Friday, November 27, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays for November 30th, 2009

This week we are watching the episode some of us thought should have been submitted for EMMY consideration.  Brilliant acting, writing, directing... oh just about everything in this one.  Oh and just THREE episodes left in Season 2 to watch after this one... and 6 weeks until Season 3.  So, we will have some kind of seasonal marathon during a two week gap.

Our hashtag is the same it has been: #ChuckOnNBC


This episode will not be available for free via Hulu or on Monday, so acquire it through other means.

CHUCK is back! Tell everyone you know!

JANUARY 10th at 9PM on NBC, Episode 1: Chuck Versus The Pink Slip
JANUARY 10th at 10PM on NBC, Episode 2: Chuck Versus The Three Words
JANUARY 11th at 8PM on NBC, Episode 3 Chuck Versus The Angel of Death


  1. Hm....who has an X360? Maybe we could have a viewing party on Live. Hopefully just one has to buy the episode.

  2. The 360 allows viewing parties? I have a PS3 so I have never heard of it.

  3. Yes, its a new feature. Witch with anything M$ does means its still in beta...

  4. Interesting. We need to test this somehow. If it works, it could be a fun little thing to use at some point (like during the Olympics break or the wait for next season, if we can't do it now).

    Now I need a 360. :)

  5. I just checked with a 360 owner and he tells me the host of the viewing party needs to have a Netflix account and that it only works if the episode is available through that streaming service. Right now, CHUCK is only available via disc based viewing.

    So, maybe it is something we can do once it is available through that streaming option.

  6. Just wanted to say that your hard work for this fan base is appreciated. Keep it up.


  7. Thank you for saying so. It has been a lot of work and a lot of fun... well, most of the time it has been fun. :)

  8. Is the episode going away on Monday? It's quite available now (Sunday afternoon) for free on Hulu.

    - Bucko

  9. It will not be there tomorrow. Well, to be exact... it will not be there anymore at 0700 ET tomorrow.


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