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TOP 10 CHUCK MOMENTS Awards... selected by YOU!

My next video is going to be a top 10 of different sets of scenes from the series so far.  I want to hear your choices.  From the comments, I will build a top 10 list (I will also have input) and put it to video.  The winning choices will receive a special ChuckGasmic award of awesomepancakes.

So, here are the categories.  If you can't choose 10, choose however many you want.  RECOMMENDATION: pre-write your comments in a text file and save it.  That way, if you write 50 choices and try to post them and something goes wrong, you don't lose everything you typed.  You can also e-mail me your choices at DEADLINE is September 10th, 2010.

The Awards have been given a name!








*Romance and hotness are not the same thing.  If you can't figure out the difference, your choice will be eliminated in that category.  But here is a hint... romance is sweet.  Hotness is... hot.


  1. Dramatic/emotional moments:
    3.10 v. TicTac Casey holds a gun to Chuck's chest, with Sarah in the background.
    (Truthfully, you could pick anything in this episode for that category!)

    2.22 v. the Ring Ellie and Chuck discuss the disastrous ceremony and he promises to make it right.

    1.1 Pilot The rooftop scene where Casey and Sarah discover Chuck has/is the intersect.

    2.14 v. the Best Friend Chuck and Morgan after Morgan is captured by the Triad

    (same ep) Casey and Sarah think Chuck has been killed in the Nerd Herder.

    Comedic moments
    1.2 v. the Helicopter The dinner party where Sarah's "poisonous" souffle is set on fire.

    2.22 v. the Ring Jeffster brings down the house (while Casey and friends bring down the reception area).

    3.19 v. the Ring pt. 2 Big Mike "They blew up the BuyMore!"

    Quotable moments
    3.10 v. TicTac Chuck tells Casey "I don't care who you were; I know who you are, and you're not alone."

  2. Romantic moment:

    Casey and Ilsa, 'Chuck vs the Undercover Lover'


    Casey whilst Beckman is demoting him to civilian, 'Chuck vs the Tic-Tac'

    Action moment

    Casey in the helicopter with the Gatling Gun, 'Chuck vs the Pink Slip'

    Quotable moment

    "Well, Chuck me!", 'Chuck vs the Ring'

  3. Xenaclone... can you be more specific about the Undercover Lover scene? You mean the end?

  4. Top 10 romantic moments

    1) Breakup - chuck denies his feelings to protect sarah.
    2) Merlin - rooftop chuck says maybe now we can have a chance at something real.
    3) Cougars - I do not need to know who you were becaus as much as you don't think so I know who you are ...
    4) Other Guy - I fell for you a long time ago, kiss very sweet and tender.
    5) American Hero - Chuck not letting sarah risk her life to save shaw and doing it himself.
    6) American Hero - Chuck telling sarah that he loves her.
    7) Tic Tac - Sarah telling chuck that not to lose who he was because he is great.
    8) Tic Tac - Casey telling chuck it is not to late.
    9) Delorean - Chuck reasurring sarah that it is not her fault that her dad is bad.
    10) Tooth - Sarah visiting the Dr and sarah telling chuck to his face that she never imagines a life without him and that she loves him.
    11) Subway - Chuck leaving sarah at the CIA because he said he would always pick her safety over his.
    12) Three words - chuck's confession in the vault.
    13) other guy - sarah accepting chuck only shot shaw as a last resort and accepting that he is still her chuck.
    14) Honeymooners - the whole episode, especially at the end in the bed, very, very sweet and touching.

  5. Hi Magnus,

    Does deleted scenes count, if they do then in living dead sarah and chuck have a moment where sarah tells chuck that if anything happened to him then she would not know what to do and chuck lies to her to protect her because he loves her, very sweet and romantic.

    oh and I forgot first class - Sarah was so worried for him and the conversation she has before he leaves for the plane is very romantic.

