Monday, November 15, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 49 (Adults Only)

We talk CHUCK 4.08, CHUCK Vs. the Fear of Death.

This is a mostly UNEDITED podcast.

ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING! DO NOT let your kids hear this. This PODCAST has offensive language and subject matter!

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  1. Lol. "she's so pretty when she's angry."

  2. I liked how the episode set up some interesting stuff, but I don't think it was as strong as last week's.

  3. I don't think it was as strong as last week's. But I liked it more overall.

  4. My only nit pick was when Sarah walks into the buy more with the wind machine ( uber hot ) , they kiss , she's wearing heels . Then Casey comes to talk to them , and Sarah's 4 inches shorter . Then Morgan comes along and she's 4 inches taller . LMAO !


  5. Hi Magnus,

    I remember you saying in one of your podcasts that the fact chuck could not kill shaw may come back to haunt him (my guess would be because of what shaw did to his dad), his inability to kill that is. Do you think that the fact he was kind of responsible for agent rye's death will come in to play? I mean agent rye gave him an opportunity to back out at the last minute and chuck said he was ready, so do we see that payoff? BTW I loved this episode, but why do they keep killing off characters that I like, I would have loved to see marco and agent rye again, lol.

  6. I think, We can live without this season. It's not realy EPIC. I know I know, I'm the Wrong, , and blah blah blah, may be yeah, I not appreciate what they did, and blah blah blah. og couzrs, Magnus going to atack me, but....... . Yeah Sarah is super, awesome and she bring down the Apocalypse, and this is cool of course , but what cost ?! This whole Intersect issues, I expecting something more, yeah this is my fault. And now another cliche, may or may not, but Chuck is going to lose some of his memory, Yeah another great story , I hope he forget everything about Sarah Mu-ha-ha.
    Lets make Chuck asset 2.0. Og corase now Sarah can save him, Awesome, right ?
    This is my fault of course, but this scenario would be better in the last season. The distance between Chuck and Sarah, is to big for me. There is no Balance betwen the characters.
    And what they did with Chuck in this Season, I thinks this is my biggest problem for now.

    Sarah stuff is GREAT, I won't lie, but overall, it's a weak episode.
    May be I think that because I don't know what they want unlike in the last season, but for now I don't like it

  7. Snips, too bad for you. I loved it and am loving the season.

    Amrit, it should... but will it? I would not expect it. The show doesn't really tend to reflect on that kind of thing.

  8. Diane says...

    It's really odd how the Total number of viewers went up while 18-49's went down.

    Did the Viagra demographic come out for this one?

  9. Hmmm... maybe we will see a change in finals.

  10. Great podcast. I just wanted to point out that the gondola had "Bösewicht Berg---" (I didn't really get the end of the second word) written on it.
    It is pretty funny, because Bösewicht means evil-doer or villain in german (it is not the name of a village or region). If someone can get a good look at the second word, I could translate it as a complete expression and get what the writers were going for :)
    Anyway, it is "evil-doer mountain...(something)".

  11. Diane says...

    Final rating in. 1.8 A18-49 Holds. Total viewers about the same as last airing. Not higher as originally reported.

    The Viagra demo (Men 55+) was indeed up by 17% from the last episode.

    The biggest demo loss was Women 18-34 with -25% vs. the previous episode.

    Kinda funny how that works--older men up/younger women down.

    Viagra, Cialus, or Levitra should buy a sponsorship in next week's episode.

  12. Disappointing but I didn't really expect it to do well after being off for a week.

  13. I think that is the House effect. Women 18-34 probably will watch Chuck live if house not on. Otherwise DVR Chuck, watch House live.

  14. It is HOUSE, HIMYM, and DWTS. Women loved that stuff. And if you take a show off for a week and give them the chance to get used to tuning into another, people will.

    It will be interesting to see how CHUCK does over the next two weeks... and how it does with a 7-week break. I am not worrying about it right now. Talk to me around 4.16... then I might be worried.

  15. Diane says...

    chuckfan6408's theory is probably correct. The W18-34 ratings were unusually high for Chuck when House wasn't on. What it got this week was kinda normal.

  16. Of course, Chuck skews male and the other shows, particularly DWTS are female friendly, but House was in repeats the last few weeks and Chuck gained a little momentum, so it is the more apparent culprit this week, although I recall a pretty steep drop when DWTS premiered in the spring and Chuck hasn't had a chance to screen without it since that time if I recall correctly. I hate that show even without the effect on Chuck. It is IMHO the most insipid form of celebrity worship.

