Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays - August 17 - Finalized Twitter Strategy

Based on your comments alone, the strategy for this Monday has been set. The people have spoken. :)

This Monday we will stop using #chuckmemondays in our tweets and instead begin using #chuckmeout.

At least for this week, we are not using any other hashtag in our tweets. Most importantly, DO NOT use #chuckmemondays in your tweets, at least until we can test whether or not that hashtag has been banned. Using it could result in your entire message being banned and not being counted in the trend.

So, your tweets on Monday during Chuck Me Mondays should look something like this:

Can Ellie get any prettier?! #chuckmeout

Please, spread the word about this blog and the use of the hashtag. Try to avoid even using #chuckmemondays at all in case it is a banned hashtag.

FYI: It is recommended that you create a brand new Twitter account for this week's Chuck Me Mondays in case your old has been banned from trending due to use of #chuckmemondays. You should certainly create a new account for tweeting during these events if you were ever put into "Twitter jail."

EDIT: If your Twitter account is set to "Private" then your tweets do not count in the trend. Your account must be public.


  1. Wow magnus the mods at NBC tore up the whole podcast thread. Ouch!

    Ironic that the positive fans get censored.


  2. Heh. Yeah. Funny how they banned everyone on there who is part of the "Chuck fandom leadership" who actually bothers to post on the NBC forums. But it is really just the main mod, azzilaqr who has no concept or care for fairness.

  3. With all the problems I've been having with Twitter lately, I'm not sure any of my tweets will even show up. Last Monday I got frozen out about half way through and I haven't been able to tweet replies at all since Saturday. Hopefully it'll be fixed by tomorrow and will use the #chuckmeout hashtag.

  4. Well, that is a problem right now for everyone. Twitter is extra special slow lately. I often have to tweet and walk away for a bit until it goes through. If you think it might be related to your account, try creating a new one.

    Hopefully we get a good group of people to show up tomorrow... and hopefully Twitter is not acting nutty.

  5. I thought NBC was going to post the 1st 10 episodes Aug 15. So far it has not happened any info would be nice. Thanks

  6. Angel, we are also wondering the same thing and probing for answers. :)


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