  6. Top 10 Hot Moments

    1) Hard Salami kiss - Wow
    2) Seduction kiss - Wow
    3) Colonel kiss - Wow
    4) Beef cake Kiss between Sarah and Cole at the end.
    5) Fat Lady - Chuck and jill bed scene at the end.
    6) Casey and Ilsa Kiss.
    7) Angel De La Meurta - Ellie and Awesome in the closet.
    8) Nemisis - Bryce and Sarah Kiss.
    9) Hard Salami - Chuck and Lou in the car with steamy windows.
    10) Anna and Morgan kisses, all of them.

    Romantic moments part deux

    1) Lethal Weapon ending - Chuck tells sarah that they are going to be together at the end.
    2) Cougars - Chuck tries to protect sarah at her high school reunion.
    3) First Kill - when sarah gets angry at chuck for trusting jill - people misread that scene, if you think about it, it is very romantic.
    4) Break up - Sarah refuses to take the same shot she took when Bryce's life was in danger - with Bryce she did not mind if she accidently shot him, but with chuck it is different, ver romantic.
    5) Suburbs - Chuck protects sarah from being tested and would rather hurt the other scientists.
    6) living Dead - Spy will - wow.
    7) First Date - when they are on the first date and sarah makes chuck open up about what he feels for her - very sweet and adorable.
    8) Gravitron - Sarah teaches chuck about how to get thorough being conned by Jill and almost kisses him because she gets caught up in the moment.
    9) Best Friend - at the end when chuck tells sarah that he cares about her.
    10) Santa Claus - The charm Bracelet scene - he basically is telling sarah that he loves her.
    11) Broken Heart - at the end when they are standing outside the trailer and she puts her hand around his face and tries to comfort him when they think the dad is not there, very tender and sweet.

  7. quotable moments: ellies speech to Chuck in the american hero. she told him hes a bartowski start acting like it...

  8. Top 10 Comedic Moments

    1) Pilot - Chuck and Morgan get beat up by sarah and end up in the 69 position, very funny.
    2) Hard Salami - Lester asking sarah out.
    3) Anytime casey pushing the buy morans faces against the wall, or hitting them or any physical violence he puts onto them, very funny.
    4) Lethal Weapon - chuck accidently shootin Bus Gang in the leg and him getting himself caught in the window, funny.
    5) Honeymooners - Those southern accents - enough said.
    6) Honeymooners - you being faking it the whole time, ah chuck I love you man but any guy who can go as long as Arcades fire first album should not be worried.
    7) Living dead - the whole interogation by casey and the visit to the apartment where chuck finds the book, very good.
    8) Operation Awesome - Shaw say's that every man has that problem or so I've heard.
    9) Lethal Weapon - it is not a spoken word but just the look casey has when Busgang is trying to explain Minsy's theory - he has such a confused/I do not care/lets just grab this guy/how many different ways can I kill him with my thumb look - priceless.

  9. Top 10 Action Moments

    1) Chuck versus the ring - the wedding and Chuck Fu scene.
    2) Tic Tac - Fight Scenes.
    3) Undercover Lover - Casey/Chuck chair scene
    4) Pink Slip - Casey Hellicoper scene.
    5) Beard - Fight Scene with chuck
    6) Ring part 2 fight scene

  10. Yeah I saw that deleted scene as well and after listening to your season 2 recap podcasts and pre season 3 podcasts they never rarely give sarah those vulnerable moments and that scene she is so vulnerable you can tell how much she really loves chuck and how much he means to her. It is a shame that they cut it out because it was not a depressing scene it was actually very powerful and beautiful and would have definately made it onto my top 10 romantic moments.

  11. Luke, it was too bad they cut that. I had heard about that scene a while before seeing it and expected it to be epic. It was nice, in the episode, but not what it should have been.

  12. what do you mean magnus? is it because chuck lies to her at the end? For me I can understand why he lied to her she was so worried and I really felt for her in that moment. It was actually one of the few times I did not mind chuck lieing to protect her feelings. The relief on her face was priceless when he said everything is ok.

