Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays Success & We Heart Chuck

Last night was a great deal of fun and success for Chuck Me Mondays.  We watched three episodes and trended the hashtag #FreeChuck several times during the process.  In all, we had nearly 4,000 tweets during those three hours and had writer Ali Adler tweeting along with us and engaging the fans in her special way (thank you, Ali!).

Our plans for next week, as NBC and WB still work to figure out this season 2 online issue, is to take one more week of Chuck Me Mondays fun.  Since September 7th is a holiday in the US, we will use that day to spend more time with CHUCK for those who want to join in together.  It will be a marathon of five episodes that may include episodes from season 1 and season 2.  A poll is going up where fans should vote on their five favorite second half of season 2 episodes.  These episodes are available on NBC.com right now for free viewing.

Now, as for WE HEART CHUCK, this incredible charity drive that raised over $17,000 in 17-days in May, for the American Heart Association, is being kicked off yet again.  The creators of the campaign have some great ideas and are looking to get as many people involved as possible, this time for the long run.  Show everyone how much you value the show and those involved while saving lives.  I did an interview with some of the members of the effort and it is posted in the right side panel or you can follow this link to Chuck You Tuesday - The Podcast

Please contribute!


  1. thanks, magnus, for your input to and promotion of the "birthday wishes from the heart" campaign! looking forward to continued collaboration :-)

  2. I also noticed that the word "Casey" was buzzing for quite a while. It was mainly about voting for someone named Casey to get an award (dont exactly remember) but it had a ton of #freechuck tweets in it as well because of all of us tweeting Casey.

    An added bonus!

  3. Hey man thanks for having me on the podcast. It truly is a great cause to support! Love the new look of the site!

  4. I am glad it was a success because I had to go to bed early! Time to check out the latest podcast!


  5. As always, thanks for organizing and leading us to success. I did have a minor issue last night and since I am a newer member of the Chuck clan I wanted to point it out for any other newby's.

    I use tweetdeck, i was tweeting along not paying attention and a friend mentioned she was blocked. Out of curiosity I went to twitter.com and logged in and notice my status hadn't been updated for an hour. When i tried to tweet I got the notice that I was in Twitter time out.

    Just a note to tweetdeck users or other 3rd party twitter add in's -- you may think you are tweeting when you are not :(

    I felt discouraged as an hour of my tweets were uncounted so i was very happy to hear we were trending anyway! PHEW!

    Next Monday I will switch accounts after each episode to give the other a rest. Hoping that will work!

    Looking forward to next week's marathon!

  6. I keep forgetting to mention this and I should repeat it every time. You get something like 100 APIs per hour from Twitter before they put you in Twitter-Jail. The thing is, once they do this, conjecture demands that you never make the trend list again. I don't know how true that is but I have seen some evidence of that from a few members. So, you might need to create a new account just for the CMM trending efforts.

  7. Last night was a blast. I finally cracked 100 tweets (I joined Twitter just for Chuck, so you guys are doing the right thing to get us fans involved!), and it was "saweeeet" to be with all my Twitter friends. I'm so pumped for next week.

  8. Yes, regardless of whether we trend or not it is just a great community activity which strengthens our belief in the show. It is Chuck bonding time. It is no secret that we have a few male instigators who very disproportionally crowd out those of us who love the show on many threads around the internet so it is always so great and highly refreshing to share the commitment and excitement from the many, many positive and dedicated fans.

    4,000 tweets all in favour of Chuck in one night is good stuff indeed with nary a whine.


  9. It is definitely very cool of Ali Adler to engage the fans as she's done. Her episodes are some of my favorites. Hey, maybe we should make Labor Day all Ali Adler episodes. Course she only has 4 S2 and only 3 are available. Looks like The Colonel is winning by a mile. Heck, some folks would probably watch that one 5 times in a row! The WeHeartChuck drive is a great idea. It helps an important cause and shows that Chuck fans are willing to put their $ towards Chuck related causes and sponsors. It's all good.

  10. Well, Best Friend is one of her episodes and it is looking like it will be in the top five. Voting open for a few more days.

    By the way, if people missed it, Zac also commented on the We Heart Chuck campaign today.

  11. With respect to trending, could part of the resurgence be that the summer holliday period is winding down so more Chuck fans are now available for Chuckmemondays?
    As for the marathon next Monday, not sure I will be there for all of it, but will definitely make an appearance.
    gababoutchuck aka Gord2

  12. Well, anything is possible, but there was a period where we were not promoting it as much and so people seemed to just forget we were doing it. I think participation will increase as people spread the word more. I think we could be trending into the top 3 if we had about 50 more people every week.


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