Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear DR: Suck It Charah!

So the last Dear DR resulted in another CHUCKpocalypse because of a mention of Chuck and Sarah being "split up" in episode 4.08.  Naturally, many of the questions for this segment are related to that.  What I find most interesting about the response is that a small portion of the fandom took it personally.  As if the spoiler existed to hurt them.  I have referred to these types of people as CRAZY SHIPPERS and they repeatedly reinforce the legitimacy of that term, as the e-mail at this link proves.

What follows is spoilerific, even if entire context is not given.  If you read it and find yourself upset by it, or excited by it, or somehow disappointed by KNOWING IT, it is your fault.  You decided to proceed.

Is the split up forced or do they both want it to happen? Like, will Chuck or Sarah sacrifice themselves so the other can escape? -- Snips

Hannah returns and Chuck feels bad so he mercy dates her.

I am of course kidding... Chuck and Sarah are not really given a choice.

Is the split-up part of a plan broken down into phases to take down an enemy culminating into episode 9 titled Phase Three? -- Sue

So like they plan a three phase split up to take down the enemy?  Wouldn't that be interesting?  Phase 1: we pretend to break up!  Phase 2: we hook up with new people but are just playing them!  Phase 3:  Fooled you, evil spies!  We were always in love with each other and just pretending to be into you to capture the evil dudes!

Sounds like what the first half of season 3 should have been like.

I am pretty sure that the split up is not a break up and that crazy shippers jumped to conclusions like they always do. Can you tell us something more about it without spoiling too much? -- Cardinal Sin

Imagine this: Here is this woman who has spent her life running from who she is and pretending to be someone else.  The only person who loved her, as a child, also abused that relationship by using her to take advantage of other people.  Then the CIA comes along and robs her of any chance to develop meaningful relationships with anyone.  So she survives by never allowing anyone, except her partners, to become meaningful to her.  And then she meets this guy who immediately shakes her foundation.  And over time he breaks her walls down until she can't resist him, even though everything she has learned demands she do just that.  Over time she not only loves him but begins to see a real possibility of spending the rest of her life with him and starting a family with him.  This is beyond a fantasy for her... it was once an impossibility and now it is the most real thing in her life.

And then one day someone decides that she can't have that anymore.

Ever since Chuck and Sarah became official and, well you know, the loving has started... the endorphins pumping, he has not had problems with flashing. When Chuck and Sarah split will this issue reappear? Will Chuck go back to being flash impotent? -- ZLP

Flash impotency?  Yes.  It is something of a nightmare, really.  Though, it doesn't happen because of the split.

I just saw a picture of Timothy Dalton and he didn't have a mustache. You said that he had a "sheepish trucker" mustache. What gives? -- Ignatius J. Reilly

SHEEP!  Baaaaahhhhhh!!!!!  You will understand what it means when you see the episode.

I love Timmy Dalton.  Best actor the show has ever had.  My eyes are watering right now thinking about it.  The show makes history once he arrives.  HISTORY!

We have seen a shot of Mama B and Sarah confronting each other and an insider said that Sarah was shot.  Any more info about that?  Thanks!  -- JK Toole

Sarah gets shot?  News to me.  And by news to me I mean... she doesn't.

You said this season is going to be epic and that it will "go down in history!" But so far it isn't blowing me away. Is there something coming down the line that made you say that or were you just hyping it to get people excited? -- Doucheaholic

Didn't you ask this question already?  The history is coming.  HISTORY!  

Does Shaw return this season? Please say no! Please say no!  -- Shawsux

No.  Mind you, I am probably saying that because you said please... twice.

You are so full of it. I don't believe any of your spoilers. You just say vague stuff so no one can call you on it when you are wrong. You say controversial stuff just to get hits because you [redacted]!  I asked real insiders on Twitter about your "split up spoiler" and no one knew anything about it. You are nothing but a fake!   -- Geniustard

You are absolutely right.  [redacted] I am a super secret fake insider, I admit it.  So, you are correct.  However, let's make a deal.  If my fake spoilers turn out to be true, then you will never listen to those other "insiders" ever again and only come to this site.  And if they turn out to be false, I will delete this site from the Internet and give you my ChuckMeMondays Twitter account.  Deal?

You avoided the engagement issue in the last Dear DR. I think that means they get engaged. I figured out your system.   -- Moreron

My system?  As if I have one of those.  Look, the question is an easy one to answer.  Chuck and Sarah will n...... hold on.  Someone is at the door..... be right back.

Is there going to be a scene that shows how much Sarah loves Chuck, something like you mentioned on your podcast? Thanks. -- Chapman

A scene?  A SCENE???

Think about what she did in Chuck Vs. The Broken Heart, when she risked her job and freedom to help Chuck find his dad.  That will seem like an ounce of fluffy low fat whipped cream... on top of this 10,000 calorie hot fudge sundae named "Sarah's Expression of Love for Chuck."

You said the show might be taking a two-week break after episode 4.06.  Is it a good time story-wise to take a break, or bad? -- Diane

I answered these next few on the podcast but figured I should answer them here too.  4.06 ends on a cliffhanger... one that should leave shippers in an uproar!   So, it is pretty good place to have a break.

After episode 4.04 do we see a little less focus on Chuck and Sarah's relationship issues or will they continue to be front and center? -- Eaglemoomoopeepee

4.05 moves away from it to focus on Mama B.  But then we return to their relationship issues.  And I know, that is now the thing to complain about... but what show have people been watching for FOUR SEASONS?  This has been about 40% Chuck and Sarah... 60% everything else.  So, once they got together, it shouldn't be a surprise it would be 60% Chuck and Sarah, 40% everything else.  Why not just enjoy it instead of allowing it to bother you?  We are the masters of our own minds.  Focus your negative energy on something else... like hating me.

Regarding 4.04, I think a lot of people and critics missed that Sarah was practicing a technique from the book at the end, telling your lover stuff while they are asleep. It was good to see that she made an effort to try it because she loves Chuck. Anyway, do you think that the show runners missed a chance for Ellie to say to Chuck that he should go back to being a spy? -- ZLP

Great point.  It was a callback to the book discussion.  She may have said it was silly but that is her naturally tendency, to reject outward expressions.   But she wanted to say it to him.  She NEEDED to say it to him.  And now we know that Sarah wants to marry Chuck... and we know Chuck knows it too.  It was a deeply romantic moment.

As for Ellie... I think the show runners could have accelerated that storyline but I am not bothered by it since I like it when Chuck lies.  I don't even get why anyone is bothered by it.  This is a TV show, not real life.  And this is CHUCK not... some other show.  You know the formula.  Why is anyone still surprised by it?  They have moved more of the story forward on this show than most shows do in 10 seasons.  But give people an inch and they want a mile.  Lame.


  1. These were great - if the shippers freak out over this then there's just no hope for them. I'm looking forward to what's coming.
    Thanks Magnus!
    Will we see you at Chuckfest2?

  2. No, but you will see everyone else there. Enjoy.

  3. "And then one day someone decides that she can't have that anymore."

    Wasn't the point of "Role Models" to show that it was possible for the two of them to have that? So you are saying that the CIA will intervene to keep them apart once again, forcing us fans to watch as the TPTB rip the two of them apart before our very eyes!

    That's it, I am quitting the show to save myself the pain an agony. Others will follow me, and when this show is cancelled you 15 minutes of fame will be up.

    - C.S. Phan

  4. Thanks Rob, but I have to delete that message due to some rules. Sigh.

  5. Magnus what you wrote about Sarah's life melt my heart...really well written..*_*
    I don't care what the reason of the split is, not anymore...!I'm a shipper and I think you know it..but first of all a Chuckster...and if this split involves one of the best Tv charachter ever written- Sarah Walker- I can't look forward to that moment...more...!
    Last week it seems you were talking about an emotional split...Now it's clear It's NOT...!

    @Anonymous: Why for you the solution is quitting the show...?!? I don't really GET IT!! Last season many like u chose this easy way to get something we are enojying now..CHUCK AND SARAH...!Why quitting...WAIT, WATCH WHAT HAPPENDS TILL THE END DUDE...!

    Thanx Magnus!

  6. And that, my friends, is the difference between a shipper and a crazy shipper.

  7. First what you wrote about Sarah was very eloquent and sad. But what you wrote also makes me have hope for Sarah and this is why.

    Okay so Chuck and Sarah have this fight in 3.07 and it leads to some mission failure. Beckman decides to split them up as partners. That is why Chuck needs that Rob guy to train him in 4.08.

    This is similar to broken heart.

    Chuck's new partner in this episode is Summer Glau. That is why this Greta is different.

    Instead of 49B it is you let your relationship screw the mission up.

    Sarah says the hell with it because Chuck is in danger and she goes all mama bear on the bad guys for Chuck.

    Sarah is not going to let anyone stop her from having her life with Chuck.

    Just spitballing but it sounds logical.


  8. CR, that is an interesting speculation. I can't really tell you whether you are right or wrong without spoiling what happens.

  9. I think there has to be some consequences of Sarah and Chuck always talking about relationship problems during the mission.

    Maybe this is where it all comes to a head. Chuck needs to learn how to be a true spy and if he cannot compartmentalize his feelings then bad things happen.

    Maybe the show is doing this intentionally and the Chuck writers have a plan. Chuck and Sarah may get the relationship part down but they also need to know how to be partners.

    Chuck and Sarah will always be in love but working with your partner is not easy and we are seeing that this year.


  10. Wow good point CR...considering also what Fedak said about communications between them...Chuck will learn how to act as a spy also by talking to Sarah which is an expert...and Sarah the other way round will learn more about normal life...!
    But uhm dunno if the sorta of spoiler Fedak gave reffered to these episodes airing now...!

  11. Anyways in the past I would have freaked out for these kind of spoilers but last nights episode sealed it for me.

    Sarah loves Chuck and nothing is going to change that. She wants to marry the dude. So I would love to see someone try to take that away from her.

    Good luck to whoever stands in her way.

    I will pop the popcorn and watch the fireworks.

    Former Crazy Shipper

  12. Former Crazy Shipper, I am loving the attitude.

  13. I'm hopeful that the TPTB have made us go through three very fun but mythologylite Chuck and Sarah episodes to show us that the bond is there and set a baseline. Now they are going to do what ever they need to do to tell whatever story they want and the 'fans' will be a bit more secure.