  13. No... I just said, because of the cut.

  14. That C/S deleted scene was very well done , but after seeing the " spy will " scene , that deleted one wasn't necessary . They were both pretty similar . I think they made a good choice .


  15. Romantic
    - 3x13 Chuck vs. the Other Guy
    "You're still my Chuck"
    - 2x13 Chuck vs. the Suburbs
    Sarah cooking breakfast for Chuck.
    - 2x4 Chuck vs the Cougars
    Chuck and Sarah sharing a hamburger

    - 3x14 Chuck vs. the Honeymooners
    "This is gonna be your favorite song"
    - 3x10 Chuck vs. the Tic Tac
    Sarah lowers herself from below the SUV.
    - 2x21 Chuck vs. the Colonel
    Sarah and Chuck wake up together.

    - 2x14 Chuck vs. the Best Friend
    Car bomb exploding scene towards the end.
    - 3x18 Chuck vs. the Subway
    Shaw murdering PapaB.
    - 3x13 Chuck vs. the Other Guy
    Chuck going off to save Shaw because he's important to Sarah.

    (Each and every scene involving Morgan; it would take forever to list every one of them and I cannot choose.)
    - 3x15 Chuck vs. the Role Models
    Chuck & Sarah vs the Tiger
    - 3x5 Chuck vs. Fist Class
    "I didn't get to use my nunchucks"
    - 2x20 Chuck vs. the First Kill
    The "Morgan"

    - 3x10 Chuck vs. the Tic Tac
    The entire fight scene towards the end: Chuck in the house, and Sarah and Casey at the cabin
    - 1x2 Chuck vs. the Helicopter
    Chuck landing a helicopter.
    - 2x22 Chuck vs the Ring
    "I know Kung-fu!"

  16. I am beyond shocked no one has mentioned, for top dramatic, the moment in Castle in Tic Tac, where Sarah has to arrest Casey.

  17. Hi Magnus,

    I think there are moments that are both hot and romantic can we put the moments under both titles? For example the colonel bed scene starts off romantic where they are spooning and sarah is like awake and rubbing chucks hand as to say hey buddy wake up and then she moves her whole body closer into him because she wants to be closer to him, very sweet and tender. Then it gets to the hot part where they look into each others eyes and well everyone knows what happens next, in a word smoking hot. So is this a fair point?

  18. Most quotable:
    Gravitron: unleash the Casey

    Cougars: Lester says "oh mother crapper! The fish!" (this is my favorite chuck quote ever)

    Fat lady: Casey says "what? I wasn't hatched"

    Beard: Casey says: "because the only thing I hate more than hippy neo-liberal fascist anarchists are the hypocrite fat cats suits they eventually become"

    Sorry if this isn't organized very well...

  19. I see nothing wrong with nominating the same scene for different categories if it applies.

  20. Romantic Moments

    1) Pink Slip - When sarah asks chuck to run away with her in castle, her smile and his smile, wow her smile just made my heart melt.
    2) Final Exam - That steak out date is the most beautiful scene, chuck is so smooth, when he references the date and she smiles, in that moment that is like one of the most genuine smiles you could ever see and it kind of just want to smile too. When she says it is not the same as with you is also a very powerful and romantic sentence for her to say.
    3) Three words - Now this is not an out and out aww moment but when carina picks up the bracelet that should have been a sign that everything would be ok between chuck and sarah because sarah knew how important that bracelet was and only a real girlfriend of chucks should have it and so the fact that she held onto it showed her deep down frame of mind that although she was mad at chuck at that point deep down she never lost hope that she could be chucks real girlfriend one day. Very sweet and I do not think she would ever give that bracelet up for the world.

  21. Dramatic Moments

    There are two dramatic moments that do not sit well with me as for chuck is just a character on a show and no more but when you watch for 3 years you do get a little invested in where this character goes and I understand that this season they went a little too far trying to make chuck colder and these two parts are these:

    1) At the train station when he tells sarah that he wants to be a spy and that he wants to do it because it will be full of adventure and fun. I mean this is not chuck, chuck had been pining for her for two years until this point when would a guy who is so eloquent with words just say to sarah the worst brush off he can. The only saving grace is that fans who normally are on chucks side would be on sarah's because that was a really out of character douche move.

