Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 17 (PG - Family Friendly)

We Talk Zac's NBC Store Appearance, Chuckfest, and episode 4 of SEASON 3!

This episode is family friendly as there is no vulgar language used..

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  1. Great podcast. 10 zillion people are falling in love with LittleChuckFan and going "Awwwwww".

    Oh - just 'cause Yvonne said 'Hi' to you, Magnus, I hate you forever.

    I really like the idea that Shaw will be the best thing for Chuck & Sarah. I think you're right about that. People have talked about how the show is "darker", but I see it a little differently. With Shaw and the way he's already treated Chuck, Sarah and Casey like adults/professionals, the show has a much thicker air of realism about it. Season 1 almost seems "cartoonish" by comparison.

    And with more realism comes real relationships. It's inevitable.

    And didn't you say it always was? I think so!

    Bucko (Joe)

  2. Awww... no need to hate me. Well, OK, maybe you should. ;)

    I do find it interesting that bright adults seem to really see this season for what it is... while childish twits complain about things being "out of character." It is called growing up. Try it. :)

    Realism is a good word. It is more realistic while still being the fun CHUCK we know. As for what Shaw will do to the show and Chuck and Sarah... if people don't enjoy it, then they are not fans of the show. They are just fans of elements. And the writers should NEVER try to please those people.

    Those who stick around will be rewarded. I promise. Those who bail now... oh well. Your loss. If this is the last season (and I doubt it is), then I know I will have watched three of the best seasons of television ever.

  3. Great podcast!!!

    I just got a question... In a previous podcast you told that maybe the episodes will be edited because they were more violent. Did this happened or the episodes you received are the same?

    Sorry the poor english...

  4. The episodes were not changed... at least not for violence. I do think there was a line removed from episode 2 (I would need to watch it again) where Carina says "love is for suckers."

  5. Very enjoyable podcast. :D

  6. Ethan, I cannot allow your comment to be posted because you used an expletive (and since this podcast was PG, I have to keep it clean in this thread). However, glad you enjoyed it and I agree. :)

    and yes, this is my real name.


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