Monday, November 22, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 50 (Family Friendly)

We talk episode 4.09, CHUCK Vs. PHASE THREE.

FAMILY FRIENDLY EPISODE. There should be no adult language.

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  1. Just an FYI, if you downloaded or listened to the episode earlier, I just uploaded a better quality audio version. The first one was a mistake.

  2. +1 just for the Prince intro song

  3. I feel the three music pieces are all appropriate to the episode. :)

  4. Maybe I was late enough, because the audio was fine.

    Just to go against your rule ;): Awesome episode, awesome podcast and amazingly fantastic work by Yvonne.

    I want 20 Sarah centric eps. In fact I tweeted that to Josh after the ep. :D

    I also love Outsourced. And Tanya with Todd. :)

    Unfortunately I often can´t catch what Mike is saying, so I didn´t really get his extra podcast on the outtakes. :(

  5. lol, loved this podcast!

  6. I had to heavily edit what Mike said in the outtakes. :)

  7. LOL just listened to this and I have to say that even gay men should love this episode for how fabulous Sarah Walker is. I'm a straight female and I loved it ...

  8. Loved the alternative narrator/voice over for the episode... I am just waiting to see if someone is gonna take that audio and actually put on some youtube promo video...

  9. Pure unadulterated awesome. That was probably one of the top Chuck episodes of all time.

  10. I definately went coconut cakes in this episode. I cannot wait to go bananbunnies for 4.11.

    Last night was really good TV and wow Yvonne really brought out the emotion there should be no denying how much that girl loves Chuck. I loved the way the show handled it and her breakdown and the way they split the reality of her crying and her being so angelic in the dream world was one of my favorite scenes of Chuck ever. So good.

    This season is amazing and thanks for a really fun season of podcasting. I was LOL'ing through last night podcast.


  11. 1.7/5 with 4.8 mill viewers?? Ouch! With one of the best eps ever! A shame...

  12. Yep. Granted, DWTS had its final dances last night.

  13. First, if that is true, you should probably not post it publicly as you never know who may be reading this and it could get your friend fired. So, I will delete what you said. Now... I think this person may be talking about repeats. I haven't heard anything about an early start for CHUCK following the hiatus. If you want to email me about it, though, you can use the email address in my profile (just click my name and then look on the left side).

  14. Diane...

    Fun podcast. Good to hear people having such a great time.

    I'm really bummed by the ratings, but not surprised. DWTS went from a 4.0 to 4.7 in one week. House took a hit also (4.0 to 3.4). HIMYM dropped a tenth.

    It won't surprise me if when I see the more detailed demos, the show took a hit with older women, while maintaining its male audience.

    It really hurts because this show is so great and it makes you wish more people would see it. I just get this sense that more could have been done to promote this episode. There was really nothing special written about it in places like EW and TV Guide. I didn't see any critics mention that they got screeners of it.

    It will probably be blockbuster on Hulu this week.

    The NBC promo department better kick it into gear for next week's episode. No DWTS. House and HIMYM are repeats.

  15. Next week should jump to a 2.2 AT LEAST with Linda and Timmy both in the episode... plus no real competition!

    Hell, it should get a 2.6... but it won't.

  16. This episode was one of my favorites of the series. It really is a shame more people out there don't know what they are missing.
    I am enjoying the season a great deal and I'm gonna tell my friends on facebook again they had better start watching.
    I'm sure the cast is probably exhausted but, I hope they know how much we are enjoying and appreciate what they are doing this season.


  17. Diane says...

    I've gotten accustomed to being wrong when trying to solve your teasers. But, that's fun.

    I've never been so wrong in guessing the ratings demos.

    Above, I speculated that the women ratings went down while the men stayed the same.

    But, Noooooooo.

    As it turns out, W18-49 went down 6%, while the Male 18-49 ratings went down 12% !

    Women 35-64 only went down 2%.

    Meanwhile, Dancing With the Stars' M18-49 rose 33% last night from the last episode.

    What is wrong with the men in this country?

    Were Bristol Palin and Jennifer Grey hotter than Yvonne?