    2) Breaking up with hannah in front of her parents, I know he realised that he loved sarah but he should have never got into that relationship and even though he did because he thought he lost sarah to treat her like a one night stand is so out of character it is wrong, and he could have waited a week or 2 to tell her something better like I am still in love with sarah and it is not honest to be with you.

    Again these two moments felt hollow and contrived and I think I kinda felt like stopping and not rooting for chuck anymore. But I fell in love with him again in best friend and final exam and the rest of the season. But please do not do that again.

  22. Luke, when did this become the 10 moments you didn't like list? Please don't complicate the counting process for me. Thanks. :)

  23. Sorry Magnusm

    Dramatic moment

    1) Final Exam - Chuck and Sarah restaurant scene, where he finds out that he has to kill Perry. Powerful scene.
    2) Final Exam - Casey takes the shot chuck could not and sarah thinks chuck has killed someone. - powerful

    the halloween episode where chuck runs through people to get to morgan

    Any slow mode sarah walker moments

    when shaw drugged sarah or when orion died in season 2,3

    Manoosh action scene and the last episode of s2 where chuck kung fu's the 5 guys

    the scene with morgan and sarah in the weapons area and any scene with morgan and casey

    when chuck say vicki val alot of times in the first episode

  25. Most Quotable

    Casey in the Beard when he talks about the hippy neoliberal fascists.

    A montage of "don't freak out scenes" from all three seasons would be nice to see including Morgan talking to Chuck in Beard.

    Papa B in the beginning of Subway when he summarizes the plot: Who wouldn't be paranoid in your shoes? Your cover's blown, your secret base discovered, you dead partner and girlfriend's ex lover was a secret agent. Way to talk me down Dad.

    Cougar: I don't need to know who you were, I know who you are.

  26. Magnus,
    I'll vote for TicTac 3.10 when Sarah arrests Casey as a dramatic moment. I'd vote for anything in TicTac to win any award, truthfully :)

  27. You guys are going to do these through the comments? ._.; Oh dear lord... In the future, just tweet me if you need it scripted, I'm probably going to find time for anything chuck related <3 xoxo

  28. Luna, you want to translate that into words I can understand? ;)


    1 - Chuck Versus the Honeymooners - the scene at the end when it plays Feeling Good, the sweetest scene ever, but the entire episode is super romantic.

    2- Chuck Versus the Other Guy - when Sarah goes over Chuck's house and his not he floor with his plastic guitar and asks her if she loved him. (own)

    3- Chuck Versus the Break-Up - the hospital scene when Chuck visits Sarah.

    4- Chuck Versus the Cougars - the ending scene when Sarah let him ask sty about her past but he choses not, and they share a hamburger.

    5- Chuck Versus Santa Claus - the bracelet scene, so sweet.

    6-Chuck Versus the Suburbs - the breakfast scene, when Chuck realizes Sarah is actually enjoying the whole thing. and when he pushes her and ask her to close her eyes, while Casey runs the Intersect on the Fulcrum agents.

    7-Chuck Versus the Colonel - well the scene after the credits starts is really sweet then gets hot, so the last scene when Sarah meets Chuck before going to the rehearsal, just love how they hold their hands and she says that is real.

    8-Chuck Versus the Sandworm - the real photo scene.

    9- Chuck Versus the American Hero - when he locks Sarah for her protection and goes to save Shawn and that amazing speech about how much he loves her and then just kiss and go, leaving her with a choice.

    10-Chuck Versus the Ring, Part II - when he asks Sarah if she can love a regular guy, so sweet.

    (Im gonna try to not write many more, but Im going over 10)

    11- Chuck Versus the Tooth - the initial scene with Sarah and Chuck on the couch , when she asks the doctor to let her visit Chuck and she finally says that she love shim, and then in the end when she actually says to Chuck.