    Hey DR, I can't hate you, no negative vibes I just want some Morgacey before it gets heavy again.

  14. No worries, eaglemommydearest. You will get your wish. :)

  15. I think what you are teasing for Sarah´s character sounds really epic and you did a really good job of writing her short biography. :)

    Thanks for the blog.

    I am also very much looking forward to Timothy Dalton.

    I don´t know, if that would spoil too much, but I am really interested in Chuck´s reaction to whatever Sarah will do. I thought that in Broken Heart and throughout season 2 his appreciation of what she was willing to risk was sometimes lacking a little. I loved how he acknowledged what she did in Colonel, though. I think that might still be my favourite episode of all times.

    So could you elaborate in any way on Chuck´s take on the split or on whatever Sarah might do without spoiling too much? I kind of expect the split to be related to what you called "Sarah´s expression of Love for Chuck", but I guess it doesn´t have to be.

    I guess Chuck could also be the someone in "...one day someone decides that she can't have that anymore.", but I am hoping for an outside threat.

    I also really hope, that the physical separation doesn´t last the whole second half of the season, because even if the storyline is completely epic and amazing, I would dearly miss Chuck and Sarah sharing scenes. It would probably take away a lot of the suspense to know exactly how long the split will last, but I would still love some reassurance, that they will have joint screentime again before 4.13.

    Anyway I can´t wait for Mama B. and Timothy Dalton and I certainly don´t mind the focus staying with the relationship as long as it is well done. And I thought is has been done well so far. Thanks again for hightening my excitement even more.

  16. I really can't say much more about it without really spoiling the episodes... and I just don't want to do that. Though, as I just told someone, I am sure SpoilerTV will ruin the whole thing in a week or two. But I won't be the one to do it. :)

  17. Ok, fair enough. Knowing in advance won´t change anything anyway.

    I keep wondering, if you ever regret being completely spoiled. I guess you could avoid that, if you wanted to and obviously you don´t, but do you sometimes wish to be able to watch the episodes unspoiled?

    I just realised, that your spoilers would make perfect sense, if Sarah died. ;)

    Giving her life for Chuck would definitely trump risking it and it would definitely lead to a physical separation. Unfortunately a permanent one. Maybe she will come back as a ghost. ;)

    (I am however just joking with that and don´t believe, that she might die at all.)

  18. Thanks for this Magnus! Instead of feeling a little bit nervous about what TPTB is doing, I am feeling very excited for the next episodes of the show. :)

    Thanks again!

  19. Sometimes I regret it. Certain things would probably have been much more powerful had I not known where it was going. But I also have the ability to just sit back and enjoy the execution. I also don't seek to know EVERYTHING.

  20. Interesting idea Awelle even in jest, though I'm not sure turning Chuck into Daniel Shaw mk II and becoming a grief stricken murdering btard that mows down everyone that opposes him in a murderous rampage to finish out the series would be a good move. Chuck 'The Punisher' Bartowski, bitter pill ending eh!!

  21. Rob, they are not MY rules. I cannot even tell you what rules or whose they are but let me show you what I would need to cut out of your post:

    Rob said...

    What rules did I break? Flaming, expletives & racism were certainly not it. Anyway, it doesn't matter. Maybe this revised post will be acceptable.

    You ************? Maybe you should have Bailey teach you how to *****. She is ******* for a charity that is near and dear to her heart (bless her.) Still, ***** ;)


    Magnus puts out a weekly podcast weekly for all of us to enjoy during our post-Chuck hangover each Monday night/Tuesday. Ill and on his death bed? No excuses. That podcast is there like clockwork. His blog posts are fun and sources are accurate. All *******.


  22. Is the following what happens or is it just an example?


    So like they plan a three phase split up to take down the enemy? Wouldn't that be interesting? Phase 1: we pretend to break up! Phase 2: we hook up with new people but are just playing them! Phase 3: Fooled you, evil spies! We were always in love with each other and just pretending to be into you to capture the evil dudes!


  23. Wait, there is no breakup and there IS NO engagement/wedding? The titles so far have mostly to do with Chuck and Sarah, this episodes strongly suggests that they want to marry each other, and we have titles suggesting marriage.

    Aisle of Terror: Terrifying to walk down the aisle to get married.
    Phase 3: Phase 1 - Dating, Phase 2 - Engagement, Phase 3 - Marriage.

    Kristin listed them as one of two couples who could be getting married. How you suggest that they aren't getting married or engaged!


    -I. O'Toole

  24. "Chuck and Sarah will n...... hold on."

    Chuck and Sarah will not be ... - That's what you meant.

  25. I'd like to say something about the focus on the relationship.

    Yes, to deny that it's always been a focus since the beginning would be naive. From the very first episode: Smoking hot girl walks into the Buy More to get her phone fixed by a member of the Nerd Herd, and they fall for each other. However, I like to refer to what Alan Sepinwall said in his review Basically, it'd be nice to have "an episode or two where the mission isn't a referendum on their relationship." It just seems to me like their is too much of a focus on it, I think. I kinda felt that way during the 1st half of season 3 too. A whole episode on relationship drama, with the whole love quadrangle stuff.

    I'm probably in the minority, though. I never experienced all that much tension with all the "will they won't they" stuff. I found the concerns with two CIA partners being emotionally invested in one another very valid, and it made the show seem more realistic to me. My only complaints with season 3, as I mentioned above, was that there was too much focus. The general plot seemed to be suffering because the show mainly focused entirely on Chuck/Hannah/Shaw/Sarah. Blech.

    So, assuming that your answer to the 3rd question has merit, that's good news to me. It just seemed like all the sudden, General Beckman and whoever else at the CIA/NSA have no problem whatsoever with Chuck and Sarah being together, when at one time it was a huge issue (49-B, etc). So that should be interesting to see.

    I do like Chuck and Sarah together, as they make a great couple, but I'd prefer that the other great aspects of this show that drew me in aren't overshadowed at the expense of all the relationship stuff.

    Sorry for writing a book. :)

  26. Jeremiah, assuming it has merit?

    Why do I even bother? ;)

  27. I am just spitballing, but I could see Sarah taking a bullet for Chuck. We have never seen that before. We have seen Sarah get shrapnel from an exploding car for Chuck but never a bullet. Sarah could be in a coma with little chance to live. Enter doctors Woodcomb. That would split them up and be the display of love Magnus is talking about.


    Sarah surrenders herself to Volcoff in order to save Chuck from certain death. She is tortured within an inch of her life but she never gives up Chuck's identity, which is what they are after. Chuck spends at least two episode searching for Sarah with the help of his mother and Casey.


  28. Anonymous that sounds interesting, but it may be a little too dark for this particular season. I think this season they are focusing on fun, fun, fun. Season 3 was dark, dark, dark. so I do not know if they will go that far and so that, but it certainly would add wieght and increase the stakes a lot, I would definately dig it though. I am really hoping mama b is bad though! it would be so cool to see chuck having to choose between the life and people in his life now and his mom, and we all know he will choose his life now.

  29. This season is definitely much lighter than last season. But it will have its darker moments.

  30. Ok, but is the spec of sarah being shot or tortured in order for her to demonstrate he commitment to chuck maybe a little too dark, for not just this season, or even season 3 but the series as a whole? I am kind of glad that the series would never go that far, I think, it would definately be interesting though, that would be the ultimate relationship test!

  31. Dear Magnus.
    I need to admit that your little novelle about Sarah, makes me tears in my eye :)

    although I still afraid a little bit about this "split-up"

    Noo, no no nooo , I'm not a Crazy Shipper , this is not about Crazy Shipper viewpoint. Its more like a viewpoint of who second favorite story, after The Chuck And Sarah story of course , is the Chuck as a HERO story. And I know the last season was the Chuck Save Sarah life and he is the Hero , and everything. But I'm worry that if they make Chuck again, a Silly Spy with this story. If he's getting trouble again, because some stupid things, then Sarah never gonna Trust him as a Spy , She never admit that Chuck is a Great Spy. I know She love him , but at some point she still handle Him as an asset , of course becasue She love him, now she more protective to him. But
    One of my favorite moment in the last episode is , when Ellie admit it that Chuck is pretty good in this spy stuff, I love the whole conversation. And I hope at some pont Chuck will became a realy good Spy, who is perfect partner and equal partner with Sarah.

    I guess this season is about Sarah and her love for Chuck, but what cost? I mean..., Well , You know .
    I hope some pont you understand what I want to say . :) I will continue latter if I find the good Way. :D .

    I use google translator so , sorry about that :)

    ohh LUKE :

    I think tortured Chuck would be better idea. :)
    Its show How good Chuck is as a Spy , and of course He sacrafice Himself for Sarah , and in the battle he lost The Governor or broke.
    And the mean time , Sarah need to find hime, before, the Intersect without The Governor is kill him. Its like the "24" first season :D something similar, I think would be good. I mean its show us that How far Sarah can go to save Chuck life.
    I like this theory because, its make both Chuck and Sarah as a HERO. :)

  32. Snips, sarah always says that she thinks chuck makes a good spy to him. She said in first date I have seen you in action you can do anyting, in ring she said when are you going to realise that you are that guy (a hero) she even said you look like a spy in the same episode. Also when she does not verbally say it she shows the confidence she has in him, she and casey vouched to stanford to get his diploma, she trusted him in tom sawyer at the end, she always trusts his judgement (vs tooth) even when at times it may not be possible. It is not only you who says this I read reviews where people do not think that sarah respects chuck as an equal, I do not understand that at all, it may be how sometimes ellie, casey and sarah sometimes talks down to him, but that is just the way it is he is different to them, they are a kind of no nonsense leaders and he is a different type of leader they all still love him and respect him. Even casey loves and respects chuck just look at season 3 (respect) and season 4 anniversary (respect and love) he has for chuck.

    With regards to torture, well they are always heroes for me so I am happy either way.

