Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chuck It Live! September 20th, 2010

This season, we are not organizing any physical premier party in LA like we did last year.  We decided to make it more inclusive this time.  Bring everyone along for the ride.  Mega CHUCK fan rockchick4jc, had a suggestion to use TweetChat for the premier and get all the fans together for some fun and maybe some prizes.  We brought it up to our dearest friends at NBCStore and they were excited to do something related to an online fan premier party.

Our hashtag for the premier night is #ChuckItLive.  Use that in EVERY tweet and use it often.  That hashtag will be used to organize our discussions on Twitter and TweetChat as well as to enter to win prizes.

TweetChat works like any Twitter application.  Just give it access permission to your account and then type in the hastag in the search field.  You will then ONLY see tweets using that hashtag.  It will be like being in a chatroom on Twitter.  Awesomeness!  Plus, you don't need to type in the hashtag once you are there.  It automatically adds it to every tweet.  Examples below:

If you don't want to use this application, you can just do your normal Twitter thing while typing in the hashtag.  It is just an option.

So, spread the word and get ready to have some fun.  Follow NBCStore and do whatever they tell you to do.  Who knows what might happen on this premier evening!  You could have fun, we could trend, and fans might win some prizes.


  1. this is so cool!! =)

  2. great ;D 'll be there!


  3. I'm there! It'll make me less tempted to flip the channel during commercials. : )

  4. Hi Magnus,

    This event sound awesome, a question, have your super secret fake insiders told you when the season 4 premier of chuck is due to be promo'd. It is 19 days till that awesome day and I am looking forward to it.

  5. Luke, the normal promotional period seems to start with a couple of weeks to go. However, I wouldn't expect a ton of promotion for CHUCK. At least not individually. But I don't have any definitive insider info on that. I have been busy and not in touch with people as much as I was last season.

  6. Diane says...

    I'm pretty observant of how networks promote their stuff and I'm a little dismayed that nothing has run so far. They've started to sprinkle in promos of other returning shows--I saw one for Biggest Loser last night--and there haven't been any for Chuck.

    I even looked up what they did for Heroes last year. Heroes had the Monday 8PM slot. It was a returning show. They started promoting it August 9th.

    While I can't say I am surprised by NBC's behavior, it's hard not to be disappointed by it at the same time.

  7. I can tell you why that is... but none of you will like the answer.

  8. Hi Magnus,

    I like this idea a lot it should be awesome as well as drum up a lot of interest for chuck season 4. I have heard your podcasts where you said that a race car driver is a fan of chuck and that helps drum up viewers potentially, I have just read that a radio guy is doing a whole month in september called chucktember and he gets on average 10 million listeners. From your experience do you think this type of media coverage will help bring in viewers?

  9. Luke, who is this radio guy? If he has that many listeners, using my 3% rule, we could pick up close to half a million viewers... maybe more. But I would like to know who this is and why he isn't telling people to follow me on Twitter.

  10. Hi Magnus,

    This is the post I read:

    Timm McCoy hosts The Zone, the #1 podcast on iTunes, and he just happens to be a new Chuck fan! With 10 million subscribers, he has the potential to reach a lot of new viewers, and he’s decided to do just that by focusing on Chuck for the month of September, naming it Chucktember. His latest episode is called “Spy School” and features spy music, old and new.

    So what do you think?

  11. Well, let's see what happens. If he actually has that many listeners, great. Anyone with popularity promoting the show can't hurt it.

  12. That is one more reason why I'm staying up late tongiht and going to work next day with no sleep. Thank you Magnus:))


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