    12- Pilot + Chuck Versus the First Date - I just love both dating scenes, they are so good.


  30. Hola Amigos - there are just way too many choices -
    so here are a few of my favorites

    Hot - Sarah and Carina getting dressed

    Romantic - Chuck gives Sarah his mother's charm braclet...

    Comedy - [and I'm really surprised this hasn't gotten much more attention]
    Jeff eats the URNIAL PUCK... I'd rank it as the funniest thing ever on TV!

    Action - the triple fight sequence Casey - Sarah- and then Chuck nearly strangles that guy.

    thanks yall - the Gringo Chuck Fan

  31. TOP 10 ACTION MOMENTS (in chronological order):

    1 and 2 - Chuck vs the Intersect - we get the Bryce intro sequence which was incredible, and then Sarah taking out all those NSA agents in the club.

    3 - Chuck vs the Undercover Lover - Casey and Chuck in a fight in the hotel room that ends with them falling off the balcony and into the pool below.

    4 - Chuck vs the First Date - Sarah vs Mr. Colt on the roof top is a great visual.

    5 - Chuck vs the Cougars - Sarah vs Heather in the shower is a Chuck classic.

    6 - Chuck vs the Best Friend - Sarah vs Smooth Lau inside the car is a great fight.

    7 - Chuck vs the Colonel - this episode is loaded, but I'd pick the motel parking lot as my favorite, you get Casey with a radiator and Sarah being Sarah and it all ends with the two of them pointing guns at each other.

    8 - Chuck vs the Ring - Chuck-Fu, enough said.

    9 - Chuck vs Operation Awesome - I don't know why I like it so much and nobody else does but Chuck's two-fisted tranq gun sequence with Spoon playing in the background is one all time faves.

    10 - Chuck vs the Tic Tac - Chuck vs a host of bad guys at Kathleen's and Alex's house.

    1. ‘I finally found the one’ queue Nina Semone ‘And I’m feelin’ good’ - Honeymooners
    2. ‘You’re still my Chuck.’ - Other Guy
    3. Chuck’s morning pep talk after Jack Burton steals the Sheik’s money - DoLorean
    4. ‘Close your eyes’ Chuck ducks Sarah’s head into his shoulder to protect her from the Fulcrum Intersect & they hold tight to one another – Suburbs
    5. Chuck outlines why he can’t live with Sarah & reaffirms that one day he’ll get the Intersect out of his head and when that happens ‘I’m going to live the life I want, with the girl that I love.’ – Lethal Weapon
    6. Chuck pulls back from the intensity of his hotel room make out with Sarah to just smile at her for a beat before kissing her crazy stupid again. – Coronel
    7. Chuck explains how Sarah is kind, beautiful, & could kick the ass of everyone in the restaurant – First Date
    8. Chuck calls Sarah as his ‘loved one’ and gives her his mother’s charm bracelet. – Santa Claus
    9. Chuck recreates his first stakeout with Sarah – Final Exam
    10. ‘My middle name is Lisa’ - Wookie

    1. “You really want me to kiss her!” Chuck/Sarah kiss for Roan – Seduction
    2. Chuck & Sarah’s first kiss fearing an explosion – Imported Hard Salami
    3. Casey emerges from the pool soaking wet to interrupt Ilsa’s wedding – Undercover Lover
    4. Jill/Chuck make sexy time – Fat Lady
    5. Opening montage – Honeymooners
    6. Ilsa & Casey – Undercover Lover
    7. Chuck & Sarah’s second 1st date – First Date
    8. Cole kisses Sarah & invites her to run away with him – Lethal weapon
    9. Chuck & Sarah in the motel – Coronel
    10. Agent Forrest & Casey clean guns – Broken Heart

