Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays Strategy for August 31st and September 7th

Based on the comments here and others I have received, it would seem that the most popular idea for August 31st sounds something like Wendy Farrington's comment in the last blog post:

August 31st - We watch 3 episodes that fans vote on from [Season 1] (ed. note: see poll on the right side) ... This will help us trend longer on a standard Monday evening and give [NBC and WB] extra time to try to work out the early [Season 2] episode issue.

The choice we need to make for August 31st is what time we should start the viewings:

1) 6PM ET
2) 7PM ET
3) 8PM ET
4) 9PM ET

The earlier we start, the easier it will be for the east coast and Europeans to join in, but the later we start, the easier it is for the rest of the US and Canada to join in. Starting at the normal time and watching two more episodes would allow us to trend longer but would mean those who watched all three, on the east coast, would be up until 11:45 PM (since each episode is around 43 minutes long without commercials, and figuring for 15 minute breaks in between).

As for September 7th, I like the idea of organizing another Subway specific day. Make Labor Day a Subway Monday in honor of Chuck (Chuck Me Subway?). Toss in a catchy name for it and we can make it happen. Ideas? Remember to sign your comments if you are posting anonymously so we can credit you for any ideas we use.

As Bethany Actually and Agent Taylor said, we would use that day to push people to @chuckmeout on Twitter, as well as @subwayfreshbuzz.

But the other issue is what we will watch and when we will watch it. The choices are:

A) an all day viewing of Season 1 starting at some undetermined time

B) a 5-episode viewing of Season 1 starting at some undetermined time

C) take the next 3 most favorite episodes in the poll on the right and watch them as we do/did August 31st

D) Put together viewing parties using NBC's Viewing Party feature and watch select season 2 episodes (this is limited to US dwellers and anyone who is crafty)


So, other than voting in the poll on the right, please put in your comments what time you want the August 31st event to start (the 3-episode viewing) and what option you want for September 7th.

You can also toss in an idea for what we want to call our Subway effort.


  1. I Like option C and then B in order for Sep 7th ChuckmeSubway is fine

  2. I think on the 31st we should split the difference and start at 7 or 8.

    On the 7th I think it would probably be fun to do an all-day viewing of the whole season so people could jump in whenever they wanted, but it would probably be more effective in terms of trending to pick three or five episodes to view at specific times.

  3. I think we should start at 8PM EST on August 31.
    As for September 7th, I like the idea of an all day Chuck season 1 marathon starting at 9 or 10AM. We could trend for a long time and we would end at a somewhat reasonable time.

  4. Let's stagger the time zones and try to trend ALL NIGHT. Have each time zone start right at 7 p.m. and you would have a potential of six hours trending.

    We may as well try something ambitious and see if we can trend for three hours in EACH time zone.

    It is less important that we all watch the same thing at the same time than if we try to EXTEND THE TREND, IMO! Hey I like that phrase!


  5. Dave, do you mean for August 31st or September 7th?

    My only concern about implementing your idea is that we may lack the number of people to do it. Twitter limits your daily trending tweets. After a few hours, we might all get blocked out of the trend.

  6. I vote for 9PM on August 31st, Option A for September 7th, and I think Chuck Me Subways is very cool name, but I also think something like 5 Episode Chuck Day, in the same tune as 5 Dollar Foot Long, and we could have people sing it and post it on this blog. It only works with Option A but I think it could be cute.

  7. Woops, I guess Option B is the five episode Chuck day option- that's what I meant. :D

  8. I think you meant option B, Rachel.

    I LOVE the tie-in of 5 episodes for $5 footlongs. Could it be:

    Chuck 5 For 5 Subway Labor Day Monday

    Or just:

    5 For 5 Monday

    I am digging this!

  9. Magnus, I was talking about August 31st. For labor Day we can all start together because it will be an all day thing (assuming the marathon).

    So you think it would be difficult to trend from 7 pm eastern time to 10 pm pacific on Aug 31st because of twitter trending rules of engagement?


  10. Dave, that would likely not work. The reason we trend at all is because each time zone is watching at the same time. If we had a few thousand people participating, we could certainly do that. But right now, we all need to start at the same time. If we do it over 3 or 5 hours, it needs to be together as one group.

    Europe has tried to trend as a smaller group for 12 weeks and it has not worked. I think that is what would happen if we went down that route (granted, we would all meet at 10PM ET one way or the other, but then we would probably not trend until then).

  11. 8pm
    (I just got thru most of season 1 for only the third time and honestly I can't remember most of the eps, except the first two and alma mater. I loved alma mater)

  12. I'm on Central DSL time so 8 or 9 ET would work better for me on the 31st. Otherwise I'll join in when I get home from work. And I love the "5 for 5 Monday" tag so I vote for option B for 9/7.

  13. Yeah, I think we should just stick with 9PM ET as we have been and then us east coasters can just go to sleep after. It works best for everyone.

    5 For 5 Monday has a ring to it. $5 footlong for 5 episodes of Chuck on Labor Day Monday.

  14. To be perfectly honest, I'm going to be watching no matter what time you start on the 31st for the long haul :P

    For Labor Day I like option B, and I love the "5 for 5 Monday" thing!

  15. For August 31st I think maybe we could start at 8PM ET that way it won't be to late for the east coast. It would be 2PM in Hawaii and I'm ok with that.

    For August 7th option B. I love the 5 For 5 Monday it's very easy to catch on to, plus it show Subway that we still support them. It's easier to get more none Chuck fan (yet anyways)intrested and awared of what a great show Chuck is.

  16. 3 & B. I can't get home from work any earlier than 8pm Eastern.

    I really like the 5 for 5 Monday but I think we need to get "Chuck" into the title somewhere.

    5 for 5 Chuck Me Monday
    5 for 5 Chuckfest (I live in Milwaukee. We add "Fest" to everything.)
    Chucktastic 5 for 5 Monday.

  17. Chuck Me 5 For 5 Subway Labor Day Monday... but just shortened to 5 For 5 to make it easy to type. :)


    Chuck Me 5 For 5 Subway Monday.

  18. #3 and C

    I'm in for 5 for 5 CMM on Labor Day.

  19. I like option 1 and c.


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