Thursday, September 30, 2010


Is that a misleading headline?

You bet your bunny slippers it is!  And that is the kind of thing might be delivering for the next few weeks.

"But why?!" you ask.

Because it drives people to the site.  Just like this posting probably flooded my blog and likely crashed the host.  Misleading headlines are the cornerstone of news related hook-you-into-a-nothing-story marketing.

Just know this, week-two of a 13-week season schedule is WAY TOO EARLY to be calling anything.  I do love TVBTN and appreciate the great service they provide for those of us who are obsessed with ratings (and they do it better than anyone), so I am not attacking them for putting out articles that draw CHUCK viewers to their site (and you know how much I love to attack).  I just want CHUCK fans to chillax for a bit and wait.

We will have a better idea of where the show stands in about three weeks.  Granted, based on the history of this show, we will probably still be wondering all the way up to week-13.

And before you ask, no, none of my sources have indicated that CHUCK is going to be canceled.  I am sure TVBTN has their own sources and they are probably telling them the same thing.  So, remember this important lesson in headline reading:

READ THE CONTENT OF THE ARTICLE, not just the headline.

And if you want to save CHUCK, read the posting at this link and tell everyone to memorize it and post it everywhere, every day, until CHUCK is renewed.

(To the people who messaged me that they had heart attacks just reading the headline, I have only this to say: you are now unlikely to forget it and hopefully don't overreact to future CHUCK headlines... and I hope you survived --Love, Me)