Monday, November 15, 2010

Why You are NOT ALLOWED to Watch CHUCK on NBC!

This little show called CHUCK has had trouble in the ratings from the begining and yet it hangs on every year and somehow soldiers on.  You can find articles all over the Internet praising the show and encouraging people to watch.  Well, on this blog, we don't sugar coat things.  Here is the truth!

YOU SHOULD NOT WATCH CHUCK!  Hell, you are not ALLOWED to watch CHUCK!  And here are the reasons why.

  1. It objectifies women in really sexy ways
  2. It is too right wing in its support for guns and things that go BOOM!
  3. It is a liberal haven for freaks
  4. It is bigoted toward nerds and their nerdy ways
  5. It is racist like OUTSOURCED (even if we can't figure out how yet, IT JUST IS!)
  6. It objectifies men... somehow, I am sure
  7. There is too much awesome violence
  8. There are too many good looking people
  9. Hot ladies undress too much
  10. Hot guys have their shirts off and that is reverse sexism!
  11. The show is just too sexy for weak hearts
  12. The whole family will enjoy the humor... and that just isn't cool
  13. It objectifies nerds even more than BIG BANG THEORY
  14. They put the two romantic leads together and kept them together. INSANITY!
  15. It is both a comedy and a drama and everyone knows those suck.. like THE PRINCESS BRIDE, and no one likes that
  16. If it was any good, you would have been watching it from day one, just like SEINFELD or BIG BANG THEORY or GLEE... since those programs started out with MASSIVE ratings and... oh wait, this is probably wrong, scratch this point out
  17. Because HOUSE and DANCING WITH THE STARS and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER are on at the same time and your DVR is incapable of recording those, or your link doesn't work anymore and so there is no way you could possibly tune into watch CHUCK even if it would probably make you happier to do so... especially since happiness is lame
  18. If you make the mistake of falling for the show, it will consume more of your time than you are willing to invest in a show
  19. It is addicting, like heroin
  20. It is free to tune in... and as Apple has taught us, free stuff makes you lame... you should pay for everything you enjoy because that makes you cool

... or the bunny dies.


  1. I didn't know ANY of this. Well, I will sure NOT be tuning into Chuck, tonight at 8/7c on NBC. That's 8pm Eastern, Mountain, and Pacific time and 7pm Central time. Nor will I go on or and watch tomorrow! Foolishness!

  2. Excellent! Spread the word. No one is ALLOWED to watch CHUCK, any frakin' more!

  3. Magnus I don't know how those crazy shippers are going to react to your point #14! I'll spread the word!

  4. Hahaha! I needed this on my crappy Monday after being out for a week. Thank you...though you may have an actual factual point on #18 :-)

  5. Wendy, they are ALL factual points!

    From a certain point of view.

  6. People might actually enjoy the show, we absolutely can not have a happy populace.
    Do not watch if you want to be entertained.

  7. true!!!!!

    Mel C.

  8. How much should we read into #14 in view of the spoilers?

  9. Just wanted to say that I cannot even get over the badass-ness of this pic of Sarah. I may not be able to handle such badassery, so I will be sure to avoid all Chuck episodes and choose instead to just watch Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars (unless she got kicked off already in which case I will watch Brandi or someone else who is much much more of a proper and dainty young lady than the clearly vicious and dangerous Sarah Walker).

  10. Lollie, just tune into the next episode or two and you won't be wondering. ;)

    Rachael, that is a good idea.

  11. I thought the hot ladies were always shown dressing up, never undressing?

  12. I have never watched Chuck, and never will hunt t'interwebby trying to find it before air date imn the UK.
    I will be watching never-heard-of C listers in teh jungle, or possibly 20-something "love me I want to be rich" apprentices. NOT awesome Awesome, or rebooted 2.0 iChuck


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