Friday, August 28, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays FINAL Strategy for August 31st

#FREECHUCK is the new hashtag for this coming Monday. Please let everyone you know who participates in Chuck Me Mondays know about it.

We are watching THREE Season 1 episodes on Monday as we wait for NBC to correct the Season 2 episode issue. We are attempting to trend for 3+ hours and this is also a good test for future efforts.

Based on your votes, the episodes we will be watching are:



Viewing starts at the NORMAL time of 9PM ET and ends at 11:43PM ET (we will start each episode at the top of each hour so everyone has a chance to tweet, eat, and whatever else comes to mind).

This will give a majority of people in the other time zones the ability to participate, though it does ask those on the east coast of the US and Canada to stay up later. Hopefully, what we lose in east coasters will be made up for by the amount of people we retain in the other time zones.



  1. Why cant we use both #chuckmeout and #freechuck in our tweets?

  2. Great question, Anjosie! Because, if Twitter banned #chuckmeout (which is something we want to test more), then by using it, they will ban any tweet that uses it. So, if you tweet #chuckmeout #freechuck, then your tweet will simply not enter the trend count.

    Or at least that is the theory.

  3. This is off-topic, but I love the podcasts you guys put on every week! It's so obvious that everyone participating is enjoying themselves immensely. I laugh along with you guys, please keep up the good work.

    Also, thank you VERY much for CMM. And I will be tweeting #FreeChuck this Monday.

  4. Thank you for the kind words. :) We have so much fun doing those. Siskj (Jess) and I were doing show commentaries before we one day talked about doing a podcast. It was actually she who came up with the "Chuck Me" name first, way back when. Funny how things work.

    Anyway, glad to have you with us. I know that the CMM participants are the hardcore base that has been fighting for the show since day one. And it is good to have such dedicated people still working so hard even with many months to go.

    Spread the word: #FREECHUCK

  5. I'm happy for anything anyone does and hope people get credit, but let's remember that quote from George Marshall about credit.

    Our goal is to keep on saving Chuck. I just think we can do that better united than "fighting."

    I have A LOT of shows, hobbies, friends I have to keep up with in my online time. When I want to see drama I read Gosselins Without Pity. When I'm in Chuckland, I just want to evangelize Chuck to new fans.

    Tell me where to go, what to do - I don't have time for 15 slow-loading sites. I love everyone in the fandom - no one has been rude to me yet. I just want to Save Chuck. And I *know* that that battle is not over yet.

    Fandoms have suffered HISTORICALLY in the past from plits and schisms - a show I have never seen, Blake's Seven, seems to be the one that everyone speaks of. They expect that if it happened there, it will happen everywhere. I have people who hate me and tell bad stories about me behind my back cause I havea Scott Bakula website and people think my goal is "to be important." My goal is to keep people informed about Scott. To get new people to be fans. To inform the "slightly interested" googler, to keep up to speed the very busy, multi-fandom Scott fan, who would otherwise miss a live appearance or a talk show.

    I hope we are not splintering. We can do more united.
    You all do good work (though I could do without slow loading websites and I never have time for podcasts. Write something, I'll read it, I'll do it. I'll fit it in. Okay?
    Now back to the duck gang on Facebook, ScrubsWriters on Twitter, and a major project of ripping a big batch of DVDs.

  6. Magnus:

    I was reading twitter and I was trying to figure out who said what...Has Ali Alder said anything about Brandon? As far as I can tell the whole 'potential' love angle was made by the media and Chris Fedak did not ever suggest this. What is your take?

    Do we know anything at all from Ali at this point?

    It seems like a small group of the same fans keeps whining over and over and I was just wondering if we have anything solid at this point?



  7. Dave, Ali has not said anything to indicate his character will be a love interest (as far as I know). Will he be? Perhaps. But will he be anything more than Cole was? We shall see.

    That is all I can say about that. What I will say is that this season is going to be AMAZING. Arguing about these Chuck and Sarah angst elements is fun, but in 8 months, it will have been so unimportant.

  8. Pamela, FYI... Gray from Chuck Versus The Podcast stepped in and cleared everything up. We are all one happy family now and I see nothing but clear sailing from here on in.


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