Saturday, December 3, 2011

GF Podcast #5

Finally recorded a podcast where I talked about CHUCK 5.04 and other stuff about the show.  But we talked about much more than that, so it isn't a CYP.  If you want to put in a marathon worth of listening, check it out.  WARNING, lots of filthy, dirty, nasty words.

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  1. I thought Jar-Jar Binks was okay the hatred Star Wars fanboys have for him always seemed over the top.

    I think the hatred for the prequels is also over the top they weren't as good as the originals but they were still entertaining.

    Clone Wars and Revenge of the Sith worked as good sci fi action films in my opinion.

    Without George Lucas we wouldn't of had Star Wars, Indiana Jones or American Grafitti.

    Regarding Firefly i don't care if the reason geeks love the show so much is because it was quickly cancelled.

    The thing that makes me sad about Firefly is that it had so much potential to get better and become one of the greatest sci fi series of all time.
    With more adventures, character backstory etc.

    I feel the same way about Chuck i'm sure the geeks would hold the show in very high regard if it were cancelled after season 2 but to me we would have lost out if it were.

  2. FIREFLY also had the potential to totally disappoint... but it never did because it got cancelled. And that was my point. It is easy to love something that never disappointed you because it got cancelled before your expectations could be violated.

  3. Yeah i'm sure the Firefly fanboys would be moaning that the show wasn't as good as season 1 if it had went on longer.

    For me I would have preferred if the show had gotten something like a 4 season run.

    I was a big fan of Angel and to me that show only got better after the first season.

    I think the geeks that follow shows and then buid up these huge expectations about them are annoying.

    When the shows go in a different direction than they wanted they unbearably moan about it and never stop.

    The thing is there are a lot of people that actually enjoy the direction the shows are going in.


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