Thursday, March 4, 2010

CHUCK Versus The Beard - A Super Secret Fake Preview

So, this is like the greatest episode of all time (which is why some of you will hate it, because you only like it when I tell you an episode is not very good).

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Acting: Like in the previous episode, all the main actors came to work and they are declaring that a lack of Emmy nominations would be a travesty.

Directing: Zac might want to just direct every episode. I think we have found something else he can do as well as anyone. IS THERE ANYTHING THIS MAN CANNOT DO?! Seriously, this is just not cool, Zac. You make the rest of us seem so lazy and untalented. I would hate you if you weren't the most awesome guy on the planet. I love you... but that isn't clouding my critical eye any. Seriously, loved all your choices.

Story: This is without a doubt the best episode yet (Colonel being 1st or 2nd). If Beard and Colonel had a knife fight, Beard would come out hurt, bleeding, and tired... but still alive.

Drama: This episode is more about suspense than drama but when we get it, it is excellent.

Suspense: OMFGBBQ!

Comedy: Go rewatch season 1 because you will be reminded of it with a season 3 edge. Great stuff.

Romance: Chuck and Morgan, sitting in a room.... T - A - L - K - I - N - G... sigh.

Weirdness: Three different people mention Chuck's Stanford degree in the span of about 1 minute.

Funniest meta humor: Flash cards.

Funniest greatest line in the history of history: Duck Hunt reference.

Sexy like a meow meow: EVERYBODY! But mostly Ellie. Purrrr.

Budget cut awareness: ZILCH. This episode looks expensive.

Writing: Pure epicness. This is Scott Rosenbaum's last episode on CHUCK and it is his best.

Weak spots: None. If every critic doesn't give this one an A or A+, then they should turn in their... critic card? This is the kind of episode that inspires people to pursue a career in the business.  If you have never watched CHUCK but feel like "Hey, I want to see what this thing I have been ignoring is all about," then this is the episode you should watch and then hate having ruined the experience of seeing them all in order.

Rating: Out of a possible score of 100, where 0 is the worst piece of art in the history of humanity and 100 is the greatest creative thing the world has ever seen... I give CHUCK VERSUS THE BEARD:

94.2 out of 100

Just to give you an idea of what rates comparatively, I would give Colonel a 94.1; Break Up a 93; Lethal Weapon a 92; Truth a 91; Best Friend a 90.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 23 (ADULTS ONLY)

We Discuss CHUCK Versus The Fake Name.

ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING! DO NOT let your kids hear this.  No one under the age of 18 should listen to this.  And any who finds expletives and sexually explicit talk offense should avoid this one like the swine flu.  Everyone else, listen to it 500 times.

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