  33. Also in a way I find it very romantic and adorable that sarah is in charge of her and chuck. I mean as Magnus said in his post sarah never really has had anyone in her life that let her have control, her dad used her the CIA recruited her and put her around the globe doing at times their dirty work. At least with chuck she has someone in her life that is just as smart, kind, sweet and nice as her but she gets to be in control and decide what will make her happy. Throughout some of the difficult parts of season 3 the one aspect I did like is that with chuck she was adament that she would not accept a second best chuck, a man that was not the guy she fell for to begin with, she wanted her chuck and stuck to her guns and I am happy she did that. She now has something in her life that is hers and hers alone and it is the best version of what she wanted. oh I am so sappy! it may be my romantic spanish blood!

  34. Magnus thank you for answering my question. May I ask will there be an episode where chuck is MIA missing in action. Meaning he has been taken and they do not know who or where he has been taken?

  35. Chapman, from a certain point of view that could be said to happen. Though, doesn't that happen in every season? "Where's Chuck? He's MIA!" And then all kinds of fun things happen.

    Why do I hear Morgan, Casey, Big Mike, Beckman, and Sarah in my head when I ask "Where's Chuck?"

    So, yes. He goes MIA for at least a minute.

  36. Been thinking this since the last Dear DR, and this one further confirms what I've been thinking: Sarah is kidnapped. Goes along with what I think happened to mom, she was captured by Volkoff and forced to work for him, though what side she'a on today I'm still not sure. Someone who decides Sarah can't have all that stuff= kidnapper/Volkoff. Chuck will continue to look for his mom, but his main focus will now be on finding Sarah, since unlike his mom he knows for sure that Sarah didn't abandon him. And like Chuck dual searches in season 2, he'll find them both in the same place, though this time they're obviously not the same person. It could work if Sarah escaped and took mom with her, and they meet up with Chuck while he's on a mission.

    My $0.02. And I may be a shipper, but not heavily. The fan reaction to 3.07 made me cry, I was sure the show would be cancelled after that. If this spoiler winds up causing that kind of reaction again, you'll probably hear about someone committing a mass murder, and then entering into a pysch ward.


  37. Magnus,

    Do you think they will show chuck and sarah or chuck and morgan in a bar just shooting the breeze so to speak. A scene that is not a set or on location spy shoot but just some chilling out even for a like the first two minutes of an episode before they get called back for a mission. It would be nice to see these characters once in a while just blowing off some steam, yeah I know not the greatest idea!

  38. I know that they did that in 3.02 but that was riddled with tension and stress, I meant a happy like scene.

  39. Thank you for answering our questions. For my feeble little brain I would like a little clairification. So to summarize what you are saying in your response to Cardinal Sin that a CIA operative does not get to choose (Chuck vs first date s2e1)so someone sends one or both to a different spot geographically and Chuck and Sarah spend the rest of the season looking for ways to get back together.

  40. "And then one day someone decides that she can't have that anymore."

    I am really interessted in who that person is.
    Can't be Beckman/CIA, can it? since she/they can only make her decide whether to be a spy or to quit or to run and by now I think more than ever we know what Sarah would decide for.

    So who might have the power to decide she can't have that anymore? Mama B perhaps?

    - Andy

  41. Can you give us any hints about Summer Glau's version of Greta? Will she be interacting much with Casey?

  42. I am not going to start answering every question so that you all can flesh out the season for yourselves. Because it wouldn't take long for someone to simply ask a series of questions that would lead them to a complete answer. So, here is the new rule, if you ask a specific question related to what I would call a major plot point, like "Will Chuck and Sarah get married" then I will simply not answer it, even if the answer is no. :)

    Now, to the questions:

    BJ, I cleverly worded that to be generic.

    Andy, I cleverly worded that to be generic.

    Anonymous, if that even is your name, I cleverly wor... oh. Summer Glau? She will be interacting with individuals of the male persuasion.

  43. Hi Magnus,

    A question, I am finding the buymore hard to take and I think I now know why, in season 1 and a little bit of season 2 chuck was way more involved in the buymore, there was always a sense that he did his CIA thing but he still had to go back to the buymore. So one scene would be him on a fast paced mission and then the next him sitting at the desk staring in the air reflecting on how much he wanted his life to change. But now chuck is never there, he has got the degree, career, girl and even morgan does not belong there he is awesome and should be there being awesome. Is there a way to rescue this situation, from what you know are they going to do something better with the buymore, because it seems like it is dragging chuck and team b behind. It is like the orange orange, sarah was never there so they got rid of it and I am none the wiser and happy.

  44. James, I can't predict what you would enjoy so... no clue. There will be some Buy More stuff coming but whether it lives up to all your hopes and desires, I have no idea. Temper your expectations. This show is not working on a $3 million budget anymore.

  45. first of all watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtkXKIgP4hI

    I was in tears, but secondly if they could have the gretas and cia interact more with the actual buymore crew. Casey, have him going around assaulting shop lifters, beating anyone up who he thinks looks like a commie, beating jeff and lester black and blue, anything that just picks up the buymore. It just seems that we are ready for a real bad guy, I mean it cannot be that expensive to have gun fights that are cool or even car chases, the good guys have one every week and their budget is nothing to write home about. Or even team B running after criminals and chuck having to jump walls and buildings, something that is cheap but has the pulse race, or like in nacho sampler where they had a mexican standoff that was cool. There are many things they can do that are cheap and set the pulses racing I just wish they did it instead of making us look at jeff and lester who were ok in season 1 when chuck was there but he has evolved and so has every other character even big mike so get rid of them.

  46. Lol it's funny seeing people's crazy reactions to your spoilers. I'm a pretty hardcore shipper and the first thing that came to mind that would split C/S up is obviously Mama B. I'm guessing she's not going to approve of Sarah and does something to try and get them apart.

  47. people are caring too much about this issue based on spoilers... imma just keep watching the show without and see how it plays out. getting this worked up about a tv show is silly.

  48. I am not sure what it is, but if you look at this article:


    it basically says that this series is producing a network show on a cable network budget that is 30% less then a network show. So if a network show ranges from 2-5 million dollars per episode then the good guys is produced at maybe 1.4 to 2 million dollars an episode. Now come on if the good guys can do what they do the explosions, awesome car chases, gun fights, etc on that budget, than chuck can up its game and do the same if not more!

  49. This article explains all:


    Basically there on the same budget if not way less then chuck and still manage awesome gun fights, car chases, explosions gallore, loads of guest stars, loads of offset locations and has awesome music as well. It makes me think, get rid of buymore and the employees and use that money to make chuck the most awesome show with bad guys going. It can be done! Fedak and schwartz need to man up and make the changes needed to make chuck awesome! After reading the above article, I no longer accept that the budget is 2.5 million an episode and they cannot do this and that, whatever!

  50. Ok:


    16 million dollars for 13 episodes, so that is 1.23 million dollars per episode all in, this is shocking, man shocking!

  51. yeah i know the good guys is awesome and cheap, but I just got my streethawk dvd (abc I loved this show as a kid and will never forgive you for cancelling it!)and in the extras rex smith said that in la at the time there was always a production team union that meant there were always like 12 guys sitting in a room doing nothing, now the good guys is in texas and so may not encounter these such issues, but I do agree chuck should do better and not always blame the budget for producing poor green screening all the time !

  52. oh and that 16 million includes everyting, it is an all in deal now the highest paid actor on chuck is zac levi at 60k an episode, so never mind it is frustrating, but whatever it could be better and I have no idea where the money is going!

  53. Magnus,

    This question is slightly off topic, but do you know why they decided to do a complete overhaul of Castle?

    I understand the need to change it a bit when the Buy More was rebuilt, but the two main rooms the set seems larger than before.

  54. If I remember to ask, I will try to find out for you. Off-hand I don't remember being told any specific reason other than that they rebuilt the set.

  55. I agree-Timothy Dalton will make history when he appears on the show. He is an original and lights up the TV with his charismatic presence and is absolutely the best actor the show has ever had. Can't wait to watch the episodes.

  56. Will Ms. Glau get to do more with her role than the other Gretas have, or is it just another glorified cameo? Also, is it true that Alex will only be featured in two other episodes this season? If they need to free up some money to pay Ms. Melvin, they should just get rid of Jeff and Lester. I know I'm probably in the minority on that one, but I just can't stand those characters.

  57. Summer "I don't get the attraction" Glau, I am told, has a bigger role than the other Gretas.

    And since you felt the need to insult Jeffster, I will keep the rest of the answer to myself. :)

  58. Did anyone notice that now all bad guys notice that chuck and sarah are a couple, first it was heather and now the general as well. He only offered casey costa gravin angels not chuck or sarah, awwwwww sweet.

  59. Hi Magnus,

    After looking at james posts and the two articles he posted, is there a case to now say that whenever the show feels cheap (e.g. some of cubic Z) we cannot ever critise the budget, it is now a critism of bad money management by all involved. It is now proven that shows with low budgets like the good guys can deliver awesomeness why cannot chuck? or am I totally off base?

  60. Magnus I was thinking to your portray of Sarah's life...and I was wondering how big will be this FREAKING OUT thing for her...? I mean, considering that Chuck is more or less her everything..If something happens to him ( I don't know She thinks he's dead) she would have an emotional breakdown...She would freak the hell out for real...So is it about THIS we are talking about..? Or something not so dramatic 4 her?

  61. I'm not a Summer Glau fan, either. I was just wondering if she'd have a bigger role since 1.)everyone else seems to think she's an incredibly gifted actress, 2.)she has a past connection to Adam, and 3.)she has a starring role on an upcoming NBC show.

    I've never understood the appeal of Jeffster. While I can sometimes tolerate Lester, Jeff seems like the type of guy who'd end up on To Catch A Predator. Sex offenders don't make me laugh.

    That's all. Thank you for your replies. I promise to shut up now.

  62. Anonymous, so those of us who like Jeff or Jeffster are or support sex offenders?

    S1monetz, what I have already said about it is pretty much all you are going to get... at least for now.

    Mark, it is fair to say that the show sometimes utilizes its budget well and sometimes it doesn't. But we also don't know specifics about each show's budget and what constraints each studio has placed on the production teams.

    And having seen only one episode of the other show, I can't tell whether it is just using a lot of its budget in a couple of episodes or if they are managing their budget better than any other show on television.

