Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chuck Season 4 SPOILERS: November 2010 Edition

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  • Sarah's attempt to pleasure Chuck with oils... is suddenly interrupted by a fat ninja.
  • Ellie is the key.
  • Sarah + wind machine - normal speed ^ (thigh high boots) = Buy More uber hotness!!!
  • Chuck takes up gemology. 
  • ***** *** ***** *** ******* ***** **** ***** *****.
  • Sarah tries to ignore the Geneva Convention. 
  • In Thailand, Chuck is with Sarah but Sarah is not with Chuck. 
  • Sarah hate new boyfriend! Sarah SMASH beer bottle! (addendum: I considered making this spoiler "After Chuck and Sarah are split up, Sarah asks for a new boyfriend.")
  • Casey has an itchy trigger finger, for realzies. 
  • Sarah Walker is the herald of the Chuckpocalypse, the harbinger of pain.  Team B should not follow her.
  • Criminal Sarah kicks Casey into a cell. 
  • Sarah finds Chuck's mapping... so romantic. 
  • Chuck takes a strip class.
  • ***** *****?!

... or the bunny dies.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 48 (Family Friendly)

We talk episode 4.07, CHUCK Vs. the FIRST FIGHT.

FAMILY FRIENDLY EPISODE. There should be no adult language.

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