Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 51 (ADULTS ONLY)

We talk episode 4.10, CHUCK Vs. the Leftovers.

This episode is EXPLICIT!  Lots of adult language.  We also discuss spoilers BUT they are censored so you will not be spoiled.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CHUCK Season 4 Teaser Spoilers: DECEMBER Edition!

Teaser spoilers for the next few episodes.  Please do not copy and paste this material on your site.  Unless you are translating it to another language, please just link your readers to this site.  Links to this blog should be at the top of your article.  Thank you.

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Update 12/31/2010: Thank you show runner Chris Fedak for validating my spoilers: EW Spoiler Talk.

And ALL these spoilers are exclusive to this site, even if you read them on other sites that don't do the decent thing and link back to their source.
  • 4.14, Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible: Roan returns to demonstrate his skill-set again.
  • 4.15, Chuck Versus the Cat Squad: Zondra, Amy, Sarah and Carina.
  • Sarah takes a new job.
  • 4.11, THREE WORDS: Sarah, Morgan, sub-mission.  
  • Sarah leaves Chuck for another man. 
  • Sarah gets her surprise revenge on the bearded one. 
  • THREE MORE WORDS: Flirty, drunk, Sarah. 
  • 4.11, Morgan looks adorable in a top hat.
  • John Casey, man servant. 
  • Chuck is horrified by how easily Sarah seduces her mark.  
  • A former member of Team B tries to kill a current member of Team B. 
  • Sarah attacks Chuck with passion.
CYT52! Chuckfest2 and season 4.
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