Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dear DR: 2011 brings pain and suffering!

You asked, I answered.

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Hey love your site and I just want to say how much it has saved me during the 7 week hiatus. Anyway on to my question: Is there any thing you can tell us about the episode Carina makes her return on? -- Sadie

It digs a bit into Sarah's past.  I imagine it won't be the last of her back-story we see this season.

Dear Great One and Master of the Internets, can you help me recover from my New Year's hangover by giving any further details on this Chris Fedak comment from the EW article?:  “Our team finds themselves in a terrifying situation, which may be Chuck’s worst fear." -- Rachael 

That is certainly NOT what I told him to say.  But you know show runners... always going off script.  I imagine he meant Chuck's fear of losing those he cares about very much... or being abandoned by them.

DR you are the greatest. My question is with Roan and Carina coming back is it possible that they will comment on Chuck and Sarah's life since they last saw them? -- Amrit


Any comment on Seduction Impossible episode, like will there be any fun scenario regarding Moroccan general and his female army ? -- Harku

You can count on a number of seductions.... and at least one member of Team B will need to seduce one of those ladies.

Look at the question and now at yourself and now back at my question and now I am guessing by now you know you are better then the Old Spice guy who was on CHUCK. So my question is Morgan and Alex, are they ever going to show them going out on a date? Because they could get kidnapped and Casey would have to save them. -- Greg

If that is planned, I don't know about it.

DR, you're awesome! I love your site, spoilers, podcasts... just about everything! Question to you: I know Roan and Carina are coming back this season, have you heard of any other returning characters from previous seasons that are coming back? (for example: Cole Barker, Jack Burton, or anyone from the dead) -- Steve

Not yet.  But I would not be shocked if one of those individuals shows up at some point.

They should refer to Devon as Captain Adequate because you are the true Captain of Awesome. My question is, Will Chuck and Sarah have any conversation or interaction coming up where Chuck is the supportive one? Will he get to be there for Sarah a little? -- Sue

Ummmm... yeah.  It is safe to say Chuck is going to get a moment like that in the next five episodes.

Hey Magnus, thanks for all the work you put into this site, you're awesome. In a previous Dear DR, you mentioned there wouldn't be any Sarah/Ellie scenes. Do you know if this holds true for the back 14? Phil Klemmer's back, and I remember he wrote some memorable scenes between the two of them. -- Anonymous Dippy

NO NAMES! There is a Sarah and Ellie scene in one of the early back order episodes.

Dear great, awesome, powerful and wonderful leader. Sir DR, I notice the lack of spoilers about Buy Morons of late. Anything interesting coming up in relation to Jeff, Lester or Big Mike that can be revealed? -- Rob

They get involved in the arrival of Baby Awesome in more ways than one.  Think baby names... and they certainly have opinions about the push mix.

Dear DR in all your awesomeness, another website--which I choose not to identify by name--made some noises a while back about Chuck doing a crossover with another TV series. As I recall, they even asked for fan suggestions of which TV series. They said the suggestions would be passed on to the producers. Was there anything to that? Is Chuck really considering a crossover? -- Diane

Sounds like a website run by idiots who couldn't come up with an original idea unless they stole it.  No.  There is no cross-over... at least so far.

Almighty DR, ruler of the Chuck-verse and consistently-reliable teller of the spoilers, as awesome as I anticipate a little bit of Chuck/Sarah angst to be, is there any chance of some epic, happy moments before/during/after this angst? -- James

Yep.  4.11 is going to have some pretty sweet moments.  They even shot a really hot moment for 4.12, but I don't know if it made it into the episode.

In your latest Dear DR, you said that very soon Sarah would come to a realization that some fans would "rage against". Was that hyperbole? On another note, I'm really looking forward to the return of Roan Montgomery. Your teasers and the EW article both imply that there will be a lot of seducing going on in this episode. Please tell me that Chuck is involved in at least one of the seductions. -- Anonymous Nutbag

You didn't praise me or anything... why even bother responding?  But it was a good question so I will give you this one.  Was it hyperbole?  Probably.  Especially since I don't know how it is executed, or how they edited pieces together.  So, I can't fully judge how some people will react.  But if people don't react negatively to it, then I will be surprised.