  63. Fair enough...it's just that I'm a little bit confused...so my last question is: Is there a connection between the split up and Sarah's expression of Love for Chuck?

  64. Diane says...

    My guess on the inexpensiveness of the Good Guys is that a lot of their crew probably lives and works in Texas. Salaries aren't going to be as high in Texas (or most other places) as they are in Los Angeles.

  65. If Sarah thought Chuck was dead, 2 things would happen . 1) The Casey would be unleashed . 2) we'd see Sarah Walker: A$$ Kicker .

    *repeats to self * " please pretend to kill off chuck , please pretend to kill off chuck "

    To all the people that are complaining about the budget ..... The show has gotten 2 seasons more than they should have ( thank you WENDY ) just sit back and enjoy it . There's still a lot of the season to go........ :)


  66. I didn't say that fans of Jeff or Jeffster support sex offenders. I said that Jeff comes across like a sex offender to ME, which is why I don't find him funny. Most Chuck fans obviously don't see him that way, but he definitely gives me the creeps.

  67. S1monetz, you will find out in less than two months. ;)

    Diane, makes sense. Different states/areas have different tax/production breaks. CHUCK should probably move to Vancouver. ;)

    Kevin, well said.

  68. OMG !! If the show moves production to Vancouver , I AM SO DONE ! Seriously 3+ years of filming in and around L.A. and they would just up and move ? I'm boycotting Chuck now . How dare they !



  69. Hola Amigo - someday when much of this is said and done - you really need to write a book! Either that, or use some of this " shipper" phenomenon to start doing some post graduate work in Sociology - or Psychology. You've got plenty of 'field' work and test results on the impact of fictional relationships and their correlation to abnormal behaviour!
    Have you tried to venture into the field of Shipper profiling? ex= the classic distinguishing characteristics of the "Crazy Shipper" .... would make for very intesting study. Are people 'born' as crazy shippers?... some genetic trait - or would it be more along the lines of a socio-economic influence of learned behaviour patterns? Pontificate at will.

  70. Diane...

    I hear Vancouver isn't as cheap as it used to be. The Syfy Channel has a show ("Haven") filming in Nova Scotia.

    Maybe Chuck could move to Romania. But, I'm not sure I even want to see a car chase in Romania.

  71. I have multiple graduate degrees as it is... and the funny thing is, my intention was to get my first in sociology (but ended up in marketing and technology), so I guess I could always shoot for another.

    I have theories about who crazy shippers tend to be... and some of them are not too flattering. Emotionally unstable, average to low-IQ, and potentially suffer from some kind of borderline personality disorder.

    Granted, some crazy shippers will not fall into those categories. I suspect those are temporary insanity shippers... who suddenly get caught up in a moment of feeling overwhelmed by a TV relationship, likely due to some personal real life issue or deficiency. But the difference between them and the others is that they are able to admit when they have made a mistake and do not feel as if they have been personally attacked by a spoiler or idea.

    A true crazy shipper feels violated by any notion that contradicts their version of reality when it comes to Chuck and Sarah. And they take it personally, have violent mood swings, and sometimes become hysterical when they feel confronted by a contrary point of view related to what they perceive or need to believe.

  72. Something I've noticed is the guys alot of times seem way more prone to take it personal in regards to this show and this ship. I don't know if its because most of the audience is male so it's inevitable but this is the first time I've ever come across that.

  73. Hey Mangnus,

    On one of the earlier podcasts you mentioned that (paraphrasing) season 3 sounded really good on paper, but it wasn't executed as well as you hoped.

    How is season 4's execution playing out compared to what you heard?


  74. Sue, most crazy shippers seem to be males. I have talked about this many times before but... the male crazy shippers identify with Chuck's ability to get Sarah. Now that he has Sarah, they feel like they are with Sarah and that losing her is some kind of personal rejection. I have come across very few female crazy shippers.

    Rob, season 4 has so far played out very much like I expected with a few differences. But I expected to feel the way I do right now. The big stuff comes later... we are in the calm before the storm phase right now, just like last season. Though, the storm this time around is different.... more exciting. And the actors/characters more interesting.

  75. Something I always wondered about is the music on Chuck. They always seem to find the perfect song for the special moments. I got to know a lot of new great songs just from watching Chuck. Do they have a person who decides what music is they bring on? Because that pal would really be a genius. :D

  76. Magnus,

    I like your "identify with Chuck" theory about why men tend to be Crazy Shippers.

    I also wonder if, perhaps, women are more familiar with romantce-based fiction and that bumps, obstacles and twists are essentially part of the genre.

    I grew up watching soaps with my mom and nothing on Chuck comes even close to the convuluted stories that can occur between lovers in that genre.

    So, the obstacles that have been thrown in Chuck & Sarah's path aren't that bizarre or frustrating to me.

    Diane (I don't have your multiple degrees. I majored in radio-television-film)

  77. Oops. Just as I pressed "send" I noticed that misspelling. I didn't take enough English apparently either.


  78. When Chuck ends you don't have to deal with crazy shippers any more but if they do split Chuck and Sara up it would be a big mistake one the show will not recover from even if it's not their choice

  79. I thought Chuck's budget is now around 1.3 to 1.5 mill per episode. I suspect a large amount of the cost is the music budget rights that stuff costs a lot and the show has always had a lot of music also there is a large cast to service and a quality crew to look after. For people whinging about the budget and wanting more splosions and location shoots etc maybe stop trying to compare apples to oranges. Different production companies, overheads, locations you can't compare them. I work in a highly specialized industry as well and it peeves me no end when I see simpleton cost comparisons like this being made.

    other Guys I believe is a Matt Nix production so based on Burn Notice fox gets very very favourable terms to keep the show in Miami. I expect the same is true for Other Guys.

  80. The music is done by Alexandra Patsavas' company, ChopShop Music. They are awesome.

    Eaglemoomoolala, music tends to cost a lot. But music is actually not the most expensive thing. There are other things that cost more. I am not going to pull back the curtain on that just yet.

    I think Miami is similar to NYC in that they get tax and production cost breaks.

  81. The "identify with Chuck" thing makes sense given the deep, deep anger and hurt some had over the Sarah stuff. Although it also makes it kind of scary too. That kind of reaction for a fictional relationship.

  82. How come people are freaking out for. Really if they do split which whatever reason they do you think it will stick. Hell no come on you crazy shippers lighten up.

  83. The little little secret about the Music on Chuck is Josh Schwartz takes great pride in getting good music on the cheap for the show. He has an addiction to music and finding new and undiscovered bands. He single handedly put Death Cab for Cutie and Bright Eyes on the map when he produced the OC. He got their music on the show before they were big and got it cheap...

    Same goes for Chuck...ala... Bon Iver, Temper Trap, Frightened Rabbit, the list goes on and on. Chuck will always have good music on the show and it will never affect thier budget.


  84. Read the 4.07 synopsis. Does Chuck have a clue about what his actions are doing to Sarah. Says he wants to marry her tells her he loves her and then pulls some crap. He is going to pull the same thing Bryce did in season 1. Sarah responds to trust and he doesn't seem to get that.

    I am in favor of her dumping his ass. He cannot grap the idea of partnership in every sense of the word. So your spoiler makes sense suck it Charah.

  85. Hola Amigo - muchas gracias for sharing some of your keen insights from awkward experiences .... not actually what I expected - but the way you have explained this - it makes perfect sense.
    Somehow it has become appropriate to display an emotional outburst reaction. I wonder if there is a correlation to small children having a temper-tantrum... hoping they get their own way.
    Well - what would I know - but its still a very telling phenomenon in our society.
    cheers- DC

  86. Diane says...

    Looks like the short synopsis that came out for 407 is going to get a few people upset.

  87. I'm trying to speculate as to why Sarah will be told she can't have her relationship with Chuck anymore. I imagine, as a pp guessed, that it has something to do with a fight on a mission. I honestly think they will end up fighting for each other, so I'm going to remain hopeful and enjoy the ride.

    Though, one thing occurred to me last night. With all this talk of marriage and babies, we're not going to find out that Sarah is pregnant, are we?

  88. the last anonymous, what makes you think that short 4.07 synopsis means what is means. Could it be that the arguement is about his mom and he flees with his mom in order to not have to justify why in his heart he trusts his mom but at the same time protecting sarah's career and life by doing that. I am not saying that is what happens but that short synopsis does not mean what it means, chuck could also get suspended! and use his time to follow mama b and learn the truth. Just calm down please, everyone take a breath it will be ok, and also who dumps someone after their first real fight? grow up!

  89. I think I may have got the answer to Magnus posting about why chuck and sarah split, magnus said that someone decides she cannot have chuck, what if he is kidnapped by volkoffs people, now that would be cool! If mama b is important to volkoff he could use chuck as bait

  90. Luke, I like it but... I have already stated that the split is not related to Mama B.

  91. Undercovers was even with last week’s series dooming 1.5 adults 18-49 rating.

  92. For all the fans that are freaking out over the split I will say this: after the first season where all the characters got to know each other and get established the show set up a formula when preceding forward. In seasons 2, 3 and I suspect 4 TPTB give you something to demonstrate that chuck and sarah will be together in the future no matter what and then once you know this they bring on the darkness. In season 2 in the beginning sarah accepted a date from chuck when she thought he was going to be set free and made it clear that she was open to having a life with him at that dinner if he had asked, but he flashed so he could not finish his thought. In season 3 they gave you the bracelet scene in episode 2, now sarah knew how important that bracelet was (she said so when chuck gave it to her, it is for a real girlfriend) if sarah did not love or see a future with chuck she would have given it back, but she kept it, that told us all we needed to know for season 3. And now season 4 they have given the most out of the 4 seasons and so when the darkness comes just roll with it and know that the formula will in the end get back to beginning, chuck and sarah together, it is so simple you do not need to be a genius to figure it out!

  93. Come to think of it in the premier the general said that the president made chuck a priority, could the split be that the president off screen or a senetor or a congressman request their greatest asset do missions for them while they are visiting los angeles. I know if I was important and visiting I would want the best agent they had and in many eyes I assume chuck is considering what is in his head can make him do anything physically and also he is a database where he can idenify threats that normal agents could not, so he could be put on temporary protective detail, good idea?

