Thursday, December 9, 2010

Zachary Levi Surprise Appearance on CONAN

Update: Video removed by YouTube.... so, enjoy the transcript.

I fell asleep early last night and woke up this morning to watch my DVR.  I tuned into CONAN and suddenly he started talking about how his favorite show on NBC was CHUCK and that he never missed an episode until his problems with the network started.  Since he disabled his TV, he hasn't seen the show so he had someone come around to tell him what has been happening.

Out comes Zachary Levi!  Conan stands next to him and Zac begins to whisper in his ear.  Here is a transcript of the exhange (until a video appears online):

[ZAC whispering in his ear]

What was that?
She brought Volkoff to dinner?  Why??
What about... what about Agent Carmichael?
[laughing] Sounds like Lester's writing checks his butt can't cash!
[laughs harder] That is soooo Morgan! [laughs more]
Thank you!  Thank you so much, Zac.  You're probably eager to hear what's been happening on my show.

No thanks.  Have a good night everybody!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chuckfest 2 - Fan Interviews with Bailey and KJ

Here is the first video related to the November, 2010 charity event in Los Angeles that raised over $15,000 for Operation Smile.  These interviews were conducted by our favorites @LittleChuckFan and @TheKellieJane for the WeHeartChuck organized event.  View the video below or click the Chuckfest2 banner above to watch in HD.