Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays Strategy for August 31st

Based on the current poll count on August 26 at 7:33PM ET, next Monday, August 31st, it looks like we will be watching:


We will start at 9PM ET (so, the normal time) and take 15 minute breaks between episodes to tweet, eat, and whatever else comes to mind. [this is up for debate in the comments section]

We will finish at roughly 11:43PM ET.

We will be changing hashtags (we are still testing to see if Twitter is blocking us once we succeed in trending).

Next week's hashtag will be #FreeChuck.

If we succeed in trending that, we will consider changing hashtags each week. They will need to be simple and we will give everyone more than a day or two to learn of the change.

By the way, great job last night. We had over 2,000 #chuckmeout tweets in 43 minutes.


  1. I don't like the idea of taking a fifteen minute break. That means that most of us on the east coast will probably drop out and go to bed. Perhaps we should talk about that idea more, because this is the first I heard it mentioned. Maybe I was not paying enough attention, but I don't get the 15 minute breaks. In fact, I will just let the video run because my wife and I really don't have anything else to do during those 15 minute breaks except watch Chuck...anyway that is my opinion. It will be very difficult for us all to stay on the same timeline with breaks thrown in.


  2. I figured it would give people time to tweet between episodes which would improve our chances of trending. After all, other than watching these episodes together as CHUCK fans, our mission is to expose more and more people, each week, to the show via the Twitter trending list as we share them as a community.

    I am willing to change this idea if people want to jump from one episode to the next without any break.

  3. Has there been any mention of an EU equivelent for this Monday? I don't think many of us over here will be able to join in, given the time difference. :(

    Is there any chance of starting a bit earlier, so that we could maybe catch at least the first episode?

  4. On Twitter, @ChuckMeEurope runs their own deal. I have not tried to direct their efforts at all since I feel they are better suited for that.

    Thankfully, for non-North Americans, the plans for the September 7th effort will be more friendly to their time zones. I will post that soon.


    We actually have more than a few Europeans and Asians who do participate during the regular hours. Those Europeans are just hardcore dedicated and apparently don't work in the morning. :)

  5. Oh, I know there must be some folk around the world who aren't in North America taking part, but like you say, I guess they don't work in the morning. :)

    I really wish I could do it, but a 2am start is going to be too late for me. I'm just jealous of everyone else taking part :P

    Thanks for directing me towards @ChuckMeEurope :)

  6. September 7th is a holiday in the US (and Canada, I think), so we will do something starting earlier.

  7. I don't know how many people are having problems with #chuckmeout comments. I tried the the last 2-3 mondays to participate & I don't think mine even gets through. I scoll down the list and nothing I posted got in there is Twitter blocking some from participating? I like to participate but why am I having so much problem?

  8. Angel, have you tried creating a new account and using it instead? That has worked for most.


    Remember everyone, the new tag for this coming Monday is #freechuck. :)

  9. would you please explain what you mean by #freechuck? do you mean that we want for the wb to release the s2 dvd sooner rather than later? or that we want s3 to start sooner than the currently scheduled debut in march 2010? or something else?

    thanks! keep up the great work!

    p.s. thanks for enabling a preview function!

    p.p.s. does anyone else have a hard time reading white text on a black background? or is it just me?

  10. I personally have an easier time reading white text on black background. :)

    Anyway, #FREECHUCK could be whatever you want it to be... but for me, it is for WB to free the right season 2 episodes to NBC so we can watch them on Chuck Me Mondays in order. :)


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