not want a mission on their wedding day! And are the bachelor/bachelorette parties going to be wild or is it going to be ANOTHER mission episode? -- Jade

4.21 is the closest you will get to a non-mission episode. 

Chuck's bachelor party (in 4.22) goes all wrong with some hilarious results.  Sarah seems to get a more traditional bachelorette party with hot male strippers all up in her personal space. -- DR

Dear DR, CHUCK won the Hulu and TVLine best show on TV polls. How much will that influence NBC when it comes to renewal? -- Andreas the Little Girls

It will have no impact.  Internet polls are virtually ignored by network executives.  It is too easy to set up auto voting bots.  100 people can vote tens of thousands of times.  There is no way to accurately judge their legitimacy.  The only thing that may have any weight is the USA Today TV survey and even that is a stretch.  But polls are just ways to get fans to hit a website over and over.  Whether you want to believe it or not, they are meaningless.  Plus, if you notice on the Hulu site, the mention of CHUCK winning isn't even on the first banner panel and they misspelled "Winner." (and if you don't believe me, read what Zachary Levi said about it) -- DR

Jeffster has appeared in the climactic scenes of the last two season finales, will they make it three in a row? -- Anonymous

I don't remember them being in the Intersect room in season 2 or Papa B's basement in season 3.  If you mean to ask if they will be playing during an action sequence, then I am pretty sure they won't.  But anything could change from now until they finish the episode. -- DR

Do you like this next story arc? (The cliffhanger aside, of course). -- Mamemimomu

They all have potential.  4.20 has all the makings of a classic badass episode with a couple of very funny bits.  4.21 could be a new fan favorite with Sarah's back story getting some much requested focus.  4.22 sounds to me like an episode built to maximize on the comedy.  4.23 is a big setup for the finale with some cliffhanger elements that will definitely elevate concern for our characters.  And then 4.24 is a massive episode that has a movie's worth of story to tell in 43 minutes.  So... as I often say, execution is key, but I plan on enjoying these final five episodes as much as possible. -- DR

I am sure everyone is going to ask about a wedding, but is there a funeral in the finale? -- Amrit's Puppet

Yep. -- DR

Dear DR, what is the most significant unresolved plot thread/story element that would lead into Season 5? -- Gringo Chuck Fan

This season ends on some significant game changers that the writers could do away with in one episode, or could decide to use to go in an interesting direction next season.  It all depends on their desire to be interesting or predictable. The season ending cliffhanger will at least frame the 5th season.  Also, (it is possible that) a new element is introduced to the grander story that fans will sit around discussing for a while and demand an answer to for the next year.  -- DR


Dear DR, will we see a wedding in the finale? -- Hellen

Let me put it this way, the finale is not a wedding episode.  It is a hero episode.  Whether or not you see Chuck and Sarah married is up to you to find out while watching.  Though, I strongly suggest that anyone deeply invested in seeing that temper their expectations and enjoy the ride. -- DR