    Or were the men just afraid to watch Sarah be amazing while their wives were around?

    I'm proud of my fellow women viewers who weren't lured away as much.

  18. I bet men watched DWTS for political reasons. Palin making it to the finals was big news and men tend to watch more of the political programs, right?

  19. Diane says...

    Men do watch more Fox News.

    DWTS did get lots of mileage and buzz from the Bristol controversy.

    Well, there's always next week.

  20. Hy Magnus, Just one short question if you don't mind ? :)
    Will be any epic stuff from Chuck himself? I mean just like I said before, I think Chuck is right now the weakest point and carachter on the show. I understand some times the HERO need to fall down so he's super awesome, epic crazy love girlfriend and there is now word how we can describe Sarah Walker and of course Yvonne.
    And BTW it shame that Chuck speech in the end of the American Hero now is nothing as powerful than Sarah speech. So yeah right now we can kill Chuck and renamed the show Sarah Walker.
    so It's really that time when Chuck need to Rises up, is not it?
    you know some hero stuff some epic stuff just remind us, that Chuck is not just a henpeck, not just a nerd not just a loser and yn other negative word. :)

    I gonna say something completly stupid thing, but may be the rating is not grow because of Chuck. I mean Sarah Walker is perfect right now, but no one realy likes a weak MAN how always need to be saved right?
    You know His sister protect him, his girlfriend protect him, everyone just protect him.

    Before you attack me :)
    I'm not complaining even if sound like that. :)
    Just what if they can't make better episode than this was?

    But i love Sarah Walker and Yvonne, weel i thin she is the best actress in the world :)
    Just you know right now Zac iand Chuck is weakest.
    I mean poor Zac he play the same old same old carachter every season, beside Yvonne who play every season a diferent Sarah Walker. Every other character is changing. The showrunners not afraid to change any other characters except Chuck.
    Morgan is changing Casey too.
    Sarah! well, have to say anything ? of course not :) we all see :).
    and we know that Ellie is going to change a lot.
    so the afraid to change Chuck I think, and may be this is a little plus to the ratings is low. You know they not see an awesome kick ass real cool main Character who is bad ass.
    If this was a Bryce and Sarah show may be woudl be diferent if not better.
    Okey I go to far and I already told you this is stupid idea just...... Never mind, just it was inside me and I needed to say this, thats all :)

    OF course BEST EPISODE EVER and best from Sarah and Yvonne and i Already watched in 100000000 times :).
    so GO Chuck :)

  21. "
    miss friday put it down
    there's a train wreck coming 's gonna take you out
    I know you're living at the top o' them steps
    well hey one day I'm gonna get there too
    and you say
    wake wake up get out o' your head
    you gotta wake wake up get out o' your head
    you got a lot to live
    you got a lot to live for
    so bye bye bye misery
    I'm gonna cut you into three
    and I'm gonna stay
    I'm gonna stay

    miss friday put me down
    there's world out there
    but you know
    I don't really care

    This Always suprises me, how awesome and meaning full every song.
    Before this show , I never care about the romantica, I never was a Shipper before.
    I even didn't know what it is mean to be a Shipper ?!
    And now the real question is ? Am I a Crazy Shipper or not , funny
    these two is change me , now, I CRY every romantic moment like a girl.

  22. I have to agree that sometimes characters suffer to service a story and that is what is happening to chuck but it also happened to morgan. I mean you take this episode and from start to finish morgan is awesome, every scene, I mean every scene he was awesome, he was mature, smart, diplomatic, brave, etc, I loved it! But last episode he had to service the buymore plot and it made him look weak and feable that he could not just handle jeffster better, he should have fired them or threatended them and I did not like how the writers regressed him just to service the buymore for that episode. With chuck, I am sure fedak said that chuck with a gun will never be a simple situation but the scenario where sarah gets upset with chuck with a gun ir gone. So come fear of death there in the gondola and they are outnumbered 2 to 1, chuck is not flashing, agent rye is insane, the stakes are high since they know he is the intersect, if there was ever a moment that chuck could have and should have a gun it is there, and again 'i do not know why they do this. But on the whole that is chuck and when you move the story at such a fast pace character development can be transient at best, but I still love the show!