    1. Tron Poster Reveal – Lethal Weapon
    2. Papa B’s Death - Subway
    3. Chuck & Sarah break up – Break Up
    4. Sarah & Casey’s expression watching the Nerd Herder explode – Best Friend
    5. Papa Bartowski is taken away by Roark, while Casey & Sarah hold Chuck back – Dream Job
    6. Chuck learns that Bryce was protecting him at Stanford – Alma Mata
    7. Casey’s arrest in Castle for treason – Tic Tac
    8. Ring Operatives infiltrate Castle & Morgan learns Chuck’s secret – Beard
    9. Chuck burns Manoosh – Nacho Sampler
    10. Chuck willingly downloads the Intersect 2.0

    1. Car girl fight – Best Friend
    2. Chuck & Sarah escape MX facility – Pink slip
    3. Chuck downloads the 2.0 & fights off the Ring – Ring Part I
    4. Sarah dances & takes out the NSA capture team & subsequent car chase - Pilot
    5. Bryce steals the Intersect & escapes – Pilot
    6. Chuck is dropped off the roof & Casey catches him – First Date
    7. Shower fight scene Heather Chandler vs. Jenny Burton – Cougars
    8. Chair fight Chuck/Casey – Undercover Lover
    9. Chuck takes the Ludinol pill & kicks scary Terminator type ass – Tic Tac
    10. Chuck & Shaw showdown – Ring Part II

    1. One word ‘Meow’ – Beard
    2. I owe you one condom – Your pal Morgan – Coronel
    3. Chuck ties his cast to hide from Busgang - Lethal Weapon
    4. ‘Charles Carmichael always comes quickly’ - Suburbs
    5. Awesome teaches Chuck the girls half of the Tango - Tango
    6. Chuck & Morgan run to each other - Sandworm
    7. Casey/Chuck/Sarah & Jeff/Lester try to steal Orion’s computer from the Buymore - Predator
    8. Reveal of John Casey as High School Reunion DJ playing Hanson – Cougars
    9. Hi-C “What? I wasn’t hatched!” – Fat Lady
    10. Jeffster performs Africa – Best Friend

    1. Broken Heart
    Zahmir - You’re lying.
    Chuck – Think about it, not all lady bugs can be ladies.
    2. ‘Muaw ha ha’ – Daniel Shaw in Subway & Chuck in Ring Part II
    3. ‘When he was a little boy & people would ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up he’d always say the same thing…big boy/Chuck you need a hair cut it’s starting to make funny animal shapes in the back./Words taste like peaches.’ – Ellie in Truth
    4. ‘You’re still my Chuck.’ - Sarah in Other Guy
    5. ‘Charles Carmichael always comes quickly’ – Suburbs
    6. ‘Who doesn’t like a good cupcake?’ – Fake Name
    7. ‘Bartowski you’re like the poster child for friendly fire.’ – Lethal Weapon
    8. ‘Don’t tell me what you can’t do, I’ve seen what you can’t do!’ – Dream Job
    9. ‘My middle name is Lisa’ - Wookie
    10. Best Friend
    Jeff - Does it shock you that 80% of my interactions with women are without their knowledge?
    Chuck – Actually I’m more shocked by the other 20%.

    Key Quotes & Phrases of the Chuck Lexicon
    • ‘Stay in the car!’
    • ‘Aces, Charles’
    • ‘Awesome’
    • ‘Don’t Freak Out!’
    • ‘Pancakes’

  35. Hi Magnus,

    Jules in reference to your post about the c/s scene been not necessary because of the spy will, I have to disagree, the reason is they are different in delivery. In the episode the spy will scene sarah is a lot more relaxed when she is talking to chuck, but in the deleted scene she is freaking out with worry if anything were to happen to chuck and so him lying makes it much more of an honest moment and it would put that moment above the spy will for me in the romance list.