  94. Undercovers 1.4/1.5, L&OSVU 2.0, L&OLA 1.9... At this rate, Chuck will pass by all of NBC's Wednesday night lineup by next week...

    You guys, dont stress about Chuck and Sarah please. Chuck is too close to syndication and the writers will not piss off the fanbase again. Go grab a paper bag and breath in and out for a sec if you need to.

    So Chuck and Sarah are phyisically split up for an episode or two, Big deal! Will they still be in love with each other? Yes! Will they get back together quickly? Yes! Will the payoff of their split up be worth it? Yes! Will they want to get married and make babies at their reunion? Yes!


  95. What is the obsession with getting Sarah barefoot and pregnant? Lame lame lame. I hope they never go there or worst the most they do is have Sarah whisper into Chuck's ear in the final seconds of the very last episode of the series. I'm still not totally convinced about mini Awesome going forward once the child arrives but we shall see on that as they are not the leads of the show.

  96. so 5 hour shows need to have failed for chuck to get more eps this season, well:

    L&O LA

    So there we go, we have our 5 shows and one half show for good measure, oh happy days!

  97. John, half hour shows don't count. PARENTHOOD hasn't fallen below CHUCK yet.

  98. yeah but magnus, I read where you said that you would prefer chuck gets a 2.0 with no promotion the a 2.2 with promotion because the latter would get cancelled. ergo with parenthood costing more and also getting promotion then the numbers simply are not good enough, hence me putting that below chuck, are my thought processes right?

  99. A question Magnus,

    with the promo pictures of 3.05 showing team b in a precarious position, is there an opportunity for the bearded one to save the day and maybe earn casey's respect if he takes a bullit for him? I am so excited if my spec is right, morgan saving the day! in a word awesome! that may also explain why morgan is on a mission with the team in the next episode, this could be so cool.

  100. ZLP, in 3.05 Morgan didn't know Chuck was a spy.

    John, we don't really know how NBC looks at these numbers. So, it is all supposition. I am basing my opinion on what I have been told by people in-the-know. The pick-up or cancellation for any show could happen right now. Or they could wait to see more data.

  101. ok 4.05 then, is that better china.

  102. ZLP, I have found that 98% of fan specs by anyone but me end up being mostly wrong.

  103. With the short synopsis coming out for 4.07 ( sounds exciting ) now , does that mean that there is an episode on Nov 1 ? Those short little synopsis' usually come out 3 weeks prior to the ep airing . I hope so anyways , couldn't bare the thought of two Chuckless Mondays :( .

    An a 1.4 for UnderCovers in the finals ? Expecting the replaced by Minute to Win it announcement in 4,3,2...........


  104. Ryan, I HOPE so. In fact, based on what I know about the episodes that follow, it only makes sense that the show only take one week off, on the 8th.

    But we shall see. Until I see proof otherwise, I will go with what I was told over and over, that 4.07 is on November 15th.

  105. I had to delete your message because it contained magic words that are not allowed to be posted here. And I don't mean magic words that I ban.

  106. Here is what you said that I can allow:

    I would really love it, if there won´t be a two week break after 4.06 as well, but there is not much we can do about it.

    And while a lot of fan speculation ends up mostly wrong, there haven´t really been any surprises that big for me. For example about everyone expected Orion to die at the end of last season. I would love bigger surprises. For example I really wouldn´t mind Mama B. actually turn out to be bad, but I doubt it will happen.

    I guess staying away from all spoilers would help with being surprised, but I am bad at that. ;)

    Do you feel there might be some surprising twists left even with all the spoilers we have so far?



  107. Magnus, a thought occured to me when you said in your last podcast that the show runners are trying to keep the chuck and sarah relationship sweet and that is why although hot scenes are shot they are not used, do you think that is also why the show runners never let sarah tell chuck anything about her past so that again they can keep their love pure? I mean right now sarah is like living all her personal life through chuck, they live in chucks apartment her friends and family are chucks friends and family, do you think that is a diservice to the sarah character or perhaps good for her character to now finally have a life she is comfortable with and does not mind sharing with someone else.

  108. I think they have Sarah keep her secrets so they can do ANYTHING at ANY POINT with her past WHENEVER THEY NEED TO. :)

  109. I get that but at the same time whenever she has opened up about her past it is with people like carina or ok I am starting to feel sick actually thinking about this: and Shaw. Never with chuck, hmm......I suppose in the really real world if you decide to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want that time to be spend on happy moments not all your kills and cons, lol.

  110. I kinda thought that's the whole point about Sarah, she's never really made deep friendships until meeting Chuck, Carina is the only one she has and that has an 'interesting' almost sibling rivalry quality to it. As for family she never really had that either. Sarah does revolve around Chuck and that's a function of the show really being about him and the story servicing him. But it works because of how empty and narrow focused Sarah's life was pre Chuck. She's had and is getting plenty of character development since she became an honary Bartowski, it's all personal growth because of and for Chuck but I don't think it's a disservice to
    her character as it feels natural given where she started from. DR's tone spoilers suggest to me that it continues and the theme of the season being about family makes it look like it'll be some really powerful stuff (I hope).

  111. It would be nice for some of her enemies come back in her life, they gave last season a big one in shaw. There is carina her friend, we have seen her dad, her high school nemisis, former partner and boyfriend bryce and that is it. Maybe when she was Illana Trifo (sorry for the spelling) and she killed those assasins that comes back to haunt her and chuck. I mean they have given casey more to be fair, two former bosses, a wife, a girlfriend, a daughter, carina and now his former team, his costa gravin nemisis. I would like to see both these characters flushed out more. This show seems to find current enemies and just revolve stories around them in the present. With orions files I was kinda hoping that they would do a enemy of the week, you know have chuck do a like background presentation on a plasma for casey, morgan and sarah in orions lair and have them take them down over an episode or two that would be cool.

  112. I don't get what all the fuss is about with Chuck and Sarah. Meh. Let's talk about how Morgan will be faced with throngs of gorgeous women. How will he cope with being team leader of the CIA operations at the Buy More, and have multiple women wanting him? This is when Hannah returns to the show, Magnus. Right?

  113. Magnus can you say that during the split which seems to be about being a team for missions, that they still live under the same roof, or does Sarah move out. Thanks

  114. Morgan ! Morgan getting all the women, did you not hear his living dead podcast where he said kk is probably way to attractive for JG. I think that probably goes for all hot women. Now if it was ryan, adam or zac then yeah, that could be done. But this show is never about the spies going on missions or in their personal lives seducing loads of women, it has too much heart for that. Being in commited relationships is what all the characters strive for and it makes sense that is what would happen for all our heroes. But something is funny though, the person on this show who is the least attractive keeps getting laid by different women, lol. Only on tv!

  115. Chapman, they will not be living together during the split.

    Zach, are you talking about another podcast on my blog? HOW DARE YOU?!?!?!?

    And no, I did not hear that.

  116. Thanks for the answer but are they not living together during the split because one or both of them is undercover, or one of them being held against there will by someone. I promise no more digging after this question.

  117. They will not be living together during the split. :)

  118. Didn´t you already clarify, that the split is a physical separation? That wouldn´t really work, if they still lived together, would it? But maybe I remember that wrong.

    I kind of expect Sarah to be the one, who is away. Even though it could be fun to have her stay in the appartement with Morgan and a lot of people seem to want Chuck to get captured.

    But I think with that mentor character for Chuck being around in 4.08 it is more likely, he will stay put. Also who knows.

    Sarah being away would mean no more interaction between Sarah and the other characters, which would be kind of sad. There haven´t really been that many scenes with Sarah and Awesome, Ellie or Morgan so far, have there? I had kind of hoped for more of that.

    And I am really gonna miss having Chuck and Sarah in scenes together. :( Still hoping that it won´t be for too long.

  119. If people just listen to the podcast and read the blog and then read my comments, they could figure it out. :)

  120. I think the fact that Ellie is pregnant and she lives next to 4 spies may be the reason why someone moves out. I mean the closer ellie gets to birth the more protective chuck could get. Having casey, chuck, sarah and morgan all around is dangerous, especially if volkoff and mama b get close to chuck and his family are put at risk. I have a feeling that if sarah is not on board or does not trust mama b like chuck then neither will casey, and neither will ellie and i think it would actually be better for chuck to move out because he may be the only one who really is willing to go the distance to find the truth. hmmm, interesting ...........

  121. You know episode 6 could be an episode where all characters experience their worst nightmares and based on episode 5 where sarah may think that mama b is bad. What if sarah's worst nightmare is losing chuck and the standoff is her nightmare but not reality. That could explain that at the end of 4.06 sarah wakes from the nightmare and says to chuck that she deep down does not trust mama b and does not want chuck to find her if it puts him in danger. See I think that the nightmares will affect sarah most because she is so bottled up but having those feelings brought to the surface would definately make her jump into action to protect the life that she and chuck have. Now in chucks mind, he promised his dad that he would find his mom and so the fight could be that sarah is not willing to allow chuck to chase volkoff if it is too dangerous and chuck will disagree and go on a rogue mission, interesting, hmmmmmm.............

  122. What if timmy dalton is mama b's handler and she has been giving information on this major arms mogal for the last 20 years and she could only do it through him. Now in the real world of espiange in black ops there never is a paper trail due to the fact that they can always deny that the operation ever existed because a) if it is domestic the cia is not legally allowed to run operations domestically and b) if you are controlling an arms dealer like mama b to give weapons to the enemy of your enemy then you never want that coming out (check out lord of war with nicolas cage or ncis le granuie). Now if mama b has been undercover for all these years for the cia it is understandable that sarah found nothing or what she found was manufactured and because they cannot talk to beckman they will only ever find the truth if the find mama b's handler who could be dalton. Operations like this there is only ever one person who knows and the director of the agency. Just a thought!

  123. I did listen to the entire podcast twice and I read the blog as well as your comments, but I am still not sure, who will be away. I am feeling stupid.

    There will be a split-up of Chuck and Sarah, but it will not be a break up of their romantic relationship.

    It will be a physical separation.

    It will be following First Fight, but not actually happen until Fear of Death.

    It will not be related to Mama B..