  23. Diane says...

    Hidden somewhere in szollo09's long post may be a point. On another forum, in an entirely different context, I read a rant by a guy who is a father of a young son. He was ranting about how it pissed him off that in so many TV shows the writers need to make the male weak or dumb in order to elevate the woman as a "strong female character". He went on to praise the show "Sons of Anarchy" for its depiction of strong women while not making the men weak. The guy doesn't want his son watching the weak men on TV.

    When ratings go up or down, I always say it's based on what casual viewers of the show do. As loyal fans, we can all know that Chuck has value beyond the Intersect, but, if you were a casual viewer with the attitude of the father I just described, what would you think about the latest plot? You could argue that the attitude may be a little "unevolved" and insecure, but it does exist.

  24. you know the one thing I love about this episode like honeymooners is like honeymooners where the first time we saw sarah smile so much this is the first time where she has cried so much and poured her heart out so much really is wonderful and a great payoff. I think that is the great thing about the sarah character in that when she changes even slightly you notice it so much because her character is the least explored and so the payoff is so noticeable, ?I love it!

  25. This "they are making Chuck weak" stuff is interesting, but also the usual fandom super philosophy that unnecessarily elevates its sudden importance. Chuck has ALWAYS been the character who needed saving. He simply went through a season and a bit more being someone who could save himself. Now he doesn't have the Intersect so he needs saving again. At least until he is trained.

    Now, one could argue that the CIA should have trained him to operate without the Intersect. But once he doesn't need the Intersect and is a Bryce or Cole type character, then what? Chuck is James Bond. And then there is nothing for the other characters to do but cheer him on because he is so awesome.

    Granted, there are ways they could make this show work within that realm... but not on this budget.

  26. First of all, we all know that consistency isn't this show's strongest characteristic. That said, I also agree that both Morgan and Chuck haven't been written so consistently lately, not that there’s anything wrong with that (and I mean it).
    Morgan in one episode can be the voice of reason and maturity and extremely brave (borderline stupid, but that's fine), and in another a complete incompetent and insecure as hell.
    Chuck was indeed much more confident "spywise" in the 3rd season, and has been somewhat of a "weaker" spy lately.
    Yet I believe these variations regarding the characters are done on purpose (and I don’t mean to service the plots only), because human beings aren’t always consistent in their behavior.
    Morgan had always been the buy-moron, so it is understandable that he sometimes still behaves like the old-Morgan when in that environment and surrounded by the other Buy-Morons. He is always the new-and-improved-Morgan when he is with team B. It’s like someone who is a nerd in high school and popular in college: this person may act “nerdier” when with high school friends and more obnoxiously when with college friends (not saying that being popular = being obnoxious, it is just an example).
    Chuck made the transition “from man to spy” (quoting Fedak here) on season 3, so if his evolution as a character were to be a linear, constantly increasing, and predictable one, he would have to go “from spy to….”, well, what is even better than an already very good spy? Superman? Spiderman? Batman? There is not much where to go to here, except “from spy to real person, who has matured, and is juggling relationship, career, friendships, etc”. And real people aren’t always the same. I too hope to see a more active, “taking charge of things” Chuck in the episodes to come, but I know this will possibly take a while, since Chuck is going through a lot of personal and emotional changes and those aren’t so easily and quickly processed, even by spies.
    I understand that the weak Chuck might be annoying sometimes, yet this is necessary not only for the plot to progress, but also for the show to retain its guy-next-door quality. We are watching Chuck, after all, not Terminator. In Chuck’s words: he is a machine, but he is also a person :) [Sorry for the long comment]

  27. Magnus, do you know which is the budget per episode of Chuck nowadays and which would be the usual budget for a show like Chuck. Better formulated: what is Chuck's budget and what it should be? I am just curious to understand how much of a miracle they are pulling here.

  28. My wise friends are idiots sometimes. My idiot friends sometimes do something brilliant. Such is life.

    But if TV characters progressed like real life, then every show would be THE WIRE. This show is certainly not that show.

