Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 44 (ADULTS ONLY)

We talk CHUCK 4.03, CHUCK Vs. The Cubic Z and I answer fan questions (so, spoilers at the end).

This is an UNEDITED podcast.

ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING! DO NOT let your kids hear this. This PODCAST has offensive language and subject matter!

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  1. Will we see Jack Burton again or at least Casey's mum anytime soon?

  2. I agree that no one can be certain of a show's future based on ratings that only cover a few episodes of a new season (unless they are completely horrible. cough, cough... Lone Star), but what would you say are the chances of Chuck receiving an additional 6 episodes if it continues to maintain stable ratings while other NBC shows continue to fall in ratings? Thanks.

    - Corbin

  3. What are the two things you are most excited about in this season?

    - Harku

  4. You mentioned in previous podcast we would really like one of the new writers. Which writer ? What episode did he/her write ? Thanks, Martin

  5. I suspect after 4.03 I'll know the answer but is Big Mike going to become Morgan's step dad, will extra comedy be milked from this situation.

    Also I'd love to see Sarah and Ellie have a 'normal' conversation about Sarah's relationship issues whilst in the middle of a gun fight or an attack of some sort where Sarah is desperately trying to keep Ellie alive. You know one of those conversations that would be mundane or boring on any other show.

  6. There are a lot of pictures going around on twitter put up by josh gomez, these pictures show him on missions in suits and millitary gear, are these actual pictures of him on missions on chuck or just him dressing up and fooling around with adam baldwin.

  7. Last week, viewership for "The Event" was down nearly 2 million and fell to a 2.9 demo, but "Chuck" maintained it's 2.0. If Chuck can maintain this demo over the course of the next few weeks, and The Event's demo keeps shrinking, does it hurt Chuck or benefit it?

    Thanks for your time!

  8. Do you feel that the Greta sub-plot/gimmick will get old? So far it doesn't seem as funny as it was meant to be, and I fear it's just a way to pull in extra viewers. Do you Agree? Disagree?


  9. Does Sarah still have a cover job? I haven't seen her at the Buymore and it doesn't look like Orange Orange still exist.

  10. Twitter username is @peterrwilson
    Obviously it will be seen tonight what the scene with chuck holding a ring is about and it might make this question invalid but here is my question:

    Do you think that if chuck does not get a back 9 pick up and is cancelled that the writers would force in a Chuck/sarah marriage (if it is not already on the cards) to satisfy the fans and tie up any loose ends. And if yes, do you think it would come across well?

  11. The first two episodes of this season and presumably the third at least seem to focus heavily on Chuck and Sarah and the progression of their relationship. This seems very similar to the first 2-3 episodes of the back 6 from last season which were followed by three episodes that focused on the spy part of the story. Will we see something similar in season 4 where the first 6-7 episodes focus largely on the Chuck and Sarh relationship and get all of the fans that are focused on this into a "happy" place, then focus on the spy story for the last half of the season?

  12. Hi Magnus,

    The whole "Sam" thing with Shaw has stuck in my head and I'd like to ask you if is there any chance to bring it up somehow in the next episodes?

  13. Just wondering if Dolph Lundgren is coming back just because I readed somewhere that he is?

  14. Can you tell us anything more about timothy dalton character other then he is going to be in more then a couple episodes

  15. Podcast recorded. Questions answered.

  16. Al
    I know I,m late but did chuck really have to flash to punch hugo in the face when he was trying to pull him down into the vent. I mean just punch him face!

  17. Gosh, Heisler is really dropping the ball on the AV Club reviews. I was confident going over there that I was at least going to see something in the B range and was shocked to see the D+.

    Anyway, loved this weeks podcast. Less people = more to the point

  18. Heisler is out of his frakin' mind. Most idiotic critic on AV Club. Real critics don't seem to agree with him.

  19. Funny episode, so far I like what they have done this season.

    The Buy More stuff didn't work for me, Big Mike was good though.

    Like last episode not enough Casey, hope he will be used more in coming episodes.

  20. The initial ratings say that chuck got a 1.9 in the key demo, but like last week that could be adjusted up or down when the final number is released by nielsen (or TBTN). So chuck is basically holding onto a steady rating while as I predicted all other NBC hourlong shows numbers are crumbling, even sepinwall has noticed this on his latest review, wow.