As for Seduction Impossible, there are a number of seductions and Chuck has one of them.  As do two other members of Team B.

Are we going to see Alex and Casey on a mission together at some point? -- Bert

Not that I know.

Dear hot, intelligent DR, just wanna say I love your podcasts and your site is definitely THE best Chuck site there is, it has for sure saved me during these brutal weeks without Chuck. Love you and love your teaser spoilers, but I was hoping you could give us something a bit more straight forward about the whole Chuck and Sarah drama that seems to be coming, please? Like is the Sarah leaving Chuck for another man thing because of a mission? P.S. sorry for the length of the question and I donated, hope it helps :) -- Amy

First, thank you for the donation.  Those who donate can make their questions as long as they want!  Sarah's decision to leave is not easy to describe without giving away big plot points.  Her decision isn't because she finds a hotter guy.  It does appear to be a personal choice, though.

DR, leader of leaders, king of kings, supreme master of all Chuck spoilers, teasers and podcasts ... and generally an awesome person, what are the chances that Volkoff will not be killed or permanently sealed off in a secret CIA prison by the end of the season? -- Luk

I have no idea what they plan to do with him at the end of the season.  Well, maybe I have a little bit of an idea but since those episodes haven't been written yet, I can't say for sure.

Dear DR, me dumb ... you all Chuck knowing ... would you tease/spoil more about 4.13 other than a baby arrives? -- TS

I think Chuck is going to need a bigger poster this time.  We also find out what kind of music Devon likes.  I was devastated.  I thought he was a Toad the Wet Sprocket kind of guy.

Oh Dear DR, in all your awesomeness, king of the internet, master of spoilers, we all know that you love to tease with your spoilers and we love that, but I was hoping you could clarify a bit on the spoiler "Sarah attacks Chuck with passion." Good or bad ? And when? -- Anonymous Momo

HOT.  4.12.  Unless they cut it out of the episode (they better not).

Dear DR, I've already told you that you are the SINGLE reason Chuck has stayed on the radar for the last five weeks (until Mr. Fedak finally showed up) and if I were either Schwartz or Fedak, I'd offer you a well paying job to do just that - a job you probably have too much integrity to accept. My question, such as it is, is about shippers - you have already stated you believe they will go nuts over 4.11 and rage over 4.12. What do you believe shippers will do after 4.13? -- PeterOinNJ

They would never offer me a job and I would never accept as long as I had to work for WB.  I would happily work for the producers, though.  They are nice people.  As for your question, a baby arrives so they should be happy.  After all, you know it is going to affect Chuck and Sarah in some way.

DR, you are the hottest thing since ice cream. And no, I don't think that's weird coming from another heterosexual man. Now onto my question: Can we expect a new big bad for the second half of the season or is the Mama B / Volkoff storyline going to continue past episode 13? -- Michael

Inappropriate!  Anyway, as of this writing, there is no new bad guy story line.  Is that because the current bad guy is still a threat?  Or because the writers are lazy?  Tune in to find out.

Will there be an episode or two where - for one reason or another - Casey is not around? -- Max

Without giving anything away, or being able to clarify, I will say... yes.  Don't read anything into that!

Alright, that is it.  I answered almost every question except for those I felt I couldn't answer or were already answered.  If you don't like the questions, then ask a better one next time.  Enjoy!

UPDATE!  I forgot to include one question:

Can you tell us anything about my favorite relationship, Sarah and Casey? -- Burkey

Casey and Sarah will have a very emotional moment together... a moment that will dwarf all other moments in which Sarah has called him "John."

UPDATE 2, from the comments section:

Hi DR, never posted before, but have enjoyed observing from the sidelines all the wit and wisdom you provide on a regular basis for my favorite show. Thank you so much. I know you can't specify when or in what episode the proposal is going to happen with Chuck and Sarah, but how do you think fans will react based on what you know about it? -- Melissa

I have a rule: I will not discuss the Chuck and Sarah engagement story line other than to say that it was decelerated once they got the extended episode order.  However, I will tell you that in 4.11 you will get more than a glimpse into the romantic mind of Chuck.  And by that I mean that he has been working on a plan B... or C... or D... F... G?