  29. I have heard the budget is around $1-1.5 million per episode. It probably needs twice that to make it look like UNDERCOVERS (I am just talking about looking expensive, not playing out like that show).

  30. Do you have a response as to why you think Chuck is still wearing the Governer even if the intersect is no longer there or working, what the point of having it, theres no danger anymore riiighht?

  31. Technically he still has the Intersect. It just doesn't work for him. Plus, the Governor is a nice watch.

  32. When will they get it working again, if it all, its a bit weird in the show for him not to have it? Should i just tune in. They definetly have a fan these new writers are great.

  33. Maybe never.... maybe Monday. Tune in. :)

  34. Diane says...

    I know I tend to overthink when there's a sudden ratings drop and maybe it is just as simple as 400,000 males decided Bristol Palin was more compelling than Sarah Walker.

    I'm just trying to figure that out and the email from the guy with the strong woman/weak man issues arrived at the same time.

    He's a casual viewer and the last time he praised Chuck was in episode 313--the one where Chuck saved Sarah and he shot Shaw.

    What I loved about the show even in the pilot was the hint that Chuck had more to offer than being the guy that needed to be saved--and that was before Intersect 2.0.

    I've seen this on shows before. Sometimes the plots that hardcore fans love, the casual viewer goes "meh".

    Probably overthinking. Here's to a ratings bounceback next week.

  35. So did everyone think all the shows that went up against DWTS this week had stories they didn't identify with? This was about DWTS. Nothing else.

  36. Hi Magnus,

    You are right this was a great episode and sarah was so adorable, I really liked when the general asked at the end if sarah was back to normal and she grabbed chucks hand and said yes, awwwwww, it was in line with your still my chuck! awwwww, it was so adorable. It reminded me of a couple of toddlers I saw the other day and the girl grabbed the boys hand and they went into class together ( I am a kindergarden teacher) it was so adorable! Anyhow looking forward to next episode!

  37. Magnus I give this A++++ the 4 plus are because of sarah walker the rest is because of elle, morgan and casey and there goes the shockwaves of awesome sexy sarah moments.

  38. I think the one aspect of this series that we forget is not only how sarah feels about chuck but how chuck feels about sarah. When you look at zach levi you sometimes forget that the premise of this show is that sarah is supposed to be way out of chucks league! I mean way out of his league! But the fact is when a girl as beautiful as hannah likes him for him and wants a relationship with him you can take for granted what a beautiful relationship he and sarah have. That is what is heart breaking about his dreams and sarah knowing deep down how he felt through morgan, he may date other beautiful women, he may be smart, he may be sweet, but to him he will always put sarah on a pedastle and she will always be very special and so although as an audience we forget that, this episode shows just how anxious he is to be the best he can be for her. I felt for chuck man, to carry that anxiety around all the time to try and win sarah's heart every day, every day! and it puts into context what she said to him last episode about not being a spy and it makes the emotional beats in this episode all the more powerful.

  39. I was thinking about the comment Casey made in this episode, that Sarah was Graham wild card/enforcer back in the day...which i think is the first time someone called her like that.

    When characters say things like that, it usually become plot point later on, so i wonder if this thing become something that connects Sarah with MamaB, that she was his enforcer before she went AWOL and then Sarah was recruited to take this position. I think it's possible since Feday said we will be dwellning a bit into Sarah past in first 13...and since it has nothing to do with her family life, the spy life is more likely to be explored.

  40. @Harku: why is the "dwelling into Sarah's past" not involving her family life? Where did you get this info?
    Nevertheless, I agree with you that this shout out to her past right now could indeed mean they are going to bring that up in the back 11 (and that scene could have easily been re-taped and inserted after the back 11 announcement in order to allow some connection).
    Though I am really curious to know more about Sarah's family life, I think that bringing her mom into the show like so many fans want would just be weird, as if season 4 were "the season in which the mothers come back, muahaha".
    I just wonder if they are ever gonna bring the Sarah-Sam thing up again.

