Friday, November 20, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays for November 23, 2009 AKA CHUCK IS BACK!

CHUCK is back!  It has officially been announced! 

JANUARY 10th at 9PM on NBC, Episode 1: Chuck Versus The Pink Slip!
JANUARY 10th at 10PM on NBC, Episode 2: Chuck Versus The Three Words!
JANUARY 11th at 8PM on NBC, Episode 3 Chuck Versus The Angel of Death!

But this week we are watching a fun little episode from season 2 (only 4 episodes to go?!).

Our hashtag is the same it has been:




Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chuck You Tuesday - The Fancast - Episode 12 (ADULTS ONLY WARNING)

After many weeks of no new podcast, an hour long expletive laced episode is finally up!

In this one we discuss everything that has happened since episode 11.  That includes the potential of CHUCK coming back early; the potential impact on the story with six more episodes ordered; Yvonne Strahovski's THE CANYON; the reaction (or overreaction) by some at other recent news; and spoilers from light to major.

This episode has its spoilers separated from the initial discussion, so those who do not wish to be spoiled will be warned.  The first spoiler discussion is light and involved actors announced to be on the show.  The second spoiler discussion involves plot.  If you decide to skip either, this podcast will be short.

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