  21. This show is lucky that people watch it for the characters and not the other stuff, because magnus I am with you man, I really noticed that the budget is cut and they are working on the breadline here, so the actors have to really up their game and to be fair they have been pretty awesome. But we do need more adam baldwin to keep that awesomeness up, I for one do not like when he is not included as much these days! Casey is awesome!

  22. just in the event has fallen to a 2.4 and chase below chuck to a 1.7, still waiting for final numbers but ok, ok..... keep going chuck son, keep fighting, fans please keep watching!

  23. People need to lower their expectations. The budget for the show is tiny. You can't expect season 1 or 2, or even 3. You will get more relationship stuff and crappy cgi. But the meat of the story will be solid.

  24. CHUCK stayed at 1.9 in the demo in the finals. But it is doing well in males 18-49, actually increasing the 18-34 demo a tad. We could pass THE EVENT in males 18-49 next week.

    Now, if only we could hold onto these women 35-49... STOP WATCHING DWTS!!!

  25. I really dont see what is so important in DWTS,guess people like shows with no story and just people doing some so called reality stuff O.o

  26. IMHO Sadly I think the male demo is about as good as its going to get unless YS starts doing major promotion work for the Killer Elite and starts wearing bikini's to every event she decides to go to! I guess the 'Nerd' thing and continual promos of YS in her bra turns off women from giving the show a chance by pigeon holing it as for guys.

  27. According to Jack TVBN

    Chuck and the Event will get back orders. Chase and Outlaw are out. Undercovers is an enourmous disappointment and Parenthood is a worry. Expecting moves.

    Not official but sounds promising.


  28. Interesting... I do know NBC had a meeting to discuss this stuff so it sounds like this is what was addressed. However, I wouldn't be surprised if it is still up in the air. PARENTHOOD is doing badly right now and is costing NBC a lot more than CHUCK.

  29. Hi Magnus,

    Can chuckrocks please put up a link to that article, because I looked for it and could not find it, it looks like an interesting piece of speculation. Cheers.

  30. Luke,

    It was not an article it was a post by an known NBC insider who posts on TVBN. If you need the link here it is.

    Also this post is interesting as well.

    And I think this pretty much explains that NBC is happy with Chuck pulling a 2.0 on Monday and yes the ratings will go up if moved, but at what cost to the network.

    Posted October 6, 2010 at 1:26 PM
    NBCU has not been willing to sacrifice its own property in the most
    competitive hour of television. CHUCK might improve elsewhere but what would take its place? CHUCK license is cheap and revenue fairly good for 2.0.

    Jack is really bringing some network prespective.

    I feel pretty good after reading these two posts.

    What do you think Magnus?


  31. Diane adds...

    Parenthood may not look great against Adults 18-49, but it has a "young female" skew. It won its time period for W18-34.

    If that matters to NBC, it might help it.

    It bounced back to a 2.1 A18-49 last night from 2.0 last week.

    But, it does look expensive.

  32. I know that Jack, like Paul, has a proven track record so I am hopeful. I have heard some things that I can't comment on just yet. But what he says is possible... it fits with what I have heard on some level. I just don't know if NBC has made a decision just yet. I have not heard that.

  33. Hi Guys,

    Thank you for your responses to my post. It is good to know that NBC realise that it makes some sort of sense to bring chuck back for more episodes this season. I know I have always thought that NBC had every right to cancel it seasons before, but the way that the new more expensive and highly promoted shows have performed, I do not blame NBC for giving it more episodes I understand that there is a reason to do it. So if it happens I will be very happy !

  34. Bringing Sexy Sex Back.... Love that title.
    But its also very true - now that they have finally dispensed with most of the angst - the next more precious comodity on the show is Firey Passion. Since we seem to have a steady diet of soft tender moments... I think they are saving the Hot and Heavy for special moments... Like maybe wild make-up errrr 'negotiations'...
    It would appear that the pendulum of the show has swung from awkward stumbling moments of mis-communication ........ into more mature dialogue and conversations... But they have been careful not to reveal much in the way of any real passion. There is Love-o-plenty - there is ooodles of tenderness and caring. We just haven't been treated to any real raw emotion [yet] - oops I'm not counting anger or frustration [Sarah] in the same category of those other emotions. They are obviously saving some treats for us to enjoy later.
    Glad to have the DR back.
    Cheers - the Gringo Chuck Fan


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