  41. @Harku: just in case I wasn't clear: i don't think there is a connection Mama B-Graham-Sarah, I agreed with you over the fact that they might dig into Sarah's ruthless spy past and used that line to remind us she was like the Terminator before meeting Chuck.

  42. Or it was just a line used to illustrate how much Sarah has changed.

  43. @Magnus: you are right, but I am hoping for some Sarah backstory...let a girl dream, Magnus :)

  44. Well, that may very well come in the next 15 episodes. 4.11 is another Sarah centric episode.

  45. Fedak said during Comic Con and then LeFrank repeated it that we will get some more Sarah backstory...and it was before they got back 11. Also they said that Sarah dad, nor Sarah mom will be involved in those 13 episodes, so i just assumed that any backstory will be more spy related. Rest is pure speculation.

  46. So magnus does this mean Chuck is going to have more then 13 episodes for season 4?

  47. " 4.11 is another Sarah centric episode. "
    sounds great. The first one was awesome, so high expectation.
    Massive cliffhanger in the end of episdoe 10?! Chuck kidnapped part 2 ? :D . another "split up" ?!
    poor Chuck this season is not good for him
    7 week.

  48. I hope Chuck vs. the Leftovers has some answers. I'm rewatching aisle of terror now, and Mama B talks about killing him to protect him from Volkoff. "Kill #1" Then Chuck vs. The First Fight, Volkoff "kills chuck" Shouldn't Volkoff be suspicious of Mama B?

  49. And BTW the use of Dead Hearts by Stars at the end of Chuck vs. the Aisle of Terror, has been the best music/scene collaboration this season. Gives me chills every time. And inspired me to learn it on drums.

  50. I do not know how this episode came about, was it that this was the last episode in the story until they found out about the back 11 or possible season 5? I do not know, but what I do know is that this was breathtaking storytelling, this episode to me is what the constant was to lost. It is the signature episode of love and I cannot praise yvonne enough for her performance. It is one thing to know that your series is coming to the end and know that you have to put in a performace that fits the end and actually pulling it off and doing it. These actors are phenomiminal and are doing their best work, watching this episode I found myself trying to put into words the indescribable feeling of joy that I was experiencing and just could not do that! one day I would love to know what they planned to do if the next 4 episodes were to be the end, I would also love to see an interview from yvonne on what it was like as an actress to deliver this type of performance. The one thing that has stunned me since 3.13 is how much sarah has let herself fall head over heels in love with chuck, in my mind there is no doubt that chuck is the love of her life and that has made this season all the more epic and enjoyable. People say that chuck does not know how to do seasons that are long and more then 13 episodes, I do not buy that and rubbish the notion, they are hitting their creative peak and I look forward to seeing where we go next, there is so much story to tell.

  51. Amrit, I loved the episode but... I couldn't put it in same league as "The Constant." Phase Three was an emotionally satisfying episode, no doubt. And that is why I rated it so high (same with Honeymooners). But "The Constant" was one of the most perfectly executed episodes I have ever seen, in every sense of the word. Much like the penultimate episode of THE WIRE. Or Exodus Part 2 for BSG.

    The closest we have gotten to that level is Colonel or Tic Tac. Where every single element is turned to 11.

    As for CHUCK not knowing how to do seasons that are longer than 13... that is the dumbest thing anyone could ever say. Season 2... best episodes were 13 on. Season 3... best episodes were 13 on.

  52. I meant, best series of episodes. Not that it had the best episode.

  53. Well a positive, chuck has at least 15 more episodes to top this episode, it will be difficult but perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.... if we could get Newman, Le Franc, Judkins and Ali Adler in one room for one script for just one episode.......The constant no more! IT WOULD BE EPIC! LETS START A PETITION RIGHT NOW FOR THAT TO HAPPEN! I could only imagine what they could do.

  54. Heh.... fans and their petitions.

    Ali Adler won't be working on CHUCK until NOF is no longer around. And I am not even sure if she would return to our show even if/when that happens.

  55. So something in Sarah's back story is going to drive shippers crazy in 4.11... hmmmm, interesting.

    Any chance of one of your spoiler/teasers Magnus?