    It will result from someone deciding, that Sarah can´t spend the rest of her life with Chuck anymore. (Actually I am not sure, if your answer to the second question implies, that this will lead to the split-up or what will resolve it.)

    Chuck and Sarah aren´t really given a choice about splitting up.

    I couldn´t find anything, that clarifies if the split-up will be related to their fight in First Fight.

    I would draw from that, that the split-up has to be by force. Because without using force the only person who could decide that Sarah can´t spend the rest of her life with Chuck any more is Chuck and that clashes with them not having a choice.

    I can´t really see the CIA having that kind of power, because Chuck and Sarah have both been willing to go rogue to be together before.

    So either Chuck or Sarah has to be taken away by force. And it can´t be related to Mama B..

    Your answer to Cardinal Sin´s question sure sounds like someone takes Chuck away from Sarah, but I often do interpret your teasers wrong.

    Chuck vs. the Fear of Death also sounds as if Chuck will be in mortal danger.

    So I guess the easiest answer is Chuck is indeed being taken from Sarah and she will have to do something extremly dangerous to get him back, as you said whatever she does out of love for Chuck tops her risking her freedom and her job in Broken Heart. So she might have to put herself in mortal danger to get him back.

    And I guess the mentor character could be involved in taking Chuck away from Sarah.

    I am probably missing something obvious.

  124. Now if my spec on dalton is accurate, then he could request that chuck be reassigned to help his mom take down volkoff, and so chuck would travel with her working with her and dalton could bring in someone in fear of death to work with chuck to bring him up to speed on what he needs to know in order to take down volkoff. This would explain the split and it would explain that they do not have a choice. When morgan is interogating mama b maybe she tells them that she is undercover and they find out from there. I can understand why his mom would rather have chuck by her side instead of taking volkoff on, on his own. This makes some sense I think, plus it would really make fear of death and the rest of the titles make sense.

  125. "I am probably missing something obvious."

    That is usually what happens when people type out too much of a spec. They eventually go off the right track or miss their stop. :)

  126. " TIME MACHINE " .... :)

    out of curiosity , is anyone in the "ball park " with his/her speculation about the " split " ?


  127. I think lost's jack sheppered above has hit something that could be a great storyline and could be true, but it just sounds too complex and too well thought out to be right, especially for chuck. But a lot of the other speculation revolves around mama b being part of the reason and magnus has already said that this is not the case. So where does that leave us?

  128. As I have been often quoted as saying (or paraphrased): the simplest thing is usually the right answer.

  129. undercovers finished at a 1.4, chase a 1.5 when do they cancel these shows?

  130. They will likely run out their 13 episode orders.

  131. Magnus from what you know at the moment which episode of the first 13 do you think will end up being your favourite? Thanks

  132. so dalton is a handler, just as I thought! So maybe the rest of my spec is correct !

  133. CocaineBunny say this . Its Chuck related?

    Empty... feeling weak... fainting... things are bleak.

  134. Ryan, there are some who are in the right solar system. :)

  135. Does anyone else think that Zach Levi bears a striking resemblence to a young david hasselhof? just a thought, I think there is a certain actor on chuck who has the hots for david and was pushing for them to be awesomes dad, a girl who likes a man with curly hair, what a wonderful world when you look closely! Anyway, I think the thought of timmy dalton being a handler should definately shed some light on mama b's past and future!

  136. I get the feeling that S4 is much like S2, in that many of the problems and situations that arise are usually resolved or fixed within an episode or two. It's very obvious that Schwartz and Fedak are pulling out all the stops for this season. They know that this could easily be the last season of Chuck. on top of the fact that the budget is barely enough to run a lemonade stand. The question is, will they create a viable situation in which the central relationship is under duress at the end of the season? Possibly, or not. Maybe for a few episodes. I will look back and still enjoy it one way or the other.

  137. The budget, the budget, why do we keep hearing about the budget, if you read the comments above shows like burn notice manage to do awesome gun fights, explosions, car chases, etc on less money, so that is not a great excuse anymore, even with this tax code rubbish. The best thing this show can do is cut the cast in half, just keep chuck, sarah, casey and morgan and maybe awesome and move forward.

  138. Neo, those shows shoot in areas with tax and production breaks, plus they don't have the same number of actors. I think the best episodes are when the entire cast is involved, or as much of it as possible.

    Plus, the production costs of one show can't be compared to the production cost and quality of another. We don't know what the real cost of CHUCK is and what is creative accounting on WBs end.

  139. Yeah I agree the best episodes were when the entire cast was involved. The problem is that because chucks life has evolved into one where he has a career, a girl and a life he has evolved past the a lot of things that kept certain characters in his life important. Like he does not need the buymore cover job now, because the president basically head hunted him and so there is no need for jeffster or big mike and ellie was only ever around to critise his life and well as she said last episode that is not possible now because he has a life. Hence the only character to add value is awesome who could be the team dr. So cut out the characters who are not longer necessary and spend whatever little money you get from that on making the show more awesome!

  140. Neo, the Buy More is a CIA base. He works there because it is a cover. The cover exists for the civilians who might come in there. It covers Castle underneath. That is why it is there. And it is also there because they writers want it there.

  141. So Dalton is MI-6, huh? (Guess that makes sense for Mr.007). But why would an MI-6 agent be Mama B's handler?

  142. Hello again, not sure if you are willing to answer this question but during season 4 does Chuck lose, have stolen or have problems with the governor (the watch)? Sorry if this has been asked before, but I dont remember. Thanks

  143. Anonymous, why indeed.

    Chapman, it's good to want to know things. ;)

  144. Anonymous if you read the spec above about mama b being a cia agent who made sure that volkoff provided guns to the enemies of the enemies of the US, then the british being the US closest allies would have to know what is going on so that there is no conflict of interest also the british may also want certain enemies of the enemies provided with weapons. You see potentially it is all political, people like volkoff do the dirty work that the US and British cannot be seen to do in public. And I know that people will say will in the pilot mama b's file said she was captured, but the fact is it is black ops when people pick up chucks, sarah or casey's file 99% of it will be blacked out, fulcrum, the ring and the rest will never have existed, only the general and president will know! It is all a conspiracy theory but it does not mean it is true! Well this is my spec! and if any of this is true this season will be awesome !

  145. I'm bit confused here, you said that the episode 4x07 airs mid november, but official NBC press relase about the episode says november 1. So maybe there won't be 3 weeks break after all?

  146. Harku, apparently they changed their mind.

  147. Hi Magnus,

    Do you think that there is a possibility that mama b and sarah do not like each other, because in a way they are the same. This is nothing to do with the split, it is just a question on what kind of relationship they could possibly have!

  148. Hi Magnus,

    Do you think that the way they get big mike as manager is to make morgan an official spy analyst on team b. Do you think that if morgan saves the day in the next episode then they have a reason to put him on more missions! To be honest we need the bearded one back on missions to partner casey and chuck and sarah and have the carmichael brothers back on the streets busting punks!

  149. I am a long time fan of chuck and I have read all the articles and fan forums where fans want the sexy sex brought back to chuck. I also started watching terriers as well and in the last episode it had Britt come out of the shower and he was naked but katey was dressed and they jumped on the bed and started to you know and then katey came out of the shower and Britt was clothed and they again jumped on the bed..... my point is there are ways for chuck and sarah to sexy scenes that are not invasive but still look SEXY, because in those scenes the person who was dressed always covered up the person who was not and the choice of music made it a nice mash up that was awesome! So Fedak and Swarchtz you know what to do, get chuck and sarah to you know do it in castle, in different cells, store rooms, workout rooms, etc and it can be done unintrusively if you are creative!

  150. ZLP, you will just need to watch the episodes to find out. ;)

    Donal, I think they have a very specific level of sexy in mind and are not straying much from it this season.

  151. Hi Magnus,

    I was discussing with my friend the possibility of mama b being good and working with volkoff in order to manipulate him, what if when they find out the chuck is a weapon, being the intersect 2.0 as general beckman said last year makes him a weapon. Now since volkoff is an arms dealer I wonder how badly he would want the most valuable weapon in the world, and if mama b is evil then that would be so cool to see her kidnap chuck and see sarah and casey wage war on her and volkoff for control of chuck! Epic ! Do not take away sarah chuck, I can see sarah putting a bullit in mama b while saying he is MY chuck and dont you forget it ! so cool !

  152. Hi Magnus,

    You know some fans are now saying that the chuck and sarah relationship is a little too much, I do mind that they are dealing with these issues for this reason: Over 4 years chuck has been doing 80% of the emotional lifting over that period, people say that he should not harass sarah, but sarah wants that kind of emotional relationship with chuck! Chuck has revealed his college days, his parents leaving, bryce, jill and anything sarah has asked he has told her. Chuck only ever found out her past because of missions that have forced sarah to reveal parts of her past. Now chuck has accepted that sarah does not want to talk about her past (cougars) and so I just see that he wants sarah to try and meet him half way, and to be honest considering that they are now commited to a long term relationship that is a fair request on chucks part. I think people sometimes forget that sarah is not the only one damaged in their relationship, chuck was abandoned as well by his mum and dad, he has experienced pain from jill, college and seeing his dad killed in front of him, I think these two characters have a long way to go in their relationship and fans should try and balance that and be patient and let them both work through what they need to work through! I mean sarah has not even told heim her name (tron poster was a production mistake) and maybe we are seeing the consequences of that, Or maybe I am wrong.

  153. I just realise I love general allisimo, when he is kissing his wife, first he has his left hand on her right buttcheek, then in the next shot he has right hand on her left butt cheek and it is not just placed there he is really copping a proper feel with passion. In that scene you can see casey see what he is doing and he gives a little suprised look on his face and you can see that adam baldwin is not trying to laugh, but hell I laughed for 10 minutes after that he is so passionate. Then he offers casey cost gravin angels. In a way I am glad that chuck does not do that to sarah because he respects her too much to ever do that in public, because their love us pure and sweet, the rest can happen in the confines of their bedroom, lol. But please bring back the general I love him he is so awesome!

  154. That generalissimo is great, for sure. Love him.

    As for the Chuck and Sarah relationship being too much, I will toss out a conversation I had with a friend of mine who never complains:

    Friend: You know, they really destroyed the show by putting Chuck and Sarah together. It is just too sweet!