  36. Ahhh... Wendy, now THAT is a perfect set of responses. :)

  37. Magnus; Casey & Ilsa. Yes, the kisses at the end when Ilsa goes away.

  38. Top 10 Quotes

    1) Fat lady - Casey to sarah " your been very nonchelant considering your super computer boyfriend is browsing someone elses network" so casey such a shipper.
    2) Beefcake - Casey to chuck " your move was to faint and his was to endure torture, looks like his method is working" so casey, on the one hand chastising chuck for not been man enough but on the other telling him what he needs to do to compete with cole and beat him, casey loves his chuck.
    3) Truth - Sarah "Chucks not often wrong" Casey "but he's annoying all the time"
    4) First Date - Chuck to casey "I'm going to miss you man, thanks for teaching me things I never thought I could do and for being around to catch me when I fall, which sounds terribly cheesy now that I am saying it out loud".
    5) Ring part 1 - Chuck "see guys can hug" Casey "not if they want their man parts"
    6) Tic Tac - Casey to chuck " I made my choice between love and love of country a long time ago and it was the right choice for me, now you have to figure out if that#s the right one for you, Walkers a good women, still not too late"
    7) American Hero - Casey to Sarah " I killed the mole, he did'nt have the stones to pull the trigger, kids not a killer just not wired that way"

  39. Comedic Scenes....

    Vs. Operation Awesome(Awesome tells Ellie about his run in with the bear)
    Vs. The First kill (Chuck kills two bad guys by doing 'The Morgan')
    Vs. The Beard (When Morgan goes into castle for the first time)
    Vs. First Class (Buy More staff put Morgan in the crane machine)
    Vs. Tom Sawyer (Chuck hanging out with Jeff in the home entertainment room)
    Vs. The Truth (Chuck telling Sarah that she's "So Pretty" and that Casey's chin was chiseled by Michaelangelo himself.
    Vs. The American Hero (Casey eats the tunaroni.)
    Vs. The Role Models (Chuck and Sarah take on the tiger)
    Vs. The Predator (Jeff and Lester break into the Buy More at the same time as Team Bartowski.)
    Vs. The Tic Tac (When Chuck and Sarah were trying to break out Casey, Chuck crashes into the invisible wall.
    Vs. Operation Awesome (Chuck kicks Lester in the face at the Buy More then goes off on the customer in Thai.)

    Action Scenes......

    Vs. The Cougars (Sarah and Heather Chandler fight scene)
    Vs. The Ring (Chuck takes out the 5 ring agents after uploading the 2.0)
    Vs. The Other Guy (Chuck shoots Shaw)
    Vs. The Ring (reception fight scene)
    Vs. The Final Exam (Chuck takes out the guys in the sauna)


    Vs. The First Date (Chuck and Sarah's dinner date before Chuck flashes)
    Vs. The Final Exam (Chuck and Sarah stakeout)
    Vs. The Honeymooners (the last scene where Chuck plays Sarah her 'favorite' song)
    Vs. The First Kill (Sarah tells Chuck they need to run and goes rogue to help him find his father.
    Vs. The Colonel (Chuck and Sarah scene when they are in the holding cell at castle)
    Vs. The Santa Clause ( Charm Bracelet scene)
    Vs. The Ring (Chuck and Sarah’s dance at the reception)
    Vs. The Other Guy (Sarah tells Chuck he’s still her Chuck)

    Hottest scenes....

    Vs. The Colonel (waking up in Barstow)
    Vs. The Honeymooners (Chuck plays Sarah the song at the end of the episode)
    Vs. The Hard Salami (Chuck and Sarah first real kiss)
    Vs. The Seduction (Chuck and Sarah kiss)
    Vs. The Fat Lady (Chuck and Sarah in the shower after they though they were sprayed with a chemical agent.)
    Vs. The Beefcake (Sarah and Cole in hotel room.)
    Vs. The Broken Heart (Sarah helps Chuck find his father. The last scene where she tries to comfort him)


    Vs. The Best Friend (Sarah thinks Chuck was killed in the car explosion)
    Vs. The Subway (Orion is killed)
    Vs. The Suburbs ( Chuck saves Sarah in the lab)
    Vs. The Lethal Weapon (Chuck tells Sarah he can’t move in with her - she looks devastated)
    Vs.The Dream Job ( The ring Captures Chuck and his father, Sarah and Casey retrieve Chuck)
    Vs. The Pink Slip (Train station in Prague)
    Vs.The Three Words (Sarah watches the footage of Chuck in the Vault telling her why he chose to be a spy)


    Vs. The Lethal Weapon “We’re dead Bartowski’s got a gun.”