  56. Jill, look for the December spoiler teasers to get into that some more. I am simply holding off on putting out anything until 4.10 finishes and we get into the long hiatus. You will be seeing weeks of content from me.

  57. Hi Magnus,

    Is it my imagination, but if zach actually did that backflip in the end then he is getting really limber, I mean that was a great backflip!

  58. Magnus is this the end for Alexei Volkoff and Mama B and if so that sucks. Also do you know if there is going to be more then 13 if so then this will make more sense because of the 7 weeks off.

  59. Amrit, that was not a backflip. I don't remember what it is called but I could do it when I was in my... teens. All you have to be is in some kind of shape. ;)

    Greg, how do you not know that the show got picked up for 24 episodes this season? Crazy. And there will be more of our favorite bad guy and the woman he loves.

  60. I tweeted about this but I should also post it in the comments here... we did not record a podcast tonight and will not record one until Wednesday.

  61. Well yeah I can do one of them too, but I am 6ft 1 he is like 6ft 4/5, that is got to be tough for a guy his height and when I do it, it looks like the ones he did in season 3 basically I barely can do it, he did an awesome one, I mean for his size that is impressive, considering he is an actor and not a martial arts expert, lol.

  62. I like Jill's connection there: Sarah's past driving shippers crazy.

    But just for clarification purposes: will this thing you (Magnus) is referring to drive normal shippers crazy or only crazy shippers will go even crazier? Because it takes a lot less to drive already crazy people even Sarah could perhaps say she doesn't like Chuck's t-shirt, and there probably would be some online (crazy) fan petition for the writers to make Sarah always appreciative of Chuck's sense of fashion. True story.

  63. Is there something more to this whole, PSP/Orion laptop stuff, because 4x10 didn't give us any hints there is. And i would call it dissapointment if all they did were to took it first and then just give him back without any enhancment....i guess it's still possible, but like i said this episode didn't really hinted this.

  64. Ratings for Chuck vs the Leftovers

    net show 18-49 18-49 Viewers
    rating Share live

    8pm NBC CHUCK 1.9 5 6.085

    8:30pm NBC CHUCK 2.1 6 6.254

    hope this makes you Chuck fans happy.

  65. I do not get why a lot of fans are so dissappointed with this episode, I know that they set up a lot of things to get to this point, ultimately end up where it did not pay off in the end. But I will say this, I thought last week’s episode was the last one they filmed and wrote before they heard about the back 11 and that I guessed that these next 3-4 episodes would be majorly scaled back to cover those episodes, am I dissappointed, yes, but if the trade off is more chuck episodes then hey I am more then willing to accept this. I would love to have known what the original 4 episodes would have been if it were the end of chuck as we know it, but it is not and so we have to wait and hope the back 11 is like the back 6 last year where the writers did their best work.

  66. Fans were disappointed in this episode? A lot? I don't see it. Some people have said the story was weak because it was. But it was a fun episode.

  67. Hi Magnus,

    A quick question, do you know when a show gets extra episodes? who is involved in how many and what content? I mean does the WB and NBC meet with their lawyers and say we want more chuck and they agree 11 episodes and they then ring up chris and josh and say do another 11 episodes and that is it. I mean do chris and josh have a say in how many episodes they have to do or the difficulty in that.

  68. I don't know all that much about the specifics, since I don't know anyone who sits in the room during these things but I don't think the show runners get much of a say. The network orders the number of episodes it think it needs. Granted, if they think there might be a creative problem, I am sure they would listen to the show runners. But the creative types are at the mercy of the lawyers/executives/negotiators.

  69. I am a bit late to the party for this particular post, but I have to say this - Yvonne is amazing and the reason we see it is because she is surrounded by actors that provide the great beats that exemplify her performance. Her scenes with adam, josh and the adorable zach levi really made this a great episode. The thing is she gave great performances almost like this last season but because routh could not keep up and sucked, her performances fell by the way side. I am so happy timothy dalton is here this year, because his performances can match anything our actors can provide and it is going to be epic, epic I say!


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