  17. HOUSE was actually off due to baseball.

  18. It showed "Bösewicht Berghütte", which means "villain alpine hut" in german.

    Magnus, lots of people are guessing that Chuck is going to lose some of his memory, is that accurate in any way?

    Greetings, Andy

  19. "Lots of people are speculating" should be the title of my book... followed by the subtitle "(the same people who are wrong 90% of the time)."

  20. Hehe, simple no would have done it (for me)...

    Still, they do mess with Chucks brain.. it will have consequences, right?


  21. Hmm, Berghütte is just weird...but, hey, at least it was fun to spot (half of) it:)
    I thought I had read Berghütte, yet presumed I must have misread it, since I found it quite odd that the gondola would have "villain's mountain lodge" bzw. "villain's alpine hut" written on it.

  22. Chuck was mentioned on todays episode of jeopardy cool.

  23. Great episode of CHUCK. And from what I'm getting from the promo for next weeks episode, Sarah is one BAMF, especially when Chuck's in trouble. Oh! wait. I already knew Sarah was a baddie.

  24. Diane observes...

    I really appreciate this podcast and your positive reactions.

    This episode appears to have gotten very mixed reviews around the 'net. It surprises me. My reaction to the episode was very positive. I had a good time.

    I generally like reading reviews but I've had to stop this week. Too much buzzkill.

  25. The problem with a lot of the critics and their reactions is that they THINK they have a problem with the episode. They CONVINCED themselves that the writers made a mistake based on events that happened in previous episodes/seasons. But the problem is the memory of the critics... and a failure in their analytical and critical thinking skills.

    Perhaps if they spent more time paying ATTENTION to the episode, as opposed to deciding there are problems with it, then they would quickly figure out why their belief that the writers violated established show canon is erroneous.

    In other words, they are dumb.

  26. Diane, I totally agree...I much enjoyed the episode & don't understand the general dislike that is being passed around via the internet! SIGH, critics!!

    Magnus, spot on...QUOTE "In other words, they are dumb." :-)

    Loved the podcast as always!!

  27. I know I loved agent rye, I am so gutted that they killed him off, I really hope that they bring him back from the dead! There is something about him that I found very adorable and cute, when he smiled I felt at ease and I liked his chemistry with zach. Plus every time he tried to test chuck I got an adrenaline rush, I loved when he said "you scared, me too" and had a smile and was like come on this is awesome. I think in many way's agent rye kind of represent what some fans and critics want chuck to be, really competant and fearless, but as we see chuck has a lot to lose if he dies, sarah.

  28. I am still wondering if Chuck Comment to Sarah "you look gorgeous" after the slowmo and wind was adlibbed or scripted. My bet it was a reaction.
    Agent rye was fun. The snow broke his fall and the cold kept him alive. He will come back still trying to lift that rock???

  29. You would likely lose that bet.

    Rye may be alive. You never know.

  30. Hi Magnus,

    Would it be fair to say that some of the questions raised in this episode will be resolved in the next episode, for example does sarah really think that chuck is not a spy or was it just in the heat of the moment thing because she was worried sick about him and it was a panick statement. I for one posted that I love chuck because he lets things go, so I am ok if and when he see's sarah again he does not mention what she to love our chuck. I know you said in your podcast that people were specing way off on what his mom did to him, but is that just for this episode, or is there a chance that some theories can play out in the future. I always assumed that it was not an emotional rock but software conflict that ellie can help fix, but........

  31. Amrit, after 3+ seasons, fans should have already figured this show out. So, it makes no sense to me why they continue to think of the show in a way it is rarely, if ever, written.

    Sarah was reacting to her need to see Chuck protected. She cannot live without him. She knows he wants to be a spy and she is fine with that provided that he has the safety net of the Intersect with him... since he hasn't been trained to utilize those skills without the Intersect. So, it makes perfect sense why she reacted the way she did.

    AND NO FAN SHOULD THINK TWICE ABOUT IT. Why? Because they should know this already. There should be no need to speculate about it. Sarah said what she said because she fears for Chuck's safety above ANYTHING ELSE. And she knows his bravery goes beyond his limitations. That makes her terrified of what he may do... because she cannot live without him.

