Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 52 (Family Friendly)

We talk CHUCKFEST2 with LittleChuckFan and Season 4 impressions with the rest of the crew.

FAMILY FRIENDLY EPISODE. There should be no adult language.

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  1. Diane says...

    Great podcast. I loved the really positive things you said about the upcoming episodes. Without even a synopsis or a promo on any of them, I can't imagine what is in store for us, but your enthusiasm is infectious.

  2. It is going to be awesome bunnies!

  3. Really great podcast Magnus! You generally don't show that amount of positive enthusiasm and excitement and hearing it today was a great holiday treat - so thanks!

    I found myself in agreement with just about everything you said - although I am firmly in the camp that dislikes the "wussification" of Chuck Bartowski. You've often said this isn't a spy show, its a show about a hero (or superhero) and unfortunately, I don't think our hero has acted like much of one this season. Don't get me wrong, I really like what they have done with the Sarah & Morgan characters, but I really hope that Chuck's journey features more of the Chuck that made me love this show - the Chuck that swings from the Buy More roof on a banner sign to save Sarah; the one that goes to save Shaw for all the right reasons in American Hero; the one that marches into fight Shaw even when he realizes that the intersect might do more harm than good. I know, I'm rambling - and maybe I've missed something. If I have, I'm sure you will point it out.
    One final note on the podcast - sounds like you did a lot of editing to cut out spoiler heavy teasers. I was kind of hoping for out takes.

  4. There really SHOULD have been outtakes... but I got super lazy. And there were some good outtakes too.

  5. When it comes to chuck, I do not mind what they do as long as sarah is in charge. They can make him the best spy who ever lived, who has all the skills in the world, whose charm and charisma is so on fire that women climax just looking at him, but sarah has to be in charge. It is so adorable! I know fans of scott baio's charles in charge believe our chuck should man up more, but no! stop that thinking! sarah is in charge and the show is the better for it! They were so funny in cubic z with their tough/silent cop routine and in first fight sarah gives chuck just as much as a fight then chuck gives her, love it! and finally in leftovers chuck is laying into his mom in castle and sarah says lets talk and he immediatly shuts up and does what she says, adorable! So in my opinion do whatever you want with chuck but please oh please let sarah be in charge!

  6. Welcome to 2010. Women are in charge now.


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