Wednesday, November 30, 2011

GF: Top 10 Episodes of CHUCK



  1. 1-Chuck vs The Other Guy
    2-Chuck vs The Imported Hard Salami
    3-Chuck vs The Colonel
    5-Chuck vs The Cliffhanger
    6-Chuck vs The American Hero
    7-Chuck vs Phase Three
    8-Chuck vs The Seduction
    9-Chuck vs The First Date
    10-Chuck vs The Cougars

  2. 01-Chuck vs The Honeymooners
    02-Chuck vs Phase Three
    04-Chuck vs The Other Guy
    05-Chuck vs Colonel
    06-Chuck vs The Cliffhanger
    07-Chuck vs The Beard
    08-Chuck vs First Date
    09-Chuck vs The Couch Lock
    10-Chuck vs Imported Hard Salami

  3. I think a shipper list would be:

    1 colonel
    2 honeymooners
    3 other guy
    4 hard salami
    5 phase three
    6 suitcase
    7 seduction impossible
    8 best friend
    9 push mix
    10 cliffhanger
    11 last details
    12 American hero

    And every episode that is just chuck and Sarah all over each other. It still amazes me how excited fans get over tie holding, hand holding, hair brushing, cuddling, kissing on the cheek, etc.

  4. I'm not ashamed of the "shipper" title, I embrace it openly. There some shippers out there, who have holes in their personal life and the show is all the joy they have, so try to understand, and not judge people by their choices. Thanks a bunch.

  5. I should clarify, when I said that it amazes me..I meant that I found it kind of sweet and endearing and adorable that fans can appreciate those kind of scenes.

  6. "There some shippers out there, who have holes in their personal life and the show is all the joy they have"

    I've never cared in what way people use the show to fill whatever hole is in their heart. I only care when that need affects their overreaction. Perhaps you should not take such great offense to what I said. Getting defensive about something is more about you than me.

  7. Gina, I think it always comes down to Chuck and Sarah, or Zac and Yvonne. There is a sweetness to their chemistry that harkens back to our earliest visions of what "true love" should be like. Very few TV relationships have that.

    Though, currently, there is that one on PARKS AND RECREATION that is totally adorable. Actually, that show has two.

  8. The Pilot and Tic Tac > every other episode in chuck history


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