    Chuck was mad for the same reason anyone gets mad when someone points out that they have limitations. He wants to believe he is a better more capable spy than he is. Sarah just wants him to be a LIVING Chuck. She would be happy if he was back to being an asset.... or a Nerd Herder.

  32. Hi Magnus,

    I understand, I meant to say is this a 2 episode arc? if so do we reserve our judgement not only on the chuck and sarah dynamic but the intersect issues until next episode. I mean the intersect last season would not work if chuck was panicked he had to be calm, but in this episode a fear and panicked emotion was supposed to get the intersect back? I for one do not think the writers got this wrong, I hope that if he were to get it back it would be linked to sarah somehow. BTW did you noticed that his last flash was one we never seen before, it had some symbols that I have never seen and some images too, where did they come from.......

  33. The only people who got the Intersect issue wrong are the critics and any "fan" who can't figure it out.

    In the episode, they thought Chuck needed fear of death to get him to flash. Clearly, that theory was.... wait for it... W R O N G ! ! !

    Had it worked, then you could argue the writers screwed it up (hear me, genius critics?).

  34. Oh, Magnus, you are very wise for such an angry gray puppet.
    These less than bright fans/critics are probably the same ones who freaked out thinking Frost deleted the intersect and that were probably hoping that Orion had secretly been living in the trunk of the convertible, hahahahahah.

  35. Hi Magnus,

    in your view, what is most important to NBC:
    the 5.6 M viewers (the second best of the season) or the 1.8 rating (the worst of the season)?

    Greetings from Portugal

  36. Diane...

    Thank you, thank you for clarifying in writing the key things the "critics" have gotten wrong.

    It was so clear that the "emotional rock" theory was hogwash. It just didn't make any sense to begin with and it didn't work.

    People seem to take whatever they hear a character say and run with it like it's gospel and the new canon of the show.

    Similarly, people have heard someone say "wipe his mind" in a preview and actually believe the writers are going to do it.

    You also nailed the dynamics of the "you're not a spy" scene. It was gut wrenching but it was also so true to the characters. That's why I thought it was very powerful.

  37. Fernando, the only thing that matters is the demographic rating. Number of total viewers are, essentially, meaningless. Mind you, the 5.6 million was downgraded in the final rating so, nothing changed.

    Diane, people in all fandoms seem to think that if a character says something, or if a story line takes us somewhere, that it means it is now part of the show canon. Even critics fall into this trap, and often.

    Fans who like to discuss shows online want to believe they are professional analysts. Hey, I want to believe I am handsome. But I had to accept that I am hideous and so I won't be entering into any more beauty contests. Maybe some fans should stop writing blogs where they confidently proclaim their consistently erroneous analysis and theories.

    Just sayin'.

  38. Yeah a lot of fans want to see a talk between chuck and Sarah next episode due to what she said, but what fans do not get is that when he was hanging off the gandola he had already let the issue go, he had understood where she was coming form and why she said it and said he does need her and loves her. If fans do not get that chuck will not let these kind of things upset him or he does not stand up to Sarah it does not mean he is less of a man, it just means he knows what is important in life and fans really do not understand chuck or the characters.

  39. Magnus, I agree with your take on the podcast of folks spec'ing themselves into a corner and then not liking the show when it doesn't deliver on something they built up in their own minds. That is the great danger of speculation. The fun side of it is seeing if you guessed right or wrong...or how close you came.

  40. I also think that some people have so romaticized season 2 as the pinnacle of perfectly awesomesauce perfection that nothing the writers do will ever measure up. They tend to forget the lame duck episodes and frustrating plot holes in that season.

  41. I think what best defines there relationship in this episode is before and after switzerland and it is very romantic. When agent Rye broke into the bedroom both said what are you doing in our bedroom and our house/home. Afterwards general beckman said go home and she went to find chuck, because that apartment is not home to sarah without chuck. She went to find her home (chuck) so that she could feel safe and comfortable and at home agan (suitcase).

  42. Magnus for jeopardy it was one of the choices for an answer

  43. Magnus is there going to be a podcast for this episode if so is what elle saw on the laptop was that a message from Orion to elle or chuck or mama Bartowski.

  44. Just finished recording CYT50 but it will be a few hours before it is up, I think. I have to edit it due to a few things. :)

    As for what Ellie saw... well, you will know in a week.


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