    From pretty much every episode ”Don’t Freak out”

    Vs. The Angel of Death

    Chuck: You're going to stay here and Sarah and I are going to go get Casey, we just need to take out these guards with the machine guns.

    Devon: You and what army.

    Chuck: That would be Sarah and her fists.

  40. HOT
    The Seduction: Sarah Walker's "Do You Believe in Love"

  41. I hope more people decide to join in the fun. I have about a dozen emails so far and what is posted here. So far, the emails are more thorough.

    Get your buds to give their lists of favorites.

  42. My favorite quote is from Chuck Vs The Ring Part 2.

    Morgan to Ring Elders - "Reach for the skies dirtbags! You're the disease and I'm the cure!"

    Gotta love Cobra..

    S1 EP 6 - the halloween episode where chuck runs through people to get to morgan

    S2 EP 5, 2 - Any slow mode sarah walker moments

    S3 EP 18, S2 EP 17 - when shaw drugged sarah or when orion died in season 2,3

    S3 EP 6, S2 EP22 - Manoosh action scene and the last episode of s2 where chuck kung fu's the 5 guys

    S3 EP? - the scene with morgan and sarah in the weapons area and any scene with morgan and casey

    S1 Ep1 - when chuck say vicki val alot of times

    Magnus you can delete my last post since I forgot the episode part of the post.

  44. Diane says...

    I don't feel I've had much chance this week to think about this--it's also fantasy football draft week--but on the way into work a comedic moment popped into my head while "Mr. Roboto" came on my i-pod list.

    Jeffster sings Mr. Roboto at the wedding in "Vs the Ring".

    Bruce Boxleitner's line "Why are you letting Sam Kinison and an Indian lesbian ruin your wedding?"

  45. aka. avoidinglaundry on twitter

    Top 10 Quotable moments:
    1.“Words taste like peaches”. – vs the Truth
    2. “Interception!” – vs the Third Dimension
    3. “Charles Carlmichael always comes quickly.” – vs The Suburbs
    4. “Chuck Me.” – vs the Ring
    5. “Please….I’m fantastic.” – vs. the First Date
    6. “Think about it….not all ladybugs can be ladies.” – vs the Broken Heart
    7. “Before you got here and long after you’ve gone Morgan is my family.” – vs the Best Friend
    8. “How do ya like me now sucka?!” – vs the Undercover Lover
    9. “Chuck I can’t fake this, not with you.” “What?! You’ve been faking it the whole time?!” – vs the Honeymooners
    10. “I’m a naked spy.” – vs the Final Exam

  46. Top 10 Dramatic/Emotional Moments:
    1.Papa B being shot – vs The Subway (Zac’s reaction….I can only imagine what the raw footage of that scene sounds like. )
    2.The bridge scene in Paris – vs the Other Guy
    3.Roark & his men taking Papa B away – vs the Dream Job
    4.Sarah giving Chuck his instructions for his red test. – vs the Final Exam
    5.Casey holding Chuck at gunpoint, being arrested for treason, and then becoming a civilian at the end. – vs the Tic Tac (Three different moments, but all from the same episode.)
    6.Chuck downloading the intersect 2.o – vs the Ring
    7.Sarah & Casey’s reaction when the Nerdherder blows up – vs the Best Friend
    8.The tree lot – vs Santa Claus
    9.“Save you later” – vs the Marlin – Chuck and Sarah saying goodbye
    10.Chuck waiting for Sarah to arrive for their date/Casey acting out his orders/the new intersect going online. – vs the First Date.

  47. Hi Magnus,

    I do not know what section to ask this question so I will ask it here. In the season 3 deleted scenes chuck comes back from the train station and is upset do you know If that scene was supposed to be before or after casey told Sarah the truth because casey looked angry.

  48. So was casey angry with sarah in that moment? casey is such a shipper.

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