    Me: Really? Well, you should probably quit the show then, since this is a whole season of the Chuck and Sarah relationship sweetness.

    Friend: Oh no! I'm not quitting! I want to see what happens next!


  155. Yeah I am pretty sure the 42.15 minute king does what he does over that time in the privacy of his own quaters! Also with the intersect I am pretty sure that he can do everything that a certain set of people in asia who specialise in that sort of discipline can do, so no worries there chuck my boy! or may I say man, I am sure he gets the job done!

  156. I think the general actually said "ángel de la vida, ah, I have a few costa gravin angels downstairs for the man who rescued their country from civil war" Love that general he seems like man who lives for love, my kinda man!

  157. I do not think that time or skill matters in some cases, just look at hannah the day after. She said I am going to go on installs and think about last night, he obviously made a good impression! Plus it is different when you are in love, the emotion changes everything, so stop being crass!

  158. Frank, yep. And that is why you have to spice up the love life on TV with a fight or a break up. It just keeps people engaged.

    And crazy shippers (and even some shippers) like to think that the audience dropped because of romantic obstacles, but the audience dropped the most for the longest once romantic obstacles were removed.

  159. Trapper John MacintyreOctober 17, 2010 at 8:34 AM

    well, I think the break between season 3 and 4 has done the show a little favour, now 1.9/2.0 is not great but it is better then most nbc shows that are hour long latelty. I think the NBC audience is the NBC audience. I also think that because 2 episodes in the first 13 were so bad that a lot of fans foolishly wrote off the whole 13 episodes in season 3, it really left a bad taste in peoples mouth. I think the back half and season 4 so far has really gone a long way to restoring some faith fans lost last season with the shaw debacle. I know this season will get tougher but to the show runners credit they have gone out their way to say that not only is sarah in a loving relationship with chuck, she is happy and has always been happy to call chuck home and she wants to marry him, so hopefully that will reassure fans that no matter what happens sarah will always love chuck and be with him when the dust settles on the whole mama b saga. I think the creators have been smart so far this season by doing that.

  160. Trapper John, I am not even sure if the audience was lost due to a specific episode. I think we have had the same loyal fan base for a while. It is the general audience that we lost last year when daylight savings time knocked everyone down. Problem for CHUCK is that while the other shows seemed to slowly get back the general audience, CHUCK didn't.

    I could see the show going either way at this point. We could suddenly get a big increase in viewership (once the weather gets cooler), or a sudden drop. You never know. Just look at what happened on Thursday to NBC. All it took was 30 ROCK doing a live episode and everything went up.

  161. I understand that we have a very loyal fan base that will watch chuck no matter what and bless them all. I love that they will do flash tours and buy subway sandwiches and start numerous campaignes, they are the most loyal fans out there. But is it possible that shaw damaged the chuck brand somewhat and that may have an effect on whether casual viewers return.

  162. Truth is (and this is something none of the other CHUCK fan sites will say), is that our "very loyal fan base" is mostly never heard from. The Internet fandom that does all of those things you mentioned, can be counted on the hands of two or three people.

    The "flash mob" was probably the biggest failure of a fan campaign EVER. Not just CHUCK related, but ANY FANDOM. A couple of cities had a turnout of more than 5 people. And that is one of the biggest problems CHUCK has as a "strong fandom." It is loyal, no doubt, ratings wise. But online, it has dwindled considerably since season 2.

    Plus, it doesn't help that the biggest CHUCK fandom site is run like a corporate arm of the show. That doesn't inspire fandoms. It just makes people feel really comfortable... which makes people difficult to motivate.

    Plus it is run by someone who lies, cheats, and steals from members of the fandom who have actually good ideas... which has helped UN-motivate the different sites from working together.

    The three biggest CHUCK related fandom sites do not cooperate because one of them is run by a sociopath who thinks her success means she can take whatever she wants and claim ownership of any idea simply because she has the most amount of hits. And then, when someone doesn't follow her plan, she badmouths them to people on the show, or in the media, to try and exact some form of revenge on them for not complying to her demands.

    When you try to steal an idea from someone and integrate it into your site, and then someone who is working with you realizes you stole the idea, so they notify the right people that you stole it, and the idea ends up going back to the right people... that person who messed up your plans didn't "steal" it from you. They prevented you from stealing it.

    But to at least one person in this fandom, and I suspect the guy she does a podcast with, it is OK to take what you want, because you have the most hits. And that, in a nutshell, is the problem with this "very loyal" fandom. It is controlled by scumbags who smile and say all the right things while stealing from and backstabbing those who come up with the most successful ideas.

  163. Thanks for the truth, how can someone who does not get paid for doing a site be so malicious, and what goes around comes around! I know what site you are refering to based on your podcasts and deductive reasoning, I have met people like that who pretend to be your friend to get what you want and then use you and then bad mouth you once they got what they want! I hate people like that but how come one of your team went over there, is he just like them?

  164. At least Zach had the class in comic con 09 to make a detailed trubute to the person who was actually responsible to the subway campaigne and hopefully the chuckfest idea too!

  165. Actually, funny that you mention it, had Zac NOT talked about Wendy Farrington, this person I am talking about would have taken credit for the Subway idea.

    OH WAIT! SHE DID! That is right. She put out a press release last season where she took credit for "spearheading" the Subway idea.... by posting the idea on her website.

    And Wendy, who is the person who not only created the Subway idea and went to the UK and organized the big convention Subway thing (where Zac took attendees to Subway), is the person this evil human being is now badmouthing for "stealing Chuckfest" from her.

    Even though Mark created Chuckfest... and mistakenly approached the wrong site about helping him with it. And instead of telling him "Oh no, Mark... you want to talk to Laurie from WeHeartChuck.com," this sociopath pretended to have been part of the WeHeartChuck.com charity effort... until someone told Mark the truth.

    And that is how Chuckfest was "stolen." And that is the truth. If you need more evidence, ask the person who created it.

    I wouldn't have even mentioned this if this person hadn't decided to badmouth Wendy for preventing her from stealing it. And if you don't know what site I am talking about... just do a Google search for "CHUCK on NBC." It is the third linked site.

  166. One of my team? Do you mean OldDarth?

    OD isn't a malicious person. I think he just decided to be Switzerland. And I didn't try to "turn him" to my side. He has his own opinions about things and I don't think he gets involved in the politics of websites. He just wants to write his blogs and have them read. So, I don't know if it is fair to point a finger at him. Lou never did anything but be supportive of our work.

  167. Diane says...

    I want to add something about the ratings.

    The people who tend to look for story-oriented or character-oriented reasons for why Chuck's ratings are down and have stayed there seem to be ignoring what's going on in TV at a macro level.

    Almost every TV show on air has lower ratings than last year. Only a few don't. There are things doing on in the TV landscape that have changed how people watch TV in general that are not related to whether Shaw was a good or bad character or whether Sarah and Chuck are together or apart.

    If anything, the people who were always big fans of the show are still there. That's my opinion.

  168. I just caught a tweet about an hour ago from a person to be left unnamed, posing the question why Chuck fans "like this Magnus guy so much." This individual proceeded to call you "demeaning" and "Malicious." I refrained from getting into a debate, simply stating that you keep crazed fans levelheaded for a show that is constantly doomed. I also stated, and it's true, that you get people motivated to do something for the show, and that everyone just has to interpret the your unique rhetoric however they will; negatively or positively. ChuckTV.nut won't tell the fans that the show is gonna tank hardcore unless they get their butt out there and do something about it.

    Now, I don't spend much time on their site, mainly because the conversation is generally shallow and filled with fluff. I did however visit it today, and was unable to find any mention of ChuckFest 2. No matter whose idea it was (and I know that it's Mark and Wendy), how could they not support the idea of fans meeting the cast and giving charitably? It really boggles the noggin.

    Speaking of Lou, is taking a break from the podcast? He seems to have lots of other stuff going on.

  169. Wow! I took a nap and woke up to a couple of new posts! I never meant to insinuate that lou was is in any way or form bad, I listen to all your podcasts and he is the only one I think who has never cursed even when allowed to, not saying cursing is a bad thing but he seems like a nice guy, I just wondered why a nice guy would go over there, but you have explained that already above. Thanks Magnus.

  170. Heh... I read some of it. I do love how the crazy shippers have their little cabal where I am the worst person ever because I call people out for their bad behavior. Richard has reinvented himself since... and actually contributed effort to the fandom. Which is why I have not said much about him in a while and why I talk to him under his other ID.

    Anyway, we could pull out a ton of evidence proving the attempts to steal Chuckfest from WHC and then attempts to suppress that information, and they won't care because they hate me.

    I saw someone say I am riding Wendy's coattails. I think we are ALL riding her coattails. I certainly became more recognized due to my association with Wendy. And I am proud of that association. But it didn't happen because I held a gold watch in front of her eyes and hypnotized her.

    I am an overbearing, antagonistic, and abrasive jerk... at times. But I have never stolen someone's idea. When I have used an idea or promoted an idea, I have always made sure the person who deserved credit, received it (including Richard). I haven't attacked anyone who didn't first start with me or one of my friends. I am a reactive person. Push my buttons and I push harder.

    And that is why some people like me. Because they like the truth over the fictional world some others draw for them.

  171. Diane, the problem is that deeply ignorant people tend to remain deeply ignorant. They don't try to expand their scope any. So, we can say over and over how this is what affects ratings, or doesn't, and they don't seem to care.

    There is an element of humanity that enjoys its ignorance. They view education as an enemy. They care more about how they FEEL about something than the truth of the matter. So, while I think you are totally correct and reasonable, the people who like to believe otherwise will simply find a way to continue to believe otherwise.

    Truth is only important when people want it to be.

  172. Hey John the maliciously demeaning, Lou has his own podcast now. It's called CNN or something.

    -Sarah likes Chuck's body hair

  173. Magnus,

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but you seem to be generalizing your coined term, "crazy shipper." You define crazy shippers as the people who go nuts if their one true pairing of Chuck and Sarah aren't together and happy. But now, it seems as though ANYBODY who is against your somewhat antagonistic tactic of "fighting back harder" is also a so-called "crazy shipper." Honestly, I think that may be the reason why some people are hating on you so much. The fact that you've lumped together a large group of people—crazy passionate or no—and coined them a particularly insulting term is what seems to be the major problem here. It doesn't matter who you are. You could be the creator of the show, or you could be a normal fan, or you could be YOU. But generalizing certain beliefs and passions into a single group and calling them "crazy shippers" is, simply put, insulting.

    I'm not a crazy shipper, Magnus, and I'm not ignorant, either. But I'm not particularly fond of the way you handle these situations. True, calling people out for their bad behavior is fine. But the WAY you do it? I'm not sure I agree with your methods. And yeah, you're probably itching to tell me that if I don't like the way you treat the crazy shippers, then don't even bother coming to your blog. But the thing is, it's far beyond that. Because you have a considerable amount of power within the Chuck fandom, things don't just stay inside of Chuckgasmic. They're affecting the rest of the fandom, too. We're already a tumultuous group of people, what with the drastic range of passion for the show. But you posting these types of blog entries is just separating us even more, and frankly, it's a little depressing. I understand that people are going to flame and complain when you post controversial spoilers. But why fight back when all it's going to do is create MORE havoc, MORE separation, MORE animosity between us? Because you revel in stirring things up? You've said so yourself that you enjoy making fun of the crazy shippers. Do you realize that the kinds of things you are saying is just adding to the never-ending loop of anger and hatred swirling throughout the online fandom?

    Anyways, I just wanted to get my thoughts out here. Ignore me or attack me, call me "crazy shipper" if you will, I really don't care. I'm not trying to attack you. I'm just honestly baffled as to why you do what you do. I'm hoping I'll get an insightful response.


  174. Chanelle, crazy shippers hate me so... those are the ones who are automatically siding with anyone who doesn't like me. I am not saying that everyone who disagrees with me or my tactics is a crazy shipper. I shouldn't even say that ALL crazy shippers hate me, or dislike me. Because I know a few who don't.

    But when dealing with a group of people you have to generalize. I can't start picking out every single person who dislikes me. That list is large.

    As for adding fuel to the fire... I do realize that. But some people think that is a bad thing. I would rather keep a certain element of this fandom focused on hating me than taking it out on some other people.

    Anyway, I never wanted to be liked. I never wanted to become friends with famous people. I never wanted a set invite. I never wanted to interview famous people. Which is why I haven't taken the opportunity to do any of those things. The only selfish thing I have done is help organize Chuckfest and the other WHC charity efforts. But then assisting in the raising of $40,000, or whatever it is, in the name of this fandom is meaningless to some... because I say mean things about people who say mean things about anyone who doesn't believe exactly what they believe.

    So, hate away. I am not complaining. I am providing information about what happened and what will happen. But when people choose hatred over facts, then they are servants of evil (mmm... that is perfectly melodramatic).

  175. Hey everyone take a break from war and remember the general's philosiphy! love life and if you have time save a country from civil war and enjoy some native angels!

  176. This show has become SOOOO lame! Chuck and Sarah are together, no they split up, no they're together again! I stopped caring.

    Season 1 and 2 were awesome, and I was thrilled when it was renewed for Season 3. Boy, do I wish it wasn't! The show completely lost it's charm, and chuck as a super spy was ... yawn. I battled through the whole season hoping to reconnect to something in this show, but it didn't happen.

    I've watched a couple of the new episodes and it's more of the same crap from season 3. Time to let this one out to pasture just like Heroes, another great show that just couldn't keep up the writing. Thank god for Dexter, at least something to keep me busy in the wee hours of the night.

  177. Anonymous, Dexter doesn't suffer from bad writing? It is the most generic dialogue and predictable story lines of any critical darling I have seen in a long time. Sure, every now and then something interesting happens but the formula is very clear. It is a procedural with some serialized elements. The only thing truly working for the show is its serial killer who hunts serial killers hook.

    And to say that CHUCK season 4 is the same stuff as season 3 tells me you have not been paying much attention to the episodes. Since Chuck and Sarah have been together since 3.12 and have not broken up. That is, by my count, 13 episodes, counting tomorrow. And since they don't break up this season, and CHUCK will likely get a back 9, that will be 30 episodes of still being together.

  178. FYI, here is a tweet from just a few minutes ago from one of the kings of crazy shippers (I will be nice and censor the name):


    Ok hold on a sec...seriously Yvonne lives with Tim the douche?!?!?!? OMG...i'm so sad right now...!!!! Didn't wanna know!#Chuck405"

    This is one of the biggest reasons I started my war with crazy shippers. Them making personal attacks on people who work on the show... or in Yvonne's case, attacks on her boyfriend.

  179. Speaking of Yvonne...I've come to the place were I really don't need her to be in any stable relationship on the show. As long as she's drop dead gorgeous, I'm a happy camper. It seems that they tuned her hotness down in season 3, so I was ecstatic when they came out with guns of sexy sex hotness blazing this season.

  180. I think the best thing they could do would be to bring Jill back for a three episode arc as a CIA agent who has been turned. She then comes in to help Chuck and Sarah and reveals that she is still deeply in love with Chuck. Then, at every opportunity, she tries to do the dirty nasty with him. He would of course resist her but it would drive Sarah crazy... so she would try to remind Chuck of her hotness (even though she really wouldn't need to but people in love don't think logically).

    It would increase the angst, keep Chuck and Sarah together, and bring on the hotness.

  181. That is so uncool to attack someones boyfriend, and not just leaving it at that but going further. I have seen insults on the career, dress sense and other aspects, but that is so harsh! First of all it is none of anybodies business what these people do off camera! yeah I get people love Zach, but think of this if you repect and love zach then take a leaf out of his book, never once would he ever say or do something that would hurt someones feelings, be like zach and just be happy and smile! Otherwise if you cannot split reality from fiction then go to your nearest DR!

  182. I've said it once. I've said it...well only twice, I guess. You really need to be on the writing team at Warner Brothers. Some of your story ideas are awesome. I think that the sight of Jill on the show would drive the shippers mad, but then they'd play it off when everything turned out fine in the end.

  183. I think Magnus you are on the right lines, but I would go for Hannah to come back as a computer analyst for the cia. Because then Hannah could say that she knew chuck was just protecting her and one thing I loved from fat lady is watching sarah go crazy at watching chuck and jill working together, to see sarahs face when chuck and hannah hacking into a program together in perfect symphony would be awesome and would be great for chuck to reassure her! I love that chuck and sarah are so different but yet it is their love that keeps them together so there is always an opportunity for someone else to come along who is similar to them and they rebuff them because they think with their hearts and not their heads, all together now... awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  184. ZLP, you know I LOVE HANNAH! But... there is less history with her and making her CIA would be a stretch.

    As for personal stuff related to the actors, you can talk about the characters all you want, but when you attack the actors for who they love... that is low. But hey, I am the bad guy. ;)

    John, I would rather write for MAD MEN.

  185. But the thing with hannah is that the fans actually liked her, she did nothing wrong for chuck to dump her, he was just in love with another woman. But I think because Hannah has more in common with chuck then jill and that ultimately she likes chuck for chuck and unlike jill would always put chuck first it would leave the audience anxious to see where the story goes.... with jill you know ultimately she will always do what suits her because that is her nature but hannah not really. Also you talk about hannah being with cia a stretch, this is chuck man, they shot bryce throught the heart and he survived shaw drowned and survived, come on they could do anything.

  186. Jill tried to kill Sarah and also saved Chuck's life. So... she is redeemable to Chuck while being distrusted (or even hated) by Sarah.

    You could mine that for so much drama while demonstrated just how strong Chuck and Sarah are as a couple.

  187. I don´t care much for jealous Sarah. And Jill was my least favourite other love interest for Chuck. Mostly because of the I didn´t really like the character or Jordanna Brewster´s portrayal much.

    I loved both Lou and Jill, though. But I agree that they both have much less history with Chuck and therefor wouldn´t cause that much jealousy with Sarah, unless Chuck actually does something.

    I would love to see Cole back, because he was my absolute favourite character of all the other love interests for either Chuck and Sarah. Plus with the Timothy Dalton´s character, a connection wouldn´t be to unbelievable. He was neither a baddie nor a civilian.

    Sarah could amp up the hotness to reassure an insecure Chuck. Additionally Chuck could be really proactive as a result as well.

  188. I am sure you meant you loved Lou and Hannah.

    I would love to see Cole return... but he already lost to Chuck. So, there wouldn't be any extra level of hotness there. You can't really bring him back as a romantic interest. But the last time we saw Jill, Chuck gave her an engagement ring.

  189. True, very, very true ! I agree with you man 100% the one thing I thought would have been great with hannah is that with jill - sarah would not trust her based on her head but with hannah it would be her heart! and this show is all heart! awwwww, because there is no reason not to trust hannah, it would be so hard on sarah to see that and have to say nothing because it would come off as jealous and pity and the angst man the angst, love it! But yeah fans hate jill and so it would be great to have her back!

  190. I really should have proofread that. I hope it´s still understandable.

    It should read: Mostly because, I didn´t really like...

    And ...I loved both Lou and Hannah, though...

    And ...a connection wouldn´t be too unbelievable...

    Anyway I just wanted to react to the point of Jill being redeemable to Chuck while being hated by Sarah. I would hope Chuck still wouldn´t be that happy with someone having tried to kill Sarah as well. Even if it was Jill and he once loved her.

    About Cole already loosing, in my opinion so did Jill. Chuck clearly didn´t give her that engagement ring in order to propose marriage. And I don´t want any real love triangles anyway. Cole being back could still bring extra level of hotness, even if only for the fact that Cole is really hot. :D

  191. Awelle, you are ignoring the fact that Chuck LOVED Jill. And he is a guy who wants to believe people are redeemable. So, he would naturally want to see the best in her. While Sarah is the opposite and would see the worst. Then you have Jill actually be redeemable but kind of hurting, knowing that she has lost Chuck.

    Actually, I like that even more. What about a Jill who isn't trying to get with Chuck... she just pines for him like crazy. And then does something redeemable like... die... for... Sarah. OMG! A Tale of Two Cities!


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